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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2022 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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the traders are still connected to politics and businesses. the victims have been ignored and forgotten the long silence. colonia dimly done in 45 minutes on d w. they want to know what makes the german here just then john love and banning them away from that. but i'm not going to have to work my own car and everyone with later holes and everything a. so for africa's you, my name is wendy camara and i'm delighted to be your horse with i am presenting this shore from the women's museum right here in bonn. germany and i'll show you around, you know, beat. but for us, we asked why virginia testing is still so popular in south africa. with that full the gap of aiden with so many months, only feel captain. and we'll meet
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a young de leon once to box. oh wave to the top. let's dive right in. now being a woman, steal comes with so many painful experiences. and some of them are unnecessary like virginity testing. it is still practiced in many communities across the world view and actually says it is painful, traumatic and humiliating. let's take a closer look at the flats. no examination can prove that a woman is a virgin. virginia testing is performed in at least 20 countries around the world. in these communities, people believe that the practice can determine if a girl or warman has had sex. this however, is a false belief. virginity testing involves inspecting a fema vagina to see whether or not
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a hyman is intact. communities that to form virginia to testing link the worth of a goal to have a janitor and reinforced the idea that girls and boys are not equal. testing is also often a painful, humiliating and traumatic experience. virginia is not a medical term. it is a social construct. there are many reasons, a females, a hyman could be pierced, that have nothing to do with the 6, the u. n. and world to have organization have condemned the virginia to testing as unscientific and the violation of the rights of women and girls. virginia to testing is based on false beliefs, and he is a harmful practice that must end to take a closer look at what actually happens. we head over to south africa where the tradition is teal deeply rooted virginity testing is still practiced in the zulu culture.
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with certificates even awarded in ceremonies. now the 77 percent team attended one of these ceremonies in dublin to find out why the community and even young women still defend it. we are in durban, south africa, and the girls that you see behind me are just a small group of thousands of women who get tested to find out if they still a virgin. i feel important in the community because when you a virgin everyone loves and praises you. i was, i wasn't going, you are not a virgin. you're not allowed to be with other virgins because they are clean and you are dirty. i to so, so for many respects this as a cultural practice and as a find in degrading ability when they see lead on your back and open your legs. when they put the fingers into you, this is not right. it did not feel right to me somehow,
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but which ever side you're on a one thing is for sure is that this community thinks that with dignity testing is the way to go. and then it keeps the girls in chic. ah, i am totally comfortable with it. i am proud of it because it's might people like it and this is a culture, you know, it has always been this way and traditions are good for us. so natalie or jordan landline i turning 21 as a virgin is seen and celebrated as a big achievement. and non dando has done exactly that. so she has received a heroes welcome here. and her family may moolah, it's a traditional ceremony that marks the transition into womanhood. for the girls in south africa, no tando now ready to marry. and her father rewards her for sting. a virgin i am so happy and the whole community is happy for me because my daughter did maluso
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virginity. if a child is taken good care of the people here love this child, it gives not only me and my homestead respect, but my daughter is also respected, or nicola virginity tests, however, and not always happy celebrations. in some cases, young girls are forced to take part and suffer horrendous consequences and meet with nancy in so little that 21 year old was expelled from her maiden slab when she didn't pass her test. after that, nancy's life became an ordeal as a dot of elk fairly put a white dot on your forehead that shows if you're a virgin or not wave itching or not. when you get out of the testing role, i joined the other girls outside of kilowatt commando, madonica, and really don't have to start this miss. you are not a virgin. i took on philip after that, and my granny said she knew all along that i am just here to sully the name of the family laughing to look like. now every one in the village is laughing at our
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singing. i've been on thursday. i didn't mind la, but i was been insulted every day for something i didn't do. i. as in that i just wanted to kill myself. our vendor for now or comment is so sight. nancy flit her home village to johannesburg some 800 kilometers away. we completely on her own, she finished school and started a face painting business. nancy's family broke old ties with her the law says that virginity tests are allowed under strict conditions. girls need to give their consent be at an age above 16, and that results must not be publicly disclosed. back in durban, i want to see how this looks like in reality. i, amelia said, didn't be spearheaded by google. she'll be each week she gets together with young goals to talk about sex, but also be horton's of remaining here. listening. with
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glue environment, we must stay clean. when a boy comes with his penis and takes away your virginity, he will only leave you with h. i b and the baby who present it while the girls undergo monthly virginity tests goggle, like other practitioners examines the vagina with her fingers what she believes to physically change after having sex. although the practice is generally condemned by human rights organizations, it is tolerated in south africa, and the girls here are proud of this tradition. i see older girls still taking care of themselves that shows me that i must also take care of myself too. i am older so that my parents can be proud of me, that i did not dishonor them or the community. i am hartley. the delicacy remains complex and controversial in south africa. what is unclear is what
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will happen to the ones who are excluded. just based on the fact that they no longer considered pure way in. so whittle a nancy tells us why she did not pass the test back. then her uncle, a local chief, started to sexually abuse her at the age of 15. so in one day when she came back from school, he was in her room a fabulous i thinking i can lean glen he's, i must not try to scream because when he was about to do is not going to be nice to me. if he told me that if i would tell anyone about this, i'll be thrown out of school that i will be the laughing stock in the village of land. over 3 years, nancy was brutally raped by her uncle because he was a powerful man in the community. no one in the family wanted to face the truth. he didn't know. i still believe that even now i believe that i am
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a virgin because i didn't break my virginity with me for now long. it wasn't me, cynthia, and i wasn't ready to lose it. and i was looking for coverage and there's no doubt that fix education is needed in this country, but is vitality testing the right framework forward? there's so many girls all day who are rejected in the greatest time of need, and i'm asking myself, shouldn't this practice evolves towards helping these young girls as opposed to judging them? i'll put that question to you. my name is what's the local messages i'm in. so way to south africa. thank you. i am surrounded by death. is these us cultures of the day on my trauma interpreted to mean the great mother statues like this was dug up right
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here in born now across the african continent, we have a higher from there. santa people we have bust protected egyptian mothers. we have your maya, they are reuben, could this i could go on and on. and if this is our history, why do we still have humiliating practices against our gulf and women? our 2nd relationship experts has, has some, was for the people that think this unnecessary virginity is not a medical. it's a social construct. how many times do we have to say this? in order for it to think into the mind, the double age of the patriarchy, allow me to explain this further clarification. a social construct is an idea, has been created and accepted by society at large a social construct, no backing. they are a product of human definition shaped by cultural and historical context,
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and it's got the women are tired of being shane tired of being shrunk. part of people only valuing them by virtue of their sexuality. but let's get real specific and 0 in on virginity testing. in south africa, like many other african country, the largest country in southern africa is in the spotlight because young girls continue to be physically and emotionally violated by family members in order to control their body and use them as a form of currency. what about so many wave young girls and violently experiencing their sexual views? but instead of focusing on how prevalent family sexual violence and possibly targeting the perpetrators, we are victim blaming and making sure girls remain pure before marriage. why dear africa are we like to? why do we feel the need to control women's body? how can we collectively help put some of these violence african practices direct
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one and moral? please drop a comment and let us know. indeed, how can we help put some of these powerful practices to rest? well, thanks you have. i'm glad you asked. our next to watch was exactly how to do that, while still retaining the essence of the ritual. let's head over to kenya where ma, side golf pill forced to undergo female genital mutilation, s g n. however, i think a slowly changing as community to find new ways this for other canopies, right of passage that celebrate gulls becoming women in kenya. miss silence. countless generations of girls have been subjected to female genital mutilation, or f t m. it's a long standing tradition in my psych communities and it's usually performed at the onset of puberty. but the practice is inherently harmful. a survivors like race, someone that can test the 26 year old mother of 3 from away village on the west
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coast when she was just 10 years old. 70 gas from my my cousin, we are both together in one place, my mother's house. the mother was going to do that so, so is that perhaps the bed girls on 6 out of the morning. many women who have undergone f. t. m. suffer from heavy bleeding and infections as well as complications during pregnancy. but if you could soon become a thing of the past here of 400 girls in this community in colorado county had come together to undertake the so called alternative rite of passage without f t m. then game guy, you from the rest, who is mas himself has the community will adopt this ritual permanently. the community said, yeah, really for community lead i senate the right, so i think you pies falls through all the steps which they normally follow in
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cottonwood. would they do this? i don't know, but we tell them let's do all these cultural things and we do when we celebrate our passage into a woman who but to leave out. because even though the practice is out, lot the risk of these girls being forced to undergo f t m. it's still very real. they're encouraged to report any threats or incidents when they go back home. when i go back home, i will tell my peers to reject f t m and early marriages. but if the girls also learn about the risks of an early marriage, teenage pregnancy and children's rights as they embark on their path to womanhood, they light candles. as i look forward to a brighter future, indeed, as future is bright as that of captains. the hor fatima tad,
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she is the 1st woman to be a coast guard captain in so money land in just a few years. she is reason through the ranks, keeping the water thief and 14 a new path for other young women like ha, captains over 40 motor is happiest at sea. specifically steering the somali land coast guards largest vessel in the gulf of arden calling and checking this semi challenges all crimes. now with the sa saturday, we are on the mission. i like it because i've been a lot sam, my kathy's my out. you see? so who is the 1st woman to join the somali land coast guard? and in just 4 years, the 26 year old has already risen to the rank of captain. would go gallagher. she's totally capable. she's going be on the gun. she can tear the shield whatever we do
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. she can do it to a ball. i'm wondering. you are going to the captains of her and her crew must contend with a civil war, raging and neighboring yemen, and the somalia based islamist extremist group al chabarise adamo. my goal in this is the government institutions in yemen, collapsed, and our neighbors did. so marya also loved the smuggler, weapons fish, illegally traffic humans, illegally smuggler white life of bob. so our biggest challenge is coming from year number one. i'll let her go view another. you don't know about a young lawyer earlier this year is a lead, a successful operation against the legal fishing. well now the waters off faith. but back on land, captains and other women face a different back. the united nations reports the prevalence of gender inequality and violence against women in somali land, many women and girls lack access to education, and you cannot make opportunities or political representation at captains of who
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has home though, she's a hero, especially to his sister layla. well, she's a success story, not only for the family, but for the whole family, and with very proud you became a captain leader. he wanted to be even more successful captains of who holds 3 degrees in international relations and is now i'm a masters degree in maritime law. when i was a young, i was interesting to be part of the 6 year. i was wondering if i can be one of the higher ranks in so many higher and officers were humbler at the moment town, both of them and you know, i can called she'd something which magic above all captain circle wants to serve her people. despite the elements of some model and society being opposed to women, doing so called men's jobs, most of the people who change who do a lot of things,
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women. so now i believe even lucky because they have a young female. so it's a country for now, captains who are sets the standard for young women and looking to serve and somali land security force, or simply follow their training. what i mean, hiring woman. and in this museum, i'm surrounded by history of women who had to fight for their right to be who and what they want to be. well, our next story is very young site and i was, she is from ghana and she greens of being ganawe's next boxing queen. yes. our gov off mute reporter met up with her. take a look. oh, this is michael. plenty brookwood in gun as capital across. maney grades,
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boxes come from this area, but they are all men. the sports isn't popular among women and girls. now, one girl was teaching and i'm hearing boom, to meet her. my name is chosen in our cry and i hope you are as excited as i am to meet her ledger look who was to be the next vixen in boxing in ghana. and then me training rebel, are you here at the coach car? local head. dad is here a vis careening. he has strength mainly brig boxes. what's your goal? i want to be a case boxer. i did champion, and it says female also own one there only give meta on my dad's
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father, who decided to support his guilt out. release her dream safe. she has or it thinks to become the greatest guardian fema boxer in future in basi with all the moves or thought we are all totally other softball, regardless of saw. poor donna, she's the live t m. we're lucky, mama lucas, you're going to look up what you look for. so you come in different, different blog conference them maintain a daily routine of and live in like a normal kid. a jets mom says it is in quite some years are allowed to pull the dream with not just isn't distracted. she's balance in his what's in dreams with her school way. like amy, i by kid to believe that this would give her a drink that tons of written her bucks in genes. investor will
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keep an eye on that, but for now, let's meet a woman from a country we've had very little from in recent years. this woman is seeing a more country from warranty. after much political upheaval, life in belgium, laura is back to normal and we asked more candy to please show us her on her hometown. and yes, she's. 2 a, what's up with guy? my name is more now. was that can, is that also known as mall kinsey? amberin jan. i'm a senior and i live in blue gym who rides that economy, capital city of monday. the name was changed from symbol read through june gura after the independence of the country, and this place is called the plaza and the pals at the top. we have our hero,
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the one who fought for our independence. in 1962, the prince louis rog assorted come with me. i'm gonna show you around. i'm going to take you through to see my favorite places where i liked to eat how people leave a leg to we lag with . i'm going to show you one of my favorite restaurants, which those local food called my my solo a will be speaking with. this is the plate. this is i can say most of the food they make here. you can find plow can find me. you can find
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more k, as you can only be found in our lake, the lakes and a new car, which is the 2nd deepest leak in the world after leak. baker is really, really something so this is individual or a city market, also known as the see you and me market, you can find everything you want to. it's one of the biggest markets in the city. what i like about this market is that it's well, oh, you can see that most of the vendors here, how we, man, so it's good to see we men entrepreneurs like the game in the other reason why i like this market is because it's connected to our 2
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neighbors from suzanne. yeah. and congo. business people from there and customers meet in this market. oh, a d. c, kitty, the garden, is a hotel and the rest of the rent, a luxury hotel and restaurant i liked to come to when i wanted glass of wine and good food. and when i went to sit in it and amazing place like this one, you can see how beautiful it is. and we have a nice view of that city. let me just show you the screen during the evening. it's just crazy. the view is just amazing. look, and i hope to see you soon in virginia and hoping to like hello and i hope you enjoy the tool.
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i have enjoyed the 2 and i hope we have also enjoyed the show. as women, we have a lot to celebrate. but as we saw, they still so much to fight for. we'd love to hear your thoughts, so please write to us and share your comments. and if you're ever in born, make sure you visit the women's museum. for now, i will enjoy this cup of tea, but don't worry because i leave you with nice music from more. ah, my name is kate vicky, i'll tell you nobody and is a good word and what was going to was she maggi went that it's a quarter of phoenix. okay, angel from the casual, you know, my a i
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couldn't even get to work with i instantly with ah, ah, ah, with
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violence and abuse was part of daily life in the cold kaloni of digney, bad and chilly decades of human rights violations. isolated from the outside world . the perpetrators who are still connected to politics and businesses. the victims have been ignored and forgotten the long silence. colonia dignified. it 15 minutes on d. w. o.
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come mind. how can miss passionate hatred of the people be explained? yo. a gold con. oh, a history of anti semitism is a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power struggles in the christine christianity wants to come for that is why christianity use the figure of the gym as a deterrent? it's a history of slender, of hatred and violence. a 3rd of our people were exterminated $6000000.00 jews, like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. history that to semitism this week on d. w. m l m,
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how many portion of love us her now in the world climate change any off the stores? this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much wife can really get we still have time to go. i'm going on with what? 5th? mm. hm with
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ah, ah, this is deed of the news live from berlin for longer, so position parties starts discussions on forming a new government. the talks come the day after protest stormed the homes of the president and prime minister, causing both leaders to see the step down. i'm it.


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