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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah, the global struggle for water and nothing can be done. first, start august 10th on t w. a . this is either the news live from berlin us. how speaker nancy pelosi continues her controversial visit to taiwan term in friendship. to taiwan. we come and p for the region, but the highest ranking us visit to the island in 25 years across
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a furious response from beijing drafting a spike intentions. also coming up diplomatic fallout from an american drone strike against al qaeda after the us kills terrorist leader. i'm and of the what rate in afghanistan, washington and the taliban accuse each other of breaching the terms of their peace . still. trust russia, supreme court designates ukraine's as our regiment, a terrorist organization. many of the as of soldiers who were captured in mario full could now face harsh punishment. ah hello that i'm really mohammed us how speak at nancy pelosi continues her controversial visit to taiwan. hershey has met with the president of ty, one sighing in when he's also due to me with human rights activists. china,
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which sees taiwan as a breakaway province, is angry about the trip and has threatened military and military response. lucy is not there as a us envoy though, but she is the highest ranking us official to, to visit taiwan in 25 years. 43 years ago with the taiwan relations act, american made a bedrock promise to always stand with taiwan. and all this on found ation. we have built a thriving partnership, grounded in our shared values of self government and self determination focused on our mutual security. it is in the region and across the world committed to the economic ties, the power of prosperity for all of our p. v w. 's. joyce lee is following the story for us from taipei and sent us this update. hello, see met with president? tie in one today,
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and she's dressed as the u. s. will not abandon taiwan. and she hopes to strengthen ties with taiwan insecurity as well as economics, her visit and remarks a highly symbolic and a major factory for the us. tyrone relations is also highly sensitive that it would provoke china in the afternoon pelosi is scheduled to visiting may human rights park. she will be meeting with a small group of activists, including hong kong bookseller lamb, when k, as well as work. i see an ogre student leader in the channel and square protests. it's are in line with policies, track record of speaking out for hong kong and seems young and also a respectful way of recognizing ty, once history of a struggle for human rights and democracy. earlier i spoke to the deputies assuming the misconduct in washington d. c on why pelosi is making this trip to taiwan now. well,
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this was actually part of a trip to the indo pacific region. she was there with the congressional delegation . and if you listen to nancy pelosi is been saying, she said this is a trip about security economy and democracy. and she said, we heard that clip earlier that she's come to taiwan in friendship and peace and to show solidarity with taiwan. and the reason that nancy pelosi wants to show that solidarity now, as she says it is china who has been stepping up pressure on taiwan with its saber rattling stepping up, for example, incursions into taiwanese a aerospace and also the crackdown that we've seen in hong kong in recent years, so she has said that it is important to send a message. now it is a strong sign from the speaker of house. i do want to add that this is also very much a signature piece of nancy pelosi, his own agenda. she's been a long standing vocal critic of human rights issues in china, and she actually visited genamin square in 1991 to, to support democracy there. so she is seeing her time in congress come to an end soon. she's 82 years old. so this is being called as something of a swan song for her personally, but again,
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we're hello. this is about for nancy pelosi reaffirming the u. s. as commitment to honoring democracy in taiwan. but how much is this like he to complicate things for you as president joe biden, because the white house has been distancing itself from her visit. and kelly, as you say, they said this is really up to her to make the decision to travel, but by then distancing the situation. are they trying to steer clear of aggravating for the tensions with china? well, there's been a lot of readings of that where he lived, there's no question that this is definitely a complex geopolitical issue. the white house president biden did express concern about nancy pelosi going to talk taiwan. so did the defense department and assured americans that they would be ready to defend nancy pelosi, in the event of an escalation in china's rhetoric and response. it has a pure to put the president in a difficult situation, but it's also important to know that there's some speculation that perhaps the white house did privately condone this visit as
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a way for the u. s. to reaffirm this commitment and stand up to china without coming directly from president biden and his administration. of course nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house. she's representing a different branch of government. and it, that would be in line with a shift in the u. s. tone and rhetoric that we've seen on in taiwan america as long as it has a strategic ambiguity policy so that it has official diplomatic ties with china, but unofficial ties to taiwan will continue to support a democracy in taiwan and president biden himself a did a challenge that when he said in may, that he would defend taiwan, the u. s. would defend taiwan of china attacks. those statements will walk back. but still it's important to note that what we're seeing from nancy pelosi this visit, is not entirely out of line with some of the tone and rhetoric that we've seen from the, the white house itself. and a more generally, what is the feeling that domestically about her trip to the, to what taipei so there has been plenty of support for speaker policies, visit,
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and certainly from democrats and 26 senate republicans. i issued a statement today saying they also stand behind this trip and say that it is consistent with the u. s. as policy on china and the region. and, and, you know, there has been the accusation that democrats have been to week on china and, and i was seeing commentators on fox news which represents the right wing republicans here. they were begrudgingly praising a nancy pelosi but the voices are mixed on both sides of the aisle. commentators here have been pointing out that the u. s. is already engaged in another big security challenge, which is the war and ukraine, and that there's not a strategy here from nancy pelosi and that aggravating china could put the us squarely on a collision course with 2 world powers at once. so a china and russia at a time where beijing and moscow have already been deepening their alliance. so the concern there being that this visit could actually push them closer together into each other's arms. so we are seeing a mixed reactions here,
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despite the support that nancy pelosi has seen from members of her own party and from the republican party. let's just take a little bit deeper into that. how much was, could relations between china and the united states get at this point? well, of course, that is the concern here that this could, as i said, aggregate aggravate china. and that's why the u. s. military has moved its own carrier into the area as a warning to trying to make clear they are ready to protect nancy pelosi but also that they are reaffirming that they're standing behind taiwan. but they're already regular. so many pools on that u. s. relationship with china, and many observers here say that if this goes by, if this trip goes by without a serious retaliation from china without further military escalation, besides the drills that we've seen china carrying out a very close to taiwan and some saying even in ty, ones, aerospace, if that is the past without another serious escalation, they believed that this could be perhaps just another irritant or another pull on
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that relationship, but that it will remain fairly frosty between china and the u. s. the other reading of course, is that we could see another escalation from china, further escalation, the u. s. responding. and we could see this, this relationship as i said, which is already is seen as frosty, descending even further. thank you for that. so me some escandone in washington dc or he has lucas and all the stories making headlines around the world. voters in the u. s. 8 of kansas have voted to maintain the right to abortion in a deeply conservative state. the vote was the 1st state wide referendum on abortion, since the u. s. supreme court overturned the national right to the procedure in june. the vote has been seen as a test case for abortion rights nationwide. the death toll from a wildfire in california is north, has risen to fall, the place has destroyed more than 100 homes since erupting last friday. authority
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saved the mckinney fire still remains out of control. despite rains earlier this week, if one of many places burning in the west of the country, the united states and the taliban have accused each other of violating agreed terms . after a c, i journey strike hilde's and al qaeda. alida, i'm reynolds, a watery u. s. official sales award. he being there, broke the doha agreement on the american withdrawal from afghanistan. the killing has also raised scrutiny of the taliban as it seeks. international recognition and 8. he was america's most wanted the mastermind behind 911 who evaded capture for 2 decades. i'm a nozzle worries. death is a major victory for us. president joe biden was one that comes nearly a year after washington's botched withdraw from afghanistan. ok, as green note, the white house says the strike in capital is proved that biden's over the horizon
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strategy where threats are managed without boots on the ground is a success. so there is action demonstrate that without american forces on the ground in afghanistan, and in harm's way, we still remain able to identify and locate even the world's most one terrorist and then take the action to remove him from the battlefield. that is the definition. this mission of when we talked a year ago of over the horizon counterterrorism capability. but the victory also casts down on the taliban commitment to the 2020 doha agreement. the islamists vowed not to allow of ganeth done to become a safe haven for terrorists threatening the united states. yet, as the warry was being housed in a mansion right in the capitol kaboom, it shows how valueless all the taliban assurances have been to the united states about not being in league with al qaeda. all he could not have been there could not
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have been accorded this v. i t treatment. if not, the taliban were cheek angel with al qaeda. with mistrust brewing efforts by the taliban to legitimize themselves on the world stage could suffer a major setback. or supreme court has ruled that ukraine's as of regiment is a terrorist organization. the decision could mean har sentences for fighters who are being held as prisoners of wool. the as of regiment is the ukrainian military units with a fall right and nationalist background. it was the focus of russia's canes, about fascist elements in ukraine. the group 4 to 4 months during the siege at a steel plant in mario poll and russian back separatists are calling for them to be executed. this was the as of steelworks earlier this year, inside thousands of fighters from the so called as of regiment. from within the
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tunnels under the steel plant, the regiments leaders sent out video messages. this is our repeal to the world as could be the last appeal of our lives. we are probably facing our last days if not hours. the enemy out numbers us $10.00 to $1.00, but they didn't last much longer. order to surrender by the government and keith, the steel plants, defendants were taken prisoner, russian officials called them nazis. the group does have a far right history. we found that in 2014 as a volunteer militia to find pro russian separatists in the don bath region. current members have rejected being cold, nationalists or radicals. however, they say they're patriots. russian media also said the group mistreated civilians and matthew poll, but without evidence. videos showed fight is helping civilians evacuate in the days
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before the surrender. since then, the captured fighters have become ponds and the game potential assets in an eventual swap or ceasefire negotiations as the war grinds on without them. now 4 south american countries have launched a joint bids to host the soccer world cup in 2030 argentina, uruguay, chile and paraguay presented their bid at the centenarians stadium in montevideo. that was the ve any of the 1st world cup final in 1930. and where they want the final to be played a century later. it's the 1st time south american countries have made a joint bid. the content last host of the world cup in 2014 and germany won the title in brazil. his reminder of our top story, the sour us house speaker, nancy pelosi, has met with taiwanese president sighing in when during her visit to taiwan. it's
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the highest level trip to ty, one by a u. s. official. in 25 years. china has threatened to respond with military exercises off taiwan coast. you're watching dw, nice live from berlin, sick or else coming up. next is a documentary looking at the world's biggest family. those are much more knees than a website, d, w dot com. i'm really mohammed i for watching take care bye ah and interest the global economy our portfolio g w, business reading. here's a close.


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