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of ambitions of inequality 75 years ago, mahatma gandhi peacefully led the country to independence with what has remained of his vision. where does the world so called the largest democracy stand and where is india headed? this is the moment to unleash on violet bars. on these legacy stood august 6th on b, w, or facebook, twitter, instagram, take talk nearly 5000000000 people around the world. use social media like alina, but she was bullied online. she withdrew into herself and became isolated. and ash, who doesn't want to be identified. he found like minded people in online
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communities. and through them found himself plus lydia, whom i gives tips on how not to become addicted to the internet. despite its temptations. with their help, we explore the impact of social media on our well being. welcome to in good shape, the d w health program. with we're constantly on line even on the go. we look at our phones up to 100 times a day. since the rent to gram snapchat, what's up on netflix for the family and some notes? i use it for photos rally for coal, sir. just walked out facebook, but shine be spin me. i'm probably online more than 6 hours a day. i'm getting talk. this is like a facebook, instagram, tick tock,
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what santa ha, telegram and google have called song, not go to school at all. there were rings, pings and pushes around the clock. people chance cool and take pictures to relax. we game or gamble on line. but at what point do we become overstimulated when all the digital consumption is simply too much? we ask psychologist, doctor clarksville fling long hence is on file. you can stomach risky consumption with a 2 to 3 indicators. for example, you neglect your friends or social contacts and perhaps even your job, you have concentration deficits or problems sleeping if, if there are 5 or more indicators. but then we're talking about pathological consumption and that needs examine and closely low to going oh and those will how quickly are you distracted by your phone or computer? do you have friends in the real world? the amount of time you spend online is less of
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a criterion than how you live your real life. and how resilient isla feeler from wouldn't. you know, for many people assume that gambling during the semester break or during school vacations we can take on the level of an addiction it's, but we actually need a bit longer than that. that's it. in fact, we normally say the problematic behavior has to be present for at least 12 months. it was before it's considered a dependent li homes were an opinion kurtz, we had many boys and young men game excessively on the internet in the process. they can become addicted girls and young women on the other hand, a more vulnerable to social media. too much digital usage requires intense levels of concentration, which can affect our memory. close both flings research group, did a study with a 150 people. do you want them to try to enlighten persons? concentration levels definitely suffers when digital usage is accessible. so our
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study clearly showed that from good. fortunately, after abstinence or therapy, the subjects concentration levels returned to normal or even above normal. after 3 and a half months on those of god, oh we both these days, almost all cell phones can show you how much time you've been online and even which apps you used. and how often here the average was 4 hours and 45 minutes a day. that's 33 hours a week. there are now many apps that are designed to improve our media consumption . for example, you're prompted to take a deep breath before deciding if you want to open instagram for the 8th time. anyone wanting to use programs like these needs to know exactly what they're looking for coming up really help you reduce your use of other apps. at least it can give you an overview of how much time you spend on your cell phone. for many, the answer could come as
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a surprise. instagram tick, tock and snap chat are especially popular with younger age groups. they share content and present themselves online. social media is a way to keep up with friends, find out the latest trends in fashion and music, and get tips on health, beauty, and hobbies. but facebook, twitter, snap, chad and instagram are also platforms for intimidation, humiliation, bullying, and sexism. the consequences are isolation, lack of sleep, loss of self confidence, and suicidal thoughts. girls are especially affected because they use social media more than boys. for best, and eliza your elusive, this he wants to be your friend,
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your say fat to prophetic with your ugly. just kill yourself is i'm far. oh, oh, alina remembers, every line for weeks she was bullied on social media by classmates. you're stupid, they wrote. then he'd comments under her instagram, postings. no one needs you. she was 16 of the time and felt worthless. me about among the hired and i'm, i'm, i felt insecure and lonely dust because i felt like i definitely wasn't good enough for others. and that meant i must not be good enough for myself either. i can look stand off and it's like your life is on hold because you don't know how to deal with it. i'm an honest fires the man i'm at as long as i'm the once cheerful young woman withdrew and tried to deal with everything on her own. but the bullying from
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classmates didn't stop. on the contrary, it got worse, and finally, ended up in the classroom. all ethanol management began to sometimes the whole class laughed at me and then they also came up with inside jokes that were all at my expense. was he handled by law, they laughed at me and kept excluding me. and that made the feelings of loneliness even worse on, and some called her back order some iron. firstly, i was deeply ashamed of myself. hour and secondly, i felt ashamed in front of others because i simply had the feeling that i was so bad that no one wanted me around missions and i getting that harm. her museum halls is a youth psychologist. she says around $1.10 young people experience online bullying . that number is alarmingly high, given the devastating psychological impact fiber cleanse, and that facade sequences can include feelings of depression, social anxiety,
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sleep disorders, concentration disorders, loss of appetite, and also a wide range that they pursue on climate. as the because young people haven't had much life experience, wonderful feeling of an event like this, an insult or public humiliation is much harder on them because they can't put it into perspective and think o as they don't yet know that to day it might be bad but in 6 months time everyone will have forgotten it. yeah, nobody will talk about it any more. but for them it's terrible. they think my life's over. i can't show my face any more. that's it does last yet. i gudgusten bird. his daughter could have been, i was little cut off for weeks, alina tried to cope with the humiliation alone. at some point, however, she could no longer handle it. she sought help, assembled company name or men which miss miss may. there came a point when i didn't dare to go to school any more of her because the moment i got up i was so afraid. i didn't know how i would get through the day liar. she told
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her mother about the online attacks together. they demanded that a lena's classmate stop. that was exactly the right thing to do as of last night. now the main thing is to take action. don't sweep everything under the carpet farmer, bring it into the light. confronted publicly. oh, absolutely. confront him. it's always better to say something than to say nothing. alida knows that now 2 friends rallied to her side online and stood up for her. her bullies became rattled and stopped me for a 3rd. it was, i guess it's not like i just forgot all that and now i get up every day and feel happy clipless and love myself. when you're growing up and something messes with your sense of identity, caught up in such a fundamental way. it just does something to you. yeah, i am off of this whole world of social media that's there all the time or wish to get a couple of not her, but i know that i can love myself me and that i am fine the way i am over and that
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others do not defy me, miss miss tiffany, am to day, alina encourages other victims of bullying to fight back. we can generate feelings of happiness through our body's reward system. when we carry out certain actions, our brain releases happy hormones that make us feel good. that also happens when we get likes or when we read comments on our post to keep getting those nice feelings, we keep repeating the actions that produce them. so if we look at our phones, say 88 times a day, each time we see we have a like, or a message, we get a little positive boost of happy hormones that we create ourselves. and it really is addictive. australian celeste bother makes fun of
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tick tock, post, and spice. successful female influences not everyone's a farm for many young people. social media platforms are hugely important, but they also have the potential to become addictive. brain researchers have proven that likes and comments on facebook, instagram and tick tock, stimulate the brain rewards center in a similar way that food, sex, and drugs, day. addictions counselor, lydia grammar knows many young people who are so into social media, but they put their own health at risk. as costa islas is my last everything i, i always have to be up to date, and i have to be informed about rethink elaborate. i subscribe to a whole bunch of channel and not less or maybe neglect my real friends on top of that. i live on fed, on the finish. and so i feel permanently stressed wattsey on what the warning signs . young people constantly glued to their smart phones. no time to eat with the
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family. schoolwork has neglected hobbies and interests are forgotten. and even in bed, the cellphone is ever present or back now shawn, phenomena, we're also seeing phenomena where for example, young people won't leave home without an extra battery because they're worried that their phone will run out of power and all can accommodate. ha, ah, it's all driven by fomo fair if missing out. run it as an anti and if i is a parent, find bottles of yellow liquid in the children's or teenagers room that isn't apple juice and on august and if they really start to p in bottles, so as not to waste time using the toilet, that should really set off all the alarm bells done. lloyd. another problem is the tendency for young people to constantly compare themselves with others. influences
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look perfectly styled and beautiful. the pictures are often photoshop. those who tried themselves find the results less than satisfactory. at some ashby, a canal bore example, we can observe that the age at which people's not having cosmetic surgery is getting ever younger wise because they don't find themselves beautiful. stevens are more because they're dissatisfied with their bodies, copa, or, and on. awfully, that's often saying that girls and young women are more affected, but you can observe the same behavior in boys and young men and they might go to the gym more or use anabolic steroids and anabolic car. so how do you deal with such problems? first, parents should take a close look at their own behavior. maybe they themselves are spending the whole day in front of the computer. oh, glued to that fire. that's. that's a bad example. children need to have clara roles are unfurnished now
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by in the beginning. make sure you're included. find out what your child is watching on their tablet tv, your streaming service. watch things together, discuss the content with them, or have them show you a chat now and then i'll tell them they can only use instagram or whatever. once they reach a certain age and then when they're older, trust them to deal with it. but if something goes wrong, reach out for help freshman team 16 times without a phone and help prevent addiction. the user is then forced to occupy themselves with other things. there are also apps which regulate use. you could try switching off the y fi for a time and use an old fashioned alarm clock so that your child doesn't need to take that phone to bad. and what, how minded your house one and i told me they have a phone hotel at home. that's a box where all the smartphones get stored me
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a guns courses offered if you're really worried, make sure you get professional, help understood. so no one can. so be wary if the lives of you and your child revolve entirely around the phone or social media, treat yourself there's that to a much needed break. and one study reports that in germany, almost one in 20 people between the ages of 10 and 17 is at risk of becoming addicted to social media. that's 800000 young people. the university of london says girls and young women are especially at risk. 90 percent added their pictures before posting them. 70 percent feel under pressure to the impression of a perfect life and 60 percent sometimes feel depressed that they don't live up to beauty ideals. researchers believe this pressure can lead to eating disorders, anxiety and depression. another danger is cyber grooming,
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where predators try to entice minors looking for thanks. can you send me a new photo chat messages like this, a thin to mine of in this case, the sender's don't know that the reporter on the other end, they think they're chatting with a 12 year old girl celine experience, cyber grooming. when she was 11, a stranger sent her a photo on instagram. so they involve, i could see his friends, i don't know how to properly describe it. well, it was his genital area. while i had sent a dinner table eyes, his lower genital area of us, her status, and very close up and oh, there law. on without glue light am without clothes. the perpetrators usually follow the same pattern. they see contact and gain trust using tricks. then they emotionally bond with the young people, encourage them to exchange new to pictures and make sure that they don't tell
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anyone about it. in a counseling center for those affected alena math sees lots of children who are ashamed to report these chats. swords medina, guilt plays a big role. however, i sent the photo i got involved in the chat, said, i'm good gang. these are all reasons why children and young people just say die. oh, i am embarrassed. i better not say anything that is or try to get help as accurately by nixon woodmere kind of protection dolls are patchy in many countries expert. they online platforms don't protect miners enough that makes them easy game for perpetrators. that's why alina mess says that parents should stay alert and ask questions that i can, does mccallski, when a kid leads the house, parents say, where are you going to? who are you meeting when are you back? no, just because a kid is at home, sitting safely in my room, doesn't mean mass safe in this online world gone. it's petune celine deleted the
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message with the photo at the time she didn't say anything to her parents. she was just too ashamed to help protect yourself against cyber grooming. watch out, be suspicious of strangers. you never know who's behind a profile. be careful. think about what you reveal about your life and what photos and videos you share. keep your distance. if a child becomes unpleasant ended and block the contact, especially if the person keeps alluding to sexual topics. now it's your chance to win some d. w merchandise to keep you in good shape. why sharing your best tips? what i'm remedy, would you recommend? how do you tackle a cold or spots? how did your grandmother help your stomachache was about muscle tension or backache? j you'll tips and tricks. this is how send us a description, a photo or
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a short video. we'll look at the most interesting home remedies in the show. the window will be decided in a draw. with this merchandise d, w will always be with you, exercising or traveling. made for minds and bodies. we won't leave you standing out in the rain. i take part by visiting d, w dot com slash in good shape. the deadline for submission is august 12th. social media also has a lot of positive sides. it can encourage creativity, sharing funny videos and artistic photos with people can be enjoyable for both sides. networks, blogs and chat programs can help people to express themselves and exchange ideas. you can also take part in initiatives, provide tutorials for other users,
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and build a following. and you can also find like minded people to help you with issues such as physical and mental health, poor gender and sexuality, old, i'm 14. and when i was 13, or like 12 or 13, ah, i felt more like a boy than about you seem to leg go. ash is his new name. you're like and no goals. you're 14 year old from england was born a girl on board in my holiday. he's a transgender boy, and only recently came out some psalms are for that's why he wants to remain anonymous. how can someone be my boys? my remedy in la la ha, used a thrilling,
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i guess. knowing the you are who you are and you can be who you want to be. it's kind of like a weight off my shoulder at 1st came out online and found support in the l. g. b, g, q online community, so much on social media. it's a bit easier just because even if people judge you for it, if you can just block them and they're not in your life, they're not a part of your life. so it's kind of just an easier way to do it. understanding that you're not like alone in this walden, that your, the way that you think or the way the feel isn't like crazy. because that's other people like you to. and it shouldn't be something that you are ashamed of you to me . happy. the feeling of being accepted by people in online communities ash found like minded people. oh, oh. oh the l g b g q, community gibbs,
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each other support? oh, if like i had a problem and i didn't know who to go to, i can go online and talk to my online friends because of the same thing for a mr. moon. to me it's very important because it's just the way of feeling like you belong here and you don't have to be like as afraid to tell them who you are. then you usually would, i have support friends, i've support family and life. in general. it's kind of easier with everyone knowing who i am, because then i can actually be who i am in public. the online community encouraged him to come out to his family and friends. ashe is happy, took the step miriam hoff knows how important l g
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b t q. social movements are for young people. i mean, even though i don't really have dizzy, i am in thick young people who rediscover themselves and identify as a different gender often have to deal with feelings of shame, of being inferior and are often confronted with a lack of understanding in their immediate circle and live thing online, they find people who understand them, o accept them that to tell them you are okay, the way you are, there's nothing wrong with you. yeah, we're just like you towards that as a 3rd of the ally. stanford is a, it's a relief for these young people to realize that they're no different and i'm for huh. and that they're welcomed by like minded people in a group and a community off lama affair. i acceptance instead of ignorance. that's with fiona,
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is committed to. she supports minorities online shoots videos and writes online petitions with. i will get i finished with his counselor, take that one life. and in general, i think it's very important to simply listen to and help people who are treated bad or worse than others. if or not, and that's why social media is very good at bringing attention to such situations, is with its own for life and whether it's black people or people who are jewish in between blog, let's just listen to them and make people aware of it. so i thought it's the only way they can be helped, and more people can become aware of the problem with me. say g, everything's bed and i guess we as of it when i bought them and up. so i just think that every person should be treated absolutely equal or new take on. it's absolutely unnecessary today in the 21st century to treat people differently because of their parents, origin, faith, gender, sexuality, or religion. and that's why i think it's very important that we start now to
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finally create real equality shopping. young people really understand the power of social media and are using it to fight discrimination. oh cards. are you always on your phone? well van, it's time for a distraction. join in with a real. yeah. hi and welcome to day i show you how you can bring sports in your daily life. all you need is, is there step up with both feeds after each other. take 1st, the left one and then for the next step you take the right one. and so we continue. with
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this exercise is perfect to train your whole legs. you train your but you cops your hamstrings. just the whole leg from now on. take the stairs instead of the elevator so you can bring sports in your daily life with have fun on the steps. good bye for now and see you next week. ah, with
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who. busy the fear is palpable or ah, will tuten also attack the republican moldova, divided between pro european pro russia. people are desperate as they
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feel the threats of move them any other country mold in 15 minutes on d w. ah, the beginning of the story that moves and takes us along for the ride it's own about the perspective culture information this is dw and d, w. made for mines. oh . and then to step up and say that for
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her women in asia season to this week, a vibrant habitat ah, ended go listening place of longing. the mediterranean c a l must far and to follow up dual korean drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and the mediterranean meeting, people actually hearing their dreams of mediterranean journey in 10 episodes starts august 14th on d, w. mm. frankfurt, haut international gateway to the best connection, south road and real, located in the heart of europe. you are connected to the allan world experience
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outstanding shopping and dining offers and jolly alice services all. be our guest at frankfurt. 8 bought cd, managed by frappe waterloo. oh ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, u. s. president joe biden announced the death of the alleged mastermind of the 911 attacks my direction. united states successfully concluded nurse try in kabul, afghanistan, and kill the mirror alone. carter.


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