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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah, this me her women season to this week, who ah ah, this is d w. news alive from berlin, the u. s. to class the death of an alleged mastermind of the 911 attacks in my direction. united states successfully concluded nurse try and come oh, i've can't stand and kill the mirror, carton him on l z. our president joe biden says
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a drawn strike in the afghan capital killed the reclusive terrorist commander. also coming up tensions over a possible stop over in taiwan havanese, media site us housebreaking. nancy pelosi will visit the island during her asia trip. china has threatened a military response. whitehouse his beijing is overreacting. and today you many, he's just when he's understanding when miscalculation away from nuclear, at an e lation, a stock warning from the head of the united nations that talks on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. ah m. anthony howard walk into the program. the united states says that is killed the leader of al qaeda. i'm an old so why kitty, in a drone struck in afghanistan, he was one of the founders of the terrorist. and had been in hiding for more than
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a decade as to why he allegedly carried out a key role in the planning on the $911.00 attacks alongside the summer been law is dead, comes a year after the u. s. forces pulled out of afghanistan, u. s. as the taliban has been sheltering also, why heated inner m and president joe biden announced al z a y hit his death saying he was killed in a drone strike on a house in the afghan capital cobble on saturday. or jose community located is our hearing. earlier this year had moved to downtown couple to reunite with members of his immediate family. after carefully considering a clear and convincing evidence of his location, i authorized the precision strike that would remove him from the battlefield once and for all. this mission was carefully plan, rigorously minimize the risk of harm rather civilians. and one week ago to read advise, the conditions were optimal. i gave the final approval to go get him. and the
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mission was a success. none of his family members were hurt. there were no civilian casualties . the telephone has responded by condemning the attack, sang. it violated an agreement with the u. s. other it's withdrawal for more and now joined by roger shanahan, a middle east security expert at the low institute in sydney, australia. thanks for your time. roger. you served in afghanistan with the australian military. are you surprised as to why he was located in the capital in a good neighborhood of cobbled? certainly i think this thing that exercising most people's minds, most people would have assumed that when he was killed, it would have been somewhere along the afghan pakistan border in a remote part of either of those 2 countries. but the fact that it is found in the center of kabul, ah, is puzzling to cite laced and obviously, right,
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the series questions about the relationship between the taliban and al qaeda. the next question being given that alpha y haiti was located under their noses. is it possible the taliban did not know he was living in cobble? well, there's probably more information to come out about that, but does. but the publicly available information is that it appears there is some relationship between at the owner of the house or who was fostering at zwang greece. ah, present, stare and ah, the interior ministry in the taliban. so the more of these links put together, the hot or it's got a bay for the taliban, decide i knew nothing about is what does it tell us, roger about the role of el al qaeda operating in afghanistan today? well, i suppose is 2 elements to it. is the islamic state element, which um i have been targeted by by the taliban oversee by the united states.
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but there is the relationship between al qaeda ah, and the taliban neff. galveston, which is obviously targeted by the west, but ah, out quite a oh, sorry. tell the been a bit more circumspect. i regarding their relationship with them in better external partners, all parties abilities to target them. so that's going to be one of the fascinating things we're probably gonna find out hopefully of the next weeks and months yet. when did he in a cobble, under what agreement was he in there? what was he doing there besides being with his family? who else was seeing him who is sponsoring him while he was there a whole range of questions that rise? yeah, that we want some answers to before we can start to join the dots in the taliban al qaeda relationship in afghanistan. just in twins in terms of operationally speaking . how is this operation different from side, the bin laden operation?
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well this was a remote kinetic attack. it just used to help i'm missiles from what we, i understand and does a particular types of missiles and non explosive. again, as far as we've been told that have blades that shoot out of them and so minimizes collateral damage and is really just there to, to kill the individual. and that's what appears to have happened in this instance in the summer, been loudon assault. there were troops on the ground, there were several helicopters, went in to pakistani, i to re pakistani this by to about a bed. so i'm quite different the, the, the 2 of them. but both the same in the, in a particularly precise information about one of the if not the highest priority terrorist target to execute those operations spots shanahan at the low institute in
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sydney. many thanks my pleasure. now media in taiwan are reporting that us how speak and nancy pelosi will visit the self governing island as a part of asia to plus he has not commented on the possible trip, but there is speculation she could stop over on tuesday night. route. chinese government says it would view a visit by policy as a provocation, and warned its military could take strong counter measures in response. john of use taiwan as part of its own territory. a white house official said there was no need for china to turn the situation into a crisis. let's bring in d, w correspondence. zachary lee in taipei. zachary, there are suddenly a lot riding on this house or are we that nancy pelosi will be coming to die. pay will many local media in the us media have reported that hello. see we're wrapping
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taipei on tuesday night. we can also see that i was armed forces enter a higher state of preparedness from tuesday morning to thursday. in addition this morning, according to reuters several chinese plains flew close to the median line, dividing tiwana trade. those could be indications, nancy pelosi is likely to arrive in taiwan soon. according to one of my sources in a taiwanese government, pelosi is likely to arrive in taipei at 10 p. m. local time. and she's expected to stay here overnight and meet with taiwan presidents, how you win on wednesday. and again, this is not official statement met by the us government, only taiwanese authorities come for me pillow the fee, the we will just need to wait and see a people in type one worried zachary, about by genes reaction. how closely of a listening to what chinese officials are saying on the matter frankly, town is people here are very used to the threats from china. so i don't see many
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concerns funding local people. however, china has made clear warning of consequences if pelosi be these 2 type one. anti 1 may really suffer from reactions from china to treat. for example, is morning china placed a band hundreds of products in podium from taiwan. and this will cost heavily loads these from some type of for some time. one is companies, local media has connected to china, spend 2 pillows this possible be the to taiwan. and how does tie one benefit from this kind of visit, keeping in mind, the leader that leading members of the, by the administration has made it clear that this is just a private trip. well, you have to note that hello see if they can in line to the us presidency and she will be the high ranking us politician to visit taiwan in 25 years. so pelosi as a high profile politician from the waste. a trip was show the close nations between
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the u. s. and tie one. and this is this approach. they tie one is an isolated, i think, entity in a global society always thinks for from other governments. so in general, hello, hello. this is, it was show the american people approach and solidarity for a fellow democracy. so it's very significant for taiwan for sure. that really and thanks so much. okay, tom, to take a look now, some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the thirty's in california they to bodies were found after a blaze. the fork out on friday. so cold mckinney wildfire has forced at least 2000 people to evacuate flies of also broken out in the western state of oregon and montana police in bolivia of quest with coca farmers protesting over the establishment of a coca market in the capital lopez. the country's leading growers association claims the new market is illegal. it's run by
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a rival. doctors in brazil have successfully separated twins, co joined at the head. surgery took more than 20 hours to complete. it has been called the most complex of its kind. a 3 year old twins were born with a fused brain. i will now spend 6 months in hospital rehabilitating. ukraine has resumed grain shipments from its black see ports, turkey which is overseeing the implementation of the deal. the 2 countries signed with the un said it was safe for exports to resume. ukraine had been unable to ship stockpiles of grain from its port since russia invaded in february. now the head of the united nations has warned that the world is now closer to nuclear annihilation that at any time since the cold war, secretary general antonia who tenisha made the star comment. so the un conference aimed at reducing the spread of nuclear weapons. the non proliferation meeting was
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postponed for 2 years because of pandemic. the stakes are high as the month long conference gets under way at the united nations headquarters in new york. russia put its nuclear forces on alert after it invaded ukraine. the u ends chief set, the threat posed by nuclear weapons today hasn't been seen since the cold war and he issued this morning. we have been extraordinary. lucky so far, but luck is not the strategy, nor is it. the shields from geopolitical tensions marlene over into nuclear, conflicts to with a humanity is just one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear, at any lation. we need the treaty of non proliferation of nuclear weapons as much as ever. germany's foreign minister accused russia of reckless rhetoric and
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reminded signatories of their obligations to the non proliferation treaty or n p t. we are here to defend the rules based international order. the entity is not just the piece of paper. it embodies some of the most fundamental commitments of human kind to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to ensure nuclear weapons. i never used again and to work towards our common goal of a word free of nuclear weapons. in a letter to delegates, moscow said nuclear war should never be unleashed, and there could be no winners. the treaty is the cornerstone of global efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. over the following weeks, participants will discuss
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a consensus on future steps. japan is spearheading talks as the world's 1st and only country to be hit with atomic bombs. the push for agreement comes days ahead of the $77.00 diverse 3 of those nuclear attacks. now here's a quick reminder at the top stories we're following for you. this l u s. president joe biden says the leader of al qaeda has been killed in an extra. i'm on to so why he was the alleged mastermind of the 911 attacks targeted by u. s. thrown in the afghan capital of cub. he's been in hiding more than a decade and media in taiwan reporting us. how speak a nancy pelosi will visit taiwan as part of his current asia trip. john has repeated its warning of a potential military response if policy goes through with the vision.
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all right, that's all for now. there is of course more to be found at a website at any time that i've been said d, w dot com, more still on social media at d. w. news is the handle, the need for both twitter and for instagram. now rob walks will be in the chair next with business news that's coming up after a short break. stay tuned for that. and i'll be back at the top of the hour with another nice board from here in beverley stay with with riddle.


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