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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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our services to be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frappe waterloo with the w news line from berlin. ukraine resumes great shipments to the world's 1st cargo vessel, set off across the black sea. after turkey declares ships safe to sail. it's the 1st to transport ukrainian grain from ukrainian ports since his daughter rushes. also on the program, taiwanese media report,
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the u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi will to visit the country during her current trip to asia. despite, i'm rewarding from china and germany's foreign minister defends a landmark nonproliferation treaty at the un after the secretary general boards at humanities, just one misunderstanding away from nuclear annihilation. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. first going shipment to leave ukraine, since the start of russia's invasion has set sail turkey, which is overseeing the deal between the countries in the u. n. a declared it to be safe exports to resume the shipment is due to arrive in istanbul on tuesday, where it will be inspected before heading on to lebanon. just one of many countries desperately in need of gray, ukraine's hoping today's departure will be the 1st of many.
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ah, the ships horn is the sound of hope. you cranes, hobbits of finally come back to life. after months of blockades following the russian invasion, what look at that ship out there? that's to rezone. what a beautiful name? yeah. it's hope this 1st shipment of 26000 tons of con will be the 1st of many. moscow welcome the end of the deadlock. but also called for sanctions to be lifted. key remains cautious. so you miss 1st shipment will be a test. so the week now of course are when we have this corridor, ah, we hope that everyone will respect it. and of course they, you know, we are rolling on the you an on the turkey, make sure that no one would attack those ships. ukraine's aim is to exports,
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at least $50000000.00 tons of grain by the end of the year. a potential life length of those who depend on selling their produce to the world, the state of his berber, get her sugar in cave. how optimistic authorities in ukraine ah, but they still will hold on, the shipments will continue. so today they praised the 1st ship, leaving the odessa port as a great breakthrough. but because it's, it's obviously very important for the ukrainian economy. but if you are talking with the people on the street, they are not overly enthusiastic. because one reason might be that it might take some time if you and i said it might be even take weeks until the full capacity of the operations will be reached. the plant $5000000.00 ton of exported grain every month. the 2nd reason is, is really that many people here think this corridor might be over soon,
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because there might be another attack. they don't trust the russian claims not to attack those ports, especially after only hours after the grain you were side, russia had attacked the ports. and in addition to that, the heavy attacks on the portal turn of me calais, which is not far from a desk are continuing as well. so there's not 2 men and 2 men much trust here in this agreement and that it will last long. because the shock and keep a cause of our has postpone the introduction of tougher border controls with serbia after the punch record riots and police were shot at authorities of now removed road blocks put there by ethnic serbs. the riots started after the government in kosovo, announced a decision that would force people in majority ethnic serb areas, to swap their license plates for kosovo issued. once
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sirens rang through the night. as police shut the barn jak, and yet in your border crossings in northern kosovo. this came after serbian demonstrators shot at authorities and blocked roads close to the border crossings. they were angry about a new ruling from the cost of government that ethnic serbs can no longer use serbian id cards in kosovo and car owners with registration plates issued by serbia. we'd have to change them for casa will license plates. within 2 months. the stand off left, many people stuck at border control. unable to get back home. and i cannot, we arrived here last night and the police asked us where we were going. we told them we were going home on. i got to police stopped us here because we cannot pass the owner. hello. could you do this? serbian president said his government would preserve peace at any cost. but on this is melissa. if they dared to persecute serbs mistreat serbs,
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kill serbs. serbia will win. that's all i have to say. the cause of in government released a statement, maintaining that multiple aggressive acts were perpetrated this afternoon and evening. instigated and planned by bel great authorities. tensions between the 2 countries are neither worse. they've been in years. cost over declared independence from serbia in 2008, serbia has refused to recognize causal statehood, even though it has no formal control. their ca, civil is fragile. peace is maintained by a natal mission, which has $3770.00 troops on the ground nato as k for said that they are prepared to intervene if stability is jeopardized. they released a statement saying that our nato led k for mission is fully focused on the daily
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implementation of it's you and mandate to ensure a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all the people of kosovo . the cost of an government has agreed to postpone the new rulings until september 1st. as the ethnic serbs have removed the barricades. soldiers from both sides continue to patrol the border following the unrest. several media outlets in taiwan reporting the u. s. a. house speaker nancy pelosi at we'll visit the island, despite threats from china was pillows is currently in singapore at the start of a high profile trip to asia. regime has repeated its warnings regarding what it would consider a provocation rule. hello, he don't know if the speaker of the house of representatives pelosi visits taiwan, the chinese side will definitely take resolute and strong countermeasures in the
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culture in response into wonder and defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity to user terms water as to what measures. so what are going to is she dares to go there? let us wait and see why house national security spokesman, john kirby said. nancy pelosi has every right to visit taiwan. there's no reason for beijing to turn this visit into a crisis. beijing's actions could have unintended consequences that only serve to increase tensions. we expect to see beijing continue to use inflammatory rhetoric and dis information in the coming days. robert de this director of the wilson census kissinger institute on china in the united states. i asked him what nancy pelosi would hope to achieve by visiting taiwan and knowing the chinese in this way . when you started with the right question, no, very clear rationale has been given other than generally sewing support for the people of taiwan and their democracy. and the united states has shown support and
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effect as, as increase in demonstrations of support over the past several years with leaders visits with more arm sales for example. so what new or additional value, the speaker of the house this trip to taiwan would provide is not clear. and there's been no real claim made for that that i've heard. right. so as well as angry rhetoric within all this angry rhetoric, which we've heard often from the chinese, they've also said today not to expect it's military to stand idly by. if this trip happens, what are their options? realistically, the chinese site is now committed to making some response with the people's liberation army that they haven't made previously. that does not mean and it probably won't mean pulling a trigger. it will mean doing something like flying over the midline between in the taiwan straits between taiwan and mainland china and action. that will mean nothing
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to most americans, certainly, and most people in the world it could mean going into taiwan airspace, which it hasn't done previously. it could mean escorting or shadowing. the speaker of the house is plain for part of its trip. it can also mean biting its time and waiting until after the trip and taking some action at a time of its own deciding. so we don't know, it will probably not be kinetic or lead to a direct conflict, but it will establish a new precedent and a new baseline for relations between china, taiwan in the united states, which is likely to bring us a little bit closer to conflict. so as nancy pelosi does visit taiwan, president biden can still reasonably claim that u. s. policy towards the island hasn't changed. but as john becomes increasingly assertive, is the u. s. going to have to pick aside and drop this so called strategic ambiguity? i don't think it's time to drop strategic ambiguity quite yet. at the united states clearly has changed its attitude toward the one china policy,
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and this began under the trumpet ministration. but the biden administration has picked up on this idea that since 1979 united states has been too sensitive to china's hypersensitivity. and really, what remains of the one china policy is an american commitment not to support taiwanese independence. and to recognize only be jing as the government of the people's republic of china. but outside of that, we are now sending more leaders to taiwan. we are baking more sales to taiwan, and we're welcoming taiwanese officials into official american government buildings . so the one china policy, the core of it, is still there, but the style and meaning of it, the seriousness with which it's taken, that clearly has changed. could talk until that very clear. thanks for joining us. robert davy from the wilson census kissinger institute on china and the united states. thank you. and jo and foreign minister on i'm at bab walk is
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in new york to take part in view of the landmark and non proliferation tracy aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear weapons was burbock highlighted the threat of a nuclear confrontation with russia. as a consequence of its warn you crane and talked about the challenges posed by other nations like iran and nuclear armed north korea. long delayed conference had been scheduled to take place in 2020, but had to be postponed several times because of the coven. 19 pandemic. dw correspondent mckenna casa, listen to the foreign minister speech in new york, and told us what stood out. what was interesting that she raised herself, that she got the question, why does she try and pursue this right now? as a europe is facing a real time war? that, that doesn't seem to be that terribly much point making progress on such a huge issue. and despite those lofty words, they're all concrete steps as that the countries,
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the willing countries are demanding, particularly across such china. also you ron, which is more transparency and she called on iran, particularly to now take on that packet. the iran nuclear deal, the j. c. p, o, a as it is known and, and to commit to not develop a nuclear weapon despite those voices, we heard out of iran to us that, that they would now be capable of doing so. so she's not willing to drop the ball, but instead of back door diplomacy, she is choosing public, the, reminding those nuclear countries of their commitments, right? unless talks about what's actually going on that of them the meat of this trip. but what is you and hope will come out of this review of a certain non proliferation treaty. well, no fast movement is expected that much is for sure this conference goes on for an entire month. so that is a lot of talking done behind closed doors. and i've just come out of actually one
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of the meetings where the japanese prime minister was a japan of course, at which has seen that destruction of a nuclear bomb being at the full front of really cooling international leaders. a to account to not allow something like that to happen again while at the same time of course, and also having a lot of civilian use of nuclear energy. and so the expectations i have to say are pretty know, but the hope is that by keeping it on the agenda and there will be at least a degree of a public shaming or reason into a creeping into the discussion. also, when it comes to north korea, for instance, which is seen as an immediate threat, as was pointed out by the united states today, who expect yet another at nuclear test. i thank you for mccain and we had a cooper in new york. just wanted to remind you that top stories of this, our ukraine has resumed gray, in shipments from its of black sea ports,
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turkey which is overseeing the implementation of the field between the 2 countries assigned with the un said it was safe for exports to resume the crime had been unable to ship a small house of grain from his thoughts since russia invited. in february. i sent you out today to more world news at the top of the hour, rob watts has your business update and just have good people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. family theory for the credit on with.


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