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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin, russia labels, ukraine's as of regiment, as a terrorist organization. of course, in moscow rules fighters from the group with far right origins can face harsh sentences. many are in russian prisons awaiting beth. also coming up tensions over
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a possible stop over in taiwan government. sources in taiwan, say u. s. how speaker nancy pelosi will visit the island during high asia trip. china has threatened a military response. the white house says beijing is overreacting and the u. s. to class the death of the alleged mastermind of the $911.00 attacks. it says al qaeda head. i'm anal zoer. harry was killed in a drones try. can us canister off to he is in hiding. ah, i manuscripts mckinnon. thanks so much for joining us today. we start with the news that rushes supreme court has designated ukraine's as of regiment. as a terrorist group, the decision may allow harsh sentences against the as of fighters who are now
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russian prisoners of war. as a regiment is a ukrainian military unit. with the far right and nationalists background, it was the focus of russia claims about fascist elements in ukraine. many were involved in the month long siege at a steel plant in maryville, rushing back separatists have called for them to be executed. we'll get more from our correspondence in t than just a moment. but let's take a closer look 1st. and what the as of regiment is. this was the as of still works earlier this year, inside thousands of fighters from the so called as of regiment. from within the tunnels, under the steel plant, the regiments leaders sent out video messages send us over. this is our repeal to the world as could be the last appeal of our lives. we are probably facing our last days if not hours. the enemy out numbers us $10.00 to $1.00, but it is enough. they didn't last much longer. order to surrender by the
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government and keith, the steel plants defenders were taken prisoner. russian officials called them nazis . the group does have a far right history. it was founded in 2014 as a volunteer militia to fight pro russian separatists and the don bath region. current members have rejected being called nationalists or radicals. however, they say they're patriots. russian media also said the group mistreated civilians and matter you poll, but without evidence. videos showed fight is helping civilians evacuate in the days before the surrender. since then, the captured fighters have become pawns and the game potential assets in an eventual swap or ceasefire negotiations. as the war groans on without them i spoke to d, w. 's begin ashika, who's in keith earlier about how ukrainians are reacting to russia's designation of
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the as of regiment as a terrorist group. we just spoke to family members off the soldiers of the as a fridge amount, and they told us they are deeply shocked. and the only official reaction they want to give is that they want russian to put on an international terrell risk for many here. this news in ukraine comes as a shock, even though we don't have any official governmental reaction. because the soldiers of the other regiment, our after having defended the mario paul city of morrow, paul, for so long are really heroes. and even after they have surrendered to the russian . and this news also comes in a moment only 3 days after a detention facilities where soldiers of the other regiment were detained was attacked. and several, dozens of these fighters and
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a were killed. ukraine and russia are blaming each other for this, but the indications of the evidence seems as if russia was and was responsible for that attack. that's at least the assessment here in ukraine that russia tried to hide evidence of mistreatment and, and, and killings. so they have been a lot of protests already about this topic, and many also here in ukraine have demanded to put rash on this terrible list. so the thing is heroes and ukraine. they are prisoners of war and russia deserving of harsh punishment. can you give us any more information about what this decision might mean for the as of fighters currently being held by russia? josh, when those 2500 fighters of the hours of regiment surrendered in my report,
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they were given a guarantee that they would be treated as prisoners of war. and according to the geneva convention, that would mean that it's not allowed to charge them only because they were part of this fighting. but now with the claiming that they are a terrorist organization that can change and russia can actually start charging them and they might face even even death penalty am. and a lawyer i just talked to here in ukraine who am representing a lot of families of those as of stuff. it is a regiment fighters. and he told me, it might be also like maybe only a political game that or russia only tries to, to raise the price if to say so. and of those fighters to, to have them in a like a prisoner swap, get, get more russian prisoners out of. but definitely many here are very,
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very worried about this because we have been seen this pattern over the past months that russia is started again. and again, criminalize prisoners of war and this verse many here because many have family or friends in the army and nobody knows if one of them will be a prisoner of war at, at, at times to get a shocker in keith. thanks so much as another important element in the war and ukraine, grain shipments from ukraine have restarted under a un brokerage deal to end russia's blockade. exports of wheat, corn, and other key commodities had been halted since the start of the war in february, contributing to a global food supply shortage. and the 1st cargo ship departed from the ukrainian porter. the desa, on monday, after a black sea corridor was declared safe to fail,
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a sign of hope for many the 1st cargo ship to leave ukraine. since the start of the conflict, there are 26000 tons of cone on board, headed to lebanon with a very relieved crew. total obama can, it's so liberating off to being stuck here for so long. it's an incredible feeling to be able to return to my homeland about about 20000000 tons of grain are still waiting to be exported from ukraine. but this 1st ship is an important start, says un secretary general gutierrez. this ship dimensions vessel rosanna is loaded with 2 commodities in short supply, gong and hope. hope for millions of people around the world will depend on the smooth running of ukraine sports to feed their families. the ship has made it out of ukrainian waters and is due to end to the boss for a straight for you and inspection on tuesday night. meanwhile,
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in ukrainian ports on the black sea, 16 more grain freighters are waiting to depart. and for more on the story we can bring indeed at these dorian gens, whose in istanbul, door in the progress of the ship is being followed so closely around the world. can you tell us, is it all going to plan so far? well, you're absolutely right. the always of the world on following the ship. and so far so good is successfully navigated through that heavily. mine bolted around the saw and then was through this very carefully allocated corridor all through the black seat. and it's not far away from it stumble in. mother nature had a little say in the face with i light, sol reported, and that has cool to ship a few hours to lane. in fact, is expected to arrive sometime in the early hours of when they are more than other than that, everything seems to be going to plan. so as you say, with the help of mother nature, it is on its way what will happen when they get there and tell us what exactly is
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turkeys role? well this is coming a very crucial stage ahead of us in the around 8 o'clock local time. in the morning, wednesday we will see a turkish boarding party with a russians and ukrainians in the united nations. and they will inspect the ship to see that everything is carrying is according to the the stated that creation of the ship. now every ship involved hope leaving. i'm going to ukraine will have to be search by these parties of ukrainians. russians took united nations and all of this has been coordinated here in the sample at the joint coordination center. and this task is seen as crucial for the ongoing success of this program and talking about in the region of needing a 100 ships a month if they're going to meet the target a $5000000.00 pounds a month. so this process of searching and so and signing off on each ship, these to go ahead smoothly. and this process should start on wednesday is seen as key to the whole process going forward. that happens according to plant ship within
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a few hours, will sail down both 1st and then onto the mom received behind me. and then on the 11th to live, to deliver urgently needed court. russia has welcome the 1st shipment as a, quote, positive development. all turkish authorities as optimistic that this will work and, and what do they have to lose if it doesn't work? well, i think the turkish authorities are really well aware that this is a very difficult deal to, to proceed with. but i think my boy, by the fact that ever since the beginning of the negotiations with the united nations several months ago to hatch this deal, they was, they met with incredulity. the. the consensus was that this deal was never going to happen. it was never going to work. he was securing a piece at sea while a war continuing on the ground was seen as inconceivable of the fact that we've reached this point. one ship had successfully left the ukraine and heading to is stumbled. have some big boosting confidence of possibly the theo could possibly was
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given the fact the steaks of the world. potential hunger is possibility if it fails . and for turkey, they have infected very heavily, diplomatically, president, one had put his prestige on the line. and in many ways, success is seen on something the patient ok, stones of many painting, good relations, not only with the issue, craning council, but also with the russian president vladimir putin. he's always insisted to play the key role of mediating and possibly bring an end to the conflict. turkey has to have this balanced approach. the success of his field will be seen as of indication of that song. the turkey has a lot of states that the steel should walk door in here. that's a door in jones reporting from a stumble. taiwan government sources say that u. s. how speak and nancy pelosi will visit the self governing island. now. pelosi has not commented on the possible trip, but some officials the saying they do expect her to stop over on tuesday night. now . pelosi has departed malaysia for the next leg of her asia. or the chinese
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government says it would view any visit to taiwan as a provocation, and has warned that its military could take strong counter measures in response. china views taiwan as its own territory. the biden administration is understood to be against the stop over. but it said the pelosi does have the right to visit the island sometimes loose and d, w correspondence. zachary lee is at the airport in taipei, zachary, has there been any official consternation yet policies visit we don't have any of these. okay. come for based on the wi fi, according to local media associates from the town is government. hello, see my bid arrive and i pick probably at 10, 20 pm local time. i'm actually not in front of the airport. you can see a police officer, a 30 teens, it's low here near the airport. there's
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a high possibility late hello to my bid. my arrived in taipei in one of our. you're expecting that i went through. i understand that we don't have any of our confirmation from our new government yet. so anybody still watching the penalty will be there by one or not. i but we've got that information from local media and also some sources from the government that hello the well meet i one president you when i wednesday as well. i want premier to don't try is some lawmakers on wednesday morning. again, this is now you come from. so what that, what you know, i say nothing. confirm but potentially imminent arrival. tell us, are people in taiwan worried about china's then opposition to this visit? exactly. china is walt or theories of consequences if pelosi babies i want talk to
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some local people, they told me that they actually not concerned about the possible attack or chinese . great, it is because i, when people are very used to china's grid for decades for 4 years. so this is nothing new to them. so according to people here, as people i've talked to, i mean that constant at all about possible attack from china or china as friends. i hey, thank you so much. and we have the w t f international editor richard walker here in the studio for more analysis. hi richard. and can you tell us what nancy pelosi is? motivation is to visit ty pay. now, i mean, even the biden administration doesn't seem particularly happy about the fact that she's potentially visiting time. yeah, it's funny to watch the bike ministrations position on this because in the most recent public comments made by the spokes person for the, for the national security council,
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he was really emphasizing that to she has every right to go there. the speaker of the house is haven't done that before back in the 990 s. and that, that, that went pretty but passed without incident and trying to play down this and, and suggest that the chinese have been overreacting. but there is reporting that in, in recent weeks the administration has been very concerned about this is behind the scenes been trying to persuade nancy pelosi not to go. and she was trying to go in april, but then we tested positive cove it so so that this got pushed back. and essentially the argument kind of boils down to this is this situation now with the war taking place in ukraine? is that a good time to go and show solidarity to the taiwanese? now supporters of this trip, of course, we have yet to hear really directly from polosa is up. but supporters of the trip say, of course like in a situation like this, it's really, it's absolutely highlighted the precariousness of ty,
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one's position that tie one need. solidarity is a moment like this. as much as you know, more than at any other time or to make it sent a clear signal to the chinese that the united states is serious about, about safeguarding taiwan and to deter any military action by china. on the other side of the argument goes, no, this is exactly the wrong time to show that solidarity that this will provide china . this has the risk of sparking off the kind of crisis in the u. s. can ill afford a crisis with china the same time as it's improved in this, it profound crisis with russia talking about provocation. i mean, china has warned of very serious consequences if hello see, does visit. and do we have any sense of what those consequences might be? well, i mean, if we just heard from zachary, that i mean for the people of taiwan, you know, this kind of attempt by china, a sort of chip away at tie one's position,
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have been ongoing for a long time. so it's quite easy to be blazin about them, but we have seen maybe even some hints of what might be to come already in the last 12 to 24 hours. there are reports just in the last few hours of a cyber attack on the website of the president. there been signs of the chinese military, the p l. a are doing 2 more of its kind of provocative flights that it does in the, in the region around taiwan flying, very close to what's called the median line. so half way through the tie, one state straight between china and taiwan. they've also been this been footage emerging on chinese social media of ground forces on the move in sherman. so that's the city there's kind of close is total water is very close to one of taiwan outlying islands. and i'll put you in mt, which could potentially be the focus of some kind of incident if, if china did want to ratchet things up. so, so from that kind of level of thing, you know, that's what we're seeing already. but you know,
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this could get very dangerous if, for instance, the chinese decide that they're forced to try to intercept in some way that the, the plane that pelosi is flying on the been some concerns about whether they might try to do that. have some fighter jets of like, close to it's flight path. there's been very well interesting to watch the flight path below. she's been taking and to be flying up the east of the philippines in the last couple of hours. to see, you know what steps they're taking to avoid any of scenario like that. i think that flight path has been tracked by many people around the world right now. some of the services where you can track it, have been of been almost a buckling under the pressure of hundreds of thousands people. what exactly can you explain to us, richard, why taiwan is so important, both for the u. s. and for china? well it primarily it's, it's of paramount importance of the chinese and they say that this is their territory. there is only one china and that, and she jumping the current leader of china has repeatedly said that it is an
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absolutely prime strategic objective of the chinese to see what he calls reification with taiwan. and the line is always that they would prefer that to happen by peaceful means, but that they reserve the right to to use force if necessary. and for the united states is a great strategic importance. because taiwan is sort of almost like to stand in the way between china and the pacific ocean. so for the united states, it's kind of dominance of the pacific region. if, if taiwan fell under china's control, then that would be an absolute game changer for the united states. but we have a short piece to have a quick look at this question more detail. let's take a look. don't play with fire. that was chinese president, she jane pings message to his u. s. count about joe biden. in the most recent talks, china claims the u. s. is dangerously close to crossing a line on taiwan with its messages of support for the islands. independence in may
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biden broke with years of u. s. policy by promising military support. if china tried to invade, also all the movements, are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. as a commitment, we made the ss, china is the one disrupting the status quo of the past year. sheeting ping has provoked taiwan with incursions into its air defense identification signs and calls for an end to taiwanese self through food room on the historical mission of the re unification of the motherland must be and will surely be realised, negotiate they do exist. the island satony's territory temporarily occupied, but the political heirs of those who lost the chinese civil war in 1949. since then, taiwan has governed itself, running regular military and civilian drills to prepare for a possible chinese invading the path that china has laid out off is neither
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a free and democratic way of life. for taiwan, no sovereignty for our 23000000 people. men in the west seed as a fight between democracy and authoritarianism. but that's not the only reason why the u. s. is involved. taiwan is integral to yes, strategy to check tennis power in the pacific. the taiwan strait is one of the most important shipping lanes in global trade. and the majority of the world advanced semiconductors is everything from smartphones to cars are made on the island. if china successfully imposes its rule on taiwan, that would be a big blow to the u. s. and a victory for she ting being. but he and biden have a lot to lose you. they know, full blown war could be the worst case scenario for both their countries. one to richard does this mean that the u. s. and the west would risk going to war over taiwan is using to pick up if we just pick up a little bit on what joe biden,
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we saw him say in the, in the report there where he said, yes, that is our commitment to help taiwan militarily if you, if the chinese were to invade, well actually that is not the u. s. commitment, and this has been one of the things that i think it has contributed to a sense of uncertainty over the over where things are going around taiwan. in the last few months is the biden has made on a couple of occasions, these kind of statements, where he seemed to undermine the position of the united states, which has been going since the very end of the 1970 s. when, when the u. s, and the people's republic of china 1st 1st took up relations with each other. the notion that the united states would support taiwan in providing it with weapons. and the united states would ensure that it was in a position to support taiwan. if the, if it did come to an invasion or an act of coercion or something like that against
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taiwan. but the united states is not committed by treaty to support taiwan. so there's what it was called a kind of strategic ambiguity over the west position. and this is held for a long time. this is held for decades since the very end of the seventy's, the beginning of the 1980 s with biden's comment where he has hinted or said in fact, straight out like that. no, this is our commitment only then for the white house press team to walk those comments back and say, oh no, no, he didn't actually mean that nothing has changed and for biden, to say in the cool, recently was huge and paying, nothing has changed. we believe that there is only one china and that is you. this is created on certainty, and i think for a per chinese point of view, they feel the u. s. position on respecting this one. china principal is, is kind of beginning to break down. and that this could be an incentive for them to
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really put up a significant show of force. so i think this is, this adds to the concern that an incident like this could be the sort of things that, you know, catalyzes something really quite significant to happen. and that's why the whole world is pretty much on tenterhooks. what's going to happen the next 24 hours? we watching very closely. d. w as chief international editor, richard walker. thank you. the u. s. says that it has killed the leader of al qaeda. i man owls, our harry in a drone strike in afghanistan. he was one of the founders of the terrorist group and was in hiding for more than a decade. the cia carried targeted, targeted, the man that they believe was central to the $911.00 attacks in the heart of this wealthy cobble neighbourhood where many taliban leaders reside, the head of al qaeda found a hide out, but not out of washington's sides. the u. s. official says i am on als away. harry
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was identified on multiple occasions, spending time on the balcony of the house, where he was eventually struck early on sunday morning. now we have eliminated the mirror of our kyler. he will never again, never again. oh, our cash then to become a teacher. so shaving because he is gone and we're going to make sure of nothing else happens. you know, i can't be a launching private. yes. united states we're going to see to that won't happen. the gyptian bonds are why harry was osama bin laden's, right hand man before later succeeding him as head of al qaeda. but you are says he was actively involved in planning the september 11th attacks in the us, as well as other al qaeda operations, including 2 u. s embassy bombings in east africa in 1998. and the attack on the u. s. s. cole warship in yemen. in 2000 following the strike that killed him,
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the taliban accused the us of violating international principles and the door agreement. but for the americans, it's the taliban who broken that 2020 accord by providing cover for the winery whose killing is the 1st known us strike and afghanistan since washington pulled out its troops a year ago. and that's your news at this hour coming up next is the w is asia with my colleague, bearish abandon cain. this is of course more news on our website, d, w dot com and on social media at d. w. i'm and you can, mckinnon. thanks for watching. ah, with
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with us is the journey across the entire continent with a variety of cars. so with this, so what we focus the movers,
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shake of visionaries and made cuz when bonnie, the meaning of modern africa is actually august the 5th on d w. ah, come on, let's be honest. with summer break, just doesn't really be much. does it? without the bonus, lee got them. oh, well, don't worry. we'll start up again soon. as legal football, action goals all in on kick off starts august 9th here on d. w. finally, several did and right wing extremists, women's rights. mcgrath and again weld might be in couple late and burned in south
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africa. people with disabilities more likely to lose their jobs. independent, make black lives matter. shine a spotlight on racially motivated police violence, same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more country discrimination. inequality are part of everyday life. for many we ask why? because life is diversity. to make up your own mind in d. w. need for mines this is did up in your was a shock coming up today. what is it like to be a muslim? we go in a chinese detention camp. an exhibition at berlin is offering visitors the chance to experience the terror that comes with being imprisoned in a chinese camp. i'll be speaking to the weaker director of the vent to.


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