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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2022 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is the w news alive from berlin. i am eddie micah junior, coming up south and europe is experiencing the record to break in heat wave. hughes wildfires blaze from paul to go to greece. hundreds of died from the effects of the extreme heat and forecast as one of more to come also on the program. ukraine, braces for an escalation of attacks on all fronts. as russia orders, it forces to step up the operations pounds for longer max,
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100 days of dramatic protest. people power united ethnic groups to force out the former ruling class. we'll look ahead to the key vote, which will decide the nation's political future. ah. hello and welcome europe is going through another somehow of record break in temperatures. the north is brazen for you week of extreme heat. while the south is already experience in temperatures, climbing to new highs. hundreds have died from the effects of the extreme heat. strong winds fueling destructive wildfires across port ago, spain, franz, 80 on greece. several fire fighters have been killed. fire fighters and spain's extreme the door. a region faddle wild fires through the night. at daybreak, military,
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police and aircraft joined the fight to get the situation under control. dozens of wild fires across spain have forced thousands to evacuate fire season has started earlier than usual after and especially hot and dry spring. oh no guys that kick wedding down without a doubt at 40 degrees celsius, it's more difficult to extinguish the fire climate change effects. everyone in this area is usually green and cool in summer, but it's becoming very hot like cordova and seville in the south. i saw them out, one of my shoes. similar scenes are taking place across southern europe. strong winds are spreading several fires across the greek island of crete. in southwestern france, fire fighters have been battling blazes for days. thousands of evacuated residence
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can only look on. and pray that their homes are spared and an hour from venice on northern italy's coast skies filled with smoke. after a corn field caught fire temperatures throughout southern europe have already hit the mid fourties. and wild fires aren't the only consequence. the extreme heat has led to hundreds of deaths, mostly in spain and portugal. and it's not over yet whether agencies say many european countries will have to suffer through the sweltering conditions for another week. london based material, logical scott duncan lashes image ologist called duncan told me why the heat wave is likely to spread from southern europe further towards the nob. indeed, as you've just seen from your switches there,
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that we've had intense heat done in the south western parts of europe. so mainly spain and portugal also north west africa with that is basically going to start lifting its way north, over the weekend and into early next week. and it's a few factors behind it. as mentioned, also not reports been exceptionally drive to the ground is very, very dry, very easy to burn. but that's also good for transporting the heat. and then also maintaining its intensity all the way to places like northern france, even in places like northern england, all the way up to scotland. for example, we've got basically a perfect weather pattern for delivering this heat. also the surface conditions are just primed to break those records. as we said, even higher temperature, as i expected in the coming days, are the forest fires that are happening likely to continue through summer? yeah, we do get wild fires quite regularly across the mediterranean, especially throughout summer, but we've seen that trend. it increased the intensity and more kind of white spread nature of these fires, especially in the last few decades. so yeah,
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places that experience the high temperatures are more likely to dry vacation, easier, faster to burn. it's not the heat that obviously triggers fires. and so basically when you get mission, whether it's manmade or by natural causes, then something that will then burn faster and harder. and that's what we're seeing across, not just the mediterranean, but no spinning places further north. and we'd be surprised. we saw more wild fires even on the british house, for example, talking about spread into places are the record temperatures just hits in europe, or is it a worldwide issue? so this is very intense. he understood for western europe is probably the most intense currently, but we've been seeing several events, right. not just this year, but last the years and for tape there would be breaking record freaking records not by just small margins by enormous margins. and it's not a confined to just europe like last year, for example, in canada and the record breaking eat down there. we've also had intense heat in japan and the last couple of months,
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which was chattering longstanding and very significant records. there's not just europe, we're seeing a lot of heat records tumble across to where we are seeing cooler weather, for example. the southern hemisphere is a land media air condition at the moment. salia has be seen, record rainfall is being quite cold. they're also new zealand, for example, but the, the main emphasis that there are far greater number of heat records falling compared to any these little clays, cold records. and this is all part of anthropogenic climate change. so why are people finding it so difficult to cope to places like the u. k. a for example, or northern france so far away from the mediterranean. we just don't have the same infrastructure as those places that typically get well into the forty's, for example. so fortunately degree heat is not the same here, like in london, and it would be in the south of spain like the buildings that we live in just to cool down this thing are not built with the heat in mind. places down in the
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mediterranean are far more equipped and they build literally everything from not just the houses, but the roads, the rail, everything the infrastructure is built to withstand that he only about 0.5 percent of the houses that in this country have air conditioning which is tiny m m, so basically doesn't have access to the rest by that we need thanks for that explanation. scott duncan, with her ologist in london. let's look at some more stories making headlines around the wild flaps, triggered by terrain. terrain have killed at least 12 people in the south. the 4 problems of sudan. at least $100.00 houses in comes for displaced. people are damaged or destroyed. the united nations with g agency as coordinates and 8 efforts . a cargo plane carrying weapons house crashed in northern greece. all 8 people on board were killed. officials say the aircraft was flying from sab. yeah,
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to bangladesh. the plane was transported more time. munition. pilots reported engine trouble. savvy as foreign ministry has criticized croatia for refusing to allow the serbian president alexander portraits to visit a world war 2 concentration come pro. now's the authorities, killed tens of thousands of other yes, you know back. com. but if we get a lot to get going on him, let's get the latest on the war in ukraine. ration may files have struck industrial facilities in the south and ship building, city of mc alive, defend as yet. russian forces are preparing the next offensive. most of the fighting is in the eastern region of dawn, yet with shelling along the entire front line, our next report is from polk rusk, the small city in the path of russia advance. did you mean? yeah. well, that's what a mother grieving, the loss of her son will not me. and the washing shanker died trying to stop the russian advance on his cove,
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city of port cost. the city's mer has come to pay his respects is not for the 1st time. oh, jim logo on so many citizens from the doughnuts region went to defend our country. there are many of our guys on the front line officer. you 10 have been killed since february 24th. and there are many people who are being drafted now. when come all kitchen longer visit recall with russian forces slowly gaining ground that was reaching people's lives here in other ways to indiscriminate bombardment of civilian targets, trademark of pollutants invasion science, little footed foot by the crane police shows the terror inflicted on po coughed residence with the young and able bodied at the front, the elderly have been left to fend largely for themselves. from banks like these help, the most needy things could get worse. still, the mayor fears that
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a shortage of gas will make the city uninhabitable once temperatures drop easily, but you will even if the fighting stopped where they are now and the frontline does move, you will be very hard to survive here in winter with zoom video would you wish and sworn if the russians advance further, it will fall to my attribution to organize the evacuation of the city, adding to the millions of ukrainians, already displaced by the war. our correspondent, next, pfizer is in cave. he told us more about the situation on a ground and the likely next stage of the rash and offensive. the defense minister of russia segregation who is said to have visited the front lines where he said that operations would accelerate and there would be renewed offensive on all of the fronts across ukraine. in the nets region, the ukrainians have managed to push back a russian attempt to take a key road. going to love yan,
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which is their operational headquarters. it's seen of intense artillery showing. sure, you actually said that the purpose of the renew defensive isn't part to stop the ukrainians from firing on ukrainian civilians, which is a bit implausible, as the ukrainian struggle to have enough ammunition to actually fight russian soldiers. however, that may be there is a continuation of shelling and rockets landing inside civilian centers up further north in hart teeth, where the ukrainians managed to repel the russians from the gates of the city. weeks ago. new new reports of miss alice landing in the city and civilian casualties down in the south of the country. the ukrainians are doing slightly better. taking village by village and in the actual city of hare saunders an underground movement. men undertaking operations blowing up railway lines to disrupt the flow of ammunition to the russian physicians. and that is, of course, an important city because it's a step on the way to the crown jewel of the conflict for the russians,
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which is the port city of odessa. you can the president let me. so lensky said that there was every intention to take back land that the russians had captured. it's unclear how far that goes. he has said though, since the beginning of the war, that the objectives to take back all of the land that the russians have taken since 2014. now in sri lanka, protests have now been going on for under. at st days. one president has already resigned and demonstrate as now in to dislodge his successor. the main, the peaceful protest broke out. nobody's economic crisis blamed on former precedent quarter by r as a boxer, shortages of fuel. food and medicines are provoked. widespread anger and united ethnic groups did abuse on rita cima is in this will uncle capitol colombo. to tell us more about the dramatic events of recent weeks. i'm standing at the entrance of the presidential palace where last week at this time there were hundreds and
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thousands of people gathered here. the storm to this entrance inside the palace. and then we saw some of them was defining images of this protest movement in an unprecedented shoe of unity. people gathered people from different religions and groups against a leader who that thought was corrupt and would brought the country on the verge of bankruptcy. in the face of such a demonstration of people's power, the president fled the country. when president good or by roger boxer left the country, he left his prime minister in charge. daniel became a singer. the protesters were angry. they think vicar massena is too close to the raja bucks a gang. they all gathered here to protest. outside the office of the prime minister . there were ugly scenes, deer gas was fired, a protest her was killed. and some felt radical fringe elements had infiltrated the
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largely peaceful protests. finally the protest has got the news that they wanted to hear. present guitar by a raja bookseller had officially resigned. his letter of resignation sent from single was read out in parliament. and no parliament must decide what happens next . these barricades have been put out to stop either from getting to parliament is a huge police presence, as well as the army has been deployed here. therefore, content is for the post of president. the secret ballot will take place on wednesday. the opposition is divided and roger bucks us party has a huge majority in parliament, which means that done in victim a single is a clear favorite to win. but if he is elected president, it remains to be seen, but the protest as will be satisfied, or they will take to the streets again. as a reminder of the story we've been following for you, south in europe is suffering
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a record breaking heat wave firefighters from portugal, degrees of bottling region wildfires. the heat has killed hundreds of people. thousands more have to leave the homes. george indeed of the news life on berlin, coming off as our documentary on the flag catastrophe in germany. one year on. i am eddie micah genia stage in command a man with the memories of a woman. oh ali from syria is born in a female body. forced into marriage, great far from home, ali can finally become the person he's always wanted to be. i was born in berlin


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