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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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united have already seen a host of plays leave, including paul papa who's just resigned for you. vent us. losing rinaldo and his mock ability around the world would be a hammer blow united to adamant. they won't let that happen. that's it for me. the news seemed from i'll stay tuned for melissa chat is news. asia, after a short break got office. it's a watch people and trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. order families inferior to the credit on its way located demonstrate people fleeing extreme drought. ross getting 200 people hassan from the juicy around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes.
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why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, here watching g w. news, asia coming up to day elections in japan. deliver a super majority to the liberal democrats. as former prime minister sions obeys party, we take a closer look at how his assassination might have turned out voters and what this means for japan and the rest of asia and entree. longer the presidential palace has become the people's palace as protestors route the president from his home. what's next for the country? ah,
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i melissa chan, thanks for joining us. japan's conservative coalition government ramped up its majority in the upper house of parliament in an election on sunday. campaigning took on grim significance after former prime minister sion though abi, japan's longest serving modern leader was gone down on friday in a shocking assassination. o japan's governing liberal democrats score to major victory. and what was the sombre election on sunday celebrations were overshadowed by grief at the assassination of the parties. dominant, politician and chief power broker. sions. obey. there's also uncertainty about what abe's killing means for japan. going forward. abe's hawkish nationalist views were divisive, particularly his desire to reform japan's us, drafted pos of his constitution to boost defense spending. another key issue was
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that of japanese, abducted by north korea in the 19 seventies and 19 eighties. prime minister formula, casita pledge to continue working on abe's legacy. i've been little saudi no more. you'll get see. it took inheriting the legacy of abbey, especially abduction issues and the constitution amendment john, which he put so much of his effort in childhood. i work on challenges that are, may, could not solve on his own. none thy neat tore condemn minus abbe was shot during his speech in support of a local candidate in the western city of nora mourners laid reeds at the sight of the killing condemned by kinda as an attack on democracy itself. people paid their respects across the country, the shooting shocked japan, a country with strict on laws and where politics are generally peaceful. but it almost, and i never imagined anything like this would happen. although this i did it, i'm hoping that by coming here my daughter's will take an interest in politics,
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democracy worth of them. when i finally thought about what i got a u. s. secretary of state antony blinking, visited cuz she does official residence to offer condolences in his time in office premise, robbie. more than anyone to elevate. the relationship between the united states and japan to new heights abby's body has been brought to zoji g temple in tokyo, where his funeral will take place on tuesday. japan will bid farewell to a leader who oversaw major changes that will continue to shape the countries politics, economy, and foreign policy for years to come. joining us as kenmore. yes. sunni k h as diplomatic correspondent. welcome to the program. thank you for having me. i'm has abbeys, assassination changed things for his governing party, the liberal democrats, especially given this weekend's election results?
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no, i think the path that i said is firmly in place, especially after the ukraine war japan needs to defend itself. and i think that is really spread across the l. d. p. now, as mentioned in the report, one of our long term goals was to amend japan's pacifist constitution to allow it to become a military power. and he couldn't get that through as prime minister, but it looks like his party with its super majority will be able to now can you talk about that? right, so i've always thought that japan's constitution, especially article 9, which renounces the use of force me to central disputes and also prohibits to hold any military really held back to secondary country. and he wanted to change the constitution so that i could take responsibility and be a normal country that didn't happen because to change the constitution,
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you need the procedures to get through although the number of seats and does allow this to happen. technically, we don't know if this actually will happen, according to opinion polls, the number of people who say they're ok to negotiating or discussing change in the constitution has grown significantly by 72 percent. it's ok to discuss amendment to the constitution 21 percent. there is no need to discuss any changes, but that doesn't automatically mean that japan's concentration is going to be changed. now as diplomatic correspond and i'm curious what you think, what kind of an impact this would have if the constitution was changed in terms of the reaction from the rest of asia? well, what delta p is trying to do is change. positive article 9 prohibits
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any land or sea military forces and right in the japan has a self defense force that protects the con country. technically, i don't think that's going to cause so much of a ripple effect in the region, right? so i had a relatively strong and clear vision for japan and its place in the asia pacific. he was hugely influential where we see continued regional leadership from japan and what is japan's thinking and strategy in the asia pacific? so i had a very strategic logic about how to defend japan, and he understood japan's worst nightmare would to be, have 3 front problems, the threat of china, the threat of north korea and the threat of russia. so he,
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they strategically attempted diplomacy with russia and reached out to vladimir putin, met him over 20 times. and by doing that, he basically eliminated the threat that russia wouldn't be japan. so he could focus on north korea and china and during the trump years, because trump was engaged in north korea, there was a little threat that north korea would attack. so basically, i could focus solely on china. the issue now is that because i didn't, administration is basically ignoring those create those korean threat has emerged again and because of ukraine, the russia threat has the most again to japan for the 1st time in many decades has a 3 from problem. and there is discussion of doubling the defense budget, but to face the re thread, some experts say that you may need to triple it. what is needed, therefore, for the new government, for the government going forward, is to try to eliminate one of those threats. can maria,
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thank you so much for joining us. thank you very much. ah. after a month sir, sustained protests. sri lankan overran the presidential palace this weekend. casey president got to buy a ragged pox. are out of his home. at the moment, it is unclear who is running the government and how it will get out of this crisis that has meant a shortage of food and fuel plus crippling debt. if we're now, however, protesters celebrate what they hope will be the 1st step towards change for the country picking up rubbish in the garden of the presidential palace. indeed, ill bon dora had taken part in protests for more than 90 days. he was injured so severely during one of them that he's been in a wheelchair ever since. what i've ever they given me and i did this for my country
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. what happened to me is irrelevant. we protested for so long until we finally achieved our goal. and this makes me really happy, i wanted to, they are be i'll do in america. on saturday, tens of thousands of people filled the streets of sherland, his capital, colombo, they stormed government buildings and the president's palace bowing to public pressure. los prime minister week remy singer and president go to buy a roger boxer, announced their resignations like many others in the new bon. dora sees the president as the main culprit for this crisis. he owned a small fabric factory but was forced to close at stores when orders stopped coming in. that left his family of 6 without the income they relied on. i them again, ethan. i meant i'm still living on my savings. i also donated to the protests. but because of the accident, i still had to pay for an operation very, which also cost me a lot of money. in reality, the worries,
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fears and anger of the previous months are forgotten. at least for now. the presidential palace is usually sealed off and out of bounds for ordinary people. now it's become a tourist hotspot. thousands come here to see how go to buy a roger pox. i lived in luxury in his gym all by the pool. is really unbelievable. read and been that they're not sick on which and will come to us monday that finally come. and that is what we want that via info more than 90 days for this day. so i think this is a very excited it all up. as he london, we are very happy and very we are very proud. but even with the president and prime minister gone, the countries problems remain sri lanka is more than 50000000000 euros in debt. many people have lost their jobs and barely have the money to feed themselves and
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their families. well, i will didn't thought we now expect the country to be ruined by capable people. may we know that we have many talented young politicians here. they must now be given a chance and give hope back to the people of shall anchor with a reminder for you that i love it in a couple of them. in and deal hopes that he'll be able to reopen his factory when the crisis has passed. but that's not lodge he to be any time soon. marlin r jasa is a senior editor for the news magazine. him all south asian. he told us more about who's in charge in colombo and the prospects for forming a new government. so right now, since they haven't been any official designations, the president asked do the data for a lot of the questions and among the political parties who didn't form the government as parties. but we haven't, we haven't, we haven't been informed of consensus yet. so it's too much,
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it's still very much develop the tuition right now in terms of the next government . local news has been reporting that data for the pm reading becomes in, continue to pay for the presidency since the i in the discussions of the law that also reports that the opposition of the family doctor has had a discussion. and he's hoping to establish an impediment garments made up of 10 properties, but he still does not come on the majority in the bottom. but the protest, they have been demanding the recognition of the best. so if he also resigned, we might have a situation where the people of the parliament will be taking over the short that's it for monday, we leave you with these pictures out of japan as it continues to mourn the killing of its longest serving prime minister sions obey, thank you for watching and we'll see you tomorrow.
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