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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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and re imagined that these teachings for relevance to a short august 6th on dw ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, russia labels, ukraine's as old regiments as a terrorist organization. of course, in moscow rules fighters from the group with sar right? origins can face harsh sentences, many are in russian prisons awaiting that. also coming up,
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the u. s. declared that the death of the alleged mastermind of the 911 attacks it says, al qaeda head, i'm and also a harry was killed in a drone strike in afghanistan. off the gears in hiding and tensions over a possible stop. over in taiwan, taiwan, government sources say us house speaker, nancy pelosi will visit the island during asia trip. china has threatened and military response. the white house says beijing is overreacting, plus life changing surgery for controlling twins after 3 years spent joined ap ahead doctors use virtual reality and spend more than a day or pricing on the total as we look at that remarkable new chance as a life apart. ah,
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i manuscript mckennan, thanks so much for joining us. we saw the show with some breaking news. russia's supreme court has designated ukraine's as of regiment as a terrorist group. as a decision may allow harsh sentences against the as of fighters who are now russian prisoners of war. the as of regiment is a ukrainian military unit with the far right and nationalist background. it was the focus of russia's claims about fascist elements in ukraine. many were involved in the month long siege at steel plant and mario full russian back separatists have called for them to be executed. and i'll be talking to a correspondent in keith for reactions in just a moment. but 1st, let's take a look at what the as of regiment is. this was the, as of still works earlier this year, inside thousands of fighters from the so called as of regiment. from within the
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tunnels, under the steel plant, the regiments leaders sent out video messages furnaces witnesses are repeal to the world as could be the last appeal of our lives. we are probably facing our last days if not hours, the enemy out numbers us tend to one, but it is enough. they didn't last much longer. ordered to surrender by the government and keith, the steel plants defenders were taken prisoner. russian officials called them nazis . the group does have a far right history. it was founded in 2014 as a volunteer militia to fight pro russian separatists and the don bass region. current members have rejected bin cold nationalists or radicals. however, they say they're patriots. russian media also said the group mistreated civilians and murder you poll, but without evidence videos showed fighters helping civilians evacuate in the days before the surrender. since then,
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the captured fighters have become pawns and the game potential assets in an eventual swap or ceasefire negotiations. as the war grounds on without them and some run this we can bring indeed at least the get ashika who is in keith. they get her. can you tell us what's the like the reaction going to be to this news in keith we just spoke to family members of the soldiers of the as of regiment and they told us they are deeply shocked. and the only official reaction they want to give is that they want russian to put on an international terrel at risk. for many here, this news in ukraine comes as a shock, even though we don't have any official governmental reaction. because the so just of the other regiment, our after having defended the mario paul city of morrow pulled for so long
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are really heroes. and even after they have surrendered to the russian. and this news also comes in a moment only 3 days after a detention facilities where soldiers of the hours of regiment were detained was attacked. and several, dozens of these fighters and a were killed. ukraine and russia are blaming each other for this, but the indications of the evidence seems as if russia was and was responsible for that attack. that's at least the assessment here in ukraine that russia tried to hide evidence of mistreatment and, and killings. so there have been a lot of protests already about this topic, and many also here in ukraine have demanded to put rash on this terrible list. so the scenery heroes in ukraine,
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they are prisoners of war and russia deserving of harsh punishment. can you give us any more information about what this decision might mean for the as of fighters currently being held by russia? when those 2500 a fight us off, the hours of regiment surrendered in my report, they were given a guarantee that they would be a treated as prisoners of war. and according to virginia geneva convention, that would mean that it's not allowed to charge them only because they were part of this fighting. but now with the claiming that they are a terrorist organization that can change and russia can actually start charging them and they might face even even death penalty. and a lawyer, i just talked to her here in ukraine who's m representing a lot of families of those as with other regimen fighters. and he
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told me, it might be also like maybe only a political game that are russia only tries to, to raise the price if to say so. and of those fighters to, to have them in a like a prisoner swap, get, get more russian prisoners out of. but definitely many here are very, very worried about this because we have been seen this pedant over the past months that russia is started again. and again, criminalize prisoners of war and this verse many here because many have family or friends in the army and nobody knows if one of them will be a prisoner of war at, at times. forget a shocker in he. thanks so much. ok. now, another important development in a rush is a war grain shipments from ukraine have restarted under a u and broke
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a deal to end russia's blockade. exports of wheat, corn, and other key commodities had been halted since the start of the war in february, contributing to global food supply shortage. the 1st cargo ship departed from odessa on monday, after a corridor of the black sea was declared safe to sail a sign of hope for many the 1st cargo ship to leave ukraine. since the start of the conflict, there are $26000.00 tons of cone on board, headed to lebanon with a very relieved crew hall obama can. it's so liberating after being stuck here for so long. it's an incredible feeling to be able to return to my homeland about about 20000000 tons of grain are still waiting to be exported from ukraine. but this 1st ship is an important start, says un secretary general gutierrez. this ship dimensions vessel. rosanna
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is loaded with 2 commodities in short supply corn and hope. hope for millions of people that on the old will depend on the smooth running of ukraine sports to feed their families. the ship has made it out of ukrainian waters and is due to enter the boss for a straight for you and inspection on tuesday night. meanwhile, in ukrainian ports on the black sea, 16 more grain freighters are waiting to depart. the united states says it has killed the leader of al qaeda. i man owls, our harry and adrian strike in afghanistan. he was one of the founders of the terrace group and had been in hiding for more than a decade. us officials said the c, i carried out an operation on sunday targeting the man they believe was central to planning the 911 attacks in the heart of this wealthy cobble neighbourhood where many taliban leaders reside. the head of al qaeda found a hide out,
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but not out of washington's sides. a u. s. official says i am unable to why harry was identified on multiple occasions. spending time on the balcony of the house where he was eventually struck early on sunday morning. now we have eliminated the mirror of al qaeda. he will never again, never again allow of kingston to become a teacher. so shaven because he is gone and we're going to make sure nothing else happens. you know, i can't be a launching providence united states. we're going to see to that won't happen. the gyptian bones a why harry was osama bin laden's, right hand man before lay to succeeding him as head of al qaeda. the u. s. says he was actively involved in planning the september 11th attacks in the us, as well as other al qaeda operations, including 2 u. s embassy bombings in east africa in 1998. and the attack on the u. s. s. cole
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warship in yemen, in 2000. following the strike that killed him, the taliban accused the u. s. a violating international principles and the door agreement. but for the americans, it's the taliban who's broken? that 2020 accord by providing cover for the winery who's killing is the 1st known us strike in afghanistan. since washington pulled out its troops a year ago now and nearest to generous and nazi who lived in afghanistan for many years. he said he was surprised to learn that i'm anal zillow . harry had been located in the capital that it was the leader romano z o e r. came to me as a surprise on that old hind on members. also high ranking members have visited, cobble at least and stayed there temporarily since the fall off of count us until the 20 bon was not a surprise. it has, for example, been credibly reported in several un reports during the past year. given that he
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was living in such a central location, is it clear that the taliban were helping to shelter him and his family nothing can be said were certainty. but it is really hard to imagine that no one in the taliban regime would have known about this and given the location. so it is very likely that they knew. apparently it was kept secret of from almost every body on the theory of to strike on sunday. i talked to a source in called blue with connection tutor, jihad the scene. and he told me that no one would know anything. um, so apparently even well place people, i hadn't any idea that he was there. okay. but if it's likely that they knew he was there, does this mean that al qaeda has been operating freely in afghanistan since the u.
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s. withdrawal? not since the u. s. was throw um, if you go back off alti, though, has never been completely eradicated. so for people who follow the subject, it was always clear that some people, some, okay, i'll kind operatives are around of conason and how much they did. what exactly they did. that was the question mark, but that they are around that, that they are active has already been the case before told him on takeover again with i'm ronald's of what he, it was suspect that, that he, somewhere into i've gone a san pocket on border area with sources on this agreeing on which side of the border that he was in call loop was certainly a surprise, but it all condos around and is not a surprise at all. and can you give us a sense of how this operation was different from the bin laden operation in 2011?
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it was completely different. here we were talking about the cia drone shooting, apparently to rockets into that house, according to us officials. and it was a type of messiah that doesn't have a warhead, so there's no explosion right before the impact blades protrude from the messiah. and it's more or less for reading the target. so basically, you shoot a bunch of iron into the target to only kill one person and not create much collateral damage in uh, bolt up up. the been long no peroration was a military operation with like special forces going on the ground going inside. i'm hunting for to target, so it's completely different modus operandi. feminist france. nazi, thanks so much. taiwan, government sources say that u. s. how speak and nancy pelosi will visit the self governing island. apaloosa has not commented on the possible trip, but some officials say they do expect her to stop over there. on tuesday night,
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lucy has departed malaysia for the next leg of her asia tore. the chinese government is saying it would view any visit to taiwan as a provocation and has warned its military could take strong counter measures in response. china views taiwan as its own territory. the biden administration is understood to be against the stop over. it has said that pelosi has the right to visit the island. now, earlier i spoke to d. w correspondent suits some hun, who's in taipei. and i asked what more is known about polo sees possible schedule now that her arrival in taiwan does seem likely? yes, you're right, we've just heard that how and he's authorities have deployed police forces to ensure the personal safety of what they call of the 4 in guest without naming them . and there is already a certain itinerary, according to a source close to the government. they say closely would arrive at 10 20 pm local time,
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as they overnight at the hotel and tomorrow morning. she will go to the taiwanese parliament to meet the legislators. and afterwards she will meet tony's president's high england, who will host her at a state banquet. we are watching closely if all these would happen. okay, so looks like there's some pretty certain plans already. can you tell us how people in taiwan feel about beijing's reaction to this? all they worried about beijing's quite strong words. while people here have been listening to china's warnings closely, but most are used to it. the warnings have been there for the past 70 years. it's hard for people to believe that anything breaking would happen overnight and how as people actually have this miscellaneous feelings towards pelosi visit. on one hand, it could be a signal to show how the u. s. would keep his promise to protect taiwan. should a hot war really breaks out. on the other hand, no one wants the escalation to that level. as opposed shows most people still want to remain the status quo. and that is to be able to live the current democratic
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life under the he was in china rivalry. okay, so we're going to come back to you in just a moment. first, we're going to take a look at how tensions between the u. s. and china over the island have been building for some time with each side, blaming each other for the escalation, he give jean campbell don't play with fire. well i, that was chinese president, she's in pings message to his u. s. counterpart, joe biden. in their most recent talks, china claims the u. s. is dangerously close to crossing a line on taiwan with its messages of support for the islands. independence in may . biden broke with years of u. s. policy by promising military support. if china tried to invade are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. as a commitment we made the u. s. says china is the one disrupting the status quo.
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over the past year, she jan ping has provoked taiwan with incursions into its air space and calls for an end to taiwanese self rule. fool, i'm sure the historical mission of the reunification of the motherland must be and will surely be realised. negotiate a jing, seize the island as a chinese territory temporarily occupied by the political airs of those who lost the chinese civil war. 1949. since then, taiwan has governed itself, running regular military and civilian drills to prepare for a possible chinese invasion. to pass that china has laid out off is neither a free and democratic way of life to taiwan. no sovereignty for 23000000 people. many in the west see it as a fight between democracy and authoritarianism. but that's not the only reason why the u. s. is involved. taiwan is integral to u. s. strategy to check china's power in the pacific. the taiwan strait is one of
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the most important shipping lanes and global trade. and the majority of the world's advanced semiconductors, used in everything from smartphones to cars. joke are made on the island, tries to relocate production line. if china successfully imposes its rule on taiwan . that would be a big blow to the u. s. and a victory for she didn't pass through y'all. he didn't, but he was, and biden unhappy both have a lot to lose. should they know a full blown war could be the worst case scenario for both their country slunk would eat on. go be thought. can you give us an idea at what exactly is at stake here? and, and could there even be any kind of benefit from this kind of visit by nancy pelosi? no, there is not any obvious benefit. but under the current situation, china hass standard is military economic pressure on taiwan for this puzzle. a private trip earlier today. chinese military aircraft flu close to the straits central line. and china has also just plays
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a thon band on hundreds of food products imported from taiwan. and there's a war either. sooner or later taiwan would fall like hong kong or ukraine. so even if close he doesn't visit high one, there's also no benefit. so some determination is solidarity from the democratic allied are seen necessarily needed when china doesn't change its behavior and policies. thanks so much for your reporting. sued soon hon in taipei. thank you. time now to take a look at some of the uh, stories making headlines around the world. british airways is suspending sales of short hall flights from. 5 london heathrow airport for the next week. the decision comes after he throw placed a cap on the number of departing passengers to help deal with chronic staff shortages. the airport has asked airlines to stop selling tickets and to cut lights, stirring up criticism phases in the us state of kansas, a deciding whether to remove the right to abortion from the state constitution.
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it's the 1st major ballot on the issue since the supreme court revoked the constitutional right to abortion. in june, the vote is being seen as a test case for abortion rights. across the u. s. protest as occupying iraq's parliament have settled in for a 4th day. followers of the powerful cleric mach todd al serra storm the fortified government zone on saturday and have vowed to remain in the building. thousands of counter protest is also taken to the street, demanding that outside of supporters, leave parliament immediately. authorities in california, they 2 bodies were found after a blaze that broke out on friday. the so called mckinney wildfire has forced at least 2000 people to evacuate fires of also broken out in the western states of oregon and montana. the head of the united nations has warned that the world is now closer to nuclear annihilation than at any time since
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the cold war. secretary general antonio good harish made the start comments at a you and conference aimed at reducing the spread of nuclear weapons. the non proliferation meeting was postponed for 2 years because of the pandemic. the stakes are high as the month long conference gets underway at the united nations headquarters in new york. russia put its nuclear forces on alert after it invaded ukraine. the u ends chief set, the threat posed by nuclear weapons today hasn't been seen since the cold war and he issued this morning. we have been extraordinary lucky so far, but lucky is not the strategy, nor is it the shields from geopolitical tensions. barling over into nuclear, conflicts to with a humanity is just one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear, at any lation. we need the treaty of non proliferation of nuclear weapons as much
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as ever. germany's foreign minister accused russia of reckless rhetoric and reminded signatories of their obligations to the non proliferation treaty or n p t. we are here to defend the rules based international order. the entity is not just the piece of paper. it embodies some of the most fundamental commitments of human kind to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to ensure nuclear weapons. i never used again and to work towards our common goal of a word free of nuclear weapons. in a letter to delegates, moscow said nuclear war should never be unleashed, and there could be no winners. the treaty is the
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cornerstone of global efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. over the following weeks, participants will discuss a consensus on future steps. japan is spearheading talks as the world's 1st and only country to be hit with atomic bombs. the push for agreement comes days ahead of the 77th anniversary of those nuclear attacks. now to a truly remarkable story from brazil where doctors have carried out groundbreaking surgery on conjoined twins, the 3 year old boys were born joined at the head with fused brains, doctors turned to virtual reality and recruited experts from around the world to conduct the complex operation and to give the boys a chance at life apart i arthur and bernardo to brother, as they could not be closer,
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but until now had never looked each other in the face before their life changing surgery, the boys had spent most of their lives in hospital. i was so desperate for so long it because i couldn't handle the diagnosis was for years of research and trialing techniques led up to the surgery that was ultimately made possible by virtual reality. brain scans created a digital map of the boys shared cranium, which allowed surgeons to perform a trans atlantic virtual reality surgery executed in both brazil and in the u. k. it's been described as space h. stuff difficult us up? well, i talked to the mother of that and i told her i believed we were capable of separating the children. i said let us as wish glances. i learned the phrase when you have one
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percent of possibility, the other 99 percent needs to be pure faith of it and love percentage of fair faith definitely played its part in the operating room. during a grueling 27 hours of surgery, were almost a 100 medical staff were involved. whether it was faith or unmatched skill and technology that ultimately pulled through. it was a moment of joy and relief when the twins were successfully separated. arthur and bernardo will need at least 6 months recovering and hospital and he may still need some further procedures. but the brother is, are finally side by side holding each other's hands and recovering. well, that is just an amazing story. and we have time for reminder of the top stories that we're following for you at this hour, the russia has labeled ukraine's as of regiment,
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a terrorist organization. the decision means vices from the group was far right. origins can face conscious sentences of the captive soldiers. and u. s. president joe biden says the leader of al you to has been killed in an ass strike. i'm an elder law harry seen as the key planner of the 911 attacks was targeted by a u. s. road in the us gone capital problem. he'd been in hiding for more than a decade. and that is your news round up at this hour, coming up next. the w's close up meets the photographer, who has returned ukraine to document the destruction that, thanks so much for watching. and thank you. ah, with
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who are back to ukraine. ah, gere close has no idea what is waiting for him in urban but the photographer has made up his mind. she wants to document the devastation and human suffering may
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accompany him on a difficult return to his home country, which is still at war. close up. next on d w. o . a lot. is he she, when i arrived here, i slept with 6 people in a room, 9th and it was hard. i wish fear. i even got white harris at with learning the gym and language help. yeah. a lot. this kids to me and they go back to nikki to interact with. you want to know their story, migrants verified and reliable information for migrants. ah red alert for the
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oh for the just route is a rid if occasion. i think we're going to have some epic fighter over the world. water is becoming a scarce commodity. things just getting dryer and dryer, and we need more and more water. he's, i'm worth dying of thirst. there's no water at all. but global struggle for water thirst starts august 10th on d, w o a.


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