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this is julie host, says n a standing paradise desert living, smoking, cityscape landscape and his group in 60 minutes. oh d, w. ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360 get the out now. ah ah adult hitler, a murderous dictator driven by hatred and megalomania. ah, but he could be soothed by the shot wagner. the german composer was famous for revolutionizing opera and infamous for his anti semitism.
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ah! what exactly was behind hitler's great admiration, firstly shot fog. now why was the german nazi dictator such a huge wagner found to be sure in german culture, there's not really any getting around wagner to this day. his works are celebrated by thousands every year at the legendary by white festival, and his fans, known as barbarians pay him homage worldwide. but hitler's lava wagner and his work was extreme. why did wagner fascinate him so much? here are 7 reasons. hitler loved heroic tales. wagner's dramatic oper as reflected hitler's view of himself as an all powerful victor hitler's own dashed dreams of becoming an artist. hitler,
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josie shakima. i screwed hitler, who always saw himself as an artist. i now felt a kind of aesthetic affinity with richard wagner. wagner, good hitler and wagner were both anti semites. wagner demonized juice, blaming them for everything that only reinforced hitler's own anti semitism. wagner's by white festival energized hitler ever taught, he considered to borrow a festival the only vacation he had during the year the year. hitler apparently drew strength from wagner's works. the wagner is we're a surrogate family for hitler killed us. he wasn't the fuor at all. gail wagner's operas became the soundtrack of dictatorship, nazi party rallies and air rates. and the news reels of german propaganda. they were accompanied by wagner's office
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war as a theatrical production. wagner encouraged hitler's megalomania huge orchestra's and riveting harmonies, ah, has ever been breton background music for megalomania, for gross in vaughan. but 1st, who was shot wagner anyway? born in 1813 in leipzig. he's considered both a genius and any go maniac. his ambition was to recreate opera as a total work of art with he called because i'm to const back on like most oper composers. he insisted on writing his own bretty along with the scores. and he created bombastic productions. he was the 1st to hide the orchestra down in a pit, and to put the audience in darkness. listening to opera that ran for up to 16 hours . wagner had an imposing festival hall built by white, a temple for his music. ah,
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his opera set new standards and became world famous. they had wagner died in 1883. but to this day, the composer is still revered by millions. the festival holland, by avoid as the place of pilgrimage for wagnerian, from around the world. for a month, each summer, only wagner's works are performed. wagner, wagner, wagner, nothing but wagner. so back to our question, why did hitler idolized we had foggy. let's take a closer look at those 7 reasons. hitler loved germanic heroic sagas, and thought that no one explored them as well as the shunt wagner. ah, listen to me. so i am on the one hand, of course there is the music that overwhelming tonal language of the hot wagner, which can penetrate very deeply into the soul. oh, but then there's also the subject matter which is rooted in germanic myth. what's
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that in itself? spoke to hitler, but there was also the idea of redemption, result of overcoming adverse reality, city element reality and so right now, ancient germanic heroic sagas, staged with powerful imagery. in the legendary 16 hour ring of the nibbling godson, men fight over the rhinegold. a material that imparts absolute power. oh, the opera low in green, revolves around a legendary night fighting for the trust of his beloved elsa. it made hitler wagner fan in 19 o one. o, in his book mind comes. he related this sense of awakening at the age of 12 o, as as the 1st opera of my life lawn green captivated me, immediately my youthful enthusiasm for the by hoist master knew no bounds again and
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again, i was drawn to his works in 19 o 5 hitler attended a production of he and see wagner's opera about a brave roman politician who wants to save his people. if encouraged, hitler's tendency towards megalomania, ah, the civility stood off hitler's childhood friend cubic sec said that after a performance of renzi at the lense, municipal theatre of the 2 climbed up fine bag mountain at night digging signed by law and hitler on in a kind of rapturous vision under the influence of that performance who could described his idea for germany's future. these are the n c o o. a simple man of the people who wants to save the roman empire from decadence. hitler saw himself in a similar role as the savior of germany. jamante shove, how someone manages to get at least part of the population behind him through speaking rhetoric, christmas, or whatever that was inspirational for him. da swafford in for business. oh,
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but he ends his rise ends in an inglorious fall. the people turn against him and the hero dies tragically. is that a suitable role model? hey, doll particular the so hitler said last, i have learned from ramsey's fate and because ramsey failed, i thought while he had no power structure, no party behind him does he, he didn't have a powerful force behind entropy. and like hitler later had the brown shirts out of the pot, i and his, you know, he had the party, the nazi party and then the brown shirts last so he does exactly right what ramsey did wronged. and that's why it can't happen to him. interesting argument. hitler loved heroic figures like low and clean and pnc, and wagner's operas fueled hitler's quest for power. hitler's damaged artistic dreams found refuge and wagner long before he plunged europe into war, hitler tried his hand as
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a painter. he nazi hitler saw himself primarily as an artist and not necessarily as a politician. hitler twice applied unsuccessfully to the academy of fine arts in vienna. he made ends meet by selling his own watercolor paintings with i've been, may be of he gotten into art school history would have turned out differently. it's useless to contemplate, really, but sometimes you do wonder what would have happened if we 11 in 19 o 8. he tried his hand as a composer attempting to complete wagner's unfinished opera. the land dash neat little hitler said i will complete what wagner could not adopt. of course he failed right from the beginning because he had no craft other. he didn't know how to write music or how to develop it at all. bob was he convicted with no artistic success, a frustrated hitler devoted himself to politics. the failed artist now lived out his passion for culture. as a wagner fan,
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hitler and wagner were both and he suddenly. # was it wounded pride or simply envied that fuel to be shut wagner's anger toward james as early as $1850.00. he wrote a hate filled pamphlet titled judaism in music, lamenting what he called the corrosive influence of the jews on german culture. for var than the accusations were that there had been a terrible development in wagner's opinion that the jews had gained too much power god to bye eugene components. and he claimed it was obvious that jewish composers were innately unproductive zion, that they simply copied what others did, for lack of their own creative productivity were not modern, was under former partners wife, cosima herself, a bitter anti semite, noted wagner's hatred of jews in her diaries he says in violent chest,
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that old jews should burn in a performance of not ah, is this anti semitism reflected in wagner's works? jones might have fish or he is clear indications, especially in the opera. my sizing hung in a singing competition. the character of beck mess are sings especially poorly and also steals the other singer songs. ah yacht is his home, gosh me in judaism and music. wagner identifies what he calls wailing as a hallmark of synagogue music. doc become human to op. can't. he says alice control, can any one sing like that? that's just awful me here. i think that's what wagner is parodying here. hot podium from mark o b o. 2 in 2017, the violet festival saw its 1st over production by
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a jewish director. australian very kosky home, right in on the difficult subject matter. in his my sizing on a jewish singer is hunted down. i'm not dealing with jewish culture, i'm dealing with the parody of the anti semitism. and the case of big messer, this idea of the send and bach, ah, the sort of the, that the, the person who bears all the responsibility or all the trauma or of, of the fault is, is what i think is the important thing. they make him the jew in my collection. and kosky production holds not accountable. ah, i believe wagner has created his own personal hell. now he's not like 6 of us, rolling that stone up that hill and rolling his personal hell is that he is
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permanently in a witness box having to justify what he did say or what happened to his music. and that's the position that i think vibe in. i'm not sure where he can get out of that . yet, wagner continues to be celebrated on a grand scale every year at the bible at festival. an important social event for the rich and famous ah, an anti semitic propagandist, celebrated as a german genius. for many jewish musicians, that's a provocation. eulley gorgie of the band hoard front was shocked when he came across wagner's anti jewish pamphlet. mackwood strange that the tempest i thought i must have misunderstood something that is this really the same guy? is this the composer, the wagner, the la to us the thing or a sick person with the same name, crow linden glacier? well, it was the same person like a balloon. wow, bunny,
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listen to this week. wagner moody, gorgeous response was to re shaped musical motifs from wagner into a cynical klezmerson about the love of an israeli for a girl from by void. and every man awake, then i think for mister wagner and some before me, wagner is a symbol of german anti semitism. boston studio plasma is also a stereotype. newton and we jews in germany. you, we jewish musicians move somewhere in between for that's fission. listen, we have to live with it somehow. lee been wagner on the one hand of lens and plasma on the other. as the jewish music, he, utah, was he the fact that wagner is still celebrated in germany today? i find that very problematic problem. our p. o, in israel, wagner's music was boycotted for decades, but in 2001 conductor daniel barson been ignored that and played the overture to
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tristan and decided as an encore in jerusalem a scandal. i mean, now a group of oper, musicians and television has ventured its very own exploration of the sharpness work. i was speaking with another conductor and israeli conductor. i said ongoing israel seen my 1st time in israel, and he said, oh well hm, what are you doing there? i said it's, it's an opera called kindly and he said, do you have security? do you have a body guard? oh, currently from wagner's oper, parsifal is a heathen who is damned to seduce men for all eternity. here she becomes a goddess. it's a courageous and contemporary approach to wagner. oh, oh. oh.
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once i got there, everybody was definitely open to the idea because it started a dialogue about what wagner really means and, and why he's boy cards and everybody had an opinion. israel, some people think they absolutely should plan some people think absolutely not. but country was a nice way to sort of started dialogue. oh, wagner, the rabid anti semite was a role model for hitler. that was by light energized hitler. the epicenter of the cult wagner is by light in southeastern germany. of course, hitler had to be there. they had wagner had his own festival hall built here exclusively for his opera. he created a family home here named house van fleet. and here he found his final
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resting place. ah, who i and barton of the bio voice is too about marius, was what mecca is to a devout muslim, i might be a place you have to go at least once in a lifetime, you'll have to participate in the authentic performance, whole fuel yod, tier one has the feeling of being at the heart of the matter itself, suicide de wagner, the yacht wagnerian, otto, hitler came to buy void for the 1st time. very early in 1923. yes, debarred from then on hitler regularly came to buy a light in the summer, immersed in a wagnerian frenzy, lasting several days surrounded by the composers, descendants, wagner's daughter in law, vinny fred, wagner, remembered hitler's visits fondly. ah. m. a tough that he considered the weak in by royce is his only vacation days in the whole year. and as a by what the north. he enjoyed the time in by royce and generally trying to
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delegate any tasks that came his way. oh god, i mean that on top as well up through here he was celebrated from house van fleet to the festival hall. nothing but jubilation and triumph. if stung off my, he usually stood in the car or, and at the entrance to the festival hole. where i greeted him, he oh, dear fellow, be so kind and come to the window, shouted the you for a crowd than hitler stepped up to the side window of the royal portal and greeted his onlookers. hitler last visited by white in 1940. i hear the wings of the goddess of victory russell. those were his words of farewell. then the war dominated, everything. europe was in ruins, but hitler decided the festival should continue. the performers were exempted from
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war service. the audience made up of the war wounded wagner for consolation. wagner, for war mora, the wagner were a surrogate family for hitler. # the butner family was entranced by the fema richard wagner, son in law, houston steward chamberlain introduced at of hitler to the wagner family. hitler admired chamberlain's racist and anti semitic view. beginning in 1936, hitler moved into the composer's estate for the festival season. in housey cleat built by wagner sun here, hitler could spread out and relax about yards with here he was completely autonomous, but still close to house monthly to foreign bond fleet, which had wagner sons. equally died in 1930. his wife had took over as festival
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director, hitler continued to find a warm free place to stay in kama he actually came here too. i almost want to say to enjoy family life. actually just to see the children a so enjoyed being around the children. and they called him uncle voice, especially for the son's voice gung and v land. the dictator was a kind of surrogate father with visions for the opera, for the festival, and for all of germany. and he demanded a locked from his surrogate sons. he did you hear the fireplace behind me of iowa. hitler was a bit of a pyromaniac. he liked to sit there until the early morning hours when more v london both gone, always had to listen to his endless monologues as vulcan. wagner told me, they actually wanted to go to bed and sleep better, but they had to keep him company here by here, the girl, the gazette, aftermarket,
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and vin, if hit. the artist's supporter of national socialism was simply enchanted by her prominent friend. ah ha ha ha. he wasn't the fuor at all. i never experienced anything for beating about him. that's the strange thing. you know, he had this absolute, austrian sensibility and warm paddle accent tucked on it. that a mo, after 1945 verified, wagner was put on trial. indeed, not a vacation proceedings where she had to justify her closeness to hitler. the management of the festival past to her sons. they tried to salvage what they could and distance themselves from the dark. chapter jennifer had remained true to her beliefs, unapologetically, inviting, old nazi leaders to her house. it might have. yeah. we old national socialists found a new code name after the war one because you couldn't talk about him in public to
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me. so if we wanted to talk about him, we called him usa, which stood phones azalea at all. i'll bless it at all. the wagner's a true surrogate family for hitler. wagner's music, the soundtrack of dictatorship, oh, madness, bombastic, music could be used perfectly for hitler's political goals. these enormous, this enormous impact monism of the music of the lyrics. the story lines with which you can overwhelm the listeners. mum did to her. that was after all, he got the heart of nazi propaganda and calendar. it is proper comp. ah, for the opening of the annual tardy conference. the overture of hitler's beloved
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gillian c. pathos and bombast, lindsey shoe den boost issue, but if you look at the infamous party congress film by lenae lee finch dawes, triumph of the will. or what i'll bet spare did with the cathedral of light, fact that almost between those were opera productions deal. newsreel footage of an air raid becomes a heroic performance with the addition of the ride of the val carries this is a follow all this insincere exalted and melodramatic stock under which the nazis used for their propaganda in a clever way. so you can all be combined quite well with wagner, operas and gum screwed from wagner, composed music with great pathos for hitler, the soundtrack of dictatorship, wagner encouraged hitler's megalomania,
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hitler's fantasies of redeeming. the german guys were really stirred up by wagner's music. ah, ever been better background music for megalomania? gross vaughan, if you want to have kind of re really big, grand music. it does kind of fit with those kind of fantasies. darkness moves, listening to wagner's music, can sometimes touch deep parts of your soul that you perhaps weren't aware of until then for the existence. i think it's like any drug. and wagner is a drug key that all enjoyed it moderation, it can make you healthy and also in excess. it can make you sick because doctors in the 19th century had already suspected this. and they attributed a devastating effect to wagner's music, hysteria, madness, and even death. indeed tristan a diesel that in particular let a few people to their griefs. the 1st tristan singer died in 1865, and a so called wagner delirium. in 1911, there was another wagner victim,
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conductor. felix muttered. he suffered a heart attack during a performance of the opera and died 50 years later. conductor hughes of k, about collapsed and died on the same spot. did father's music reinforce hitler's pathological side, a kind of accelerant for hitler sick brain and how can music be life threatening? i think it's because of the harmonies basically the whole of the can 5 hour long opera is in some ways are kind of heavily sexualized kind of harmonic trick as the whole of the 2nd act makes you empty. desperate for the musical climax. and then it's taken away from the lovers who cannot reach each other. ah figure that man get down loose. so didn't get the same tension as the who gets huntington lakes even waiting for
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for 5 hours. which point everyone to says a little soon side hours of delayed gratification. and when released finally tons, it's in the form of death. it's is kind of rather morbid, combination of eroticism and death. wish that makes wagner kind of her potent and a little bit scary. the hope for release from earthly suffering. a yearning that hitler also knew well enough of he always had suicidal bought up there. and when he was a difficult point, when he was in danger of failing him up, he would say that he would end it, hold the and brutally shoot himself to that was always one of his light motifs. and he finally carried it out in the bunker. in 1945, we'll grab any needy top of hulu. and even then wagner played an important part, accompanied by the strains of zeke feeds funeral march from gutter,
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damn alone. the fearless, miserable end was announced on the radio. ah, there truly is a dangerous closeness between the 2 men and association. you should be aware of my uncommon dot. you can only be of log marian with a clear conscience. if you're also willing and able to look at the other side of the coin which does exist to the talk d. c. o keeps it going to mel for i can imagine dealing with wagner like with cigarettes, with a warning on the pac yvonne or cut ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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