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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is the job unions live from berlin, u. s. president joe biden and nelson with the death of the alleged martha mind of the $911.00 attacks. to my direction, united states successfully concluded mares, troy, and cowboy afghanistan the kill the mirror alone. carter, him on our drunk strike in the afghan capital killed the 2nd in command of all kind of of the coming up tensions over the possible stuff over in taiwan,
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taiwanese media report that us how speaker nancy pelosi will visit the island during her trip to asia the spiked warning from china and today humanities just to amuse understanding when use calculation away from me at any lation stock warning from the head of the united nations act talks on nuclear nonproliferation in new york. ah, i'm helen mohammed walked into the program on chi deleda. i'm also watery, has been killed in a drone strike in the afghan capsule cobble u. s. president joe biden maybe announcement a short time ago. although ari allegedly kelly carried out a key role in planning the 911 terrorist attacks came with the us alongside osama bin laden. and this comes a year after us forces pulled out of afghanistan,
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where you see when we did a dena. here's the u. s. president joe biden speaking earlier ourselves community located as our here year. only this year it moved to downtown kabul to reunite with members of his immediate family. after carefully considered a clear and convincing evidence of his location, i authorized a precision strike that would remove him from the battlefield once and for all. this measure was carefully plan, rigorously minimize the risk of harm rather civilians. and one week ago or to revise the conditions were optimal. i gave the final approval to go get it. and the mission was a success. none of his family members were hurt and there were no civilian casualties. well, it's all of on has responded on twitter in the last few hours saying they are all mc edward of of gun is don strongly condemned this attack on any pretext,
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and calls it a clear violation of international principles and the doha agreement with one of them joined by roger shanahan, he is a middle east security expert at the low. we institute in sydney, australia, it's good to have you with us here and dw news 1st thing, what is your reaction to the us strike and how the taliban has responded? yes, so it's very interesting. i think double this, we get, we know that our washington has been looking to target al qaeda at the most interesting thing about this, i think is the fact that he was found and killed in downtown cobble, which is not very good news for the, for the taliban because it was ashamed that he was not somewhere in the hinterland, but the fact that he was able to live in the middle of cobble is could, is of concern for cheap, scary issues in afghanistan. and you served in afghanistan with the australian
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military. how surprised were you to find out that he was located in cobble yeah, listen, i think that was i. yeah. not any in cobble, but from what be no. i will to do residential area in cobble. you kind of been there without the knowledge and the imprimatur of the taliban themselves, which would be a yeah, a highly risky venture. you would have thought on the part of the taliban. the u. s . got intelligence earlier in the year and whited until the conditions were optimum to do that. but personally, and i think most people who are looking at this issue find it quite disturbing that he was killed in downtown cobble. and how much of a blow is this for al qaeda and obviously potentially other odd groups operating in afghanistan? well, it probably shows you there's probably 2 issues around this. first of all just shows you that at the u. s. as bane,
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i had him on the target list for the best part of 2 decades and it finally comes to pass it. they got the person though a tagging so just shy she that evening democracies with changes of administrations in the u. s. am patience is still a feature of the counterterrorism landscape. i think the other issue is organizations like islamic state, like al qaeda. they understand that the leadership is a high priority target for washington and say they will bay i succession plan that has been put in place. well before this in the case that at the me was killed, ill take some time for that become public. i shoot, but those probably the, the 2 issues. we shouldn't assume that this will. i'm upset, al qaeda's operational rhythm too much. but at the same time, it seems pretty clear message to all those kind of terrorist groups that washington ah, if it takes 20 years, it takes 20 years before they'll target the ladyship. so are we likely to see more
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drone strength in afghanistan despite the taliban voicing against it? well, i think guy though, be a judicious use of trying strikes. oh, how to codes really do give us the ability to do that against islamic state targets . the u. s. says that the taliban brushed it in terms of al qaeda targets. i think if there is a similarly high value target, al qaeda target in afghanistan will say that in the future they will certainly bay those against his lemming style targets. or when i have the opportunity so this probably might be the last but against al qaeda targets probably used more judiciously, i would argue, or just shanahan at the know institute in sydney. thank you very much for your time . my pleasure. how top white house official is wanting tyna not to manufacture a crisis over a possible visit to ty, one by us. house speaker, nancy pelosi,
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taiwanese media reporting that pelosi will visit the islands during her asia toll. the chinese government says it will view a visit by pelosi as a provocation, and warned that beijing would take strong counter measures in response and defended sovereignty and territorial integrity highway. or le, let's bring in correspondent zachary lee in ty pay. so zachary, what more do we know about nancy? pelosi is coming to ty, pay, and when is that supposed to happen? well the secret visit to taiwan now is apparently more clear in terms of her arrival time and itinerary for we can look at the preparation of ty was ministry. according to ty, once media defense ministry has reinforced come back a lead nurse level from tuesday morning to thursday noon. besides, local media has reported that nancy pelosi is likely to arrive at taipei on tuesday
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night. probably 1020 p. m. and she is expected to stay here overnight and meet with taiwan president. you weren't on wednesday. so it probably also mid some activities who are spoken about china's human right. hybrid. we have to also understand that the talent is government declined to comment on pillows. the visit, instead of confirming pillows this be the to taiwan. that was foreign ministry, told media that there would be an important guest visit in taiwan without giving any further information. and how concerned are taiwanese residents about this potential visits, and then the response coming from mainland china as many international experts say it is very risky, let pillows these visiting, tie one, and also the response from china be concerned. it's interesting to note that people here in taiwan actually expressed mixed views about pillows this read it well. most
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of them will come pelosi to taiwan and think and think of be that could be helpful for relation between taylor in the us. they also worried that china would punish taiwan with unreasonable actions. according to some experts i've talked to chinese response to palo, this be the to tie one could be unprecedented. as the chinese ministry previously said, you will not sit idly by if pelosi be this taiwan. but experts also say military conflict is unlikely to happen, actually for taiwan is people they are very used to the threat from b gene. and the warning of serious consequences from china doesn't really seem like a concern for locals. what's interesting is that most of time, when is people here actually care more about domestic political issue lately? relo lynn pillows, this possible visit. cool. thank you. zachary lee in taipei who are now well, let's take
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a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. authorities in california say to bodies were found after a blaze that broke out on friday. the so called mckinney wildfire has for at least 2000 people to evacuate. ukraine has resumed grain shipments from its black seaports. turkey which is overseeing the implementation of the deal. the 2 countries have signed with the un said it was a safer export to resume ukraine was able to, i was unable to ship stock piles of grain from its support. since russia invaded in every un secretary general antonia terrace has won. the world is closer to nuclear annihilation than at any other time since the cold war. he spoke at a, you and conference on reducing the spread of nuclear weapons. the non proliferation meeting was postponed for 2 years because of the pandemic. the stakes are high as the month long conference gets underway at the united nations headquarters
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in new york. russia put its nuclear forces on alert after it invaded ukraine. the u n's chief said the threat posed by nuclear weapons today hasn't been seen since the cold war and he issued this morning. we have been extraordinary lucky so far, but lucky is not the strategy, nor is it the shields from geopolitical tensions. marlene go over into nuclear, conflicts to with a humanity is just one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear at any lation. we need the treaty of non proliferation of nuclear weapons as much as ever. germany's foreign minister accused russia of reckless rhetoric and reminded signatories of their obligations to the non proliferation treaty or n p t. we are here to defend the rules based
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international order. the entity is not just the piece of paper. it embodies some of the most fundamental commitments of human kind to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to ensure nuclear weapons. i never used again and to work towards our common goal of a word free of nuclear weapons. in a letter to delegates, moscow said nuclear war should never be unleashed, and there could be no winners. the treaty is the cornerstone of global efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. over the following weeks, participants will discuss a consensus on future steps. japan is spearheading talks as the world's 1st and only country to be hit with atomic bombs. the push for agreement comes days
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ahead of the $77.00 diverse 3 of those nuclear attacks. so what does the u. n. want from these talks to companies, mikaela cooper has moved from new york. oh, in plain words, to bring a well leaders who have the the on to the offensive. and there's a lot of finger pointing towards north korea towards iran, where the german foreign minister called on iran to basically take that deal that is on the table. so hold iran, nuclear deal the day sci fi and actually make this happen now. and although there were some positive signals, and we had a fresh warning from the lincoln at the u. s. secretary of state who expect yet another nuclear test by north korea. so the hope is that in that there's a month of hope that will now be going on to find ways to limit the spread of
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nuclear weapons and also to get some fresh commitments to limit the number of nuclear weapons. because this so called stops to agreement that runs out in 2026. that sound that feels a long time away. but these talks are always very lengthy and they're very important indeed for global security. ok, mechanical net in new york. thank you so much. michaela. well, that is a reminder of our top stories. the sour u. s. president joe biden says the leader of al qaeda has been killed in an air strike. the alleged mastermind of the 911 attacks was targeted by the american drone in the afghan capital capital. taiwanese media reporting that your best health speaker, nancy pelosi will visit taiwan as part of her current asia trip. china has repeatedly warned of a potential military response if hello see,
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go through with the visit. well that, that you're up to date coming up next is all the latest business days with my colleague rob once. or you can also find much more news analysis and video on a website that is d w dot com. i'm really mohammed, thanks for watching. take care, bye bye. ah, with interest the global economy, our portfolio d w business b. like here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the flight for market dominant goosgo with d w business beyond a vibrant habitat.


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