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tv   Close up  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2022 5:30am-6:00am CEST

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it will all start up again soon. when does legal football action goals all in on kick off starts august 9th here on t w. finally. oh ah . ah. with mm
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hm. mm. some way in which it's the bullish to yeah. i knew when am i, what pain me the most was that i didn't really understand what was going on because yup and why i was leaving my home. but you might, i mean, i knew it was war. i didn't get through to be renewed, but something touched me inside the least over was an insight, a feeling that i was starting my life again from scratch, like all the other refugee missing outreach? no, yeah, yeah, boom, cook shit. what made me different was that i was taking pictures on spite of my luggage to work in my exhaustion. yeah. use your i in room like yard. so i moved with the other solid flea at the same pace as them you have should that you sure
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missed use of sim, you've done review for total 22 weeks after the russian invasion of ukraine. you recourse in left his home town of ear pin and headed for keys, where he boarded a train to krakow poland for years, his daughter vera has lived in krakow with her polish husband and their son, nikolai. they go. they welcomed yuri together with his cat. rosa, who he had brought from ear pain to safety set him up as when he, my dad kept calling and saying that everything was fine imaginable. it was important to hear that he was safe than the fighting started an opinion and boot shop. but that was terrible. for me,
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like an old my dad she but she didn't answer the phone book at the moment. i tried to calm myself down, thinking there was probably no electricity that he must be hiding sitting in a basement somewhere. but he might not be home. eventually, a friend of dads called and told me he was alive, that he had left a pin and made it to clean large. if the relief was enormous, isabel says i've been going up. let's take a look here. we sure. boy, j. e. i got on the train in krakow and stood there looking around in the very days that had suddenly i had this amazing moment that good night deeds. it was like birds fluttering up to greet me deep into dry. what a surprise is it that they really came it stalk just like little birds. so my child and my grandchild deity, with no key, will you pick up the glass a moment like that, or the fullness of it in a sometimes worth a whole life time is still you fairly recently in the reunion was overwhelming boa
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glasses. breaking off. we go down, delighted nanda. after a month in exile with his family in krakow eureka in, wanted to return to ukraine, him at the end of april 2022. he headed for home. the mayors of keys and european both advised against it at the time. the weight 4 cars at the polish ukrainian border was up to 2 days long. you rico's in cross the border on foot on the other side of the border. an acquaintance came to pick him up by car
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with. mm hm.
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the 1st traffic jams began long before keith, tens of thousands of ukrainians were returning to the capital of the liberated areas north of keith. ah no, cochrane has got it, was she? it can be it. but how can you make people understand autograph photography doesn't help her is vicky no great masterpieces, no class thick. so nothing helps you if you will. she all the efforts have been in vain me roy, wildly. after the 1st and 2nd world wars,
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a new consciousness seemed to emerge the way barley, but now it's starting all over again. he looked up yet with that she wouldn't, you would. i see all this incredible destruction of and i feel how angry i as you see the war is far away and there seems to be peace here again already, not the diesel, but i still feel the war. nevertheless. celia doctrine juice to it. ah ah .
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if this is darryl, good doll, this is the way to my home yet that, that all her get a sentimental i'll give you a tradition. no. what the, what the cut look, what's happened here in the of it, but my 3 kids up close to my house. it doesn't shipment. unimaginable yet. i'm speechless yet they just love she knew. but what, you can't explain why you have to defend your own country. you must warden obesity, which will not do this either. yes or no news? you. the answer is kahlia daily that ellen yet do you have to defend it or shin that much now does it lou
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double it, eric. well, that's my house. what would what should the movie? oh oh, yes, my head, my keys back here. the full moon
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. no or i feel joy, his i'm happy. who would he mischief domains at the same time. i think about how many people have lost their homes. every how many people have fled to other countries in kirkwood do gigs, throng, who are the me, i was lucky lot those to know know what duck me. even now i need to think about this new situation without a permission for to go look
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at the naturalists. it started so suddenly you cannot. i was still next time said noises always. there was artillery fire from one side and from the other. the duck woof city. we still had electricity and the internet was and i was keeping up to date, actually madrid you will up and yet i knew that more than 30 combat helicopters were in action. boy should it's easier to look at those notes by now. do so it was obvious they were trying to capture the antenna, airport and hostile mal. nearby, you can use no dumb, gast told me, you could feel how it was a battle of life and damaged your notaries and the spirit proceeded to chicago after a while. a missile struck
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a very close day of sham of an a 2 story house in the neighbourhood, starting bernie doll. he was sent in the brit your followers. this is the photo i took it when i ran out into the street to relieve your show. ah ah ah ah, what is it so that it looks like it it is. it was up with a to this what we're doing with it. the fire will off with me if you raise neighbor . ludmilla is
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a music teacher. i'm good as well. on march 24th 2022. her house was hit by a russian missile lynn's gun side. that's what it is. i'm. yeah, i'm good with with this was the washing machine and the boiler this was a month ago so me? yes. one month old mcmansions he just, oh, i took stood as a child. no one that has a shuttle should see bell don, you have dylan, the sick dogs is on one who destroys things. first destroys themselves. other than you do with your with exquisite. those who do the killing already simple mind
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a little that osha, issue, slither, shoot the top people who organize all enjoy watching from above and actually enjoy that at the these people cannot be called human beings. it's see lewis to be convenient, satisfied. they have never known love hidden within, and they have never understood that there is pleasure and music that advert soren, a flower music you more than that other word sir said to, which was whether he took a cue. look how beautifully the daisies blue males, passcodes malone, you have to learn that in your childhood. i knew what alien ever learn to feel. that is the worst thing, you know chilly, chew through it. a person who has no feelings lose themselves as a human being for the chile. ah
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ah, ah, ah, for decades you re, colson, has been one of ukraine's key cultural figures. not just as a photographic artist, but as a curator and an intellectual. i'm in yellow, congress decided as yo, i changed my profession. yep, sure. blue chalice norm but issues i know of. i used to work in cybernetics. avoid the e, then i decided to become a photographer, me, bullet years, low blog room negligence. when you get, you know, yeah, extreme while it was difficult for me to develop so many negative values and like normal parents in a conventional way of storage and your so i started experimenting with the group. he asked, i'll explain something completely new emerged is just to leave the group, the hood. ah,
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ah, ah, you rico since photographs of the disaster at the chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 are a testimony to his artistic approach. her as well as ukraine's recent history as photographs also document the peaceful orange revolution of 2004 against reg presidential elections. on the 2013 my don uprising protests for free, which were brutally suppressed by state powers. toville not daron. roger, where was fighting on my dad square. yet he better educated. these guys defended the barricades usual, but even many of them died we player than we are viewed eulogy. garza bullied.
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there was a mile into their eyes that already wiley booth. jacqueline bridge at a time was said, you could go to prison for wearing a mask it or as it is shyly wish you much. it had told the fact that these people allowed me to take their photos of you. it was a sign of trust. i surely injurious glue you can see all life into my soul in those eyes who agreed to shaw in the dream or to change something for the better still to his minions. gould schuman since russian president vladimir putin invaded ukraine on february 24th 2022. this dream of freedom and democracy has been under attack. just 3 days after the invasion, the 1st russian army units were in the city of pewter, ordering european, and shortly afterwards in european itself. if the russians could take and hold your pin, they would be just 15 kilometers away from keith,
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making the capitol vulnerable to a direct attack. the wood shall selzer the battle started at 8 o'clock in the morning, would be enough of $3.00. first. they bombarded us, which artillery for an hour then at 9 o'clock, the russian stormed in. the fighting lasted almost 8 hours. my reason will be luby, how can i describe it? it's not easy to understand. if you didn't go through it yourself. look. was out of this what we stood here mean prepared to die over a few more words. my comrades and i were looking for from we survived who
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after 2 weeks of heavy fighting units of the regular ukrainian army advanced and managed to stop the russians with counter attacks and air pin butcher and hostile mo. thank you. rico sin returned home just a few days before the orthodox eastern celebrations. oh, if it was a thorn with more than
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a thought was resolved with them of which if we couldn't, we thought we both thought was how good it says right? your absolute nor is that the absolute brothers and sisters and thought, those who started this war have done absolute evil up with you. because the most important thing, when the old testament is the word of god was lucy, most vow shalt not kill you causes him. he thought of the main point of the hill today, we pray not only for the living, but also for the fallen yourselves. may god give peace to the souls of the fallen soldiers who defended our country. what may god bless you all who thought he save us all october? happy easter moscow. better forgive me, but the difficult experiences of late. oh, and all destined the 21st century road scale wrong. it's too much for the human mind to understand. no, no god, i thought we were received god's blessings and make you let us survive this terrible time of war. whoops. you cannot visit that. would be threatening. vineyard would say is perhaps made out by
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may 2020 till around. 250 civilians had been killed in ear, pin, half of the city was occupied by russian troops for 4 weeks. here, families and friends are paying their last respects to aaliyah clorox. he was shot dead on march 6th. it was dissolved just beneath the doom which humanise other it bore you to his the him recently moved it was number lines to do it as a must have been bought. you bought in chic knees sales, the guys with
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with ah, digital use of dumps wish lakes variances here have shocked me and left a deep impression or miyoshi jessica, but i can't really process them yet. okay. mean, yeah, i'm trying to understand it, but how can i i only grew my actual cds gc. i'm not really interested in the devastation itself. and although i will photograph it, if i have the chance you give me a pretty decided so was worse when interest move most people's pain and suffering and a boy their experiences in that which is deeply human. no stood the chilly. it's you, scott, me in
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. ah ah ah ah, you recall since neighbour valentino rascal did not flee pin was, it is why we couldn't you? the roof of his house was hit by a grenade and all the windows were blown out. real close to the 1st and showing the warriors is the navy. if i stayed here in the creek, i would still be able to cover my painting somehow. it would be a pity to leave them behind. not doing it. if i fled and known,
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would take care of them all as this now, when i pick up a paint brush, since he's down to paint, immediately. thank you, said one of the missiles struck again of doing as a racket. how can i stop feeling afraid lower than that though i spoke with them, or i would like to concentrate and have some peace and quiet to think about a still life flowers or a lunch with the kid that with the visas. i have such fear in my soul through the constant cart, but everything is unsettled and unsafe but also the good news to each union that you are in a oh
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for the your year after the neighbors fled and i went to hide their cellar. it's small. yeah. one by 1.2 meters, sorry. for 10 days i sat in a bucket down there with the wall just a few days after the withdrawal of russian troops from european and future, the criminal police began investigate in war cry while if it was the support of international authorities. 61 year old nikolai du bic was killed here by a grenade. as he was preparing tea in his yard hold on, his nephew and a neighbor buried him in a makeshift grave not far from his house. ah,
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art critic, victoria marina, and co. an acquaintance of eureka sins returned to keep from western ukraine just a few days ago. he died to be a 1st hours after the liberation of the local channels where the scariest described it. and when the camera teams came out at the blue, some is there, i thought they were very import at version of the talker 1st, have to document everything very quickly. the doctor for the graph one photographer, might go there to shoot a photo that they hope will become a masterpiece. i'd go with the, for the grass. you another goes back to record evidence of the crimes kamisha. you get to loved it. the worse to bushek euro it even that because i just,
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i to piece to pin, he put on me a decent, put rush. it makes me angry when the world is presented. as the opposite of reality, there were meters to what does russia say? dosher? well, they turn things upside down to saying, we're not jesus. pity we're but they're becoming nazis themselves. that's i missed that lose. it's unbelievable yet. it's all very difficult for people to understand . we looked at a picture to even a truthful one. little boy, there's but in the picture, but people see a contradiction of reality, but i'd like to present real or fake feelings. does the picture truly reflect reality? i wish you might. she chess were filming in my home town right now that you could sort of yours the place in which i live. ah, but that i no longer recognize to ship those. we will do. it feels like we're already in a kind of post war period where you can, but the country is still fighting a war, not liquidity of sustain. many people fear that a missile could strike at any moment which door you would omit, or which will not only change the face of the city,
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but also completely joined people's emotional directly at that media boylen this to be zak, yoko gorda. i get the impression that the russian fascists are doing this had wanted purposely spits, i'll know that you'd st. dahlia. could they shoot anywhere um, just to terrorize all of norwood you it does the rock that british radio that that's their goal man. they believe they'll ton the minute change us little bit at the moment, but they won't teach you. no, probably we'll fight yet myself into neighborhood. so lee cock with khaki. yeah. ah ah ah ah. busy the fear
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is palpable. ah will tuten also attack the republic of moldova divided between pro european pro russia. people are desperate as they feel the threats of more than any other country mold in 15 minutes on d w. tow indian food india cities living bigger and bigger and the heat is getting worse and worse. what can be done and farming plants health down the climate in low income families can grow their own vegetables. a true win win situation due to india. 90 minutes on
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d w o . this is the w news live from berlin, u. s. president joe biden analysis the death of the alleged mazda minds of the $911.00 attacks. with my direction, united states successfully concluded nurse to ride in kabul, afghanistan mc kill the mirror alone. cut him on our john strike in the afghan capital killed the 2nd in command of al qaeda. although coming .


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