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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2022 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news lie from burr, lead sri lanka declares a state of emergency. the announcement coming as protestors storm the office of the prime minister and the acting president. president gotcha, by of out of pocket had fled the country hours earlier before he was due to resign over an economic crisis. also coming up ukraine's forces strike back in southern regions occupied by russia. the ukrainian military says that it hit
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a russian ammunition depot, killing dozens of soldiers, plus us president joe biden heads to the middle east. it's biden's 1st trip to the region since taking office his 1st stop israel. but the presidents itinerary also includes a controversial visit ah i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program tree long as prime minister has declared a nationwide state of emergency. the move comes just hours after president. gotcha . by about to pucker and his wife fled to the nearby maldives on a military jet. protesters are storming government buildings. you're looking at live pictures there. they are demanding that both leaders step down immediately. the press had promised to resign today. it's believed that he left the country to
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avoid being arrested after losing his presidential immunity. protestors blame him and his long ruling family for sri lankan worst economic crisis in decades with daily power cuts and shortages of basics, like fuel, food, and medicine. and d, w, correspond at manila, chowdhury is in the sri lankan capital colombo. she joins us now. a state of emergency declared there manero, what does it mean? yes. just a little while ago, a nationwide indefinite emergency was declared from the prime minister's office. and now the prime minister on a victim of thing is the acting president for the president has left the country. but again, that i believe it was saying that the official nation has not been announced yet by go to bed bugs as well. that doesn't mean that means that gonna be grimacing. i should not be thinking over. i've been been embedded right now, and that means to not be having the power to declare that emergency. but anyway,
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the emergency has been declared. the situation of very uncertain, even though this is the area right now inside the presidential palace and the official evidence of the president of america. but there are 200 people around me at the moment what it feels like they're probably trying to john the international, the, to the broadcast area. and what you're hearing as very close to this is the prime minister's office where i viewed just reported that there is not a process going on back. yoga shell have been fired. so we're still waiting to see how the image and see going to be implemented. brad, the moment the situation seems pretty much the same. ok, and many are we have to tell our viewers are looking at live pictures right now. we can see all those protesters and there appear to be images flying through the air. it seems of some of the we're actually throwing bottles, you know it's, it's a very, it's a very heated situation when you're a, tell us a little bit more about the mood that you have been observing where you are. oh yes,
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the way i am right now is the area of presidential secretariat and is officially didn't. but the prime minister's office is not very far from y'all with protest. i'm looking out the security full time. it was brought it from what we can gather up to speaking to the public is what did you know the 9th of july by taking what you're pushing residences and to work with with the, with the prime minister because the public mood again sunday victim a thing of the prime minister and now the acting president. if not much like what did i taking up a when you were? where does the country go from here? oh ah, well, if you were to box in the morning, i would say the country right now is going to work a time where the fundamental will reconvene. elect a new president, you know. but now after the situation of happened,
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the protest left on ugly no to talk to the bank with talk to see what you're getting from. that instead of meeting next week, the parliament was right to me day after tomorrow on which to elect a new president to bomb down the public anger and frustration. at the moment it's very uncertain we do not know, we know, go to bed. besides lead, we don't know, but i know victor, my thing is we don't know whether you mean the in that in for the day the i think the gym for another week or not or even the prime minister of the situation goes right. no. okay, the situation very fluid when you're a child re on the ground for us with that view. and of course, we will be keeping track of this and, and bringing our viewers up to date as, as things develop for many or thank you so much for your reporting. now, we had to ukraine. kiev has been striking back in the southern hassan region now occupied by russia. ukraine says that its forces destroyed a russian ammunition depot and killed more than 50 soldiers. rush and st. media
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have given a different account, claiming at least 7 people were killed. ukraine is hailing it as a victory, as it tries to drive back russian forces. ukrainian government says this is the moment it's rocket hit, a russian military depot in nova cock of ukraine. south russian, back to officials say us supplied weapons, were involved in the strikes. ukraine president says his forces are aiming to reclaim territory local bonds. the occupiers have already thought very well what modern artillery is, and they will not have a safe rear anywhere on our land which they occupied. russian forces now occupy large sways of ukraine's ease. in the city of sylvester donates, they patrol landscape turned to rubble after their assaults. similar scenes across the river in little chance were buildings lie and ruins.
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ukraine forces retreated in the face of relentless attack. now russian troops handout aid to residents. they claim to have liberated ukraine flag still flies in back moves. one of the few remaining cities under keith control in the region of donnette sk as the front line moves closer. residents are preparing for a future which resembles the past. you're going to sort of get i remember the war of 941. i was little back then. now here it's also hor, official say a 3rd of the population has already fled and more a following them. but time is running short. drivers say they say it's a perilous journey. as bombings intensify across the region. and d, w correspondent, nick connelly is following developments for us and kia earlier i asked him if you
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cranium forces. heading back in the south was a sign of the counter offensive that civilians have been told to prepare for any definite preparation to the counter offensive. we've seen ukraine using the new american delivered weapons, rocket artillery systems. hi, mars's the name to attack russian logistics helps russian weapons deposed to patient, deprive russia of that huge advantage. it's been having and take a bunch of in recent weeks, months just having $7.00 to $10.00 times more to re systems their disposal at least that's those. the figures that the ukrainians have been talking of. so basically trying to stop the russian positions in had san region which are already a lot less well equipped than the rest of the disease of the country. ahead of then trying to make some ground and push forward and really stop making progress and taking more territory for the 1st time in, in, in a couple months. and as that fighting continues, neck are the united nations has released new numbers on the human toll of the war.
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and i'd just like to, to walk us through some of them. they say that more than 5000000 people have been displaced. at least 5000 civilians. killed saying that that number is actually likely much higher. i walk us through how people in ukraine are coping nearly half a year now into this war. it is amazing how this country has continued functioning, how the trains kept running, how mobile fi over phone connections have been restored. after infrastructure has been destroyed, time and time again, an issue with electricity for now. basic services available here in kia certainly, but also places pretty close. the front lines, obviously don't bass closest to where those artillery battle to be going on. some people have been left without power without internet or 4 weeks now. but overall, the country is managing to stand up a lot better than any one had a managed, but it is now of see after so many months of fighting, taking it stolen there is the question is how long can individual families, individual ukrainians carry on?
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often without jobs, often living off their savings. how long can the government here carry on paying for pensions and wages as any big question mark over western promises of 8. we've had lots of discussion about western weapons deliveries coming too late and in smaller numbers than promised. the same is now the case with a financial donations. the finance minister here and key of worried that lots of the promises made in the early weeks of the war when there was all that potential view grant have not materialized yet. and there is a real worried that as this drags on and attention gets taken to other conflicts to other issues that the cost living crisis in europe, that ukraine might end up having to really struggle to keep the country afloat and to keep the government machine working and is also a lot of worry around the world are not least because of the more than 20000000 tons of grain stuck in the country because of the fighting. nick, we understand that delegations from ukraine and russia are said to meet in turkey today to discuss a deal to resume exports for more. can you tell us on that front i think it's not
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a huge deal of autism. he and key of that they'll get some kind of agreement. the basic problem is that key of does not trust any promises from russia. so basically, you know, any kind of potential deal to take mines c minds away to remove them to allow those ukrainian main ukrainian ports of odessa and mccullough to reopen. that is all pretty tentative and not looking very likely. now the question about with the commercial shipping companies would actually send their private vessels into disputed waters, as there is the case on a desk. but there is a small piece of hope to helpful news from the south of ukraine, the far south in the danube delta, where we've heard that a new channel has been opened, that allows a smaller ships to enter ukrainian ports, not the big ports which used to expose most the grain, but that specially the 1st time. now since being the war, that grain has been exported by sea, from ukraine rather than being shipped across the borders by land. so a small bit of hope. it's still a huge problem and new harvest coming in and no one really with an answer to where to put all this grain on top of lost is harvest the still there in the silos
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waiting to be exported, waiting to reach people across the world who are really struggling with exploding prices for their bread. ne connelly and the ukranian capital here for us. thank you so much and let's bring you up to date with some other developments relating to the warren ukraine. a russian opposition figure is facing up to 15 years in prison after being charged under a new law in russia that makes it a crime to spread false information about the military. ilya yosh and has been a critic of brushes worn ukraine. the russian back don't ask people's republic has opened an embassy in central moscow. according to the separatists, a solemn opening ceremony was cancelled due to intensified shelling in the break lavery to noon eastern ukraine. russian foreign minister survey laugh ralph has been expected to take part in the event some ukrainians are joining the war effort in original ways in time around the capital key if a group of hair dressers and mutations are offering their skills to people who
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survive the russian occupation their aims to bring back a little bit of pride and dignity to those who have lost homes or loved ones, or even survived horrors like torture or right dw his neck. spicer met up with the so called beauty volunteers during the recent stock in butcher, a town now synonymous with the horrors of war. they have survived the very worst. now these future residents want to look their very best with 3 haircuts manicures, facials and massages. because the beauty volunteers have come to tell the groups founder all have vilicki says the help those who suffered because of the russian invasion, agree, browse home, their houses are damaged. but the money to deal with it does have might not have my cell because the
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read me builds their life. yeah. ah, i this dennis tech and unco had to flee the warranty east himself. he says he's just doing what he knows best. right now i can do this, i do do what i do, you know and make some people happy. barbara gala, tim and then co says the volunteers are kind of battalion fighting and what he calls the beauty front. but their work is often anything but skin deep to speak for them to understand, understand, or mood and hale. and we'll try to understand feelings and it's like art or therapy. i think with some of the people here say the treatments. give them more than inner piece. they can spark hope. sure, crushing it will. it helps me see butch and better future. this was the one the for city, a beautiful european country. when wasn't, we cannot be slaves with them. we want to be free to live in dignity,
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to earn money, to raise children, to rebuild our town. we will have better times. the beauty volunteers group have been making the trip for around 2 months now. the only go to places that were invaded and occupied by russian troops, and they include some of the very best hair, stylist, nutrition, ukrainian capital, would founder all hi says the volunteers have to be strong. the here many, many painful stories. but we have no maybe choice to me to cry or to show our feelings. no, no, we're here to help. that's why we want to be strong. we was we must be happy smile . the beauty volunteers are hoping to expand, raise more money, visit more towns and cities, and as the war grants on that there's every chance they'll be able to continue work,
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which they call the way of serving the country. now on wednesday, u. s. president joe biden kicks off his 1st trip to the middle east as us had of state. he's under pressure to balance human rights concerns with america's geopolitical objectives in the region. his trip begins in israel, where he will meet with prime minister gara le pete biden is likely to reiterate. washington's commitment to israeli security talks also expected to focus on israel, strengthening ties with sarah arab countries, biden will learn, go on to the occupied west bank. the u. s. president me announce new economic support for the palestinians. but palestinian leader mackwood abbas is likely to press bite and over israeli settlements. their long stalled peace talks between israel and the palestinians. are also on the agenda and eat of his honey kramer has been following the preparations for that visit to jerusalem. some west jerusalem streets
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a fully decked out ahead of precedent. jo biden's visit to israel and the occupied territories. many here looking forward to his arrival. i'm sure president by me can make some kind of difference what kind i can say right now this is a problematic time. it's not the best opportunity to try any kind of change. well, course bumps in that every time an american president comes to jerusalem, it's a great honor for me. but as a jerusalem, i should also a great household because the sushi will be closed and we won't be able to leave home. no, i think it's very courageous of him to come ashore days after the prime minister has changed. come, i mean it shows how special the relationship is a bit more than you had in your lap he'd heard heading the caretaker, israeli government will greet the u. s. president biden often refers to his long standing friendship with israel. his 1st visit dates back almost 50 years on the agenda. iran and the nuclear talks a possible defense alliance with other arab states and steps towards
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a possible rapprochement with saudi arabia. that going to some kind of turning point with iran. are there american allies that would need necessarily, you know, deal are reserved with this growing threat. they need to know that they have american beck did they have strong america. that is confident of itself and that it will not let door, you know, create some kind of vacuum gear that will be inevitably filled with some other forces. the palestinian town of bethlehem in the occupied westbank is likely his last stop after a visit to east jerusalem on friday. graffiti of biden's predecessor trump still adorned. the israeli barrier partially surrounding the town. the u. s. and palestinian leaders hoped to reset diplomatic relations which reached in a deer under trump. some palestinians in the holy city. hope the change is altenor by then the hardest thought and how quickly my message to biden as please show the true picture of what happens with the palestinian people. because
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distortion happens in the media and our true image is convey to the world. hello. hello estonian. people really need this because we are going backwards. the world is not paying attention to us and no one's looking towards us in what i had when governor many palestinians a pushing for biden to bring up the recent killing of u. s. palestinian journalists, sharina black clay, which many blame on the israeli military. after the president ends his visit here, his expect to fly to saudi arabia. and i am joined now from jerusalem by d. w. middle east corresponded tanya kramer. tanya, on saudi arabia is likely to be the most controversial part of biden's trip. what does he helping to achieve their while? absolutely, i'm the president to abide and will be taking part in a summit of the golf corp counsel in saudi arabia. he will be meeting there with
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regional leaders and us officials have, you know, said to leading up to this trip this, you know, to strengthen the ties between the countries there and to tackle you know, our global and challenges. but of course, it doesn't really cost away the criticism that has been leveled against this trip because it actually shows, you know, a change in mr. bivens stands on saudi arabia as a presidential candidate. i to the white house doing a d. m. a campaign. there he actually pledged to make a saudi arabia pariah over on the murder of saudi journalist. tamala koji, in 2018 in turkey, and also over it's a human rights record as so, this criticism will certainly are not go away under. there will be more questions asked when he's going there, but on the other and also what we're hearing in israel, there's a lot of, you know, on, on it has a lot. it raised a lot of expectations that he's going there on
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a direct flight to from israel, to saudi ravia talking here to 2 experts and officials has said they're hoping for some kind of he know steps being taken to some kind of copper small between a saudi arabia and israel, and so that is also of course what's being discussed here. meantime, tanya, 1st stop on by this trip is, is where you are in israel, which is facing it. another general election was and biden's agenda there, given the political tra, backdrop right now, i think you will get a very warm welcome, a by ala p. t is now the prime minister of the can take a government, a new election set for a november. but i think the part in israel is all about reaffirming you know, this close relationship between the 2 countries on all the level of staff in also a bit of sense. you know, he, in the region that the u. s. has become less and less engaged in the region. so
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this is a very important also for the u. s. i to be are back here. he will be also looking at one see arrives in the afternoon at the ban gary on app, what you will be risk away to see some new defense our systems and also our defense system. the iron dome that's also, you know, a u. s. is a very strong in that support of israel in that case. and as i said, you know, there is the sense that, you know, coming together, this is trip to saudi arabia. that there might be some kind of, you know, steps being taken in that regard to reach and has really changed here in the past years. but of course it's also just personal relationship. i present biden always likes to highlight that he has been coming here for many, many years. at 1st as a young sen, $9.00 to $73.00 meeting, then with my minister golden golden ear, he'll also visit the palestinian territories. how unusual is that for us, president? why don't think it's unusual every are you as president has visited to of the
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occupied territories and, and the u. s. has been, you know, one of the major players when it came to peacemaking efforts in the region. of course there's no peace process right now. and this visit, again, meeting a with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas in bethlehem will be all about as resetting, you know, the diplomatic relationship between palestinians and this you, as administration in almost all diplomatic ties were cut off during the trump administration. and then president donald trump had moved to embassy, the u. s. embassy from television to jerusalem was also seen as very biased to it's a israel. so it's very important now for the palestinians to see president biden coming here. we will also going to, he will be also going to is jerusalem visiting a hospital and then going to best lamb meeting the palestine and president there tanya kramer into ru salon. thank you. and before leaving for the middle east,
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president biden discussed a pressing issue closer to home migration along the us. mexico border at white house talks with mexican president, andreas manuel lopez over our door. the 2 leaders pledge to step up efforts to manage migration flows. relations had been strained after over door stepped skipped a recent summit hosted by the united states after more than 50 people. meantime though were found dead last month and a sweltering truck in texas. the migration issue has taken on renewed urgency teofila valencia and his wife are trying to come to terms with the inconceivable 2 of their sons age. just 16 and 18 died in the truck found in texas along with another relative, had him with it the note and we wanted to stop them, but they had dreams. but they wanted to get ahead to build something the other. but that was an illusion that i live with any info. so could i miss?
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they wanted to get away from their small village in vera cruz mexico and hoped for a better life in the u. s. seeing no legal path to get there. they paid a smuggler and got into a truck near anything. do you? 53 migrants died in that vehicle in sweltering heat. but i me, bobby, i have lost it being part of my life. the tragedy casts a shadow over the meeting between you as president biden and mexico's present lopez, overlander aid organization, say thousands have died in recent years, trying to cross the border. and despite you as promises, nothing has changed for the better. the only become you knew as migration policy is cruel and inhumane enough, or there's almost no legal way for refugees from central america to enter a kidney. and so they turned traffickers and organized crime because that seems the
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only option because of that, but it is risky and expensive. gave a re, as gorda eat, gotta thousands of migrants wait in camps on the mexican side of the border due to lengthy us asylum procedures. many of biden's attempts to relax, some rules have failed in the face of conservative opposition. gay, there was great joy when the democratic president said he wanted to change something. but conservative groups are blocking him. he got a leaky leave. don't normally ab bellamy deal in border cities like she wanna migrants hold vigils, praying that tragedies like the one in texas don't happen. again. mexico's president says he will call on the you as to issue more work faces. the parents of the victims are hoping for this to lot of it would be nice if the u. s. would give more temporary phases to young people who want to work so that this doesn't happen again. maybe that is still causal. for now,
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they hope to be able to bury their sons in mexico soon. a quick reminder of our top story here on dw news, sri lanka has declared a state of emergency after protest her storms, the office of the prime minister and acting president. this after president go to buy a bunch of parts of the country just hours before he was due to resign. over the economic crisis. he watching g w. news live from berlin up next. pico india. i'm sarah kelly watching. ah, ah, ah, ah. ah, with
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