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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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ah, subscribe to the w documentary on you to ah this is d, w y from berlin. europe's heat wave sets new records and the death toll rises wild fires, extend that trail of destruction across the south of the continent. temperatures in the u. k. top 40 celsius for the 1st time since reco, it's began. also on the program. russian president vladimir putin arrives in iran on only he 2nd foreign trips and starting before new crane. he seeking to
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strengthen ties to the region and both moscow's challenge to the west. and a new crane of russia target cities, including the port of a desk and wag grain, which is badly needed on world markets remains located. ah, i'm sure gail, welcome to the program. record breaking temperatures across europe, a fuel in wild fires, burning out of control of a huge swathes of france, greece, portugal, spain and italy. many of these areas are also suffering severe drought. the heat wave has now extended north east as far as the united kingdom, which is recorded temperatures of over 40 degrees celsius for the 1st time ever. extreme conditions of calls, hundreds of deaths from the effects of the heat,
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and of people killed by fires in spain. fires tore through these dry pine forests in the southwestern region of jerome. strong winds fanned the flames, making them harder to contain fire fighters battled through the night, but still struggled to keep the fires under control. alt del mar. yup. we have more than 2000 fire men working to reduce the fires to day, including more than 500 here in lattice to bush wiley, owner to me we will also be targeting the fires from the air during the day with water bombing planes, the flu ave co so long and that you'll do so here people living in the nearby city of bordeaux woke up to a gray haze. and the smell of burning. one londoner living in southwestern france is fearful of
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a fire that is spreading very close to his home. for the next 40 hours my be symbolic in our life. we hope the pompey are working hard to protect our proper food lines. i have been doing for dyson dice now. maybe just need a little bit of luck. his home country is also facing threats of forest fires. like this one on the outskirts of south london. the u. k. has recorded its hottest day on record with temperatures of over 42 degrees celsius. officials warn people to stay hydrated and avoid traveling, if possible, since britain's infrastructure isn't built to cope with such conditions. it is hot at night though, because there's no air conditioning, and most of the buildings in and houses in london. usually busy hubs are equally quiet. as most people remain at home or i'm quite,
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i spots that provide respite from the overwhelming la corresponding jack park is in london. i asked him how people are coping with a record temperatures. well, i am not feeling cool, phil. that's for sure. it is probably right now at this moment, the hottest, it has ever been in this country. certainly, since records began, this is the hottest time of what is predicted to be the hottest day that has ever been recorded in the united kingdom. as we heard in the report across britain, there are temperature searing over 42 degrees celsius. and while the advice is for people to remain at home to stay hydrated, to avoid being in the sun. as you can see here on oxford street, london's main shopping street, there are still a lot of people out in a bite and the wanting from the government is to try and stay cool though to ease the pressure on security services and on the local infrastructure. there are limited services running on the london underground and on trains up and down the
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country. it is predicted, however, while today will be the hottest day. it could fall off a cliff temperature wise, be 10 degrees or more, less tomorrow than it is today. felt like park in london and barbara vessel is in another european hotspot, bordeaux in the south of france, close to an area affected by wildfire. sh. yes. trust the french police, of course, still not to let us get any closer. we're waiting here for police escort who is supposed to bring the press a bit closer, but the fires are somewhere here behind us. and they've even reached the atlantic seacoast. on the other side here where there's a vacation paradise that's used by people from bordeaux in the summer, huge dunes. and the far as of right up to the war to have completely been raised down last night. so the fires are still not under control. they're still raging, it's very difficult. the temperatures have let up
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a bit. we've got from above 42 bit above 30 years. so it's a relatively easy day. but we have a really lively wind, sometimes really strong winds, and they are pushing the fire and the changing directions. and they're pushing the fire forward. it's difficult for the firefighters to get a grip there with these fires here in the forest behind us. because they're changing directions all the time. the fires are jumping from one street to the next . so it's very dangerous. we've seen huge evacuations here. almost 40000 people in this whole area have been evacuated because the police are trying to are on the side of being cautious and they're bringing people out and telling everyone to leave their houses. so know some of occasions here in this region for this year. okay, barbara, hazel, and border, thank you so much. or perhaps a heat wave will help focus mindset 2 talks on the global warming being held here
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in berlin. this week. leaders from around 40 countries are preparing for the next big un climate summit in egypt in november, germany's green foreign minister on the line of bab walkers called on countries to accelerate their transition to renewable energy dw correspondent benjamin alvarez. gruber has been talking to chiles, environment minister my cert rojas and asked why this meeting. i had it for cop 27 in egypt is so important. i would say that we were a little bit worried that the momentum that we saw at cop 26 in glasgow was sort of fading away a little bit. so we needed to bring em ministers, head of delegation together to confirm that we are still on in with the ambition that we need in this critical decade. it's a quarter of the decade is already gone. and we're still seeing emissions are
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rising and, and with the war in europe and the energy crisis, there are, of course, a lot of questions on em. are we still going to meet our goals of being carbon neutral by 2050 halfing, our emissions by 2030 so that the 1.5 degree or warming goal is still alive to feel that the war in ukraine that you mentioned is leaving it or is an obstacle to reach the global climate goals? it depends. and it could, it really depends on how we use this crisis, because indeed it is a crisis. it's not just an energy crisis is a foot to critical. i mean, it's human a tearing crisis. of course as well, but how are we going to use or how europe in particular i would say, is going to use this crisis and solvents, how is going to what, what is going to be the approach we have heard and be reassured that europe is,
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am indeed, some measures i have been taking to allow energy security for this winter in particular, but that those measures would not derail europe or from their 2030 targets. and i think that that is critically important for, for the rest of the world. m a and we have heard that we can be reassured that this is going to happen. so in that sense i think it was a, it was a good meeting. my sorrow has chillen, environment minister. thank you so much. watching t w's a still come arrest success story in the fight against drives and deforestation. we'll look at an island whose trees had all but disappeared. it's not been replanted by the community 1st. so vladimir putin has arrived in iraq on own he 2nd trip outside russia since launching the war against ukraine in
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february. russian president is due to hold talks with the leaders of turkey and iran. discussions would include syria, ukraine under un backed proposal to resume exports, of ukrainian. great ali for tal on the job is an iran experts and also the book iran in an emerging world order. we asked him whether russia and iran are getting closer as both countries are now under severe western sanctions. well, definitely, so, i mean, 1st of all, a closer russian iranian corporation was already on displayed before russia's war on ukraine, but said is provided a new twist. the new momentum for the bilateral relationship, which is quite as symmetrical for sure, but both as you said, are under severe western sanctions and iranian soap to be part of a new world order. you know, that is based on the pillars of russia and china. so there are trying to get
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closer even closer to russia now, after russia's war on ukraine, ali satellite in the chat. so in you career in ukraine, at least one residents that was killed when russian missiles struck a residential area in crime tours can the easton dynette region. but that the strike was one of around 5 hit. the city which is seen as a probable target for russian occupation, common tasks, mer, urge civilians to leave. those attacks came after a barrage of missiles to desa from the black sea overnight. the strikes also hit residential areas and destroyed several homes, as it is crucial to exporting desperately needed ukrainian grain to the rest of the world. 22000000 tons of grain remain stuck there because of the fighting like a respondent felt if a shot is in cave. and she told me more about the attacks running
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a broad level so that this basically means that these indiscriminate bombings are intensifying, especially in those regions that you mentioned, the odessa regional semicolon region. these are key portal towers, odessa city, and mcauliffe, a town along the black sea that of course, russia would love to control if they would like to control ukraine. so unfortunately, you would probably see mo, mrs. strikes in these areas, but also come a tourist that happened today. and mrs. strike wounding several people and appeared to killing one person according to regional authorities. they come a tourist located in, in the don bus region also here. russia wants to advance. so as russia is regrouping to renew it's offensive, unfortunately, we will see more of this shunting and unfortunately it's going to be the civilians who have to be the bronze. if you look at the statistics, the official statistic, at least, that is being a conveyed here by the ukranian officials, which we cannot confirm. they say that about a su to percent of these mrs. strikes hit
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a military targets. why the rest 70 percent? quite a huge number here. it's a civilian targets. now we cannot confirm once again these numbers, but what we can say that thousands of civilians have been killed already in these past 5 months, while these war rages on here in ukraine. and now parliament us back the president's decisions regarding ukraine's prosecutor general and security chief exactly. on top of that, ukraine is facing us. there is domestic problems. i mean, the least thing you want to expose is that you are a security service nearly the asp. you hear and ukraine is appearance the infiltrated, according to accusations or by the president presidents lensky, infiltrated by russian spies. he said, basically he dismissed 2 of his closest allies, a childhood friend who was the head of the s, b u on the up until yesterday, and a general prosecutor of allegations that they were unable to root out,
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possibly filtration corruption, et cetera. so this comes at a very sensitive time because the only thing you want is to assure the enemy that you're on able to control information that he's so crucial right now. apart from trying to control the back of ground and trying to retake territory that he's on the control of russian forces. and this is, warranty said 6 months of funny. is it possible to sort of sum up where the war stance briefly, it stands at crossroads. both ukraine and russia, russia basically has this dilemma. al, trying to advancing the don't bus region, but at the same time, they also need to defend the southern part that they have claimed parts of the house and region. because this is where the counter offensive is going to be intensified, but ukrainian forces. they are lacking some manpower, but they do have still quite a bit of weapons are quite a superior with regard to ukrainian in that regard. however, at the same time, lot of weapons from the west of arrival. so here in ukraine, specifically to high mars
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a long range missile assistance from the u. s. that helps ukranian forces to be more precise in attacking certain bridges. soon, infrastructure in a rush and control territories, we really have to see how that is going to balance out and who is going to actually have the upper level here as this war age is on. is it going to be ukraine to actually turn to tide, or is it just going to continue as it is wearing everyone down the severe, especially for shot in case thank you. when this war started, thousands of young ukrainians joined the army to defend their homeland and hundreds of since been killed. they w money, well shot reports now on the young people fighting for their future am every day at 9 a. m the traditional song, please catch a sounds of my downfall. one minute after the u. m. i down revolution of 2014. it was played to commemorate the heavenly 100 protesters who died in the fight to push
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ukraine towards a sad, determined european future. now to same song, a coast, a death of thousands of sold is, have died for the same cause, ukraine's young people who have always lived in an independent country a bearing the brunt of the will to keep it that way. pile total, 20 animals. ah, and i know people for a team and they're on the front line. actually i asked myself often, why am i not the move? is it because i feel very sorry because i feel touched by this war. and i understand what's going on. you know, it is so i hope that my city and my region can be freed from russia. with those young people have been in relatively safe. keir since the war began, others joined the armed forces and didn't make it back. rum on that i totally 24
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was one of them. he was killed in june, the hard copy of his and ukraine. his death was one which affected the entire nation. he had been a star of the euro. my dad protests when just a teenager. today's politicians recognized, he could have had a future in shaping the country. the past growing young use was representative school generation. we've all been ah pleaded gotta again the desert from man i. tony is felt as a loss for his entire generation. the entire nation remains defiance, even though this wall has cost ukrainians parts of their chair. ah,
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so the more this more has made the youth a patriotic one and has made our nation proud, proud that this generation was born with lives and will restore ukraine, is with he's a look at some all stores making headlines around the world. the european union has opened membership talks without pania and north macedonia, after e u member bulgaria last week, resolved the dispute with north macedonia of a language national identity and it's bulgarian minority population. the bar tree in south africa says it's found the toxic chemical, methanol in blood samples from the bodies recovered from a bar. in a township near east london, last month,
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21 teenagers were found dead with no indication of a cause of death award winning iranian filmmaker, jaffar pano. he has been ordered to serve a 6 year prison sentence. it was imposed more than a decade ago, over alleged her anti government propaganda, but never enforced mister pena. he won the top prize at the 2015 berlin international film festival douglas peasant, ready to drive her to one has repeated his threat to block sweden and finland bids to join nato. he wants them to stick to assurances that they'll clamp down on kurdish groups at anchor of views as terrorists. for some current living in sweden, the future now seems uncertain. herds in stockholm or protesting demands from turkish president ret up tie a bear to one for the swedish government to crack down on their presents especially demonstrations like this one with a prominent showing by the p k. k. a kurdish militant group officially designated
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as a terrorist organization by the swedish government for its armed attacks against turkey . heir to one is threatening to block sweden's pending membership in nato. if it doesn't take action. he additionally claims a deal made with sweden and finland to step up counterterrorism cooperation and exchange intelligence means the swedish government has agreed to extradite dozens of people air to one accuses of terrorism. the trilateral memo, which is public contains no such pledge, but that's not enough to reassure bruland kenneth, a turkish newspaper editor sentenced to life in prison in ankara for criticizing the air to one regime. kennedy thought he was safe after escaping to sweden in 2016 . as a new life for me, i took a bitter breath and said that or to know the danger, remain behind. but the danger didn't remain behind. in february swedish authorities, informed kennedy turkey was demanding his extradition. he had to testify and says
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his case is currently in the supreme court. i am just fuels and i couldn't. i just couldn't such oblong region on korea accuses him of many crimes including of being a gulag, nist, a follower of an exiled religious leader. residing in the u. s, whom air to one has labeled a terrorist. kennedy has found his name on lists of people. air to one says must be handed over before he'll approve swedish membership in nato. but you ever have imagined that you would be in this situation where you feel like your life is a bargaining chip on the movement commercials. i am sure that the, the sewage system are concerned to put me. i am upon that process schubert, though he's not a own since you're the one leveled his demands against sweden curds who support groups considered illegal in turkey are nervous, even though the swedish government rejects suggestions. it's made any deals on extra additions with ankara. armina cock a bother is a swedish parliamentarian with iranian kurdish roots. the turkish government has
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also called her a terrorist and demanded she be sent to turkey. even though she says she doesn't support the p k. k. and she's not turkish. people are also very worried about my security and their own security, of course, even in abroad. you know, if you have your name in some live abroad, they can guilt the turkish government. you know, that is very dangerous. nato hopes swedish membership gets quick approval from allies parliaments. but analysts are, as lynn says, he suspects air to 1 may well drag. this dispute out as he runs for reelection next june. this plays very well into the turkish narrative. i mean it, i think it's an attempt to shift focus from the very high inflation that it makes. it's very hard for people to, to a full for their everyday life and also for for the upcoming presidential and pullman her election coolant. kenneth hopes he won't have to wait that long to know
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his own fate, the dignified life a constant. and for me, you for the portrait. he's hoping to learn by september that he can stay in sweden. now to an unusual success story about efforts to reverse the effects of drought and deforestation. located in thomson is zanzibar archipelago. the tiny island of co quarter has an area of just one square kilometer and his phone to several 100 people. 2 decades ago. it's trees that all but disappeared. the forests have now come back. as you've seen this report produced by french television. me, this is called quota. an island in the indian ocean off the coast of tanzania, hair for a long time, the inhabitants thought their forest had disappeared forever. after decades of intense logging, there was nothing left,
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but the forest has returned dense and lush. and it's all thanks to one man. but oak morsa, alma, he's currently delivering gifts to children on the island and her i. and as always, it all starts with a song. oh, okay. i cool. i can, i can, i'm going to add that you. i mean, everyone take trees from the boat and go out and plant them. come on, you understand? i with them in take 3 or 4 drinking attendee o 3 to our b. of course i don't bring them suites or kicks on. our trees are much more important, especially for the new generation. for more than 15 years now, america has been bringing trees to the people of calcutta. they take a short walk to the middle of the island to
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a clearing where they will be planting today. when i've worth, but if you have to space them one meter apart from each other to work, put them in the earth and then press down really hard when i checked at the trees straight about them. and then we're done the way you can clap. huh. through, you know, started in 2005, when maroka came to the island for the 1st time, he discovered a paradise on the brink of complete destruction. not a single tree was left and without their roots. rainwater was not staying in the soil. the temperature had risen, the wildlife had disappeared, the island was dying. they cut their salon, is lonely there. that the for to see their for house, the concession for them would to construction for their business activity. for example, like a different via speeches of one of her trees whereby it was here like, is acting out him, invest already it because you cannot find that in barracks,
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decided to try and save co quota vocal it up. and you know, the former accountant started an n g o and applied for funding from the european union and organisations to reforest the island time. but he didn't stop there. he organized solar panels and the construction of the islands. first school florida, who wants education to be central to the project. we quoted this a school with a full class for classes and reinstalled the got to from the roof. and then we had, this is where was the water going directly to the federal government attention to the point that the mission is a core issues for the life of a human being without water, you cannot buy without the school. you cannot increase the knowledge. clearly, you will be ignoring today some 600 people live on co quote. those who wanted to
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leave the island a few years ago have decided to stay. the quality of life here is now better than on other islands and villages in the region. i thought it show up today, i'll have more well news at the top of the hour coming up in just a moment here on dw kick off with a review of germany's when does luca have a good day with with
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a pulse, with the beginning of the story that moves us
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hm. ah ah ah, welcome to global 3000 as fishes, a fiddle. what flo melendez secret when it comes to longevity.


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