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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2022 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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this is detail gay news from berlin. you'll find a lot more on our website, d, w dot com. ah ah ah, spending time in nature has been proven to have more physical and psychological benefits for us. no matter is it more important that we find some green space than not expanding cities, not just for us, but also for the biodiversity that relies on it. on to this show, let's see how this has been made possible. hello, welcome to eat goin beer. i'm some of that i'm green spaces in my home city of moon by us steadily disappeared. it rapid albanese should that our residents however, what taking change into their own hands, carving out urban, greener,
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the better will be can there are some surprisingly green and leafy corners of member. the martin, ga neighborhood, is home to a 600 meter long got beneath the busy flow these days, locals flocked to the public bar. it's partly the work of retard mechanical engineer. michel decide who lives nearby. he was fed up with having an eyesore on his doors to one year old. toyota of doug flower was being the starboard being misuse and the taxes and other things started parking below it. you paul, will bargain. forget that cause they're only and then some group of people will start living there only, and started cooking and watching and everything the and then the many long
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portions of people will stand anywhere and go it became an open you dinner type thing, all were stinking, all the time they named out so it was very bird suggestion. now 70 michael dishonor, together with other residents, decided to raise funds for a garden underneath the plane. the city authorities, the so delighted by the idea that the decided to award the project public financing today, the bog, both flower beds, winding pathways and pleasant spots to while away the time. exactly. i replaced with
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another green heaven prosource which but governments urban garden. he hint from the state of old rubbish. for 20 years, he has been growing produce here, close to bondage railway station. the garden spot of government land and part of a state sponsored initiative, organized by central, really called, grew more food. i had my sal met nearly every 5 years and, and the land is transferred to a different villray official keegan at the new officer in whose name it is transferred or had drunk comes here and pixel. what it says, manage, mankato up. there are is good bad you have put our management leg resort. wish luka duns the garden on their behalf. the real big company helps the gardens be proven. crash and litter from being dumped on platforms and stop people from settling and illegal shacks along the tracks. with his wordpress on,
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on enough to support his family. the live nearby, one of his sons has just graduated from college to people from his village. help him out with the garden critters come by regularly eaten by his fresh vegetables until you get the cable about. they are gay, is it? but our on 1st of all, it is easily helpful and beneficial for the environment and people get to enjoy the vegetables. we grew here. so what i do here, that gives me a lot of satisfaction. la, la gordon. k roofnal, the mother italy amp, about a tape, a telecom on the western edge of mom. but there is a community garden called dream group. the members of the initiative like eating their harvest when it's freshness won't give me twice a week to work in the garden. anybody can join him as often as divorce. the fruits and vegetables offering deeply jungian joined when the group was launched in
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2018. most important things that we do is site building out of this material. we growing a whole lot of vegetables, fluids, and flowers to our drag bees. we have all the amazing fruits and vegetables that we grow and of course, most important of oil. we bid the community of a whole variety of beautiful human beings. and we have a really lovely them together, neighborhood warranty or finance the seeds and everything else needed for their food falls. more than a 100 people have already got involved. some have brought the idea of community gardening to other areas of the city. we need more green spaces, we need to save us oil. we need spaces where people can come in and forest bade right in the middle of a ban jungles like mom life. and that is laid is crucial for us,
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as well as other people to adopt activities initiated like this, where we can one square foot at a time green every single. but all file city that's available back in the heart of man by the garden. my tongue has become a trailblazer. the cities traffic authority has recognized the value of such green oases wherever rugged merger, whenever we can find a space, we are creating gardens, we are known by citizens can walk under a meet and relax. and as part of the city's new concept awful, i've been kinda busy with the pillar randall of gary 4 kilometers from nominal meter. god, the next god in the west is this coming to light? it set to open in a few weeks more my will then have 16 green flowers in the past 3 decades. the city has lost 40 percent of its greenly. the green spaces under the fly was gone to make up of these losses with the city has at least now recognized just how widely our
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public baths in the forest make up much of berlin's green spears. but it's the allotment god was complete with the small summer house that had given the city it's uni green charm for more than a 100 years yet they're under threat. so how important are the hurley? let's take a look. the spring has arrived. the show it's family is preparing their garden for the summer. it brings them joy. and it also has other benefits of the every student. i think these plants are very important for nature and the climate god, everyone can contribute and they offer people the chance to plant greenery or oh yeah, i will, my wound jacket from the show. it's family has been leasing this garden for 3 years now. every year they plant new vegetables,
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but it's not just about hard work. summer. oh awesome. it is such an oasis, an island where you can just spend time and relax in nature, hun unsecured bun. it's really great to a hot dance toy. this oasis is part of the allotment colony. i'm stuck park. i'm in west in berlin. not long ago, plans to extend to schools threatened to 19 of the 120 plots. marianna on time or has had a garden here for almost 30 years. had children and now grand children have grown up using the green space. these a gap in these gardens are a bonus to city light. but doyle, they are a local recreation area. i know, and they give berliners light or fresh air opportunities for exercise and didn't begin on the chance to experience nature. okay. and to socialize all. well,
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that's up in the mind. tough runs hymer shoots and other plots holders successfully campaigned against the school expansion plan. berlin has over 70000 allotment gardens more than any other european city. together they make up almost $3000.00 tech t as some are on city land. others frank track some property not used by its owner. rail, provided deutscher bomb yet shopper is head of a berlin allotment association that he represents holders across the city. allotment gardens are extremely sought after and yet plots are increasingly at risk of home, possibly, hulu. the city needs trucks for new subways for new trams, otherwise it may also need additional tracks for the suburban rail net world shit needs facilities for schools in kuma gardens. just allison berlin needs more
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housing. and all of these requirements are putting of squeeze on the available space. we've been feeling pressure for many years and believe it will only mountain the coming years. allotment gardens 1st appeared in berlin in the late 18 hundreds as the population exploded. people from rural areas flocked into the city and needed to grow vegetables for their own food. the gardens were lifeline for berlin. as during both world wars, during the cold war gardens sprang up along the berlin wall in the east, where hobby gardeners contributed to food supplies, to day allotments, simone, for relaxation and connecting with nature. there were regulations on the size of them and how they used. they are also important for the environment in the city and beyond. scientist fits voice, vague specializes in urban greenery. he frequently visits berlin to keep tabs on
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the cities ecological balance. urban greenery is providing a lot of social and political services to cities and citizens. for example, they cool cities, they provide water because they are not sealed. i, they provide by a diversity services. they are home for many insects, for example, on a very most and they will become more important in the future. did you find the change? temperatures are rising in berlin, while the amount of annual rainfall has dropped allotments, provide urban greenery, and can help address climate change challenges. but just because a garden is green doesn't mean it's a key role. if you have a lot more gardening, where you have on the lawn and there has no, they're not many plans, and you use a lot of pesticide for example. then the value of this green is very, very low. so what you need is more while the gardens, more diversity gardening and berlin has developed beyond traditional allotments in
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the center of the city on the land of the disused temple. both air failed is the community garden and men there contour, founded in 2011 the project, promote sustainable organic gardening. these children a here to water, the potatoes, but there are more than 250 raised beds with more than 500 gardeners. sophie recalls me volunteers herself organized and meet regularly to attend to different parts of the garden like this area dedicated to the communities. bees as well. and coca has been part of the collective for around 5 years. he leads that group dedicated to taking care of the b colony at amended control. we will be the better for me and for a lot of people who are part of the group a they realize how important is to know how difficult is to work with earth.
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and, and to be a, we're the coronation of nature and human. and for me, well, the from is quite of the pillar of the product here to be aware how we are connected to the nature backet colony, amsterdam, park ions. the should says have finished their work for the day. it's time to enjoy some lunch. it's not clear, their oasis will forever survive the pressures of urban development. but for now, it's a bonus for the family and the environment. as we just saw, all the greenery is not just about providing spheres for relaxation, it can mean much more. for example, it can be used from going from in the southern city of 3 to one and to put them. this idea is helping form a multitude of problems it's blunting season video. komatt
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bass is pleasing green, chilly seedlings in the soil. the plastic wrap locks in my show. his walked as a farm helper for 6 years. he comes from the predominantly rural state of a sam in northern india, but it's here in the southern city of k to run and to put on in get law that he learned how to fun. yeah. yeah. be belinda is i make me she madly. i knew nothing about farming. molla me. i just used to help my dad to get me. but after coming here i have learned a lot about it to me and i know all about helpful technology. is you a little mile and will now be at over a girl? you me? i don't have to feed no good night and you know what needs to tell me what to do, and i know at all my sales has been, doug may come get us out. vizier, das works for groom agro ventures, a small company on the outskirts of to run on the bottom. it provides farming and technical expertise to help people set farms on unused. obey land,
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launched in 2016. a company combines modern techniques with traditional farming practices. it grows vegetables adapted to the soil and uses only natural best sides . found a jostling combines as engineering background with a passion for farming to get more people in urban areas to grow their own food. during the found to make the exposure to local produce was far greater than before, simply because of the fact that your resources will limited. so that has changed the pallet tremendously. and that single aspect of what i believe will be the future driver of this business kayla. has long sought agriculture due from neighboring neural state, but a 2015 study exposed high levels of chemicals and imported vegetables. the state began promoting local food cultivation. government data shows that just 2 years later, each of their last food industry boasted some $20000.00 rooftop farmers. urban
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agriculture is billed as a sustainable solution to help feed people in india's fast growing cities. but outside of gala scaling up could be a challenge, especially in major cities like delhi, bengal and to night where groundwater levels are dangerously low. experts, a banking on new technology. unlike the earlier conventional method of getting plans using afford or maybe a host. now we have micro irrigation methods, like micro sprinklers, other than the grip litigation is the government is supporting those programs also and there are a number of private companies also bring your good models that can be fitted into this. so that want to shortlist for our problem can be forwarded to a great extent, open farms also. so as a green buffer against carbon emissions and helps filter evolution. but
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a lot of people living in cities, i can't afford to grow their own food. i think these are the grounds of a non profit organization into to one and to put them on that supports the young people with autism from low income families, gruen agro ventures held to convert one eager of the added land into a vegetable farmer program. participants learn valuable skills and can take their harvest's home. experience has shown that farming has therapy, antic benefits we are actually comparing ski, say play, can team building skate set and the read the are, you know, working together while the harvest. so understanding the concept and adding certain skis, sent, and communication and abs fleming, it's really helpful just to leave services are booked mostly by middle and upper middle class families and low. but he now wants to end good that he was to
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cultivate vegetables during an outside of office. his company was from farm initiative, seeks to create a poor walking space that provide the comp, rural walk environment flight, providing members the opportunity to engage informing activities. we would like to have people come over here as a regular way of life, understand as to how farming is and create that farm connect and bond so that they are able to nurture in their minds. you know, a dream of a future form with more people turning to organic urban farming room agro ventures have stopped into a growing market and catalog. and it's also nurturing the dream of some work of us who one day hopes to set up his own fun. back in his home state of a big city,
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the big ideas especially to fight against climate change. the international horticultural exhibits in florida, in the netherlands, is exhibiting concepts from all over the world on how to bring nature back into cities. a beach house made of over 7000 kilos of plastic and in ecosystem created in a desert landscape. these are some ideas for greener future on display at the florida. a world expo for horticulture in the netherlands in the future. more and more people are going to live in city. so our, ah, yeah, our idea is to show people, how can we create shape the cities of the future? how can we make them greener? how can we make them more sustainable? and what can each and every one of us do exactly to i to make this happen over 40 countries, are taking part in the florida at the german pavilion,
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bio tapia, visitors learn about environmental impact and change by interacting with the exhibits as well as with each other growing green cities is the overall theme at this years. florida, the key message is we are a growing community. so we have to work together in unison to create a more green and sustainable future. it's really each and everybody's contribution and only as a whole. we can make the future and the cities more green. another highlight is this house. it demonstrates alternative building practices by using mostly natural materials in the construction over $100.00 natural materials were used in the construction, including cork, recycled wood, burlap by a waste, seaweed and fungi. so this is a room
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a completely made out of bacteria and fungi. it's actually made out of my celia and my celia are the roots of the mushroom, which form a strong network which you can use to insulate your house wits. the floria takes place every 10 years. this is the cell edition, located in almera, about 30 kilometers from amsterdam. it will remain open until october it's not only cities must solutions are needed to bring back green swiss. india has suffered a loss of natural forest area, largely due to agricultural expansion and activists in the north of the country is trying to reward some of the damage. 13, advertise. ah, e, sure thing johanna shows how it's done for about 15 years. the teacher has been planting trees here on the morrow plateau in central india. it lays at an altitude of around 500 meters. he initially started out alone planting the small seedlings.
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but now he has the support of numerous wall interiors from the local area. in addition to fruit trees such as guar, mangle, one bananas, they also plant people deep and mean treats a bio duel a decrease in by each one and his deep which previously didn't exist on this rocky terrain to water. the young trees, we have to walk several 100 meters back and forth with containers. yarber back there are 5 to 7000 trees here. they are like my children. if a plan dries up, but it hurts my heart. but if me, what day to day and to model it comes back clean again. that gives me humans pleasure. elsewhere, forest has been cleared to me. grief are farmland mining operations are growing cities. the rate of deforestation is unclear as india accounts areas, even with the limited tree colors. bodies situation gets
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a bit complex because how india defines the policy cover we actually learned of for the soviet been down to find any area with one heck did of land with dent bus and cover as quite as, although i some of the interventions that on it though does what is color actually trigger? ah, since the most recent ice age, the art have lost one part of its modesty area. from 2015 to 2020 alone, around $10000000.00 hectares of forest disappeared each year. either though, the earth was getting warmer with out via fires and landslides on the rise around the world. more and more reforestation projects underweight. these include both large scale campaigns and smaller initiatives, lakewood each were and his team give you digest a long for building is efforts to restore our forests are still far too small in
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scope, but they are big ideas. dish what the politicians are promising is, and normally i forget when there are you and back programs with hundreds of millions of factors ought to be replanted with foreigners. there are many local initiatives to vote, but what's being done right now is not enough overall to compensate for the rigorous deforestation in ski. some, it's just not just, you know, counties an invite on to compet via india is one of the was major biodiversity hotspot. so export c, reforestation efforts need to be planned with care taken as to what trees are planted red, so as not to upset the balance of meter the open actually systems the grass lives need to be protected. you know, the, again, the biodiversity benefits and be dependent on the astral is, et cetera. why depend on that? so every base doesn't need to add something to the open. naturally, ecosystems, white tape are very important. so before the station,
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it's about restoration and identifying what interventions, where basically ah, but each i feel he's on the right part with his work as a teacher, he finances the feelings that he and his team planned regularly. nothing would please a more than to see later generations follow his example. preserving trees on the model drop lateral ringing back meter in fifty's and beyond. it might seem like a mammoth doth, but with every small solution, a step is taken in the right direction towards the green future. i'll leave you with a hot and see you again next week. good bye, and thanks for watching a ah,
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ah, with ah, does the cyber well to make a these worries exaggerated. at what point to digital stimuli overwhelming to the blank count reality the process.
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how to help me navigate the waters of a constant be connected with d w. a gigantic sheet of paper that you don't late for madame butterfly, the bleakest festival is famous, extravagant. but imagine having to play a, how does that work off the also a dw, ah, you become a ready?
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no, with paralyzed me. 20 years. ah, computers that elsewhere you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work. how can we go, wilson for that's how they can also go terribly. what you know onto facebook, twitter, instagram, take talk. nearly 5000000000 people around the world. use social media like alina, but she was bullied online. she withdrew into herself and became isolated. and ash who doesn't want to be identified.


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