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human lives in security are all under threat. mm pakistan's battle for water in 30 minutes on d. w a. is it a thought they were great able to be able to do i . ready ah
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ah, do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in the middle ages? will i do? and that's why i am an effort to day. the old town here is typically met even will stroll across the came up, look at a top tourist attraction. i will visit a foot cathedral, an imposing building from the middle ages and will show you the effort treasure which was discovered by chance during construction work. ah, effort is the state capital of ther, india and lives right in the middle of germany, about halfway between berlin and munich in the middle ages several traits.
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ruth crossed here, making effort a rich and powerful city. he can still see that in the old town today. there are many beautiful buildings, but there is one place in particular that is known far beyond effort as a tourist, an effort. this is the 1st place i must see. the came up wicker. the cream of wicker or merchants bridge is old. it has spent this river the give up for almost 900 years and the bridge is lined with houses. something like this is rare. from this angle, you can clearly see it's a bridge ah, from above the came up with her looks just like any street in the old town. this spot is a major draw for tourists, though many don't take the time to stop by the small shops can face and studios.
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that's a shame because there is such a large part of the claim up locust charm. as in the middle ages, the shopkeepers sell their products here. for example, small fine goods such as spices, fabrics, paints, and books. ah, there's even a mechanical theater that place when you insert euro coin. and there is one thing i can really appreciate while strolling across the claim, applica in other cities. they are like a 100 souvenir shops and the place like this. and not here. i stopped by
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a bullet asha toss guillory. she works with textile art at 1st glance, many of her works look more like paintings. but a closer look reveals that there are actually collages of different textiles. marina wolf, silk and other fabrics as she explains the houses on the claim of wicker or covetous in order to be able to move in here, you have to present a good concept like honestly info here and it wasn't so easy to get a spot here yet. i had applied many years ago, but nothing came of it. then after a few years they contacted me yet. when done come on, mariano finished. so i mean, so you have to come up with a convincing idea before you can live and work here. but enough, i was thinking indeed him was it? what sightings him ladia has to win them over and it has to be a good fed witness to the claim. applica foundation. make sure of that, and that there is some link to the arts or
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a craft axis. it has to fit in with this atmosphere. this was, and for here it is atmosphere of the night. although blyth chateau doesn't want to show me her apartment, she does take me to her studio one floor of the folks at hectic hole it is it just as the acim zip st now, and that is, this is from the 17th century, a pewter maker who lived here had this beautiful decorative stucco put in his in dine, because i know you can also see some of the products he sold with for carlton. i imagine this was his, a har learn. he could afford to have this nice baroque element put in a conversation. a slice list is a string of boca element and born. so last, this is the space where patasha torn creates her works. it takes her about a week for work like this. she says, and she also offers workshops for people who want to try their hand at this craft. ah,
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i have another question. if i wanted to live here on the claim up with, what would i have to do? do you have any tips for me, for me, either condition that anyone can apply for a space on the credit? luca, if you have a good business idea, you can submit it to the foundation or if you went to live here. but the waiting list is very long says, and on some born in the okay, they all to take reporters is and it's worth a try. you'd be the 1st. i think the came up with her has undergone many changes over time. it burned down and was rebuilt, houses were merged. they used to be a church at either end of the bridge, but only one has survived st. giles church. i recommend climbing the tower like i do. the way up is an experience in itself. it's $128.00 steps to the top. and how's that for a view?
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that's the came up luca from a book of here. i can see that the output has a lot of churches there there and there. there's another one there. towering above the old town is cathedral hill. there are 2 churches here. the church of saint severance on the right and our foot cathedral on the left. as only to be expected. the architecture is gothic the epitome of the middle ages. i take a look inside the cathedral oon generations of architects half left their mark on the cathedral since the initial construction was started in the 8th century.
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ah effort is the capital of fair india. at this, german state has plenty of culture and nature for you to enjoy. we have 3 tips for spots. you can travel to nearby. mm mm mm hm. ready ready our 1st step for syringes is the vaudeville castle in the eyes, enough and it looks like something out of a fairy tale. it sits on the edge of the thir indian forest and was constructed in the 11th century approved an ideal hideout for the fugitive protestant reformer. martin looter. while there in 1521, he translated the new testament into german vaudeville castle served as the
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backdrop of german history time and time again. the magnificent whole commemorate saint elizabeth of 3 india, who lived in the castle during the 13th century. the whole of the minstrels to set to be the setting of the legend tree minstrels. contest. in the middle ages and an 1817 university students joined here and called for the unity of the germination. the vot book stands right beside, one of germany's best blown hiking trails. the venge dyke that's off 2nd tip and all shows hikers the way the 170 kilometer long bench dyke leaps right through the ther indian forest. you'd need about a week to cover the entire distance, the day trips along parts of it are of course, also possible. mm . arrange a tour to observe animals. the wild is also well worth the time and effort.
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ah. and finally, a 3rd tip for, for india takes us to via a small city that has hosted some great figures. first and foremost, the writer philosophers, your hon, voice, come from gerda and free 3 shallow many of the buildings and parks here recall the heyday of fi. my classicism in the 18th and 19th centuries. including the girl, a house on phone plan, the poet and playwrights lived and worked here for 50 years. many of the visitors grew to received, came to weimar, especially to see him lead, not far away as good as garden house in the park on the ill river. whenever the comings and goings of the house on fallen plan got to be too much peace, sought refuge hale. another point of interest as the
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duchess anomaly, a library, one of the 1st public libraries in germany, gerda was its director for 30 years. these sites of classical weimar orn unesco, swelled cultural heritage list, and there are only some 24 kilometers from airport. now i'm on the cathedral square, traitorous offer their goods here much like they did in the middle ages. the market is open every day except sunday. and of course you can get the famous corinthian frat worst here, straight from the grill on to a roll. hello. hello. is that? is this the typical indian brett versus this? what makes it so special?
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does it have certainly spices for i've done? it has to do with the weight. i'm not going to do it. it has to have a certain weight and size. plus it has caraway and merger. i'm in it. that's what defines it. i don't wanna, i, it is. i've got this stuff i guess just jupiter, if you've got one small challenge, i'm a vegetarian, do you have a vegetarian bread? worst off worth hum, cuz it was all along a boat and we don't know, we don't give to what about elsewhere on the square because he's with not that i know sanity. okay. budgetary and bread versed is pretty hard to find an effort in general. but i think i'd mind putting that going to anyway. yeah. tooth. yeah, i've got i'm a little disappointed. no bread worse for lucas, but maybe i'll have better luck in the old town. you can easily explore efforts, old town on foot, past large magnificent townhouses. you'll also find
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a lot of half timbered houses ah, aunt cobblestone. it's fun to just wander around at every turn. you find romantic, elly ways? i can hardly believe this is the city of over 200000 people. ah, wealthy people lift here can tell by the or ne portals they date back to the reticence, but the house behind them are much older. this one here, for example, is a walk in monument, a residential and commercial building from the middle ages, around the 13th century. ah, it's named the house of the group. and in current barbara, these days, we don't know exactly what that means. but it sounds kind of interesting. you'll find many other house names like in the old town spots, nevada, the black wheels,
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the white lily, the black hoard, the red ox, the iron hat, and so on. some golden and sean golden swan will sometimes these names sound a bit strange to day, but in the middle ages that was normal. these were like the house numbers many of these houses. you can tell us stories from the middle ages after all. where did people me to exchange highly important information? well on gossip stones like these as lucas with lucas? i've got to say i got the better spot in the shade and shut them down. i always can't. least i can get a 10 top. i hope you put sunscreen on, mary lou, my path now leads me to a special house,
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an effort. the old synagogue, which dates back to the 11th century. it's among the oldest preserved synagogues in europe. in the middle ages. there was a large jewish community afoot that left a rich legacy. and even treasure luna, exactly. 3141 silver coins. a fortune for the time? the f. what treasure weighs in at nearly 30 kilograms? in addition to the coin, there are goblets, brooches, and rings. the treasure was discovered by chance during construction work in 1098. it most likely belong to a jewish banker. the most valuable pieces this medieval jewish wedding ring. there only 3 in the world. the air for treasure is a highlight of the old. it's been a museum since 2009,
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and it tells the history of efforts, jewish community in the middle ages, a fine as if it was a very prosperous community that had profited from the trade and development of this wealthy mercantile city war at the same time but invite it was a centre of learning and order some prominent rabbis were hair of oh, i'm think it likely had a tradition of scribe. 60 got up enough on here. they copied, taurus scrolls and bibles here and made lithograph was all one was feeding. he wouldn't be been sleeping on musical coffin, fuzzy in among the more surprising fines of recent years. with the remains of the medieval nick there. this is a jewish ritual bath house used primarily by women. it can be seen during the guided tour. ah, efforts made evil jewish heritage includes yet a 3rd building known as the stone house. it's
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a 13th century jewish residence. the conservators were especially thrilled to find a well preserved beam ceiling complete with a wheel motif. therefore it is applying for its rich, medieval jewish heritage. to be listed as a unesco world heritage site. the findings capture what with air for its flourishing, jewish community, and its demise. this community was completely destroyed in the program of 1349. what caused such an explosion of hatred in conflict? noticed that one reason is that the jewish people were the only minority and an otherwise homogeneous christian majority. society of christianity hadn't split into different churches yet. so the jews were the only ones who had different and with the outbreak of the plague, the rumors started that the jews had poisoned the wells, the ship wouldn't forget, they became the perfect scapegoat. and that's what triggered the wave of pogroms either performed by law. ah,
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the old synagogue has served many purposes over the centuries warehouse dance hall . it even housed a bowling alley. now it houses precious manuscripts and jewellery and recounts a special chapter of efforts history. ah, on this afternoon, our foot old town is full of people. here for the fact the la music at every turn, musicians are giving open air concerts for free. one venue is the ng, it's book, it's popular among young people at one time. it was a club only for students, but now it's open to everyone. i with i managed to find my interview, eat unless bush in the crowd, he's part of the english book team. i'm here on the yes,
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the and it's book is an art center i see stage of beer garden and snacks back there . what's the cultural center exactly? we have a cellar with 2 dances. pants complete down there. we hold readings, movie nights, everything you can imagine. we get some crazy requests through a go a party, put on a football and turn them in the mouth and make it. and i can listen to them. and if it sounds like it works on you do it here. i'm really entreat by the seller. i'm sure it's from the deepest middle ages, and indeed it is. 50 years ago during the days of the g d r. some students uncovered the seller and tells me that's how the student club came to be. they brought new life into these old walls. that's cool, but the history of the english book goes back much further. guns got through the 1st mentioned in the 11th and 12th century is now the name is angles frequent,
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but it used to be ellensburg for misery council because it served the hospital where the per the sickly cared for until they got better. when a man what's usually happening here, he isn't like now we're in our band salary last year via conference are held here for audiences of $160.00 to $180.00 on pretty much everything is played where he ramon rich ramon, one of the surviving ramon is played here, and gossip played here with a band leo need and played here on the band. you know, miss ellis, i'm always trying to catch the bands before they get super famous for the 2 or 3 bands of actually played. the last shows here before making the lead the big stage and playing in front of 3 to 10000 people get picked up on the stage in the beer garden. the are to emphasize of music has changed, but the atmosphere is just as good. ah,
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ah, i just got a tip. there is probably a reagan read worst in a small restaurant nearby. let's see. the promise of breath worse mobilizes my last research. my destination is called green republic shepherd. i heard you had on at reagan brett worst here. is that right? yeah, yes. i do it again. i. i'd like one coming right up. ferguson. that with a role. yeah. yes. the as if it were a real syringe you. yeah. does it taste the same as the original um is take us i think so. yes. also do listings of the important ingredients. are there a little caraway in terms of spices, fuels like on, and it's mainly organic satan on them. it's briefly deep fried. it's a bit unorthodox, but it's quick and turns out tasty now. and then i fried again lightly and serve it up with mustard. and then it's very authentic with us and, and what do the long established syringes say about you offering a vague,
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an alternative to the classic ther injured brat? worst of hearing this guy was on the block. we don't shed it from the rooftops saw that we've got vegan, broad versed that so we don't have to worry about getting into a row with the hard quarter engines. we haven't run into that or. okay, i'm looking forward to it. yeah, i'll bring it over. thank you. ha. so now here you go to doing enjoy and thank you. they got it. i have no clue how the traditional brought worst case. but this was really good. in the golden rule for our foot all town is that nothing is ever more than a 15 minute walk away. and sooner or later you always come back to the claim public . ah, now it's quieter on the bridge. the tourist trouts are thinning out, and there's time to enjoy the atmosphere in peace. i'd like to know what it's like
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to live in a house on the claim of liquor. i'll just try my luck. ah, hello, hello. hello. do you still antique sitting on his ear? yes. and what do you have for him? how would you like to come in with a ride? the bill has been selling antiques on the cream applica for 20 years. she's easy to talk to and she lives right on the bridge to bookings here, oldness room hasn't been very l i. c. like in the home. does it dates back to the year 15? 80. yahoo! so the renaissance act. so very old. i know what i'll to take his he hated read out. he here is hypocrite of that type. this is an original denial as though and you live, i was scarcely, rhoda. niche will know. i live in the 2nd house over house. can we take a look?
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so we can do that. oh, i'm a little curious. yeah, i love you. yes, i can town dish and mama. okay, this girl, ah, this is that this is the living room man. this is how we live on the claim. blocker of their claim up would go ah, this is my life, and this is my little kitchen where i feel at home. mitchell, it's not very big sir, but it's enough. but out here is the porch where i've got my flowers is sending me . this isn't totally enough space for me. try this here. fairly goodbye. i take a look at the balcony yard. yeah, of course. hi. wonderful. oh, yeah, and yes, this is my feel good. oasis and with my tomatoes and flowers, my name up till my when my name blue men, are you going on?
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bears little green. yeah, yes. yes. yes. you can already see the blossoms. yeah. and this little to marsha almighty. or how does it feel to live on the, came up with her down below. it's often crowded with locals and tourists, knowing also what the to listening about in that was i'm in, in, but not during the week as that. so. so now you do have some peace and quiet and of kias muffin after work. i sit up here and really will have some friends out because it's fun. so it's a nice life. it doesn't bother you that all these people are photographing your apartment all the time. on a month i to full of unions inside stuart mission is that doesn't bother me. show you sneeze respectively. what do you hide where people start snapping photos in me shaggy again? no, they don't see me here for taking pictures of the bridge as a whole. lot of me they had, i don't have any problem with. i'm probably in damage. yes, it's beautiful, hasn't shown here. on warm summer evenings the people off effort,
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meat of the claim of wicker and silk in the atmosphere. you could join them and imagine for a moment what it must have been like in the middle ages. that was my trip to mary evil effort. i hope you liked it by r c a next time. ah, ah ah, ah, with
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who now south ages reservoirs, the hemley and glaciers. their melting at breakneck speed, and pakistan in particular is on the brink of drought, agriculture. human lives in security are all under threat.
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mm. pakistan's battle for water. coming up on d. w sh. in good shape pot, potter, least we know what it does to the environment. but what's happening to our body? climate change increases certain health risks, but the son can also do us good in good shape. in 30 minutes on d, w. o. and then with the memories of a woman,
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ah, ali from syria is born in a female body. forced into marriage, great. far from home, ali can finally become the person. he's always wanted to be alone. despair badly, poetry credit and we'll go through with it. i was born in berlin. starts july 22nd on d, w. go, mike speaking, how can this passionate hatred of a people be explained? a gold top? where does it come from? come all wrap up the history of anti semitism. he's a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power struggles and interest in christianity wants to come. that is why christianity you like the figure of the jew as any parent, some hope to fly. it's a history of slender,
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of hatred and violence is the bodies will then on the jews were considered servants of evil. they simply told you about the most atrocious chapter. and within 6 years, a 3rd of our people were exterminated. he meeting $6000000.00 jews like microbes to be annihilated because, ah, even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. the history of anti semitism this week on d. w ah, does this d w news? and these are our top stories firefighters are battling blazes in france, portugal and spain as the heat wave rolls across, southern europe score. so people have died from the heat, thousands.


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