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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2022 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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ah yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, position parties in sri lanka, discuss forming a new government that talks come a day after protest, the storm that the homes of the president and prime minister would lead se they'll step down. i meant the chaos also i had civilians at baron the browns of wall
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green says more than 15 people are dead and many more. mason in rabble after the russian missile strike collapses, an entire apartment block ah eddie mike, our junior is the name. welcome to the program. so lancaster, president and prime minister have said they will step down over violent protest spock by a deepening economic crisis campaign. a storm to homes, a boat leaders, and say they won't leave until the pair officially quit opposition. parties are holding talks on sunday with a hope of forming a new all party government. they came from all over the country, angry and exasperated. after months of fuel and food shortages and unchecked inflation. with one demand,
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the president stepped down. valley had leave the country. you can't govern this country properly. we have children. we are on the streets leaving our jobs. because we believe in the coals. we love the country. we love children, we are suffering. ah, the security forces tried to hold back the crowds, but their numbers proved too great thousands to be seen in life broadcasts on social media, storming the presidential compound as authority stood by and watched some scaled the walls of the colonial era mansion. once inside, they strolled through the residence, taking selfies in its stately rooms, while others took a dip in the compounds god and pool. and unprecedented economic crisis has subjected the island nations 22000000 people to months of hardship.
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which in turn has led to months of unrest, culminating in the storming of the presidential compounds and the burning of the prime minister's residence. bowing to overwhelming public pressure, president go to buy a raj, a pucks of finally agreed to step down. and what's he instructed me to tell the country that he will resign on wednesday, july 13th, to ensure a peaceful handover of power. there is, therefore no need to be stabilized the country any longer. sherland, his prime minister, run ill wicker him, a single, also offered to resign, bringing hope to millions that the crisis stricken nation can finally begin to recover. ella, we spoke which analyst, whatever may i who covers south asia for the german television network, a r d. he told us more about the current situation in colombo. oh damn, standing right in front of the president, secretariat and it's a mixture between leg revolution and a party by today,
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people are as sole happy that. finally, a president got to buy our auto parts. i decided to step down or decided that he will resign in the upcoming week. also, prime minister become his fingers at the same sore. people are quite happy today. they are celebrating it on the streets. they are so celebrating it right behind me at the secretariat. they went into the private president's palace where it was before they are jumping into the pool. they are going into the gym, so they are just happy they are celebrating and it's been all peaceful today. people are collecting the trash even from the president's plays. so to keep it really clean so it's like it's a real situation today in columbus street. there's clearly a lot happening today. the opposition is meeting to discuss the formation of a new government. what should we expect? yeah, that's what i heard as well. i already heard that so all the opposition parties agreed on that the one conforming all party government. everybody should be part of
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it. they also decided that the president and the prime minister should not resign in the upcoming weeks, but they should resign right now. and we heard just recently that this meeting is not coming to an end today. they will probably do another one at 10 o'clock in the morning here and see lanka to decide on what's going on. but it seems to be that they are quite united actually in what they want to enter solutions can be expected to quite soon. okay, now as a country anticipates new leadership. what us reluctance expecting from the next government? i mean, not every problem is going to be solved for this. we learn can to know that the president has step down and all that the prime minister has decided to resign as well. i mean, they will still face multiple problems. the biggest one is that they have that the over $50000000000.00, which they have to repay and the situation, the country is
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a really bad, right? no, i mean the gas lines, they are really long kilometers and people are standing there. people are starving . sometimes people have no medicine, so the situation in the country is very bad and they expect from the future leader that they will tackle those problems that they will find a solution on how to repay this enormous depth and most of all how to make the daily life of good people better because they really struggle no matter with whom we speak, they really have major problems. and from the new leader, they'd expect us to do some hold of this se correspondent of amelia. thank you. and ukraine officials said at least 15 people were killed and more injured in irrational strike on an apartment in the east. in doing that, squeezen, the blasts destroyed the building, leaving the residence trapped in the rabble russian forces. i increase and attacks as the attempt to take all off to nets and wanting. our next report contains
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graphic images, ukrainian service men returns home to find russian shells killed his grandmother. oh, i have nothing to say. hooton's orders. i should go and kill putin myself. russia's offensive on the de net region is terrorizing ukrainians, who stayed behind retirees caught in the crossfire please. oh my grandchildren are due to me. one of them is 13 years old and another one has 3 mansfield. i asked him to leave, so they don't see it at all. they asked me to leave to leave the house and go. i say no, i grew up here and i will die here. that is my motherland. this is my town that is
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mine. i will not leave it to read the label in his nightly address. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski claimed russian forces are attacking innocent victims on purpose for no day or night passes without the brutal strikes of russian artillery and don bass. direction of sloppy. ask bath mood, have div can only modern and powerful weapons can really stop this terrorist action . but until more modern weapons arrive at the front, it is ukraine's most vulnerable will bear the brunt of rushes attack. joining me now from t s d w correspondence. nick spice. hello, nick. what more can you tell us about the latest attack? off the apartment building internet's, the rescue workers are continuing their efforts. it was a 5 story building. the regional governor says it was struck by 2 russian rockets.
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there's a mountain of rubble next to where one half of the building, one stood chassis of yar is a town with 12000 residents. we don't know how many are still there, or how many have actually heated the ukrainian government to flee what the governor has has called a living hell. but the people who did choose to stay behind came under russian attack last night. and they're still trying to find out if there are any survivors in the rubble, some were pulled out of the rubble today. and there's no doubt that the rescue as we do everything, they can find every last living resident there. and it, we know the west hosp promised to send mall. hi, physician weapons spots asked the war drum on. is there any sense key is worried about that supply drying up. you know, i mean, the radian people generally are hugely grateful for the western military contributions and the sanctions that have been placed against russia. but they read the papers too. and they know full well about the, you know,
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macro racket phenomenon macroeconomic phenomenon of inflation spreading through western economies and gas prices going up everywhere. a slow down of economies and sort of ukraine fatigue that will settle. and if it hasn't already and western public opinion, they're worried about that, of course. and so, ever more keen to have those western weapons delivered the american rocket systems, the high mars that have been taking out the russian rocket artillery depots. and really slowing down the garages, it would seem according to presidents, and let's see. but yes, definitely. there's a concern that there will be ukraine to in western society and what all that's going on you. greenhouse dismissed several, offered some baset as a broad, including the one to germany. do we know why? no, the government didn't say why, but look and remember, it was very outspoken about the perceived slow lists of germany and you know, widely many people were saying germany wasn't doing as much as it could, efforts,
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historic shift to spending more money in its army. the $100000000000.00 euro announcement just that a lot. schultz maze is speaking for the goodness sag with the weapons work forthcoming. the ambassador were saying, where are the weapons where the weapons he compared the german chancellor to a sausage and that he made some comments about stepping mendera, who was a nationalist leader during world war 2, who is held as a collaboration as a certainly by the israeli government because he made comments about him saying he wasn't a mass murderer and he's really government said it was minimizing the holocaust. so that's perhaps why he's out. did use that expire in keith. thank you. let's look at some other stories make in news around a wild. japan's ruling liberal democratic party is projected to keep hold of the upper house on the sunday's election. the pool was held after the assassination of former prime minister rations o abbey, who was short,
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while campaigning for the l. d. p. on friday, people lined up to pay their respects to japan's longest 7 leader. in south africa, 15 people were killed any boss eugene's johan is back. so went to a district local officials to describe it as a massacre. police said a group of men opened fire on drinkers. late on saturday night, a fair. the 4 people were killed in a separate shooting into countries, east fire crews, and eats, lease capital roll bats, all the major fire in an archaeological pock, firefighters that it please broke out on saturday nights any nearby cod and spread to the park with several explosions reported residential buildings where you've acquainted before the fire was brought under control. meanwhile, huge crowds of revelers have down stairway through the streets. sharon belin, the read the planets rally, is build us
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a revival of the famous love parade the party go as we're calling for protected cultural status for electronic music. while just having a good time, ah, together again. and the mood is electric. tens of thousands of dance, they wait through the streets once more for rays to planner, the events formerly known as the love parade, a reference for the need for social connection with i feel so much free. i feel so much hobby because again, we've been in our houses for 3 years and it's a different thing. so right now we're still very happy, very, very young fall. so i'm very happy to be here to feel the music film the party that a lot of people around me. i'm very happy to be more than just
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a passing participant, calling for electronic music to be protected, a forced to close that door. i mean, rising gentrification, a long history in berlin and so does love to re a every german rave is calendar attracting and heather lodge, a crown which at times swelled to have a $1000000.00 party dollars. those astonishing numbers tell the story of the festival success. but also it's down for the final love parade which took place in the city. do his groove in 2010 ended in disaster. after over crowding coast 21 people to lose their lives, operate a leg parade disaster,
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the injured traumatized and the dead. never forget, this is an important part. we carry them in our hearts today. here in berlin, the basic situation is different. this is a demonstration of a side that happens in berlin. quite often that it's hope the festival mocks. a new beginning in berlin, and to the south to the city so well known before. and that's all for now coming up next this sports life johnny grass saw tackling the mob mass this with cerebral palsy this morning that a top of the awesome speech. and i am eddie micah, julia, thanks for your time with ah, will you become a criminal.


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