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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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gross through sherry, download it now. i mean ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. crisis talks in the german capital as russia cuffs gas supplies to germany. close to the north stream pipeline have dropped to just 20 percent of normal capacity. germany's cabinet is meeting to discuss the energy prices. also coming up. at least 4 people are dead after a powerful earthquake. it's the northern philippines, toppling buildings and triggering land slumps. tremors force the evacuation of
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buildings in the capital, manila, and us fire fighters. res hopes of saving yosemite national park. a giant blaze threatening its action. trees shifts, direction, evacuation, orders are still in place though for thousands of rest. ah, ahead of us, welcome to the program. russian energy company gas problem has followed through with its plans to reduce gas supply to germany through the north stream. one pipeline. germany's gas network operator confirm that flows have dropped just 20 percent of their normal volumes on wednesday morning. the costs will make it difficult for germany to fill its reserve tax before the winter. germany is already at the 2nd stage of a 3 level emergency gas plan for the carts could trigger rationing. germany's cabinet is expected to address the energy crisis. ad aids meeting in berlin today.
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so let's cross now to d. w. chief political correspond melinda crane, who was at the chancellor frost, where this meeting is taking place today. molina, what does this reduction mean for germany now? and how is the government responding? it means that the country is indeed facing a very severe gas shortage. both now but most certainly during the winter and the government has been working on a number of different fronts. the very popular climate on economy minister, robert ha beck, who today is as vice chancellor, leading the cabinet meeting in the chancellor behind me. he has been working tirelessly to win this country off of russian natural gas both by seeking to diversify supply. for example, by building liquid floating, liquid natural gas terminals in the north sea to receive gas deliveries from other
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countries. also by ramping up cold production. not easy for him as a member of the green party who came into office swearing to ramp up renewables. and we in the country off of fossil fuels altogether. and he's also been looking to persuade germans to cut back on the gas consumption, for example, urging people to shower less frequently and for shorter times. last week his ministry presented an energy security package that would see temperatures, thermostats turned down in public buildings that would see work places, keeping the temperature cooler. and also as you said, that for season possible rationing to industrial customers in the event of severe gas shortages. now the head of the countries distribution network, he says that they are seeing signs that both firms and households are cutting back
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by 5 to 7 percent compared to normal consumption. but he said that that certainly will not be enough going forward as we move into the cold or fall and winter months. man, anything else we can expect to hear from the cover the meeting today? will absolutely. you know, energy efficiency is the absolute low hanging fruit beyond taking fewer showers and turning down the thermostat. the one thing that people can do in the short term is to renovate buildings, for example, replacing drafty windows and doors to make them more energy efficient. and that's why at the cabinet meeting today, ministers have been discussing a new 14000000000 euro fund that would support households and firms that take such measures to boost energy efficiency. and that is going to be absolutely essential. as germany continues to face, carfax,
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in russian gas supply. our chief political correspond melinda, cram there. thank you. melinda gradstaff entered germany's largest ally, lufthansa, carrying out a strike, which has forced the company to cancel more than a 1000 flights. nearly all flights through lufthansa. as hobbs in front of the munich happen scraps starting this morning. but disruption it will impact travel plans for more than a $130000.00 passengers worldwide. in the coming days, trade unions representing ground workers are demanding a pay increase to cope with rising, living costs are correspondent on the ground. at franklin epa will have much more about the travel chaos here in germany on the w a business at a quarter past the hour. but 1st, let's take a look now at some other stories. making headlines today. 3 united nations peacekeepers and at least 12 civilians have been killed and dozens injured during 2
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days of clashes in the democratic republic of congo. the protest was spurred by complaints that the un mission in these little country had failed to protect civilians against militia violence. denisia has approved the new constitution in a referendum that was marred by low voter turnout and accusations of fraud. changes to the constitution have granted unchecked powers to the office of president chi, sat on his critics have accused the electoral border full to fine turn out figures of the rivals have boycotted. the vote please in mexico city have made what they say is the biggest drug bust in the city's history. authorities have seized $1.00 tons of cocaine in hidden compartments and to fright, trucks, drugs, i believe, to have originated from columbia and would be worth about $20000000.00 us dollars on the street. and out of the philippines were
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a powerful earthquake has struck in the countries north killing at least 4 people and injuring dozens. major tremors triggered landslides and toppled buildings at the epicenter and mountainous abra. products. the effects wells were felt 300 kilometers away in the capital manila, forcing the evacuation of hospitals and high rise buildings authorities say some affected areas have been left without power or phone reception. it is the strongest of quake to hit the philippines in years. but here's how people in the philippines experienced the quake. oh my god, it's really are very long. the shaking is really strong about that. of course i was afraid we haven't felt the strong in old creek before. the impact was really high in idea. i mean, yeah, i know the gory, the me known, my colleague and i were working in a coffee shown when he noticed that the chandelier was moving. we panic because it
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was so strong about and it lasted for a minute over a minute. i think by more than one minute either and be banished because it was the 1st time you were on such a high floor. when the queen struck women, the only one in who, as firefighters and the state of california, say they're making progress and containing a giant blaze on the edge of yosemite national park. a fire that's been raging since saturday was threatening the parks giant sequoia trees and many endangered animals. but now, favourable weather conditions have slowed the fire. the blazes already destroyed thousands of homes and force thousands of residents to evacuate just some of the destruction after fi ripped through mariposa county. the huge blaze has caused major damage in many areas, but more moist air moved into the region on tuesday. a huge help for the 3000 firefighters battling the arc fire. we had a really good day to day. we got
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a lot of work done this morning. we reported 10 percent containment on the fire to night were reporting 16 presenting. so, you know, it's not a huge number, but it's a pretty big percentage. um, if you look at it that way, the flames erupted last friday and quickly got out of control. the ferocious blaze was fed by tend to dry conditions. the region is seeing its worst drought and decades. thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes, dozens of which have been destroyed. these images showed the blaze smouldering from space. not far south west from yosemite national park. officials were concerned. the fire was heading towards the reserve, but now i believe it warn't reach it. at this point, the fire does not appear to be an imminent threat to yosemite. california has experienced increasingly larger and deadly a wildfire in recent years. and scientists believe that due to climate change,
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the situation here will only get more unpredictable in the future. d. w correspond stefan siemens is anson evacuation center mariposa, california, and we asked him if firefighters now have the blaze under control. no, not at all far from it. 26 percent contain now that is a huge jumper and the p i o, the press information officer in the piece was very positive and that is rightfully so. odd. fire fighters who started battling this fires when it was really smaller just 3 days ago, or 500 fire fighters deployed. now 3000 battling a major fire. 18000 acres. big. this is humongous. the biggest fire in 2022 so far in california. so of course is positive because they're making progress and they seem and there is a crook at the moment seem to be positive that the fire is drifting away from you.
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so many part, but this can change. this fire is erratic, it jumped so fast and made so many acres, jumps in days, thousands of acres that 3000 fire fighters are now necessary to battle it. the conflict in ukraine is threatening global food security. that's particularly affecting parts of africa, where record number of people face hunger, pharmacy. they're searching for new solutions to improve output. to w correspondent, blaze ale traveled to the village of the bomb, bari and cameroon. to meet with a businessman and farmer whose promoting smart agriculture use in greenhouses danielle ago rule on for monday returned to come room from the us to start greenhouse. for me is a method of agriculture that remains new income. rude. rolanda has more than 100 p house farms across the country. jeroen, he caught his clothes that i just case in the market. oh, were traditionally available only in certain seasons. we grow based on what the
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market demands. we grow bell peppers because prior to are doing better pace, they were actually been imported. so we've actually been able to substitute the importation of bell peppers into the country. one of the things we've been able to do is to shore, to the communions that listen to things that are normally been imported or grown abroad. could also be grown here. do you agree? no, wor, tons of limit as away. as we get a price, i can fully cover rude, like a rest of the continent. sorry, food prices are making it hard for many families to afford a complete meal. the steps are good, i can carry on for lunch things african farmers can learn from the crisis and better as a customer offered by changing how farming is dawn. with a grocery crisis. it is a curse on a blessing at the same time. and i believe that it actually reminds us of the need of, you know, industrialized i see precision agriculture and we took
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a prison soon. agriculture. greenhouse farming sits are the very core of that in a bit to share knowledge and contribute to food security. cross cameroon, rollin is now offering classes to teach young people how to set up greenhouse farms like this. take home soon. it are 29 is currently among daughters of young people. on the rollers year long mentorship. she'll be here for 6 months. learning all it takes to set up our own a greenhouse form. before coming here, i didn't have any clue. maybe i had just the busy knowledge about fan, but i do have the real knowledge about greenhouse. so i was just delighted when i saw it on facebook. google is pushing for sustainable organic food contribution. we're water saving techniques and efficient land use. he's smart innovation could happen to us on the cameras and coach or whatever. some sports, he was now and tournament also englander. through to the final of europe,
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2022 of the beating sweden for nil. the lionesses kept their composure after a fiercely contested star to the game. in sheffield, forward beth made scored her 6th goal of the tournament. giving her the joint most goals in a single euros, england will play either germany or france who face off on wednesday. and before we go, archaeologists in israel have been showing off her rare and recently discovered roman era coin thought to be more than a 1800 years old. the coin bears the image of the zodiac sign cancer behind a depiction of the moon goddess luna. it was meant it in the egyptian city of alexandria, the bronze coin was discovered of the coast of haifa and is the only one of its kind ever found in israel. you're watching the w news. here's a reminder of the top story we are following for you. russian energy company gas
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promo, has reduced gas supplies through the north stream pipeline. germany's gas network operate to confirm that flows 2 drops to just 20 percent of their normal volumes on wednesday morning. germany's cabinet is meeting to discuss the editing crisis. that's it from a me and the news team for now don't go away. the w business is up next with daniel winter. they have mold all the travel cocktails here in germany on gal office in berlin, thinking sometimes books are more exciting than real life raring to read. ah, what if there's no escape? do w literature list 100 german ma street. imagine how many portion of lunch.


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