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1000000 jews like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism this week on d. w. ah ah . visiting the we news lying from berlin, moscow and keys sign a deal to resume grain shipments out of ukraine, the united nations, hales it as a beacon of hope that will ease of global food crisis. but ukraine says it doesn't trust rushes, promises also coming up a us court convict steve bannon of contempt of congress. donald trump's former aid
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refused to testify in front of lawmakers investigating last year's assault on the us capital. meanwhile, the investigative committee keeps building its case against former president trump for 187 minutes on january 6th. this man with unbridled destructive energy could not be moved with lawmakers accused trump of failing to call off the rioters, because he didn't want to ah, i'm nicole furnish, welcome to the program cave and moscow have signed a deal to resume green exports out of ukraine for months russia has blockaded ports on the black sea, vital for shipping, ukrainian grain to the rest of the world. it's hope the deal will unblock the ports,
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will alleviate the resulting international hunger crisis. but ukraine says it doesn't believe russia will keep its promises. a landmark deal against the backdrop of mutual mistrust. representatives from russia and ukraine, signed an agreement in the stumble, refusing to sit down together at the same table and carefully avoiding shaking hands. the un secretary general said the deal offered a beacon of hope. these is an agreement for the wills. it will bring relief for developing countries on the edge of bankruptcy. and the most abominable people on the edge of famine and to love stabilize global food prices, which would already at record levels even before the war. a total nightmare for developing countries. green and russia are 2 of the woods biggest green producers. the deal will release more than 20000000 tons of wheat and other green that remain
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trapped in located ukrainian ports due to the wharf. it was broken by the un and ducky, a diplomatic crime for president reggie di bedouin. we're going to send them with overcoat, with the text agreed on of the cut that we will work together to prevent the danger of hunger, but to wake up billions of people who are just all over the walls. and as the kid from africa to the middle east listener, i'm from america, asia focus, all the just the needle member controls the streets leading to the black sea. darkish and un officials will police the shipments that much of the world is desperately waiting for but trust is a key factor underlying the deal, and that is a high level of skepticism on all sides. it only a correspondent, dorian jones, and assemble is falling. these events for us and i put it to him that there must be widespread relief at the news of the steel. absolutely,
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we're talking about under the feel, the releasing of potentially $20000000.00 tons of ukrainian grain. us being trapped in black sea port because of the russian invasion of ukraine. this comes to the time with well soaring food prices. and part of that store in prices is blamed on the shortage of grain from ukraine. one of the bread baskets of the world, and according to you and to show briefing repulses ahead of finding harmony, he said over a 100000000 people have been plunged into poverty and acute poverty because of writing practice. because we craning deal. i hope that this p a will, starts with the group cost is starting to fall and of a potential global climate. but trust has been a huge issue in these talks, has net absolutely, i mean this is really in many ways the key parts of this, sheila and the problem white take took so long month to month to negotiation by the u. n. and turkey. to bring this feel to a parisian, at the key point of trust them,
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the ukraine inside is that it's fear that if they opened up their, their poults to these, the ships into the world market. but russia would seek advantage. now, under the deal, russia has placed the table can tell all operations around the black sea pulls. i'm also will not target the ukrainian pulse exporting the grain while on russia side, that the under the steel all ships that are heading to ukraine to take grain on to a well market will be such under an ideal that we'll see the creation of a joint chord nation center here based on this sample, which will be stopped by ukrainian or russian turkish and un official, a deal was signed and assemble. what was turkey's role and all of this when in many ways, turkey has paid a pivotal role and in fact, the united nations secretary general and good parents were, was quick to praise turkey's bones, saying that this theo could not have happened without turkey support. turkey has been at the forefront of work and could bring all the policies together during the
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months of un effort. they've been hosting full way tool here, it's time bull. and in many ways, turkey will argue that this is a vindication of turkish president of a chap pipe. tons of mainly painting good relations. both with ukraine in leadership. also controversial were brochure as well. while turkey has been supporting ukraine with providing arms and taking a drug, turkey has refused stepfather to impose any of the western sanctions against russia that has drawn a lot of critism in the past. but turkey consisted that he cannot be seen to sanction. marcia, if he's going to play to facilitate him, possibly mediating role the steel today will be seen as of indication on the one stance that basically his position was right. for keeping going forward, it will be steal, walk, tori and jones, and assemble. thanks a lot. and let's now look at some other stories making headlines around the world today. should lanka has sworn in a new prime minister and cabinet a day after a new president took office and as the country struggles to cope with
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a devastating economic and political crisis earlier, riot police faced accusation of using excessive force to remove demonstrators from a protest site near government buildings, army officials and molly se soldiers have repelled a terrorist attack at the main military base and county just outside the capital. bama coal witnesses reported gunfire and explosion. the incident comes a day after militants linked to al qaeda attacked several other military camps in central, molly killing one soldier and wounding 15. a ceremony has been held in the czech republic to mark the demolition of a pig farm built on the site of a nazi era concentration camp. more than a 1000 roma citizens were interned and hundreds killed. their museum will be built on the site after decades of disputes between the owners, government and roma rights groups. italian, some integrity stuff. what at the has become the 1st european female astronaut to
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take a space walk. she was joined by russian cosmonaut, all of our 10. you have to work on a new robotic arm at the international space station. the i assess is one of the last areas of cooperation between russia and the west. since moscow invaded ukraine, a us court has convicted donald trump's former aid, steve bannon, of contempt of congress, been and was charged for refusing to testify before lawmakers investigating last year's insurrection at the u. s. capital. on thursday. that same committee accused former president trump, of gross dereliction of duty for doing nothing. as a mob of his supporters stormed the capital building. investigators heard testimony from top white house aides, who described how trump ignore their please to intervene for nearly 3 hours. the hearings have included a mix of life testimony, pre recorded depositions,
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and never before seen footage, including these outtakes. that's what ever heard of donald trump rehearsing his video address to the nation a day after the attack on the capital. but this election is now congress is certified the results. i don't want to say elections, your interest mercy. his daughter, yvonne could trump can be heard off camera coaching her father congress. now. yeah, congress and the committee documented how the former president was not only aware of the attack on the capital. he watched the violence unfold on television in a small dining room off the oval office, rebuffing please by aids, politicians, and members of his own family to tell the mob to stand down. for 3 hours, he refused to call off the attack, and donald trump refused to take the urgent advice he received that there
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are from most political opponents or from the liberal media, but from his own family. his own friends, his own staff, and his own advisors. in the midst of an attack, when there was no time for politics, the people closest to trump told him the truth. it was his supporters attack in the capital, and he alone could get through to them kensington. one of only 2 republicans on the committee says instead, trump chose not to act violating his oath of office and placing lives in danger. 5 people died as a result of the attack. some 140 police officers were injured and to date more than 850 people have been arrested in connection with the riot. a came on the heels of his speech by trump, to supporters in which he falsely claimed the election had been stolen and that vice president mike pence could overturn the results. during the hearings, one white house security official described how secret service agents protecting
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pens that day called loved ones to say good bye. as the mob broken side with a large we on the sy, several members of the capitol police force have been in the audience during the hearings, which will resume in september and at the white house. on the morning of january. earlier i asked steadily a correspond mikaela approved on washington d. c. y, steve benz conviction wasn't much of a surprise. that's not a shoe surprise. and clearly he refused to even hand over any documents. but you can't seem to get away with not cooperating in the face of a house committee, but his lawyers already said that they will appeal. he says he has bullet proof information that will prevent steve bowden from going to prison. it could be up to 2 years, so this is still an open once again, but a very clear indicator there that he can't simply wiggle out of this. returning to
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the january 6th hearing, the attorney general has emphasized that no one is above the law. so why is it so difficult to build a case against donald trump? well, anyone who was watching those 3 hours last night here in washington dc clearly could detect the case. anyone who still cares about facts and mary garland made that statement at 2 days before this and indicating that even a president will not be above the law. a former president, not a sitting president. and now all eyes are on the attorney general garland of what he will do with this information. and he has said that he doesn't want to talk about anything in the open, but clearly a present saying he doesn't want to say that the elections are over when they are over. that is hardly something that can be ignored. but one thing is for sure,
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the implications, the political waves and the public reaction amongst trump followers would follow immediately though we expect some kind of a statement from there fairly soon beyond producing evidence for the department of justice. this is also an event made for the american public. it was on prime time t v. yesterday. how effective have the hearings been in creating awareness about drums, role in the insurrection? well, it is flashed all over the media. there are phone in their programs everywhere. but the big question mark is really, are those people who already, who now so evidence what they already believe that happened that don trump did absolutely nothing. there were clear indicators beforehand for that. those who stick with trump simply do not care. that is, the sense one clearly gets here,
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whether there is evidence footage showing him saying that he doesn't want to say anything in the direction that he doesn't want to admit that it's over. and that he simply said that mike pens let him down. that's his own vice president. so interesting, the former vice president and him are also supporting different candidates here in primaries in brace for instance. but will these facts get through? i think that is the over arching problem with us politics. but also with the upcoming campaign for the midterms in november, italy is mckayla, if not joining us from washington d. c. thank you so much. and he is a reminder of the top stories we're following for you today. moscow and keith have signed a deal to resume grain shipments out of ukraine, ending a russian blockade of black c ports. un secretary general. antonia quoterush hailed it as a beacon of hope for the world that will ease an international food crisis. a us
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court has convicted donald trump's former aid, steve bannon, of contempt of congress, been and was charged for refusing to testify before lawmakers investigating last year's insurrection at the u. s. capital and the law makers investigating the assault on the capital. se, former president donald trump, should be held accountable for gross dereliction of duty for refusing to condemn or stop the violence carried out by his supporters. and you're all up to date to stay with us after a short break. christy. pleasant is here with the amount of class is increasing every year in many im gonna working on the lunch with holiday destinations drowning and plastic weiss, we read wine and at the cough.


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