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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2022 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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his profits take off despite the chaos on the ground, they try to find out why the german airline doesn't want to pay its workers. mold and passengers continue to face flight cancellation. and now that the chinese can build their own driverless cars. what need is there for tesla are in their left. i've been for sewland, let's do business. many european companies have withdrawn from russia since it launched its full scale invasion of ukraine in february, but not the german energy company business idea. it's making billions and profits in cooperation with the russian state on competing gas from 1300000000 euros in the 1st half of the year. the company wants to stick to its projects, and russia by criticism is getting louder. a year ago vint us how dia uploaded video to youtube in it, the gas production and cooperation with the russian state. aunt company, gas, one is still price, and the highest tones, winters held dia and gas from proudly announce 1st, guess for them mega project. sheen developed this came years after russia annex
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crimea, and as it's proxies occupied ukraine, stan bus region, but pollutants aggressive policies didn't stop the company from continuing to pursue its economic interests. as early as 2014, entirely in line with a german government official policy. as high as yet, it's now a matter of building bridges, not tearing them down up because the company has numerous cooperative ventures with russia. the most important of those, the joint exportation of the know the lingo. gus filled in siberia together with gus from vent us idea is also involved in the north through $1.00 and $2.00 pipelines only now has the company announced that it will no longer start any new projects, but it wants to hold on to the old ones. its argument, if the joint ventures are abandoned, everything will fall into russia hands. those wilson joins us from global witness
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and international n g o that works to break the links between natural resources, exploitation, conflict, poverty, and corruption. let's talk ethics. how ethical is it to be operating as a business in russia, with a war raging in ukraine right now? well, clearly many businesses have already made that decision. and the most extreme example of this, our business is operating in the fossil fuel sector. we know there's a direct link between fossil fuels and putin's ability to wage war and to carry out war crimes and winter shall have been a key part of that machine. and it is completely inexcusable. from an ethical point of view. it doesn't make sense in the long run from a financial climate point of view. and so into shells, current position that the only way to proceed is business as usual,
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just simply doesn't stand up to the facts. what about its argument of resources and infrastructure falling into the hands of russians? well, look, the damage has already been done. it's quite clear that vin, to show over a course, a number of decades set out to build up rushes fossil fuel infrastructure. it set out to build up germany's dependence on that. and the argument that's to leave russia would simply hand over a few 1000000000 euros to the russians. doesn't stuck up and finish out has made quite enough money out of brush road the even just this year, doubling profits on it gas. we are research like $400000000.00 euros for russian gasoline in the 1st 3 months of the year. they were serious about the statements that they've made. they would set up a fund and use all profits from russian gas to tell from the reconstruction of
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ukraine, but they're not serious about it. so how much is it putting its corporate reputation at risk? because i could imagine the damages who go a lot further than what it's making there at the moment in russia, where history will judge into shall, and all of the companies that continue to trade, russian fossil fuels of putin's invasion. the problem of interest out is that you, craniums and other actors may not leave it to history to judge them. and there will be measures taken or measured being taken right now to try to hold companies accountable. companies that have continued to proceed profiteering and who have continued to fund the. ready war should look very seriously, not just a reputation, but also whether they can be held accountable for funds. what, what about can i jump in there? what about holding them accountable by slapping them with a windfall profits tax,
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for example? well absolutely, and i think you can see across europe growing demand. ready for some kind of restorative tax measure, the oil industry alone has made 3 made $2800000000.00 a profit every day to the last 50 years. so the money exists to fix the, the crisis that we're in, the money exists to start the renewable energy transition and to subsidize those energy bills that people are currently suffering where it's just in the wrong hands . and so clearly politicians are going to find in this the most difficult winters for europe, but they're going to need to go and take that money back from the companies that might in 1st place louis wells and global witness. thank you for putting all of that into perspective profits. lufthansa have taken off for the 1st time since the pandemic began a german airliner and 259000000 euros in the 2nd quarter. boyd by fried operations . this will be irritating use to many passengers who st. chaos at airports this
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summer. lufthansa cancelled thousands of flights in recent weeks and difficulties are likely to continue throughout the busy travel season. lufthansa was recently brought by a ground staff strike with another from the pilots union on the horizon. andrea spit specializes as a journalist writing on the sector. why does lufthansa continue to struggle while other german carriers are doing much better even taking on laid off lufthansa, staff as always, this is many reasons. and one of the last 100 definitely didn't mistake they even met, admitted that they actually did cost cutting too much. and actually they also miss estimated under estimated the the come back of passengers and like even like a few months ago, basically like last winter listen half a year ago. and it was still kind of cutting stuff. there were having special
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contract to kind of give people go and had to take to the company would say, now would have liked it, or did you come back, which doesn't happen? how do you underestimate something like this? i mean, when everyone's been starved of their holidays for, for a number of years, everyone is going to want to go on holidays again, all at the same time. that's a very good question. i asked them and asked myself the thing question. they've missed they, they've missed just that because of course they always, always that of course probably both back to everybody. what was expecting that, but apparently they're not expecting how quickly it came. and the actually cutting this off the soft base too much, especially in the lower salary categories, where it's now especially hard to get people back, also as qualified, and then take some time. what's the difficulty with paying them a little bit more? that could be an incentive yeah, that's happening now. and then if you know over the admitted that they are willing and they have to be willing and they are willing to pay more,
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the lowest salary income areas and but overall, the mood of all the kinds of stuff is re, re at the bottom point that even before of it, and that means that the money is only a small aspect of the current strike, the threatened by pilots and ground stuff. and so this money will probably not be a remedy for everything. problems. and despite all that cost cutting, you told us about, would you say, look, tons has become more streamlined in any way they had to. but as you know, it really fall on their feet because they didn't a wrong manner. and it's interesting that now the province didn't know showing where we just saw today, come, don't, don't come from the passenger business. they come from cargo and from technical business, which is interesting and which is also very telling in a way so they still have to struggle to come back in their business with passengers . and as we see the current situation, what is no wonder things are, these are the rate even financial terms really briefly, can you tell me when i can book that holiday abroad without worrying about whether
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or not my flight's going to be cancelled? yeah, i think if you do that outside of the main, what do you see? like probably for september, october, it might be already a bit better, but officially, lot of times of german airports are saying it won't be any better. this is a big way this year's that might be next year and to be really relaxed in booking at almost any time and not expecting very bad problems. ok, you had it from under a spate. specializes as a journalist riding on the sector. interesting stuff there. lufthansa, sometimes you can cut off a bit more than you can chew. thank you. thank you. chinese search engine by do has become the 1st company in the country to roll out driverless cars on 2 public roads. at the same time, tesla's have been banned in some parts of china allegedly on security grounds observers saith another example of beijing, inviting in foreign firms, copying their tech and then expelling them. china's driverless cars seem to be
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going from 0 to a 100. this one is an s u v, where the driver and even steering wheel are optional. search engine turned a i developer by do unveiled the model just last week. and some of its older models are already being piloted on beijing's roads to les his founder of sino auto insights, a beijing based auto industry consultancy for when we talk. moreover, taxes that still far away out. he says that chinese companies want consumers to get familiar with the cars by 1st offering them as right hating services like cuba or dd except robotic. but real life hazards could delay for commercialization by many years. specifically in china, there are a lot of scenarios where we wouldn't see them in germany where we might have a cell unsure or delivery vehicle or a motor bike that's crossing lanes without the proper notification and things like
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that. and so we're still quite a ways away from point to point where you call a car like a devi. there's no driver in it picks you up and it takes you anywhere you want to go in any weather in any season. the data they collect ranges from mapping to voices and visuals like faces and license. plates collected by on board cameras and sensors, including around sensitive areas like military zones and government agencies, underscoring some of those concerns. china has been barring teslas from parts of the country that top chinese leaders visit. in this regard, chinese, driverless car makers may be better poised to dominate their home market. if an lamb is senior analyst at hong kong based counterpoint, research a chinese car maker, they are very good. ah inter great us. they, i will, can live that these are the ah service provider, or other solution provider. they will like to say are the cause. you k state
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install your seat, them in the local, into my car. even if foreign players can adapt to chinese data laws, it's still unclear to what extent they can make significant inroads. what you'll likely see is the buy for taishan chinese companies and american companies dominating in their perspective loan regions and then may be competing for regions like europe, south america, with rollouts of autonomous vehicles now happening in both china and the us. the battle for tech supremacy could be moving into the streets. i think it already has . i think business with you about, ah, ah, with
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ah, is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like. will return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult with successes in a weekly coping 19 special in 30 minutes on d. w. lebanon's crisis. ah. even after the explosion that rocked the rear 2 years ago, nothing has changed. the corrupt ruling class is still driving the country towards
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bankruptcy ramp. inflation is making survival diary struggle for the people in 75 minutes on d. w. a thought they will grade level. we will be
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a big deal. the news live from berlin, a russian port jails, us basketball star, brittany griner for 9 years on drug charges. the american athlete is convicted of smuggling cannabis oil into russia. u. s. president joe biden is call.


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