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i was born in berlin, starts july 22nd on d w. with when i started off, i did experience a lot of resistance because i'm a young woman and i don't think the y'all out by me waking their wa dot come let them. i'm not on the diamond one me and me to see the car looked up when i filled i feel like them to step up and say the truth. ah ah
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i'm a young woman. i don't exactly looked at part of a farmer and a lot of elders would not want to listen to a young woman because they've had so much experience it's a male dominated industry. there's not many young women who are actually interested in agriculture. edlio. and i wanted to kind of look closer at our food systems in our agricultural systems because i knew that there was ample opportunity for innovation and for change. i come from a family of farmers on my dad's side. he took pride in growing his own ingredients and produce and those were the traits that i was raised with. ah, i'm louisa buelo and the founder of the cow project. and i live in carina stewart in the philippines. the philippines is one of the most at risk countries to
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hazards brought about by climate change as we are at the front lines of the climate crisis to typhoons and droughts and natural disasters. farmers are one of the most vulnerable populations to that, which is why i realized that as i was building this venture, it was inevitable that we had to bring in environmentalism stewardship and our climate education into this kind of work with a lower level over finally. yeah, me, uncle doing that. let me take a while on me so i can have it put on down the road and i'm never coop, i'm and i mean i hide our yep. live in call. i need a call. i called tom mini my a unique mcguire that i live my wife to pamela campbell over here. oh my god,
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i t p m on call gardena. when i read again, mack wow. the gang of how i like it. they like, i like them through the like in mac, while the car to andy thing, holla, anavia relented by. you had its own cop, you're given a how come will they call it going? i didn't pay a cash with how come will hung around me, but i love, i'd have been cow because the way up in suffolk what they, they carl bye and hello to me. don't game. you gotta me peak. mm. need your d lovins you that email like that you did that so that you are
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i played you at a time university. i came straight to my family business. they have a conventional traditional store, which is, you know, they sell everything including shoes. and my parents have this huge experience, whereas i had practically nothing to everything. i sat there just say, oh, that's not right, that's wrong. so it wasn't really a big girl. when i started missouri, i was just want to do something on my own. make myself independent, do something that i really like. everyone is sort of selling online. so i thought, why not? i start something online. my name is omar. i am the founder of a shoe local brand name, a missouri, and from indonesia. and i'm also writing a book called in my own shoes. mm. straight after i get married and started business. about a year later, i have
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a baby. her name is hammons out. by the way, after 7 years, i had a divorce, which came and play huge part of my life. because at the moment i was really in the dark and you know what happened to entrepreneurs when they have personal struggle, everything crumbles. and that's why i'm in 2019. we decided that we have to close amazon. i in 5 or bankruptcy island bonding on my boat become doing that google, tom and gunner wandering. not ham hack, hiding f o young way more. la hoop. hard to find. last time i get one gin i want to be more or could be model our any like padilla. hello. thank you. mean what, again, my wife. but matt, i'm not gonna be at home. ah,
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and he may tom awhile. i mean, i mean, nothing topical, only let alone if only and you with alina that on and coming me, i my toiler, not a lot on the lawn dental, and i love the can. gundy could double mind when the letter, i ha, ha ha my been state public, i'm not over. back in my time. getting into my property, my little ah, when the bankruptcy happen, the company was not very good decision at the moment. financially. we went to price war, we offer too much discount and months after months we didn't make profitably
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so hot brokenly. we had to close down the business from that moment. and i realized that it is crucial for entrepreneurs to be able to read numbers of their own business so that they can make analyses according to facts and data. ah, the social media plays a huge part of my life. i had nothing to lose. i already missed the business, so i thought, why not just was it? and i was very grateful because i touch many other hearts out there who felt also that, oh my god, i'm not alone. i also thought the same way ah, in december of 2016, our town was,
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i super typhoon not 10 and it destroyed about 80 percent of agricultural livelihoods and agricultural land in my town alone, and displaced over a 1000 families. so we knew that after that typhoon, we needed a way to rebuild and create better type when resiliency ball it started as a typhoon relief after our we gave away ceilings and vegetable fees to rebuild their, their agricultural livelihoods. but then we realized that it was just kind of a bonded response and we needed to actually position them better for the long term . so that was when we realized that coca cola was a pretty good prop because it was already better suited to our ecosystems. ah, again, as we were going along with it, i realized that there are a lot of things that i can integrate into regenerative agriculture, from sustainable farming practices that came from our elders. so it became more of
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a collaborative effort to move forward and rethink our food systems. being i created this community for mechanical, my li, meaning timing back. surprisingly, i found so many of other entrepreneurs who are not able to even read their own personal financial statement, let alone having financials, didn't my publisher call me to wrote a book about starting a business and growing it and being successful after um, experiencing failures? i felt strongly that having the courage to leave it as yourself, as i call it, in your own shoes, is very important because that is the only way that you can be the best question of
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yourself. not. you know what other people expect you to be or to do, and that is the only way that you can give meaningful impact for other people. live lloyd, have a body i the fellow how collected on the whole employ are you up with talk about the title out all the levels are high dollar in either parts of hampton while only whiting dina. i think while may, why, and i do me, why don't add a union whiting dealer. i buy a new kind of ya lump. i need my cookie. they wanna come later my back to not on the diamond one me and i back to me to see had to call looked up my kid where my dad my dad y loda down with nicholas wiley. he,
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my medicaid dot com will come in that will buy me. they call you that. my god. i mean i was the earl over me, gonna die in my, my toner. oh, here in the philippines, there's a stigma against farming where people perceive it to be associated to poverty on sustainability and failure, which is quite terrible with it's really important to change the stigma so that more young people can get into farming. because our average age of farmers is that around 57 years old there's a lot of that isn't strictly what people perceive as the stereotype of just pointing out in the sun. there's always a lot more aspects to it that can be integrated from just sticks from science to
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mathematics. young people can actually make a change and innovate and positively impact communities along the way. and i think that you just have to start small and start now and start local. mm. who's with ah, with
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ah, no south asia reservoirs, the himalayan glaciers. they're melting at breakneck speed. and pakistan in particular is on the brink of trout, agriculture, human lives, security are all under threat. mm. pakistan's battle for water. in 30 minutes on d, w, it was supposed to be the emperor's place of residence. the homes allan palace sicilian holes in potsdam, but these walls have other stories to tell the nazi era. the potsdam
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conference in the g r o guard this manor sicilian off, the prussian eagle and the soviet red star. in 75 minutes on d. w. making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa. they show that the issues have been the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal . yeah. well the streets to give you enough reports on the inside. our cars funds is on the ground reporting from across the continent, all the friends stuff, the mob u. t. w. news africa every friday on d w. m. and the guy here in iowa, sexual assault survivor, dentist and say the truth. her women in
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asia are apc, it's infeasible. nothing can stop me. that is out with this week d o, this is d, w y from butler in europe losing energy crisis, member states are told to use less fuel to a vote, a squeeze this winter as brussels wanted russia is using gas applies as a weapon. also on the program.


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