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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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sally's teachings or elephants, ah, gandhi's legacy sorts of august 6th on d. w. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is d w. news live from bill in the u. s. declared. the death of the alleged master mine of the 911 attacks in my direction. united states successfully concluded nearest her in cabal afghans stand and kill the mirror. o carter. him on o zoer. as an a joe biden says,
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a drawn strike in the afghan capital killed the reclusive terrorist. amanda also coming up tensions over a possible stop over in taiwan. taiwan government sources say he was house speaker nancy pelosi will visit the ivan during to asia trip. china has britain a military response, the white house his beijing is overreacting. ah, i'm anthony howard. welcome to the program. the united states says it has killed the leader of al qaeda. i'm m l, a holy of the in a drone strike in afghanistan, it was one of the founders of the terrorist group and had been in hiding for more than a decade. as a y e d allegedly carried out the key role in planning the 911 attacks alongside osama, bin laden is death comes a year after us forces pulled out of afghanistan,
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u. s. as accused the taliban of sheltering also. why he the despite agreeing not to support terrorist group, if you will have a president, joe biden announced l z a y, heed his death saying he was killed in a drone strike on a house in the afghan capital cobble on saturday. or jose community located is our here, e. earlier this year, he had moved to downtown couple to reunite with members of his immediate family. after carefully considered a clear and convincing evidence of his location. i authorized a precision strike that would remove him from the battlefield. once and for all, this mission was carefully plan, rigorously minimize the risk of harm rather civilians. and one week ago, to read advise that the conditions were optimal. i gave the final approval to go get. the mission was a success. none of his family members were hurt. there were no civilian casualties . now the taliban has responded by condemning the attack saying it violated an
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agreement with the u. s. a. its withdrawal from the country. early i spoke to middle east a security expert raja shanahan who served with the striding military in afghanistan . i asked if he was surprised that elza why he was tracked to such a conspicuous place. certainly i think this thing that exercising most people's minds, most people would have assumed that when he was killed, it would have been somewhere along the afghan pakistan border in a remote part of either of those 2 countries. but the fact that it was found in the center of kabul ah, is puzzling site laced and obviously, right, the series questions about the relationship between the taliban and al qaeda. the next question being given that al z a y haiti was located under they noses. is it possible the taliban did not know he was living in cobble? well, there's probably more information to come out about that,
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but does. but the publicly valuable information is that it appears there is some relationship between the owner of the house or who was fostering at zwang freeze. ah, present, stare and ah, the interior ministry in the taliban. so the more of these links to put together, the harder it's got a bay for the taliban decide than you nothing about is. what does it tell us, roger about the role of el al qaeda operating in afghanistan today? well, i suppose is 2 elements to it. is the is let me state element which am i have been targeted by the taliban oversee by the united states. but there is a relationship between al qaeda ah, and the taliban afghanistan, which is obviously targeted by the west. but i out caught a, oh sorry taliban, a bit more circumspect. i regarding their relationship with them and that external
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partners all parties abilities to target them. so that's going to be one of the fascinating things we're probably gonna find out hopefully of the next weeks and months yet. when did he in a cobble, under what agreement was he in there? what was he doing there besides being with his family? who else was seeing him who is sponsoring him while he was there a whole range of questions that rise? yeah, that we want some answers to before we can start to join the dots in the taliban. al qaeda relationship in afghanistan, just in twins in terms of operationally speaking. how is this operation different from side, the bin laden operation? well, this was a remote kinetic attack. it just used to help i'm missiles from what we, i understand and those particular types of missiles are non explosive. again,
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as far as weight being told that have blades that shoot out of them. and so minimizes collateral damage and is really just there to, to kill the individual. and that's what appears to have happened in this instance in the summer, been loudon assault. there were troops on the ground. there were several helicopters that went in to pakistani at pakistan. it is by 2 about a bet, so i'm quite different the 2 of them but by the same you know, in a particularly precise information about one of the if not the highest priority terrorist target to execute those operations are just shanahan at the low institute and see the many thanks my pleasure. our tub on government, so say that us house speaker nancy pelosi will visit the self governing island. plus you have not commented on the possible trip, but some officials say they expect to to stop over on tuesday night. unless he is
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currently in malaysia as part of asia to the chinese government says it would view any visit to taiwan as a provocation and warrant its military could take strong counter measures in response, john abuse to have one as its own territory. the biden administration is understood to be against the stop either, but says pelosi has the right to visit the island. now dw correspondence, zachary lee is in taipei. he told us what he has learned about policies. possible visit to table were according to civil associate from taiwan, the town his government as worth local media, nancy pelosi may arrive in taiwan in few hours. the arrival time is likely to be $1020.00 p. m. local time. is this expected to meet taiwan president? how you weren't? well this morning, a report shows that server chinese war plains flew close to the median line, dividing the tower trade. besides thailand,
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defense ministry has reinforced combat alertness label from tuesday to thursday, los, or indicate the high possibility of hello this trip to taiwan. but again, this is nadia come for publicly or any officials here in taiwan or in the us. now everyone is watching closely. pelosi will make a stop over here. they're watching close the up people in taiwan worried. zachary about beijing's reaction. how closely are they listening to what chinese officials a saying on that? were you could talk to people on the street. no one is actually concerned about a threat or reaction from b gin. this is because ty, one is people are very used to china's threats for many years. hence they don't take the warning from china really seriously. however, how we learnt this morning is late. china has placed a band and hundreds of products imported from taiwan, and this will cause heavy losses for some towing companies. local media has
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connected le band to pillows this trip to tie one. zachary, stay with me. i want to get some context here as china issues a clear warning of a policy not to travel to taiwan. tensions between the us and china of the island have been building for some time with each side, blaming the other over the escalation. let's have a look at how this unfold. he jeff james hefnel. don't play with fire all high. that was chinese president. she jan ping's message to was us counterpart joe biden . in the most recent talks, china claims the u. s. is dangerously close to crossing a line on taiwan with its messages of support for the islands. independence in may . biden broke with years of u. s. policy by promising military support. if china tried to invade are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that, yes, you are. as a commitment,
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we made the u. s. as china is the one disrupting the status quo. over the past year, she jan ping has provoked taiwan with incursions into its air space and calls for an end to taiwanese self rule. fool, i'm sure the historical mission of the reunification of the motherland must be and will surely be realised. negotiate a jing sees the island as the chinese territory temporarily occupied by the political airs of those who lost the chinese civil war. 1949. since then, taiwan has governed itself, running regular military and civilian drills to prepare for a possible chinese invasion. to pass that china has laid out off is neither a free and democratic way of life. the taiwan no sovereignty for 23000000 people. many in the west see it as a fight between democracy and authoritarianism. but that's not the only reason why the u. s. is involved. taiwan is integral to u. s. strategy to check china's power in the pacific. the taiwan strait is one of
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the most important shipping lanes and global trade. and the majority of the world's advanced semiconductors, used in everything from smartphones to cars. joke are made on the island, tries to relocate product in line. if china successfully imposes its rule on taiwan, that would be a big blow to the u. s. in a victory for she jam packed utah. he did, but he was, and biden, untie both have a lot to lose. should they know a full blown war could be the worst case scenario for both their country swan could be on cobra. that like i back with the w correspondence act really in taipei. so what's at stake here for tie one, zachary, could they benefit really from this kind of visit, keeping in mind that leading members of the body administration have made it clear . this is just a private trip exactly. well, but you have to note that pelosi is actually taken in lie to you as president. see if she really be this tie was she will be the highest ranking us politician to
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visit highway in 25 years. this will be a very significant for tie. 150, always think, support from other countries. as we know, taiwan is isolated from the global society and the coast lation between the u. s. anti one would of course be very significant for tie one. and this is how thick nearby can distribute. zachary lee in taipei, thanks so much. i appreciate. okay, let's now get you up to speed on some of the other stories making headlines around the world to sell. authorities in california say to bodies were found after a blaze for friday. so cold mckinney wildfire has forced at least 2000 people to evacuate. 5 also broken out in the western state of oregon and montana. as in brazil have successfully separate the twins, co joined at the head. surgery took more than 20 hours to complete and has been called the most complex of its kind. the 3 rolled twins were born with
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a fused brain and spend 6 months in hospital rehabilitating. strand shipments from ukraine have restarted under a un broke a deal to end russia's blockade. exports of wheat, corn, and other key commodities had been halted since the start of the war in february, contributing to a global food supply shortage. the 1st cargo shipped potted from odessa on monday. your clients, as 16 more vessels are waiting to follow up to 60000000 tons of grain and fertilizer could be exported over the next 5 months. under the deal. earlier i spoke to d w berg. it's a sugar in chief and asked her how optimistic ukrainian authorities are about returning to a normal schedule of grain deliveries. we could sense here in, in keith, a huge relief and that this 1st shipment went that well, but you quoted presidency. lensky is 90 address. he said,
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don't be overly optimistic because obviously ukraine doesn't trust at the russian security guarantees, especially as he russia had attacked the address support on the hours after the great a deal was signed. and it's important to say that the even more challenging part of the deal is still to come. because the big question is, will the ship owners be a really ready to send their ships into a heavily mind harbor in a war zone? and will they get affordable an insurance? because we have heard a lot of comments by the insurance industry. they said, yeah, they say the, the deal still have to worked out. we need more procedures to really assure that the ships can go there safely and pick up the grains for the work markets. from d, w 's begin to showcase in keys. let's take a quick reminder at the top story we're following for you, the salad. you as president joe biden is the leader of al qaeda, has been killed in an extra
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a month. also why he was an alleged mastermind of the $911.00 attacks was targeted by us strong in the afghan capital cobbled convenient hiding more than a decade and that is all the news for now at card aphasia. close up is next. with an episode, go back in the wall following ukrainian photography uti close to return to his war, grabs town that's coming up. after a short break. any campus mckinnon will be in the chair at the top of the hour. that's open that with a vibrant habitat and didn't go listening place of long in the mediterranean sea scene of l muster. and so far, abdul karim drift along with exploring the modern lifestyles and the mediterranean,


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