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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2022 9:15am-9:31am CEST

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been depos didn't use next, spicer in cave. thank you. all right, well you are up to date here on tito view of next is sports life with a look at high football is helping to rehabilitate prison inmates. and don't forget, you can stay up to date on all our latest news on d, w dot com and on our social media account. i'm pablo foias in berlin from me and the team here take care. see again at the top of the next. ah what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating
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world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360. get the out. now i am company garcia and iowa sexual assault survivor extent to step out and say the truth has women in asia. apathy is infeasible. nothing can stop me. that is out. he can go into this week. who i i i, i i
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i want to play football every day to get my kind of thing all along. ah, circle in jail. mico is serving a sentence of more than 5 years here. this is his story. was a new might love to be able to make up for lost time with my family up. i'm in the for me as well now with and the story of how football is helping young men get back on track to by the day i leave this place will be the starts of a new life and was living ah for more
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every morning begins with the prisoners safety check the month. oh good. well i get up just after 6 up. get ready. have a bit of breakfast and go to work, but i'll be off to work. i have a recreation hour on a house. then i have open cell, which means i can move around freely on my level. you're not in boston, and then i'll be back to can find missiles mikko used to play football in the regional youth league. ah. but he went off the rails. the only chance he has to play these days is in the prison yard, twice a week. and once a year, he can compete in a nationwide tournament against teams from other juvenile justice institutions. this year's big event is now a few days away and that means 3 days outside as inmates contest the sep hamburger cup. mm. was in the meantime,
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mikko has to focus on his apprenticeship as a painter and varnish. hm. mm hm. hello, mr. schreiber. oh, hello. good to say in, i just take the short sword and right to the end. oh. and then go across with dust that i already cleaned it. clockwise falls, i enjoy turning old things into something new. long was real soon with nickos time in prison has helped him restructure his life. mm hm. the apprenticeship comes with an income, although most of that goes towards paying off the debt ceo's to his victims. ah,
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mikko was convicted of online fraud, i advised, you have him on some vice, nico knows how to make fast money, uncle, which would get him back into trouble with the law in every day. and if an apprenticeship isn't that much money belongs by, he'll faith yet. you have to take into account costs for rent and how much you need for food and clothes. variation it man with down copeland, if he battalion for me the if we broke issue. but if me a call added to the resistance, temptation on them and stays on the straight and narrow, then i think he has good prospect driving guns. good understand half that house has been can them then case has been and with the perspective except those prospects are currently pretty limited, just a pennant of his favorite club and a few photos adorned the walls of marco south. his contact to the outside world is
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primarily through his mother. mm hm. so for quote, this is a letter from my mother. of course he misses me and is disappointed that we've not been in touch that much in recent years with when she says she'd love me to invite her to visit with you. i'm always glad to get those letters about, but i've told my mom shop, i'll talk to her every day if there's something are with i'm in jail and i'm trying to think about life outside as little as possible. lucas, and also truly miss mason. first, i tend to feel bad when i think about the outside both and the lord. he could model of you can do what you want out there, go to restaurants or the movies, or go swimming. i'd love to do all of that for anger, which is why i try to limit myself some of the most. i have my own bed sheets from back home, which really mean a lot to me the amounts lou was
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a little small lead love to be able to make up some time with my family that i've lost it as well now and then find a job and have a normal life. those are the goals that i've set myself. example for the next few years. this little did cedar nixon younger, the small squished it up. oh, playing football helps him stay focused clearing his mind of the frustration of being locked up. i was some momentum going to father was there right now. i'm feeling pretty annoyed also towards the warden's moment on ben. it's also something's happened at home. that's got me really down and on edge like a block up and has me crying a lot at night in my cell, robin and mama towns if you and i'm thinking that so why am i here and not out there very well. i think of home for home, been scotty of almost my grandma died last wednesday when. oh, and i got on really well with her zag with the but she basically raised me because my mom was really young from animal. so she was kind of like my real mother on the
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father reminded her to motto, oh, why am i here and not outside the question, many inmate soft themselves, but by guessing a regular kick about and training, they learned social skills like teamwork and fat play. oma has learned that resorting to violence is not the way to resolve conflicts. he spent more than 4 years incarcerated. now he returns on a voluntary basis to help new inmates. as for the machine is one misinformation with and have thing i can really identify with the inmates. there may be $18.00 to $22.00, which is a big age difference to me. but i used to be one of them. come on zone glasses. i know from the involved, this condo above on the sky can talk to them without having to scream. we'll have a go with them. let's make on. oh, my grew up here in violins shewn a back distinct. he shows us where his life took a faithful ton in 2006 when he was involved in a gang fight. the other thing that like the sure guns, no,
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it happened so fast. close an honest reason or somehow ended up here with my jacket over my head. the young lady under mama copper right here in front of burger king was done on the door. the smith pulled out a knife and started stabbing people before the 9 foot on the floor. i caught one guy on the shoulder with a blot, another on the shoulder blade and the other in the juggler in the house like other one person died from their injuries after the incident, and omar was convicted of manslaughter. but his time in prison and football changed his life. he now has a family and a good job. but his boy, the photo, the flaw will always regret it. i never wanted to harm or kill anyone, phillotson shops, hawkish. now i've made it to a system manager of a store in the la letter can also been food provost if it's the same at football doctor, i never would have thought it. but now i'm
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a referee in the local league and the with through, through all of his or which makes me proud. near co, is not say proud of his life. to date, he used to false identities to defraud a range of people through online shopping. despite a string of arrests, marco managed to rake in almost a $100000.00 euros. mm. close, awful musical. for washington, it started when i was a young lad, and i began hanging out with the wrong people. after me had the amiga type you much notice because they showed me how to make fast money. how could thought i just fancy doing a few deals? pob part the home button gate. when you've got a bit of cash, the girls like you, camacho food, the meat, and it felt good. on the shelf is good food. make her was 21 the last time the police caught up with him. and this time the judges had run out of patience, handing him a 5 year jail sentence. mine, and what i was of office was
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a ha my mom knew what i was up to about the to that to circle. and then the police arrived with an arrest, warrant is all movement constitution. what does and she was in tears of ruth and paul and sure she still disappointed in me in what the, what the, what was the photo and push from you? and she tried to talk me out of it is also that i was obsessed with that one thing . money. money, money. when michael white one we're good. good. good, good, good. but i was too lazy to get a job. barbara, i was, i was, i never thought about the victims all the people. i was taking money from a little obviously struggle, but i do. now. i don't think i told her once either you never picture the people you're stealing from. that only came in core of seeing how gutted they were, nor by bruce. i was cuz every one was a single mother with 6 kids from you go up to what i later than i thought the dam, the dots rawlson. ah, final security check. and then that cleared to get on the road for
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a 3 hour journey to another institution. hosting the nationwide set have backup with the bike. we were up at 5 because we were so excited was of good luck luck of a feels like my birthday wicked day with tanya and a day that gets off to a good start dog. the lads from berlin beat halford, one nail in their 1st game with marco in defense, probably wouldn't. after a decent start, i hope things will carry on that way. the real difficult of google his violin side to make it into the knockouts without conceding it gets physical, a challenge for me. okay. the mirror? deborah? yeah. from i always remember miracle as being a shy kind of character can get down and football helps him to keep cool by year of
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them plus the but inc unegi. so in that it's good to finished with my other laughs in the team off, hard to fired up and i know that nickel will be ok. good exec than vice. he helped me of course. thanks. i love the berlin team also when they're semi final, next up, the team from halford, once again and as the tackles fly. so did the cogs in this case read for a berlin teammates with it comes down to a penalty shootout in which marco and his teammates keep their heads with victory. and with the help of football, the hope of a new life on the outside. to buy this, you went to the day i leave that place with my bag in my hand will be the starts of a new license. leave us quite a while. my old life will be either because of all that matters will be my life
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from the day i'm released. permission i'm going to make sure that off to that's, i never spend another night that we don't stop with i can't get more middle ages, then you can stay dives into the past and takes us to our food agenda spectacular. medieval site. visitors flocked to the capital of their india to see the longest inhabitant breach a city packed with culture. change in next on d, w. ah, the internet knows all it's creators for everything. and we digitize everything. the hot commodity in this global
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experiment. our data, smart devices are embedded in our daily lives, tracking our every move, the internet of everything in 45 minutes on d, w, a sex phone operator, correct her master's thesis on but potato raring to read a not a turn on. well, it gets more ridiculous from their d w literature list under german mac street. ah ah, ah.


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