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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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how they can with how they can also go terribly. watch it new to ah this is the w news live from burlington, europe's heat wave sets, new records on the death toll rises as wild fires extend that trail of destruction across the south of the continent. in britain houses burners, temperatures top 40 celsius for the 1st time since records began. also on the program, russian president vladimir putin arrives in iran on only his 2nd foreign trip since
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starting the war in ukraine is seeking to strengthen ties to the region and bolster moscow's challenge to the west. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. record breaking temperatures across europe are fueling wild fires, burning out of control of a huge sways of france, greece, portugal, spain and italy. many of these areas are also suffering severe drought. the heed wave has now extended north east. as far as the united kingdom, which is recorded temperatures of just over 40 degrees celsius for the 1st time ever. extreme conditions have caught hundreds of deaths from the effects of the heat and of people killed by fires in spain. fires tore through these dry pine forests in the southwestern region of your owned
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strong winds, fanned the flames, making them harder to contain fire fighters battled through the night, but still struggled to keep the fires under control. alt del do more. yeah, we have more than 2000 fire men working to reduce the fires to day, including more than 500 here in lattice to bush wiley, owner to me, we will also be targeting the fires from the air during the day with water bombing planes, the flu of acre sharon and that you'll do seo. people living in the nearby city of bordeaux woke up to a gray haze. and the smell of burning. one londoner living in southwestern france is fearful of a fire that is spreading very close to his home. for the next 40 hours my be symbolic in our life,
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we hope the home p i are working hard to protect her. proper food, large i have been doing for dyson dies now maybe just need a little bit of luck. his home country is also facing threats of forest fires like this one on the outskirts of south london. the u. k. has recorded its hottest day on record with temperatures of over 42 degrees celsius. officials warn people to stay hydrated and avoid traveling, if possible, since britain's infrastructure isn't built to cope with such conditions. it is hot at night though, because there's no air conditioning and most of the buildings and in and houses in london. usually busy hobbs are eerily quiet as most people remain at home or fight in quite as thoughts that provide respite from the overwhelming
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as take you to the u. k. avow now comes one a jack park is in london where the situation has taken a turn for the worst. welcome jack, what's happened? well, we know from the mayor of london said he can't. he says that the situation is critical . we know that there are at least 10 major fire instance incidences across london and the region. in fact, 15 fire engines were sent to a village far east of london, where the blazes appeared to be extremely destructive and the fire brigade is out here in the capitol has said that they will not be responding to automatic fire lawns, but only when they are called i, they are telling people to be extremely cautious around the fires. extremely cautious about the potential for new fires to prevent any overloading of the fire service at the moment, the temperatures somewhere in the region of $3738.00 degrees. still, even though we're heading into the early evening now,
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it is predicted that later on tonight the, the temperatures will drop quite extensively or even by around 10 degrees celsius. and actually we've already seen the rainstorms that are predicted for here in london, but also in other parts of the country. they've already hit, for instance, in the south west. i know that in in bath, for instance, in the southwest of the united kingdom, there has been rain there and is suspected that there will be a rain across most of the sights of england later on tonight, bright another. as i look at the scene around jack, i'm seeing lots of floaty dresses and flip flops. how are brits coping with this hate? well, it's been an interesting one. this is, these are temperatures that are not accustomed here in this country. as you say, the people here i on office oxford street, london's names shopping street. they've still been milling around. it is extremely hot. a lot of people are trying to walk in, in the shade where possible. and every time a cloud comes over, sort of a moment of relief from the, from the very,
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very strong. some people have been trying to find nice things to do during this heat wave, but that the advice has been especially for the most vulnerable to stay at home to keep everything closed and to stay hydrated. and as cool as possible. it does appear that this heat wave, this light loss for the best part of 48 hours that it is going to start easing off . but as we've seen, as i was saying before, it looks like that will be some destruction as a result of it. i thank you for that, jack. jack park in london. vladimir putin has arrived in iran on only his 2nd trip outside russia since launching the war against ukraine in february. russian presidents holding talks for the leaders of turkey and iran discussions are likely to include syria, ukraine under un bagged proposal to resume exports of ukrainian grain. our dorian jones is our correspondent in istanbul, and i asked him about the turkish angle of this trilateral and meet all this
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meeting between the rainy and and russian president is part of an ongoing process called the us start process. and this was set up and by iran, russia and turkey to basically coordinate efforts to bring an end to the syrian civil war. while they are on opposing sides, turkey, backing the rebels in iran and russia key allies of the are sad regime or they have been working to find a resolution to this conflict, or at least coordinating in controlling or the, or they conflict. but why turkey is looking for in this meeting, his permission to launch m a major offensive against syrian curves, which he claims a link to an insurgency fighting turkey. now these searing cards are key allies in the war against islamic stay with united states and other nato partners are but turkey insist that this is a threat to turkey and they want to launch another attack. this would be the latest in a series of attacks. took your to controls a large se wave of northern syria and they want to expand their influence. but iran and russia very cool about this,
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are very concerned about turkey's growing an influence in syria. so that's going to be a hard sell that's facing president nerd. one fit, the relationship between the turkey and russia is complicated, isn't it? dubbed, and turkey has bought russian weapon systems despite being in nato. but turkey is also supplied drones to ukraine. and as you say, opposes russia in syria. so how do relations between moscow and anchor a stand at the moment? well, like you said, the world complicated is the right one. in fact, this relationship between turkey and russia, they are 2 main regional powers in this, in this region is a combination of both rivalry and cooperation. and now more over the question of the ukranian conflict. like you said, turkey has been a key ally. ukraine has been earth one has been very outspoken in condemning russia, providing these grows, which have been key to ukraine's resistance against russia, fixing large amount of casualties on the russian forces. and according to sources, are also providing other sorts of military support as well. but at the same time,
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present urge one has not been enforcing western sanctions against russia. and that's been very important for russia. there's been a lot of reports of turkey importing. what ukraine says is stolen grain at the same time. there are growing concerns at turkeys is sanctions busting on a monumental sell over financial interests. in fact, we had a washington's deputy treasury secretary here last month where he is parentally warning turkey over this and turkey could even face washington sir, secondary sanctions over what many people believe his sanctions passing. now, encore, the nicest. but there is this concern, and this is why in many ways motto has been very muted in any criticism of turkey stance. and also a key factor is that turkey controls the gateway into the black sea and why it has stopped russian warships from entering the black sea, which don't belong to russia's black safely. it has also been keeping out nato warships. and that's really important for moscow in terms of keeping its iron grip on the black sea. i still got a little more about that because of the,
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the russia is still blockading. are these grain exports or from ukraine's, or how likely is it that we might see that's are removed as a result of these talks? what turkey has been in the forefront of those efforts to get this, the millions of tons of grain onto the well bart markets, which is causing flooring food prices growing shortages. and in fact, last week, turkey hosted russian, ukrainian and u. n. officials, web also i say progress was be made and the key part of the ones talks of putin today in toronto are over keeping momentum going on reaching agreement to get ukrainian grain on to well. markets are key test will be, see that those, that momentum is continuing if there are further talks with turkey, se could be held as early as later this week, or later in the month. thank you for that. dorian jones, in our stumble, well in ukraine, at least one resident was killed when russian missiles struck
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a residential area of cramming tore skin the eastern dynette region. the deadly strike was one of around 5 that hit the city. riches seems a probable target for russian occupation. common tasks mer urged civilians to leave . the attacks came after a barrage of missiles it odessa from the black sea overnight strikes also hit residential areas and destroyed several homes. a debtor is crucial to exporting desperately needed ukrainian grain to the rest of the world. some 22000000 tons of it remained stuck because of the fighting it looks as though russia is to resume gas exports to your up through the nord stream, one pipeline following maintenance. that's according to the reuters news agency that had been fears at russia would keep the taps closed in retaliation for western sanctions. daughtry one accounts for a 3rd of russian gas exports into the european union. germany in particular is heavily reliant on the pipeline. the w political correspondent,
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the only fun hammerstein can tell us were welcomed learning. how credible is this news? because we were hearing the opposite yesterday. yeah, that's a very good question, phil. i'm not sure how optimistic you know, countries in europe and he had germany are right now at the phase with this you these inside and use and let's remember the context of it. i mean, your, your risk driving it just now of ads. and, you know, even before this plan's maintenance work on the pipeline that has completely halted gas flow through the pipeline to germany and gas from had cut its flows to germany . already citing concerns missing turbine gas turbine that was undergoing repairs and canada then reported to the turbine was repaired, sent back to germany, and then gas problem told us customers that it could not guarantee gas supplies because, you know, citing circumstances beyond their control. so that house official here and germany,
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and if you're worried and that is why, even despite these news, they are preparing for what they call the worst case scenario, which is obviously a cut and a complete cut of russian gas applies to, to germany and europe. so tell us more about how prepared our european countries like germany for the possibility that guys from could stop gas deliveries altogether. well, i'd say they're scrambling to get prepared, you know, and germany and other countries in the european union are being confronted with their somewhat shortsighted energy palsy and their heavy reliance on russian gas. and. and there are 4 things that jeremy's doing and the other european country countries are doing now to reduce their dependence. first of all, you know, finding other supplies off gas and 2nd of all trying to keep the storage facility gas storage full for the winter. and a 3rd of all save and expand renewables,
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energies and germany has managed to reduce its line reliance on rush and gas. are ready down from 51 percent before the war to 35 percent. now berlin says it wants to be get in complete the independent of russian gas in the early spring of 2024. but obviously if it were to happen now, then germany and other european countries would have serious problems for this winter. ok, thank you for that. and the only fun how much time and football news about music has confirmed the signing of central defend matches dialect who joins. and from you venice from an initial transfer fee of $67000000.00 euros. the 22 year old dutch defenders signed the deal until 2027. i deleted one multiple trophies while playing in italy and just 19 became the youngest captain to lead his side to the semi finals of the champions league in 2018. 19 season.
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is reminder of our top story this our europe hate wave is setting in new records on the death toll is rising in britain houses are burning as temperature's top 40 celsius for the 1st time since reco it's began d w. news asia with ben facility is next to valve. you're back at the top of the hour with mo, world news. have a good day thing . sometimes books are more exciting than real life. raring to read. ah. what if there's no escape? do w literature list.


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