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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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that is your right, i actually the feeling. oh, good. this mean? her wynja sees into this me why it's a presidential trip to the middle east. crafted by 3 p. m. the pandemic, the palestinians, and the pariah. to day jer, biden arrived in israel. his 1st visit to the country is u. s. president, a visit delayed by the corona virus pandemic, and a visit with low if any expectations on reanimating talks about the 2 state solution between israelis and palestinians. later this week it's off the saudi arabian, a kingdom that candidate by once labeled a pariah. which president by now is calling
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a partner. i'm burn golf in berlin. this is the day. ah, my continued support. even though i know it's not in the near term interstate solution, i'm sure president finder can make some kind of difference. but kind, i can't say right now, i understand even people really need this because we are going backwards free to prosperity, democracy for israelis and palestinians. is life not the best opportunity to try any kind of change the world is not paying attention to us and no one's looking towards us. this would be nice. that's not going to happen. also coming up, the ukranian town of boucher became a by word for brutality after russian forces were accused of committing war crimes . there now the beauty volunteers from cheve are in town to tease out
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a timeless truth that human dignity is more than skin deep. but we have no maybe choice to me, to cry or to show our feelings. no, no, we're here to help. that's why we want to be strunk. we left, we must be happy, smiled. ah, but to our viewers watching a p. p. as in the united states into all of you around the world, welcome, we begin the day with president biden's 2 visits, one he's been looking forward to the other. he sees no way around to day by now arrived in tel aviv his 1st visit to israel's. it's becoming u. s. president. it's a visit. the white house says would have happened earlier, had there been no pandemic standing in the way later this week by will travel on to saudi arabia. it's a visit that would probably not be happening at all. had there been no war in ukraine,
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no inflation and no skyrocketing fuel cause on the campaign trail 2 years ago, bite and vows to make saudi arabia a pariah, saying the saudi crown prince. his role in the murder of journalists, jamal ca, shogi, revealed a kingdom lacking any redeeming values. president biden's opinion, it may or may not have changed, but the realities of geo politics certainly have. by now says he hopes to reorient not rupture. the u. s. saudi relationship, in other words, he's hoping the saudis agree to pump more oil onto the global market. it will be a delicate balancing act for the u. s. president, making his visit to israel. look more like a walk in the park. we have this report. it's not the 1st time joe biden is visiting israel, but it is the 1st since he became the president of the united states. he, if meeting with israeli leader of defendant ties, that he faith up already phone. because the connection between israeli people and
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the american people is blown deep. his phone, deep among the leaders was israel's defense minister who briefed biden on the iron dome. the iron door mrs. rail state of the art defense systems intercept missiles, biden's dress for 2 nations close cooperation on defense projects where reform the unshakable, remember the out of state, the israel security. including partnering with israel on the most cutting edge defense systems in the world. wide and then visited java. m a memorial for victims of the holocaust. he lit an eternal flame of remembrance and met survivors. the visit by a president of united states is always important because it helps to amplified the voices of the survivors. it helps to humbly fide. ready blight of the
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victims biden's visit comes at a time of political turmoil in his room and they'll take him next to the west bank and then to a controversial stop in saudi arabia. ah, so what is joe biden hoping to achieve with this trip to israel? i put that question to our correspondent rebecca readers in jerusalem. well, i don't think there's going to be any major strategic deals that come out of this trip burger. me no surprises. it is believed from here. brent. but it is of course, very significant. it's always important when the u. s. president comes to israel, he's hoping to strengthen those already born deep ties, as he said himself that something that the, you know, the special relationship between the us in israel is something that the u. s. are always very cain to, you know, show their support for, but he's also trying to sort of shore up stability a little bit in the region,
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you know, try and find some more peace and security in the region than perhaps in previous years. and try, maybe smooth the way it seems for a regional pe salons that would counter threats now from iran. so in that st, he's here to kind of negotiate between 2 sides who've been foes for many years and try and arrange for some yeah, regional alliances. i say defense alliance between those 2 states and we know that his next job is the pedals to the territories and talk to me about how unusual it is for a u. s. president to go that but not unusual at all brain. in fact, it probably would have been more unusual, had he chosen not to visit, not to meet with muffled abbas, pretty much every year as prime minister since bill clinton in 1994 1st met with the palestinian authority has done so when they come to israel. with a few exceptions, largely for diary issues or something else. so really it,
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it is pretty standard operating procedure. the visit on friday is only half an hour . so the palestinians quite disappointed that, you know, the president is bending 2 days in is round is half an hour with the palestinians. but of course, you know, they, they're happy to greet the president of course and, and with it, with that visit is coming a promise of more funding and opening up of more funding towards the policies that were, that were caught under the trump administration. so, but definitely sort of an unwanted visit and something that is not gotten not going unnoticed by the palestinians. and it was, we could say probably be one of the, the more easier parts of his trip. his final stop we understand is going to be saudi arabia and that is going to be the most controversial part of the president's trip. why is there? absolutely it's, it's a course very controversial, not least of all because of saudi arabia's human rights record,
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questionable human rights record one could say, you know, a president joe biden himself, cold, saudi arabia parias day and also referencing the crown prince. muhammad been selman dare say to do with their dealings with their alleged rent roll in the killing of journalists, jamal kashodi key. so this is a $180.00 turn around by the president, but it comes at a time when russia has invaded ukraine, amusing rate, or oil prices rise across the globe. that something that he's trying to take home domestically to lower the price at the bows for people in the us to try and make this trip more popular domestically. and of course ahead of you are the midterm to come november. that was our correspondent, rebecca readers. they're reporting from jerusalem. i want to take this now to try to parsi, he's executive vice president at the quincy institute for responsible state craft for the is considered one of the leading voices on us policy in the middle east
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street. it's good to see you again. i understand that earlier regarding julia today, you were part of a panel discussion entitled biden's trip to the middle east. bad deal or shrewd diplomacy. so which is it? well, i was the moderator and according to the panel, if there was clearly at bad deal, it will be a deal at all the most likely scenario. maybe that it won't be anything at all in the sense that there will be a lot of the rhetoric, a lot of photo ops, but in terms of actually signed the agreement. i think that the and the radi than the saudis one which it written defense act between them in the united states in which the, which was committed to defend these dictatorship. it does not appear to be very, very likely that the question is, when it only be the type of photo will there actually become something because i
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was expecting iran and defense policy to be the 2 elements that by would be able to address in both israel and saudi arabia maybe the glue holding this trip together certainly is the glue from the perspective of the saudis and israeli. this is not only a threat perception that the but it's also a perception that needs to remain in place. if you want to see there's a warm up of relations between the saudis and the israeli. but that in and of itself. however, creating a defense around that is not something that necessarily will stabilize the region. and it's also not something that would be helpful to the united states and start with tony blinking himself wrote in the new york time in 2017. when donald trump was pursuing this out and was seeking together with the saudis to create dentistry . and i even foolish on and he wrote and the time and mission
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masquerading as a thief agreement or a defend packs is a bad idea because it will intensify conflict in the region and potentially drag the united states in it. it would have been a much better hero, would be nice these 2 sides, but instead, 1st of all of these different parties, these are some of their d stabilizing, or if it's good advice, in my view, if my, if i say, go buyers to do to other than paying lip service to a possible to state solution between israelis and the palestinians. this trip is not going to do anything to move the needle is it's a trip that is not even designed to move the needle. it's probably not even designed to provide much lift service either because an expansion of the abram support, which is essentially that we set aside this policy in an issue and move forward with normalization between outer state and angel was listed. this is not about
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resolving it. it's about moving beyond the israeli palestinian conflict to have normalization and trade even though the israelis continue to occupy palestinian territories and keep millions of palestinians on their occupations. so we should have no expectation that it will move the needle because it does not even have that ambition. and let me before i let you go, let me bring up saudi arabia one more time for me, for ryan, down to partner. what does president biden have to do here other than avoid a photo op with him shaking the hand of the saudi crown prince? well, i'll be very frank. i don't think the president biden is going to get much out of this out. i don't think there's going to be much production that will have an impact on all the prices. in fact, if all prices is just driving force and then buy them would have been better off going back into the yvonne used to deal and bringing evolve to the market because
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there's more spirit capacity there. and also a very large reserve of all that is just so i'm not so sure that really is the driving force. but my point being it, unless the saudis feel that they either get something that still need to have a m b s, meaning. or if they are, unless they get some security assurances, i'm not so sure that they will give anything if i will treat it. let me just ask you before we run out of time, then the iran nuclear deal. if i'm hearing you correctly, i mean chances for reviving that deal are about as good as 0 right now. yes, and i think frankly, further reduce as a result of this. because the idea that you can have a j, c, p wave on your deal, that stopped your vision on yvonne especially this arms or prevent iranians from having that armament. while at the same time building an anti even military
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coalition, you might get to deal. but even sure that he will not laugh because that's not what you need in order to make sure that he agreement will be lasting and durable. this is the opposite of that. it leaves me with the impression that the abiding restriction has by now completely given up on even having got needles. true to parse the executive vice president at the quincy institute for responsible state craft trade is always good talking with you. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you so much, routing, appreciate ah, the ancient greeks wrote that the universe is comprised of 4 elements, one of them, fire a blessing and a curse. and that takes us to california yosemite national park, where firefighters have been battling wildfires that have been burning there since last week. now the washburn fire on the western flanks of the sierra nevada was 1st reported on july 7th. just 2 days later,
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infrared drone footage showed the ring of flames had doubled in size and they are burning close to the mariposa grove, which is the habitat of $500.00 mature giant. you see the right there. so coins of these world famous trees are the biggest on the planet forest rangers. have set up a sprinkler system to protect the grove, including the 3000 year old grizzly giant and knock on wood. there has been no serious damage to any of that. we hope is going to say that way we want to crossover down to yosemite to talk with a garret dickman. he is a forest ecologist with the national park service care. it's good to have you on the program. what's the latest tonight on to fight back against the fire? is it under control? the fire still burning, but firefighters made
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a lot of progress in the past few days, and they've steered the fire largely around mariposa crow. the chance quiz and the community will on and it's now largely burning. i kind of keep in the wilderness in some wreckage terrain. and you've put in place of a sprinkler system around the grizzly giant. so is it. and of course, the whole world you know, wants to know this is it, and the other giants, acoya is, are they safe from, from harm. we're feeling a lot better about dependent condition of these trees across the groves. now as we continue to make progress and you know we, we haven't really had used the sprinkler system, fire hasn't reached the grizzly giant in it remains and in fantastic shape as the rest of the trees, we have lost a single sequoia. yet to the spire. that is excellent news. a bit, you know, tell our viewers, why the grizzly giant, if so iconic. oh, it's just something you have to experience for yourself. i mean it's, it is
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a massive tree. it's over 2 pallets, 200 feet tall. several 1000 years old. i'm in it is true to its namesake. it is a grizzly looking tree and it is really beautiful. yeah, i mean, the pictures are impressive. i can only imagine what it's like there when you, when you're standing in front of it, the giant sequoias they actually, if, if i understand correctly, they actually need forest fires. and they are adapted to deal with the flames and need them to reproduce. is that correct? that is correct, they have really thick bark branches are charlie high up in the canopy so they're able to resist that. you know, fires and so grizzly chance probably seen i over 100 fire. it's in its lifetime and it's generally speaking low intensity fires. and what we've seen across the range in the past few years will last 20 per cent, full of giants quite on earth. is that these are fuels driven in climate change
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driven fires that, that are really something that these trees are not adapted to it. give us an idea if you can garrett of how, how did the firefighters contain the flame from we're talking about these wildfires? well we've, you know, luckily we have 50 years to prescribe fire history in the mariposa grove in part to, to reduce the fuels and in part to, to aden reproductions chance credit, siemens because they do need fire to reproduce. and so because the lower fuel loading ticket from all of these prescribed fires, and they've been able to engage pretty directly with the fire and keep it from make any progress into the ground. so you know, that means every year there has to be a certain amount of wildfires just to keep these force alive. right. that's correct. i mean there is a chance of crows prior to, you know,
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fire suppression would experience fire every 10 to 15 years either through lightning fires or through indigenous family. karen digman, forest ecologist with the us national park service get. we appreciate you taking the time to talk with tonight. you and your colleagues are doing very important work. thank you. thank you so much for having me. i appreciate it. oh, in south korea, environmentalists have taken an innovative approach to try to reduce emissions. they've filed a lawsuit on behalf of their children. parents are suing the government, saying that the country needs to reduce pollution for the well being of the next generation. even the yet to be born are represented in this legal battle. we have this report. he don't, he is pregnant and worried worried, the planet will be too hot and her unborn child won't have clean air to breathe.
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she so concerned she joined to her feet as to a lawsuit, demanding the south korean government do more to protect the environment, packing and i to tell you to and that's all i do, my baby and haven't admitted a single gramma comment. i hide into the world. i got to you. i'm so concerned about the world. my baby will face. so me just joined tommy. he's fetus is one of about 60 co, quakers under 11 years old, who are mounting a collective legal campaign lawyer say may take years, e says or unborn baby offers a strong symbol way. i don't, i believe not to be the older generation, but also to generate should be considered on issues surrounding the climate. and there should be an open room where they can participate and come to the south. korean, environmentalists are also pushing for
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a shift in behavior. across from new president use of y'all's office, greenpeace recently demanded high honor, his campaign clerk, to ben internal combustion cars by 2035 blank nahant on the beach. we need effect of leadership from the president to tackle climate change and to transition the domestic car industry into eco friendly cars. it's changing our cars is the most significant way to cut down on greenhouse gas emission. you seen them? oh, counting up along either pollution effects more than just warming the planet. the issue of air quality had become a regular concern with bad air days prompting the government to warn people to try to stay in doors. as coven 19 declines, and factories ramp up production with more traffic, it's expected people will see more read on their air quality apps. young people. busy have mixed feelings about the lawsuit. they also recognize that everyone needs to do more current hung up hung,
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her town later seek young name. a lawsuit might be a strong measure to deal with this issue tumeratrack or but it seems better to have more campaigns to change behaviors and on cornell. ok, so they should take legal action only as a last resort to now and it not that was it all for god look at and i believe the government needs to work on it, but it should go together with individual efforts. so i'm not expecting mother or e don't young admit her fetus is a bit of an unusual claimant. tick ocoee on the day. i 1st had my baby's heartbeat . i went to the forest and saw a woodpecker and i named my baby would tackling hurry and see the plan just sight would pack as want to live safely in the forest. i want the world and the environment to be safe, where our babies will be born within a couple for he and her baby more than the clock is ticking. ah, in the face of so much ugliness,
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they dare to look for the beauty around the capital of ukraine. keep a grip of hair dressers and petitions are offering their skills to survivors of the russian invasion. people who have lost homes or loved ones, some who have been tortured or even raped, he w's nic. spicer met up with the so called beauty volunteers. during their recent stop in boucher a town synonymous with the horrors of war. they have survived the very worst. now these future residents want to look their very best with 3 haircuts manicures, facials, and massages. because the beauty volunteers have come to tell the groups founder all have vilicki says they help those who suffered because of the russian invasion, agree, will ground. their houses are damaged but the money to
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distill a does have, might not have my cell because the maybe it builds their life. yeah. ah, or not stylus dennis tech and then go had to flee the war in the east himself. he says he's just doing what he knows best. right now i can do this. i don't know what i do, you know and make some people happy. barbara golub at m and then co says the volunteers are kind of battalion fighting and what he calls the beauty front. but their work is often anything but skin deep to speak for them to understand, understand, or mode and feelings to try to understand feelings. and it's like our therapy, i think. and some of the people here say the treatments, give them more than inner piece. they can spark hope. the show crashing is will it
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helps me see butch and better future. it was the one the for city, a beautiful european country. when them wasn't, we cannot be slaves with them. we want to be free to live in dignity, to earn money, to raise children, to rebuild our town. we will have better times. the beauty volunteers group have been making trips for around 2 months. now. the only go to places that were invaded and occupied by russian troops. and they include some of the very best hairs silas and do titian's ukrainian camera founder. all ha, says the volunteers have to be strong the here many, many painful stories that we have. no maybe choice to me, to cry or to show our feelings. no, no, we're here to help. that's why when he's drunk, we was, we must be happy. smile. the beauty volunteers are hoping to
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expand, raise more money, visit more towns and cities. and as the war grinds on, that there's every chance they'll be able to continue work, which they call a way of serving their country. and that is beautiful. but the day's almost done, the conversation continues on line. we will see you tomorrow. everybody take care. ah ah, with
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through the desert before l. sasha, a dream comes to the 1st when the rally in saudi arabia, a special day for the conservative kingdom. and to success for which the women have worked global $3000.00 in 30 minutes upon
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d. w. welcome to the city of the future. low instead of a permanent traffic jam. instead of concrete with the mobility instead of air pollution. new concepts for the megacity tomorrow made in germany. even 90 minutes on d. w. a man with the memories of a woman, a lady from syria is born in a female body. forced into marriage, raped far from home. ali can finally become the person he's always wanted to be. i was born in berlin. starts july 22nd on d. w. love has no limit to love as for
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everybody. love is life. i love matters and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn sharma. and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divide and deny that this. i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you with a
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with ah, this is dw news life from berlin, u. s. president joe biden, to rides, it is real key off a high stakes trip to the middle east. today biden paid tribute to holocaust victims at israel gianni the shim memorial. a moment of reflection, the head of what promises to be days of difficult diplomacy. also coming up a nationwide curfew is now in effect across extra length. earlier protest restored the office of the prime minister, who now claimed to beat acting president and hope for millions threatened by hunger
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