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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is my new podcast. i'm evelyn, i really think we need to talk about all the topics that new to live and denied to this. i have invited many deer and well, i guess. and i would like to invite you in ah ah, business d w, news live from berlin. joe biden is on the next leg of his middle east tour. the u . s. president arrives in the saudi arabian city of jed out to 10 a summit of arab leaders. the saudi visits the most controversial stop of the presidents trip. brownell with cram is cindy is sworn in as for
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lancaster, interim leader of the base of political thermal laws, products as joy over the resignation of president got the buyer. rodger park so could be short lived and russia target southern ukraine. several missiles strive to universities in mich alive, the port city has come under heavy bombardment in recent years. ah, i'm glad of his welcome. you as president joe biden as arrived in saudi arabia on a highly anticipated but controversial visit, is due to a tender summit of arab leaders. but his visit is a delicate dance. c bumped fists with my mom, had been salmon. saudi arabia's crown prince and to defax,
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the leader biden had refused to speak to him until now using the crown prince of serious human rights abuses bought by the needs the saudis helped to bring down all prices and is now looking to once again repair relations. this with us diplomacy in saudi arabia not long ago, the former president, donald trump performing a sword, dance, trump and ministration embraced the country and its crown prince mohammed been so mom known as and b. yes. that was despite the country's widespread human rights abuses and the murder of dissident journalist jamal cas shoji at the saudi consulate in istanbul. multiple investigations said the order to kalika, so she must have come from the top from been some on himself. many world leaders condemned m b s helping in a more the more that puts president joe biden in a tough spot when he was a candidate, he called for saudi arabia to be treated as
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a pariah nation. but by needs to address oil prices, which have spite largely due to russia's war in ukraine. biden also needs the saudi's help against us adversary, iran, which is ramping up its nuclear program. washington is pushing the saudis to cooperate with israel, despite the history of mistrust and conflict against iran. both countries consider tehran and arch foe saudi arabia with its huge oil reserves, has made itself impossible to ignore for decades. it's used its power over energy markets to both hurt and help us in the 1900 seventy's, the saudis contributed to the u. s. economy tumbling into recession with oil embargoes. but in later decades, the saudis were seen as a dependable partner in providing oil and as an ally in an unfriendly region. then came september 11th,
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most of the hijackers of the plains that flew into the world trade center and the pentagon, were saudis many with high reaching connections. but washington played it down. this friendly attitude continued. when mohammed been sal, mom took over. he cultivated ties with president trump's family, and trump refused to condemn him for the casualty. murder, you know, joe biden prefers to speak to m b s. his father, king salmon, who officially rules the country. but the king has been ill and has rarely been seen in public in recent years. all that oil and the enormous psalms, the kingdom has to invest, world wide, keeps saudi arabia irrelevant. and that means dealing directly with whoever's in charge earlier and spoke to mona hefley from d w. arabic. i also what caused the change in biden's approach to saudi arabia after calling it a pariah nation. what changed is that and politics in general are practical
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objectives and interests play. the bigger role, of course, economy and security are more important than values and just ideas about human rights. and biden had to acknowledge and be asked that he has the defacto in power, and he knows that he can get only his interest through by cooperating was and b s. and i mean, he didn't even mentioned him in the washington post article. this is how he, he's trying to avoid this m. b. i stand for mom had been sama, yes, of course. yes. and yes. so he has the, he has noticed that goals can only be achieved by looking away and of from, from the human rights violations. you mentioned the economy or burden, want saudi arabia to boost it's all production to get more oil on the market and drive down prices that way. is that likely to happen? and the opec members announced a boost in production. but the question is, does saudi arabia have enough? this is the main question right now. it failed to meet the quota. there was a, an announcement for july and august and it failed to meet the quota. and it seems
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like such area does not have such production capacity at the moment. and so it, it, and also i think the mean like saudi arabia will defend its own interest. if it has an emergency reserves, it will keep it for itself and not give it to the u. s. of course. now let's talk about iran, a bit of how important a factor is iran and the u. s. israel alliance against tier on here. also, with regard to saudi arabia and iran is very important, of course, and because they are, there has been said that there's an alliance right now it, it has been announced by there's really defense minister, but it's, it's not really, it hasn't put in it. it wasn't like publish set, which countries are read participating in it and, but it has them said the saudi arabia and israel had some and military trainings together with led by the usa. and of course, it plays a big role which countries will participate, but there is
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a big plan to try to curb the rounds military actions in the future. of course, when i have the w arabic, thank you very much for that. inside the search for a new lead up against telecom, the former president got a buyer. raja park so officially resigned off the flea, the country prime minister running a wick reminiscing jay who was sworn in as acting president as been nominated by the ruling party to stand in the elections. shenanigans are now waiting for parliament to convene on july 20th to appoint the new president. ronald look promising. he has been sworn in as she lunk, us acting president. but he might not stay in office for long. in a special statement, he promised to restore law in order and to crack down on those he called insurgence . if our game or are they need the us army, stop executive, i will take immediate steps to establish the rule of law and peace in the country. academia i recognize the right to peacefully protest. lambert summer trying to
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engage in acts sabotaged cracker and old, far gonna massive protests, fullest president. go to buy a raja bucks out to feed the country and ultimately resign. ah, the protestant, celebrated the news of his resignation. and now want with ramos in k, gone as with nick slogan was given to real me running to go home with him. essentially nothing changed as good as me, and it is a beginning, but i not better woocommerce senior has already caused out on the parliament rewards in which he will stand as his body's candidate for president her. thou art condemned labinata the parliament
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lady. now again, id, but do any reports that other groups are trying to influence members of parliament ahead of the vote next week to elect a new president. so don, i'm going about they will create an environment for parliamentarians and independently express their views so much here. you and after the war, it will be several days before she longer gets a new president. while the nation goes through a political up, even the long lines, outside federal stations on getting any shorter brushes, attacks and ukraine continued to target civilians in different locations to universities . and the frontline city of mich alive and southern ukraine were hit, the cities administration provided this footage, and the regional governor says 10 russian missiles hits early on friday. at least 2 people moaned it. meanwhile far from the phone line in minutes are rescues. are
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searching for survivors and body's offer missiles strike on thursday, at least 23 people were killed including children. and earlier we spoke to d w, a correspondent nick, spicy in keith. he told us more about the attack on me. caliph ah, well, the numbers can always change, but you provided the bullet points, stared to 10 mess saws. according to the regional governor, to universities in a shopping mall, hit by these miss isles. people killed. if you look at them at mc alive is important because it's about a 100 kilometers from odessa, the port city of odessa, which is really the crown jewel for the russians. once they take that, they can control all the ukrainian access to the waterways, incompletely and p, their ability to export grain to export anything to have a functioning economy. that's why the battle for make alive and around. there is so important for the russian. but once again,
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an attack which appears to be an attack on civilian infrastructure, it's not clear what has happened. the kremlin typically says they were targeting something else. as happened yesterday, infiniti as you were just mentioning it up next by so that in the ukrainian capital keeps ranking. make tom now to have a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines. russia space agency assigned to deal with nozzle and flights to the international space station. russian cosmonaut will be able to fly on us made spacecraft and exchange for american astronauts using roches. so use rockets. the deal comes as relations between washington and moscow at their west and decades. us basketball star, britney griner has made her 4th appearance in a russian court. the olympic gold medalist has pled guilty to carrying vape cartridges containing cannabis oil a lawyer say the oil was prescribed to her doctors if convicted on drug possession
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charges griner could face up to 10 years in a russian prison. european commission is taking hungary to cause of a controversial, elderly visit. hugh law, the law ban school material that seen as promoting homosexuality or gender change. the government of prime minister to oregon justified the measure as preventing child abuse a health warning from the global weather agency, the w, i mo, says a heat wave spreading across europe is likely to worse an air pollution. southern parts of the continent have been sweltering and temperatures at about 40 degrees celsius, with extreme temperatures likely to become more common to climate change. one of spain's biggest cities is changing the way it deals with its summer weather forecasts. seville in southern spain is no stranger to heat. soon, residents will become even more familiar with scorching weather patterns. heat
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waves here are to be named just as storms are elsewhere. the city wants to draw attention to the life threatening danger of extreme temperatures driven by climate change. we believe that giving this phenomenon, given these heat waves, a name and a category is the best way for us to do that. and when a heat wave in our methodology reaches a category 3, it receives a name, a category 3 heat waves means very high health risk to the entire population. the current conditions in spain are ranked as category too, but even that's enough to exacerbate wildfires burning across the country. fire cruise, fear worse is yet to come. look at my love, but what worries us most to day is a southern wind that can move the fire and the rise in temperatures that we are suffering this week. more fires a raging across europe, south,
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including in portugal, france, croatia, italy and greece. the current hate wave is expected to expand across more countries . though so far unnamed, it won't go unnoticed. and the world's best surfers have been enjoying themselves at the corona open on jeffrey's bay, south africa conditions that were described as perfect for the latest stop on the world championship tour brazilian server, tatiana western web stole the show with is a magnificent run in the final clenching top spot and moving up to 3rd in the overall rankings, the surfing world championships were forced to take a 3 year break. during the pandemic and competitors and visibly thrilled to the dock on the water it watching the w. c. as a reminder for top story,
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u. s. president joe biden has arrived in saudi arabia on a controversial visit. he was greeted by the saudi crown prince mamma been the sa month a man he has accused of serious human rights abuses. biden is attending an arab summit and seeking saudi help to bring down oil prices. you watching the w news live from berlin? that's it from me and the new steam, but stay for us to stay with us rather. for news asia with melissa chaff and those always all websites for mornings i've got office in berlin. thanks for ah, we got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner chat. hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to mood.
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d. w. travel off we go every day counts for us and for our planet.


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