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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah this is dw news life from berlin, sri lanka, declare a state of emergency, protest is storm. the office of the prime minister is temporarily in charge after president to go to bio roger pasha flight the country. the african leaders resignation letter is said to be coming today. as the lord ukraine continues hopes
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for a break through one easy global food supplies. ukraine says it's negotiate is a close to striking a deal with russia to resume grain exports. the toll close to by talking could free supplies, the peter 1000000 faces and you ways president joe biden, heads to the middle east, is 1st trip to the region since taking office 1st stop. israel bite is expected to try bringing israel and saudi arabia put it together. ah, i've been fizzle and welcome. a state of emergency entry vanka prime minister, our new big christmas singer has ordered security forces to restore order. protest is in colombo, had been storming government buildings, including the pm's office, demonstrate as a calling for his resignation. and that of president got to buy a roger pasha, whose flight the country before he was due to hand in his resignation. protest his
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blame him and his long ruling family for 3. thank his worst economic crisis in dickens. shanker is on the brink of change a people's uprising as and in a family dynasty's long group on bar after the president, sudden departure. and we protest does have now done that focus on the prime minister, who's now be acting president on woocommerce savvy. his at the i have been informed by the president analogy, but the good that since the president is out of the country, he has a pointer, a prime minister. i wanna make it, he must become a sink, a grandma under the constitution, but call up to carry out his duties and mafia rightfully strike to dispose the protesters with dio gas. but the people are not going anywhere just yet.
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many a camp at the presidential palace immediately while the president's house and the prime minister's residence are maintained by tax money venue. this is a great opportunity for people to see these buildings because the people did not understand when they were talk a thought maybe for them in at them. it's only now they realized the luxurious lives of children that they had paid for with tax money. well, there wasn't demonstrations, have been taking place across the capital city of colombo for months now. now the 1st follow that is the most prominent thing, right? it has come to speak. now the physician should realize the follow up to people and listen to the people, the bose commands the island nation is facing its worst economic crisis since its independence, 90 audio. but with public trust and the political last running critic, you know,
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it's not deal with ultimate li, big. the country auto financial ruin dw corresponded nearer chandry is in the sri lankan capital. i asked her about protested, breaking into the prime minister's office. where yes, i am right on the same street where the prime minister's office is located. the broadcast broke out a few hours ago. there were reports of d. again shelling happening are keith, 2 rounds of the, i guess, as well fight. it does look finely from what we heard the security board had to back down and just an hour ago and the protective. hi norwood, the prime minister's office just coming from dad. they are all over the place. they're hundreds of people inside the premise of the prime minister's office. they're cheering their reasons slogans. they're raving the flag of ju lanka. they are sitting on the roof of the prime minister's office and then finally managed to force their way in sight. many or what are the risks of all of this escalating?
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well, the escalation did happen if you want to go, as i mentioned when the dia, gas shilling happened. but again, from the source of that i spoke to that did not count unusual very long. there was an apple helicopter, also doing sorties to see what was happening to quit the process. but now the situation is dominant, only calm because the security is not taking any action, right? no, the course is not taking any action right now. the protested are insight. as they are celebrating the i demanding for the prime minister and acting for him to now done to become a thing, got to step down. so at the moment now that we have taken over the office, the situation looks under control. you mentioned the t, a guess the, the protests as police stand off, but what about could, could this get violent at some stage? i mean, the demonstrators have their demands and then not happy of a it's hard to see if it can get worse and not it all depends because people left
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and waiting for good or bad roger boxes resignation letter to come to the speaker. people often reading. but under vicar my thing to come out and make a statement there. basically wanting to step down, but walking down the street right from the prime minister's office to this point. i have seen a lot offer security personnel standing, but they are just keeping god right now and they're not engaging with the protective. they're letting them beat me. they were just out diaries, the humanitarian crisis. we're looking at pictures of these dramatic protests. how bad is the situation for people there? well, the situation definitely went out of hand, and people got frustrated to the point that on 9th of july they stormed the presidential palace. if done the presidential secretary, it definitely be going on the prices i've been to. so long article i'm will multiple times and every time i've found the situation has gotten worse, we have seen roles and hues of meet with outside of fuel stations outside booking gas station. they're not able to get any pain. the prices of the medicines of short
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up the ambulance services have announced that they can't cater to every area because they're also out to fuel. so the crisis has only deepened, but the thing is that economic crisis will not be stabilized in the time the country finds some, some stability in the politics in the government. but that is what is your meaning, right? they were child re, you heard it from al, corresponded there in columbia. thanks for bringing us up to date and to discuss the situation. let's go to pike. you're soti saw robin a little. he's executive director of the center for policy alternatives in sri lanka, a think tank. what's the biggest threat to the country right now? i suppose the biggest threat to the country right now is the law and order and the breakdown of any kind of, you know, authority in the country. we need to establish political stability before we can proceed with the i m f and any kind of rescue operation as far as economy is
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concerned. so we'll need to have a credible, legitimate government in hand. and that is why both arbitrage boxes letter of resignation is absolutely important. if you are to follow the constitutional procedure, the prime minister has said he will res. when an interim government is form. so 1st of all, part as to meet as to elect one of their or within a 30 day period, one of their own as a new president. and then we can proceed from their own. who is a person who is in a position to reckon to calm the situation to or to bring about com to the political situation as well? well, there are 3 candidates that people are talking about. the festival is of course, the leader of the opposition sergeant brain. with answer there is running, become a singer himself for of course the members about a galle. i will not accept. and 3rd days, the sri lanka, with jana permanent wishes, the president's party that enjoyed the 2 thirds majority. but i don't think is
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a homogenous block any more. who up putting forward a gentleman called dallas alphabet. it's one of those 3 at the moment that it could be more candidates thereafter. but 1st and foremost, the letter of resignation has to be sent. while we wait for that letter of resignation, it said meant to be coming to day, according to the speaker of the parliament. what's your reaction to president bunch of pox? half linked to the multi well, i mean he had no option. he can't stay in sri lanka, he is totally disgraced or you know, and so therefore he had to go, but he still seems to be cleaning more by not resigning. i don't understand as to why it has taken him this 3 days or whatever to send in that letter of resignation . he is holding everything up and as a consequence you will have tension and violence on the streets. do you think he'll be held accountable in the end? but i hope so, because i mean, impunity has been a terrible cancer on the political structure system, the processes and institutions in this country. and we'll have to leave it there by
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august 23rd of an immortal, from the center for policy alternatives. thank you very much for your time and for the analysis. thank you. the warren ukraine has disrupted global food supplies, delegations from ukraine and russia, a meeting and turkey to restore grain export from black c ports. ukraine's foreign minister says they're 2 steps away from breaching a deal. stockpiled stock in ukraine, of course, global prices to saw making food less affordable. and ukraine's farmers are running out of storage space. alexander triplex warehouse should be empty and ready for the new harvest. instead, it's full to the rafters with wheat from last year stuck here because of russia's war. disclosing the shower, ukrainian grain cannot enter the international market now because that hordes are not working. the see route was the most important because of this is the demand for
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grain decrease report was measure sir, but the harvest won't wait. and the grain keeps piling up, even as the farmers run out of space for it. an estimated 22000000 tons of grain is stuck in ukraine. some of it is stored in silos like these in the port of desa waiting for export. before the war, 90 percent of ukraine's grain was exported via ports on the black sea, but helped by territorial gains. russia is now blockading those ports and keith has laid minds across the black sea to defend its coast. the u. n. is proposing safe corridors through the sea to get the grain out and avert a global food crisis to result open in port her. i don't see that the ukrainian farmers warsaw and it's 1st, if ukrainian farmers will not survive, will and be able to feed to african congress known as the bread basket of the world
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. ukraine is a top global exporter of crops like wheat, barley, and corn. with the harvest stuck inside ukraine, key supplies are missing, and prices worldwide have shut up. the un says the solution must be found urgently to avoid starvation on an unprecedented scale. lab warding, by the way, i met with an unusual load of optimism from ukraine as its foreign minister entered a deal could be within reach. i asked her correspond nick connelly, what he makes of this change in june from keith. i think this is quite optimistic. talk and i fear that unfortunate these talks like lots of rounds negotiated for them on not gonna end up with any result any time soon. thing right now, this is about both sides, russian, ukraine needing to show the world and outside partners who are me waiting for this
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grain waiting impatiently for prices to fool to show that they are open to dialogue . that is what this talks with these talks about. but in terms of the actual nitty gritty, in terms of the detail that would see ukraine in a position to take those minds away to open the access the ports without being afraid that russia would take advantage of that to try and attack such like a desa i haven't seen any significant change there. and i think there had been speculation that i the turkey, maybe france would provide security guarantees, would even send naval vessels to the region to protect those convoys of grain ships . we haven't seen any progress on that. so for now, i think there's little chance that this is gonna me be result any time soon. this is just about the blame game, neither russian or ukraine wanting. that's a bad image problem with the outside world and trying to show that they are on it. and willing to be constructive. but if this is also about tens of millions of tons of grain that is stuck in ukraine, what about these alternatives? alternative routes like rail, lynn and rivers. the problem is just
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a question of capacity. all these alternatives they are functional. they are operational, but in terms of the capacity, they just don't compare to and was in terms of ease to the ports that were the main transit points for grain price. this war, most of ukraine's grain is also produced in the south of the country near those ports and had to send him clive. we'll just place them now shut. we have seen shipments go through romania and through the danube delta and by road and rail to poland. but right now ukraine is just in the low millions of tons a month. that is, you know, 2030 percent of where it would normally be and we're getting a new harvest is already being collected in, off ukraine right now on top of the millions of tons of rain that are still in the storage unit still unsold. so this problem is pretty acute and isn't moving very quickly. there's now a hope that ukraine can open up some new chosen daniel dealt in the far south. but again, this is just nothing that really compares to where we were before and doesn't quantitatively
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really make much of difference. and the attacks of only intensified in the south where much of the grain is stored. is there no let up in the fighting inside? well, exactly, and review heard from ukraine politicians that they are preparing for counter offensive against russia. exactly in that southern region. and we've seen pictures of grain storage units on fire fields on fi. it's been very, very dry in that part of the country in recent weeks. so a sense that, you know, this was always going to be a bad harvest this year because lots farmers haven't had access to their fields haven't been able to do their normal tasks. because of the safety situation now crops. busy burning and there's even news now from russia of lucas, a lucas plague that something that happens is palatable every couple of years. so it's all coming together to keep the grain away from intentional markets. and when it event she does, it will probably be far less than it would normally be the harvest. so price is set to stay high and people around the world, you know how to prepare for much higher price for their bread, for the month to come. thanks for explaining the dire situation. they're not just
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die for, for the people of ukraine, but also other others around the world waiting for those important shipments. nick connelly and keith let's bring you up to date with some other developments related to the boring ukraine. a russian opposition figure is facing the 15 years in prison after being charged under a new law in russia that makes it a crime to spread false information about the military allegation has been a critic of brushes, warring ukraine, the russian, backed on. yet people's republic has opened an embassy in central moscow, according to the separatists. the ceremony was cancelled due to intensified shelling in the breakaway region in east and ukraine. carmen is the 2nd lever off, had been expected to take part in the event. president joe biden is kicking off his 1st trip to the middle east as us head of state today. he's under pressure to balance human rights concerns with america's needs in the region. he's utilized shortly in israel where he will meet prime minister. yeah. year le pete biden's
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likely to receive rates. washington's commitment to israel security and the talks are expected to focus on israel strengthening ties with several arab countries. bible then go on to the west bank. the american president bay announce you economic support for the palestinians, but palestinian leader mackwood abbas is likely to press biden of israeli settlements. longsol peace talks between israel and the palestinians are also on the agenda. some west jerusalem straits. a fully decked out ahead of precedent. jo biden's visit to israel and the occupied territories many here looking forward to his arrival i'm sure president by me can make some kind of difference. what kind i can say right now. this is a problematic time. it's not the best opportunity to try any kind of chain walcott bumping that every time an american president comes to jerusalem. it's
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a great honor for me. but as a jerusalem, i should also a great household because the sushi will be closed and we won't be able to leave home as i think it's very courageous of him to come ashore. days after the prime minister is changed. come, i mean it shows how special the relationship is, mcmillan. mm hm. yeah, lapierre, her is heading, the caretaker, israeli government will greet the u. s. president biden often refers to his long standing friendship with israel. his 1st visit dates back almost 50 years on the agenda. iran and the nuclear talks a possible defense alliance with other arab states and steps towards a possible rapprochement with saudi arabia. that going to some kind of turning point with iran. are there american allies that would need necessarily, you know, deal are reserved with this growing threat. they need to know that they have american beck dead, they have strong america. that is confident of itself and that it will not let door, you know, create some kind of vacuum gear that will be inevitably filled with some other
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forces. the palestinian town of bethlehem in the occupied westbank is likely his last stop after a visit to east jerusalem on friday. graffiti of biden's predecessor trump still adorned. the israeli barrier partially surrounding the town. the u. s. and palestinian leaders hoped to reset diplomatic relations which reached in a deer under trump. some palestinians in the holy city. hope the change is altenor by then the hardest food and how quickly my message to biden, as please showed a true picture of what happens with the palestinian people. because distortion happens in the media and our true image is convey to the world. understanding people really need this because we are going backwards. the world is not paying attention to us and no one's looking towards us. what i had gotten are many palestinians a pushing for biden to bring up the recent killing of u. s. palestinian journalists, sharina black clay, which many blame on the israeli military after the president ends his visit here,
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his expect to fly to saudi arabia. door now by out d. w middle east corresponded rebec ritter's in tel aviv rebecca yo there at bank gurian airport, where president biden is arriving. what kind of expectations are hanging on this visit? that's right. van were expecting air force wanted touch down behind where i'm standing a little more than an hour's time. as for expectations. well, they remain realistic. no one is really expecting any surprises from this trip. most of what is going to happen to take place over the next couple of days. eas, already known as i said, nobody really expecting any surprise. as of course, it is always significant. when a u. s. president comes to town because of the special relationship, the u. s has where the israel and at this visit is going to be no different joe biden has had a long relationship, has is heard in that report with israel. he himself calling himself
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a non jewish scientist. he's been here at and met every president since golden idea in the 19 seventy's. so, you know, obviously a very important region for the president he's going to be looking is a re enforcer security bond between the 2 nations. as well as m. c. a strengthening the ties that they're having that they already have and as well, to smooth the way towards a potential for security alliance with other regional countries here with that trip also to saudi arabia. at the end of the week, israel is facing yet another general election. what is, is ready k, if i missed that. yeah, i love kids priority. well, it's good the you point that out. yes, we are close waiting and expecting the election, which is coming on the 1st of november. and so of course, this is a very important for a visit for a caretaker prime minister lap it. and he wasn't originally going to be meeting the
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president when his trip was set in stone. that was going to be natalie bennett, the now former prime minister. so he'll of course, it's very important to him to be looking and prime ministerial. he wants to get all photos with the u. s. president ahead of the election to bolster his campaign. and he's also of course, really are going to be very happy with any sort of security guarantees that the u. s. are going to offer, they will be signing a declaration. notice the jerusalem secular declaration which commits the u. s. to ensure that the iran will not not know, not ever, behold, beholden nuclear weapons. of course that is going to be a big bone for him ahead of the election as well as a thing seen with you as president and, and strengthening those ties between the 2 countries and next. so for bottom will be the palestinian territories, a major boost, full embattled palestinian president. buck, one of us actually is not being seen as a major boost for abbas been a he most us presidents when they meet with the palestinian when they come to meet
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the palestinian later they come with the offer of something. now that isn't the case in, in this visit, that piece talks and not really on the table. you know, this is not been a priority for the us government. and while it is something that is important to present mind, he has committed to the 2 state solution. he hasn't given really any a road map for how that's going to look. so really, it isn't a huge boost for a boss, but it is significant. another significant part of that trip on friday will be visiting east jerusalem, where he'll be visiting a hospital and pledging more funds for the hospital and more funds already reinstated some fans for the palestinians that were taken away under the trump presidency. so definitely a warming of time between those, but certainly not a political place for about whatever it is in till he is a quick look at some other stories making news. a french court has jailed
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a former senior, a wandered official for 20 years after finding him guilty of complicity and genocide, the haunt bocce barrel. ty is the highest ranking rwandan to face trial in france over the 1994 massacres. the 78 year old was found to have taken part in planning mass killings. thousands of people in southwestern france have been evacuated as far as fi as threatened homes, firefighters from other parts of the country have been brought in to try to contain the blazes burning along the atlantic coast drought conditions at a heat wave, a helping fuel the flames. it's the 2nd tape wave of the sum of western europe. the temperature is above 40 degrees celsius, a sparking wildfires not only in france, but also spain and portugal. with these heat waves expected to hit harder and last longer authorities a warning of the danger, the conditions post to the elderly the oldest golf tournament in the world gets under way on thursday. the open championship of the famed st. andrew's
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golf course in scotland. but as a bit of controversy this time round, due to a recently established saudi backed tournament, it's caused division among golfers with some choosing money over tradition. it's gulf. but not as we know it. the live series bankrolled by saudi arabia held its 2nd ever event earlier this month. staggering prize money of $4000000.00 went to winner. brandon grace, he is not at the open, but other big name rebels who have defected to the new tour are still eligible to compete this week. australian greg norman twice when the open. but he is now the face of live and was banned from the champions dinner ahead of the start at st. andrews. one gulf in great has been mowed the split reg norman's an icon on the game, a golf. it's great player. ah, we've been friends for
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a long time and regardless of what happened, she's gonna remain a friend. and he and i just, but unfortunately he and i just don't see i'd i, and what's going on. and simply saudi arabia has been accused of trying to sports wash its image by investing in gulf only families of victims of the september 11th, 2001 attacks on the u. s. carried out mainly by saudi nationals have even protested against live. tiger woods thinks the rebels may be banned from future opens. some of these players may may not ever get a chance to play major championships, and that is a possibility. we don't know that for sure yet, is up to all the major temperature bodies to make that determination. but that is a possibility that some samplers will never get a chance to find a way to jeopardize. never get a chance to experience this or i hear the sport is at the cross roads. it will be
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another uncomfortable few days for gulf. and a reminder of our top story. trolanda has declared a state of emergency. you have to protest the storm, the office of the prime minister and acting president is south president go to via raja pasha, fled the country just 2 hours before he was due to resign of an economic and humanitarian crisis. watching dw news life from berlin up next, our business show made in germany and how the cities up tomorrow may look. i beg facility in excel. ah ah, with
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who welcome to the city of the future. flow instead of a permanent traffic jam would instead of concrete, he moved instead of air pollution. new concept
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for the megacity tomorrow made in germany. next on d, w. o eco africa. these are the new speedsters on the streets of uganda. cargo e bikes from africa. uzi, with the international cooperative, has high goals, reduce the c o 2, and create new jobs. eco africa. in 60 minutes on d. w. o. co, mike speaking, how can this passionate hatred of a people be explained?
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a gold top gold? a history of anti semitism is a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power struggles. it's a history of slender, of hatred and violence, or even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. oh, a history that you semitism this week on d w ah ah ah ah ah ah, if you live in the countryside, you are surely familiar with the smell of fresh air. the sight of a clear blue sky.


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