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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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england in brussels, thank you so much for that update that she has update on the sour de leon is asia is coming up next with these stories of china's military response to nancy pelosi taiwan visit is forcing south east asian nations to sit up and take note and how climate change is a reality, residents of fiji are seeing on their very doorstep that how much more with my colleague, director of energy after a short break. the course is always more on our website to that's after w dotcom i. richardson. thank you so much for joining me. in the land of contrasts of ambitions of equality 75 years ago, mahatma gandhi peacefully led the country to independence,
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full of ideals. what remained of his vision with what's the status of human rights and social justice in what's called the world's largest democracy willis, india headed. this is the pulpit to unleash on long violet boss. and re imagine that these teachings or elements to gandhi's legacy store to august 6th on d. w. this is due to the news asia coming up to date. the wider followed on us house speaker nancy pelosi is visit to taiwan. china got his art, military maneuvers and announces military drills, se asia admissions into and have goals for com. but could the renewed tensions across the taiwan straits affect their security. plus i made warnings of climate
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change. the impact residents of fiji are already facing rising sea levels, forcing many to abandon their cherish homes. ah. i'm british benji. welcome to dw news. a sure glad you could join us. china is conducting military maneuvers in response to us. how speaker nancy pelosi is visit to taiwan. these are taking place in the skies and waters around taiwan. and i set to expand to live fire drills from thursday, but they are being watched by countries in the wider region for ministers of southeast asia grouping of nations. i'll see on our beginning a series of meetings in cambodia to discuss current issues in the region. and it is already kept the tensions over taiwan are set to figured in the talks. we hold that,
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you know, concerned, but these do not take actions that may be tillery to escalate the tensions. and i don't think that the escalation of tensions will help them to solve the problems or, you know, so the differences and i, again emphasize the need, you know, for all the concerned part these, to reaffirm you know, the position to all of this basic principles. so that we can make sure that you know, time on street will be a peaceful a part of this region. i'm joining me not from manila is richard have area and he's an author columnist and political scientist and has written extensively about china relations with se asia missions. richard, and what do you see is the wider impact of nancy pelosi is taiwan wizard, on our seo admissions. well, definitely did. there's the element of geography, right. so if you're in the philippines, taiwanese just across to lose on straight. so if anything happens straight,
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we'll have a direct impact on countries like the philippines. there's also the aspect of sol trying to see as you may know and sell chinese embraces huge parts of taiwan. and it's also, we're a number of saudis, asian countries have claims and we have seen, based on recent reports that china, one of his retire literary measures is to conduct life fire exercises across salt, trying to see falling, to visit of nancy pelosi to tie one, the other thing, of course, is the fact that taiwan and china both have very good economic relationship with many can be seen to region. so even though majority of saw does asian countries have a one? china policy, meaning diplomatically on to recognize beijing as a representative. upgrade your china, but they have also very robust economic investment ties with taiwan. so that's why this is very complicated for a lot of us in the region, which is we're also emissions of during libyan reluctant having the to pick sides between the u. s. from china, when it comes to the rivalry in the pacific, but do you think they're slowly being pushed into the direction of picking one
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right. well not picking aside is a picking. it is a choice in itself, right? so definitely there countries installed is asia, which will be fence. ethers are forever old. don't try to do that. but at the same now let's not forget the philippines, thailand, r u. s. treaty allies. so in an event of conflict, if god forbid it reaches that point, you know, basis in the philippines in thailand potentially could be used by american forces by japanese forces, by australian forces in an event of contingency. and then you have other countries like singapore, for incense, or even indonesia, which are a non aligned in terms of their formal diplomatic predisposition. but especially in the case of singapore does emerge as a vital, vital de facto ali, off the united states. so, i mean, the joke is that, you know, countries like the philippines are allies that don't act like alice. while, you know, countries like singapore are not allies, but the app like allies. right? so this is also the situation we have. it's much more complicated than people being
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prevaricating, but it's more also caution of new alliance. and they nomic re aligns that are happening in the region are given oliver would deter, would southeast asian missions. and let's just say also on what does have been a better place to if this was, it didn't go ahead. would that have been the preferred option for us here? missions well, i'm sure even inside tie one. and as in as much inside in washington dc, we have a lot of people of raise their eyebrows and i've been asking ok, i mean we appreciate the symbolism of this. but if trying a response in an aggressive way, i mean, who are we going to fall here? right? i mean, you could say that maybe the u. s. was the one who provoked china while others would say, let's also see what china will do. because if china shows restraint and so forth, they have shown a degree of respect or strain that, that also says something about raising china and what kind of super power it's going to be in common big it's not for is saudi zation quantity circ concern. i mean, there are hope that china does not respond aggressively and doesn't deploy aircraft
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carriers among waters and that the u. s. will not escalated because we don't want to be caught in between the giants as much as possible, including for yesterday are like the philippines. or do you think that there is a risk her in the, in the next few weeks appears to be doing might become more assertive when it comes to the total disputes. so there's conditions such as the philippines, indonesia, and so on and so forth. well, if you look at a technical, textual analysis that words that present a teaching thing has used or the statement that have come from chinese arts, you know, state owned newspapers. they don't indicate the kind of aggressive response or military action we saw from china less compared 219951996 the last time we had a huge crisis committee, their crisis in the taiwan strait. at the same time. we know that presidency, jim bean also is facing economic slowdown at home. he will have and political transition later this year. so i think the timing militates against
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a much more militaristic response, but it kind of a mid range osh, you know, a shot across the bow kind of response. i think that is something we're going to see. but the problem though is, mistakes can happen. you can have unintended classroom and incidence, and that's something we're very worried about at the same time as you correctly pointed out. the other question is, what is china going to do to saudi's asian counties? is it going to pressure saudi's asian countries to distance himself from nancy pelosi visit, or even say something critical about it? so those certain things we're going to wash out. so a lot is really, are gonna depend on what china going to do on both military and diplomatic front in the coming months and weeks richard or was a pleasure talking to you will have to leave a very, thanks so much for joining us today. richard. hungarian new zealand is warning, the 10s of thousands of people may have to move to higher ground because of climate change. minister james shaw told reporters that about $70000.00 coastal homes were
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at risk from rising seas and many more indolent homes. what at risk from flooding rivers? he was speaking as the government released its 1st ever climate adaptation plan over the course of the last year or so. there have been new zealanders all over the country who have experienced 1st hand, the increasing impact of climate change in their communities. so people are now experiencing with increasing severity and increasing frequency, the floods, the droughts in the storms that are associated with a change in climate. now we have known about climate change for more than 3 decades . and, you know, during the course of that time, there were plenty of opportunities for us to start to take action on climate change and on adapting to the fix of climate change. and to tell you the honest truth, we did not take up that opportunity as a country, or frankly, as a planet. what that means is that we are now in
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a situation where we having to do more work all at once in order to in order to get started. one country that has already been forced to take drastic action in response to climate change is fiji and archipelago of hundreds of islands. 2000 kilometers to the north of new zealand. very religious are already flooding a sea levels rise. and as we report of those affected, have a message for the rich countries. they blame for global heating. paying respects to deceased parents or grandparents is no longer possible into a group village. the cemetery has been entirely submerged. the village has lost half of its land because of coastal erosion. and this is happening not only into google but all along the coastline of the 50 islands. the ceiling. oh, what are those and coming things now right now,
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we are experiencing a high month like before, but all efforts to tame the sea by building stone walls seem hopeless. for the villagers, there's only one solution, relocation. we need to go lower, the 1st village to be completely abandoned in 2014 inhabitants started to move to higher grounds. they still miss their old lives were very said were, learn will, will rub to the new illustrate. gosh, we left our growth parish, bearish behavior, we left our big houses right. we left the she leaving the see also means giving up their traditional lifestyle. most people are fishermen, but it is unclear what will happen to the next generation. here. every child knows what climate change means. the islanders have
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a message for the industrialized countries older that way it is a big girl, give her when she did it before the vehicle was vehicle was more lesions you the pacific. a, you know, there is not much time left on the coastline of the 50 islands. 1.5 meters of land per year just disappears as a nation, not unfamiliar with the destruction wrought by a natural disasters. japan is forced to innovate. to save lives. a team of researchers has not developed a snake shipped robot that can climb bob steps and navigate tight spaces to help rescue or save those in need. this 1.7 liter long robot snake may look like a toy, but it's anything but it's ultimate goal is to safe life. during disaster relief, it can search from missing people and gather information at places where rescuers
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won't be able to reach. sent a little typo here, cameras attached to the head in the tail and you can control the robot from the distance by watching the footage from those cameras. it's a long and thin robot, so it can go through narrow places and climb on high steps using its advantage and length. so horrible, go out. a game console is all the robot needs to get into motion. once the snakes had received instructions, it will calculate the movement of the body automatically. with over 40 motors, it's extremely flexible. the research is se conditions in a real disaster site could still be challenging for the robot. for i want the want, photo of the robot may get stuck in situations that we didn't expect, such as being caught by wires or something like cloth that has less friction against the wheels or whatever thought a thing i york or dead, or it's not good at the operation has to stop at
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a place where the robot can no longer murder or their mother consider. the team is now conducting further research to make the robot fitter for the missions. and if they're successful, japan may see the 1st snake robot rescuer already in a few years. and that's it for today is mo, from the region on our website, the w dot com, forward slash isha, missouri. you can follow us on facebook and twitter back tomorrow at the same time with the event of act. ah, you see a does it here. they see their future. ah young israel and to the south of the come through because they can no longer a full sushi life. it's extremely hot, but then dawning paradise. does it living smoking cityscape will
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landscape in this group next on dw. ah, what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d w. ah, ah, this is the of this place is is what is hail, but a beautiful paradise. ah, this have like an artist.


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