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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 26, 2022 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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dependent ah, full of ideals, ah, what is remained of his vision with what the status of human rights and social justice in what's called the world's largest democracy. we see the ahead. it is in the pulpit and unleash on violet bass. and read. imagine that these teachings for elements. gandhi's legacy starts august 6th on d, w ah. visited up their news asia coming up to date. the victims of the philippines as board on drugs speak their truth from beyond the grave. o forensic pathologist and a priest on coveting evidence of execution style killings of those allegedly involved in the drug st. it's led to questions of police accountability under the
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government that looked set to continue the drugs wall and the indonesian president, he's on the re visit to 0 covered china, where he's hoping before a trade ties and to talk investments are to got a bureau will offer more insight ah i british manager, welcome to did up the news asia. glad you could join us. for more philippines president rodrigo, to test a so called war on drugs kim to thousands. the government sees a little over 6000 people, were killed in major to met anti drug operations rights groups. however, dispute both claims that of legitimacy and the number of those killed. it prompted the international criminal court to open an investigation into the drugs wall. but some consult filipinos are already carrying out their own investigations. and their
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findings are troubling. each of these skeletons has a story to tell the story of a war on drugs. the philippine government fought over the past 6 years. officially some 6200 people were killed by police for dealing with drugs. the true toll is nearly certainly much bigger and the expiration, oh, don't work with them. okay. and i am just so happy that it was, they were not loss. they were not lost. so 2 bullets game with that. i examining the remains of some of the people who died forensic pathologist, raquel for tune made a shocking discovery. in 7 cases out of $47.00, the death certificates were false year. they listed a natural cause of death when people had actually been shot rational. the philippines procedures for investigating death says the 60 year old have always
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been flawed. but here comes the vampire as wrestling. yet he simply like that me, you mean? if you have any more than the 16 giving me that faith black around me, somebody can please i know me because they don't know how they can let me walk through the property they, you know, maybe many families in the philippines have experienced this kind of scenario. hitman approaching at night to shoot aloft one. then evidence of drug abuse is planted, says grace. she lost her father and brother. 6 years ago. the mother of 3 now
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hopes that dr. fortuna had more light on what actually happened. when miss went ha civilian! a shouting give ah, my father! one shot again to sure she's there. he's dead eyes that darcy mealy and planted my father ah! dying ah, don't be his uh damn cache and my knee. that's a lie. if you have a gun is bite buck, that's there. isa my father killed because it's but fight, but the poor were the primary victims of the war on drugs. the international criminal court estimates that up to 30000 people more than 4 times the official number were killed on former president testers. watch many relatives now want to
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set the record straight. this catholic priest is doing his court to support the referent flood yano villanueva pays for the exhumations and full legal advice. he fears that the killings even with to tear to god, are far from over. in the past the weeks we have counted at least 8 or 9 killings to this very present day. my point, there's no difference between but then and to day, to make matters worse, i believe that the culture of killing has not only been ingrained, but it has also become sadly an organized enter price. so the water than drugs is a complete failure. if it has one success,
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it left families broken, widowed an orphan. the drugs continue. the drugs are cheaper this days. dr. fortuna convinced that the 2 toll of the war on drugs will never come to light. too many of those who lost their lives remain an identified and unclaimed. but she hopes that her discoveries will bring a semblance of justice to the family, remain behind john and also law is john mr. santos, who was covered former president audrey the daughters war on drugs. i'm at work and we have a situation sure where you have authorities who essentially falsified evidence to potentially hide guilt. can people realistically expect justice when it's so qualities themselves who are involved parish right now, i think that justice is going to be very difficult. and we talk about justice,
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you know, in the sense of accountability and bringing those people responsible to a card that can be really difficult. right now. number one, we have president marcos junior and the terror does daughter. sorry. the dirt as vice president, they're seen very much as continuous t candidates and continued to legislators. so we see them as continuing the policies of the deter it administration, including the war on drugs. second to that, there have been pronouncements by the philippine national police and also the law enforcement authority saying that they are very happy with how the war on drugs was carried out under the deterred administration. and they have asked president marcos junior to carry out the same policy and even intensify it. so it's going to be a very difficult environment for justice because we see a lot of impunity still happening under this government. just simple to understand why it is so easy to be able to falsify a death. in the philippines, you have to remember that the war on drugs was really categorically targeting. a
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lot of the poor young men are right. they live in enchanted communities. and in these communities, they would be gone down in their homes, for example, by mass vigilantes. or sometimes they would go missing. you know, what we've spoken to relatives who would to hunt for their, for their loved ones for a whole evening. and finally, find them in some morgue. now their bodies would not be released to them if they didn't sign off on a medical certificate that just said another cause of death, like a natural disease like god, pneumonia or something like this. so that was the predicament that these families faced. now what would you do if you had leg you wanted to claim your lower body of your loved one. you were scared. you didn't have money to pay for it. proper autopsy. that's. that's what introduced sign off on this paper just to be able to grieve on words. what is it been like for the relatives of these people who have been killed? i mean, i know you've met many, austin rather just demonstrated what has it been like for them to lose a member of their family? indescribable,
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i think would be the best way to to say that there is no words for how they would just lose their loved ones. we have met mothers who have lost to 3 sons to the drug war. and can you just imagine what that would feel like for someone to just have your sons gone down like that? like they meant nothing. so i think now more than just dis, yes, we will continue to fight for that. and human rights advocates and the families of the grieving have said that they will continue to advocate and fight for justice. but in the meantime, what they want now is the right to grieve the right for their loved ones to be remembered. and in so remembering none of us will forget the extra judicial killings and gross human rights violations under the debate administration. and which may carry out through the market the character administration now and as it does relieve there. thanks so much for coming in to the studio. thank you, barris ah,
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investment and trade, but top of the agenda during talk between chinese president, she should been and is indonesia counterpart joke or we don't. we don't arrive the beijing on monday night on the 1st stop of the trip and also take him to japan and south korea later this week. the indonesian president is one of the few foreign leaders to travel to china since the start of the covered 19 pandemic. gentlemen are for more from roger, got us to do as d. deborah correspondent thomas him on taurus. what is president yoko redondo doing in china and a lot of agenda has been on asleep for president job. and one of the mainly would be in the economy, as you know, to china is the main trade and also in fest sorta and indonesia, in which amounted to more than $100.00. $10000000000.00 us dollars in the last couple of years. and out of this, not only the economy will be the main concern,
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but also the read journal and political issue, but mainly will be the economy because president dall, alongside with other minister that goes along with him, such as the minister of trade and also the fassman they're going to in 5 presidency, specifically to come to a grant summit later on in november. because indonesia is seeing this opportunity as a moment to make every world leader including china, america, and russia. to sit down together and talk about not only the regional and political issue, but also the global economy that's happening at the moment. that is just talk a bit about the trade relationship. expert reports, indonesia owes china some $22000000000.00 in debt, mainly over a chinese investment in infrastructure project. how does this shape indonesian policy towards china? yeah, all the step going mainly for the infrastructure. indonesia has been having deborah and china ever since joker with that office in 2015. it started always been
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increasing gradually every year. and up until now, all those data goes for infrastructure and mainly the notes i joined cooperation investment using that that will be the main high speed railway with china. the project has been going on for years, but there's been some delay from what was being seen as a more no table project that could shift dependency with japan and south korea. but now in question, because a lot of people in indonesia are questioning why the railway project has been going on for years and having some delay. so at the moment, it reducing the reducing confident see within the people. but still international is trying to maintain their free and active policy with china and also other key players in region. this will also be
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shown later on in geographic meeting, as well as trying to get everyone on board, including with the issue on the south china sea. relieve it over the time, being the, the look at us wanting to his mom. thank you. and that's it floated, herb is more news from the region on our website, the dev dot com. forward slash a cheryl. i'm as ever you can floss on facebook and twitter as well. we'll see you back tomorrow with some times to just rush out at you. t, the highlights for she read a book in 3 weeks now cannot. his goal is establishing a new world order. changing pain,
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president of the global powered china. he's part of a whole system which believes his time has come. he relies on an authoritarian system of total surveillance on economic expansion without scruples and again and again, she provokes and threatens with the military aggression the chinese president believes his way is for superior than that of western democracy. china's president, she ging ping distorts july 30th on d. w ah, russia slashes, gas supplies to germany. again. moscow says flows down the north stream. one pipeline will be hard. we'll work through the implications. jim and industry is preparing for a winter without russian gas. the question is,
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can it be ready in time? and the vietnam war time design is making a comeback. sustainable sandals with a smaller carbon footprint. it is dw business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. russian energy giant gas from has announced more cuts to gas deliveries to germany by its north stream. one pipeline. from wednesday, gas flows will be half to around 20 percent of normal capacity. the russian state owned firm blames to move on technical problems with one of the pipelines turbines, different turbine to the want blamed the existing reduction in flows. the german government says there is no technical problem in moscow, is playing a duplicity game. the criminal denies. it's deliberately limiting europe. gas applies in response to sanctions regime using russia is not interested in.


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