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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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a psion is positioning itself as a negotiator. it's cold for all sides to de escalate, warning and miscalculation could lead to open conflict. you're watching dw news coming up next, indeed bunions asia for long as people stick with their demands for change, despite intimidation from the government. and why this pakistani minister is calling her country? he ground a 0 of climate change update at this hour. i'm claire richardson in berlin for me in the team. thank you so much for watching with ah, linda lee. what people have to say matters to us. a that's why we listen
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to their stories. sh reporter. every weekend on d. w. o. 5 range have attended, glistening place of long the mediterranean sea scene of l muster, and jaffar abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and the editor ringing. and he's ready to lean journey in 10 episodes starts august 14th on d. w. this is date of the news asia coming up to dave. she lumpkins determined to continue their fight for change. the government has brought down on pump for the protests, but people remain defiant. we report from colombo on the nation in the midst of a crisis, and a government trying to find
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a way out. plus severe flooding into pakistan has drew wind farm lands and with it livelihoods, it's prompted administer to hold the country, the ground 0 of climate change. ah, i british energy. welcome to the dublin, use a shirt that you could join us. it's been 2 weeks since run in vicar missing. there was a point to trill anker's, new president. on wednesday, he told parliament a debt restructuring program was in the works. so a bailout can be obtained from the international monetary fund. she'll anchors west economic crisis since 1948. prompted a people power revolution that forced to change and government could arbitrage bucks after the country in july, leaving became a singer in charge. but people remain angry and determined to press for change. d,
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w 's, i'm rather chima reports from colombo, from a protest site that the government cleared in a sudden operation last month. this is what remains of to go to google map to test camp in colombo. many who took part in the pill chassis, which led to the asked to of president bush a by a roger back. so are gone. if you remain in the art defiant and that is right now, currently we're closing her sitting on a pe mom and the wrong side of it use upon him to make the changes. we can really go out. these are scenes from the de running victim a single was elected by parliament protestors at the presidential secretariat which they partially occupied. what angry here see him here as being too close to the raja accel family. the mood turned ugly. the night at victor missing that took the oath of office in the dead of night
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without warning, a military moved in to remove protest his from in and around the presidential secretary at the protest as were taken by surprise. he had already said david, vacating the government premises the next day, several people to be talked to at the scamp, said they were beaten and assorted on the night of the crackdown. they said it was not the military who was behind these attacks, but hired mercenaries. when i was attacked, i was just bound up with his medicaid, me the barricade. there were videos also near the barricade. one of the guys pushed me. then i said, i know you are not on. you are one of the thug gangs then. then he said yes. and he's calling me in field and he kept his foot on my neck. honestly, i don't believe they are current military are personnel because, oh, we didn't see the decency or the the discipline enough military among them. we
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strictly believe there were mercenaries, if this were true with he said, it would be a chilling reminder of the previous regime, which frequently used shadowy organizations to suppress dissent. for now, the huge tongue of crowds which forced the former president to flee, had gone from the streets. but those who remain still see along the road ahead. we all have a responsibility now to take this forward. and we have shown that we have the power to do so the intent to hold the government accountable till days an end, the month of food is infused shortages and an end to the suffering of the people of she lanka, and gentlemen, are for more from colombo is microsoft itself and i will to his executive director of the think tank. the center for policy alternatives is to 7 i want to present become a single say is that hard. ships have eased with steps being taken to avoid food
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shortages, reduce bark arts, and provide essential medicines. is he right when he may be correct in terms of a temporary reprieve as far as the hardship, stockton sat, but still hardships continue? everything is relative and we are probably facing the future in which the hardships will get worse. at the present moment, the fuel cues are decreasing, but at the same time we don't have the money. i. busy think to be able to get more supplies, cast out the middle of august. so. busy you know, and once and i met agreement comes in. there will be conditionality is that we will have to implement and that would probably involve a fair amount of hardships as well. the past on i'm sorry to interrupt the president has talked about a deep debt restructuring plan with the idea that this can then be presented to the
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i m f for this bill out. do you think this will give sri lanka the relief it needs, at least in the near term? well, we don't have much of an option in so far as we have to get. it's necessary, but not sufficient to get out of this mess that we're in to get to deal with the i m f. and so we have to make some hot choices. the position with regard to the m f is to move towards a staff agreement. that is an agreement with regard to the overall economic framework in which the structural adjustment agreement will be negotiated. so all parties will have to pull themselves together and recognize that we have no other option. i'd like to talk a bit about how our cylinder is being run underneath. the commerce engine, or human rights watch, has accused his government of using the state of emergency to intimidate, harass, and arrest demonstrators. is mr. become a single result into the same kind of high handedness that the previous regime was
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accused of. yes, there is that element where he has said that look as long as the out of the layer behaved within the law. they are fine. but those who are broken the law by taking all the public buildings and all of that, that they are going to be prosecuted by the manner in which it has been done is what is radia unfortunate? you know, overnight they came in and the army dispersed, the people at goldfish. then there have been people who have been sort of taken off basses. indeed one person was taken off a plane. you know, the manner in which it was done seems to be rather brutal and rather authoritarian and that's what needs to be addressed. the article. busy there he himself said that data the live was peaceful and that the article here should be protected. but since he has become president to the cracked out, seems to be suggesting otherwise. so people have been wanting change and demanding change given what is happening. and the way you just described it,
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it appears this change at least politically is not happening. well, there is a premium that is divided in so far as there are people who accept the government's narrative that the law should not be broken at that public. and state building should be protected, and so there are somewhat supportive of the government, but there are those the hard and fast real strong supporters of the attica layer, who feel that this cannot be tolerated, and that the resistance should continue. how much sir supporters are unbecoming anger. have amongst people, do people crossed him? well, i mean, that's difficult to say, but i think he's gaining some support amongst the most conservative elements of the population. maybe the middle class who want to see low and order and stability restored is gaining some support amongst them that has to be conceded. we'll have
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to leave it there for the time being. but thank you so much for joining us from colombo baker, sorta so on a move to from the center for policy alternatives. thank you, sir. thank you. to tears monsoon in southern pakistan killed hundreds of people and swept away whole villages. the country was hit by 60 percent of its total normal rainfall. in the 1st 3 weeks of the monsoon season, flash floods destroyed thousands of acres of farmland. climate change is to blame for the catastrophe. we report on one of the many farmers who have lost everything such ali hoped he might save some of his cotton crop after devastating floods. but as the waters finally began to recede in mass who barbary, a tiny village in sind province, he saw his crop was ruined. a boy, i've no hope. my crop is almost totally destroyed all 6 acres. even now the fields are covered in water. after decades of drives from the region,
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the monsoon was welcomed, but the water levels kept rising, flashed floods inundated around 50 villages and swept away orchards and plots. we've been working so hard on this crop for months. i take an edge alone to so this crop. but now i have to go and work in someone else's land because we can't make ends meet sherry raman, pakistan's minister for climate change said global warming was catastrophic for the country while the south facing drought and, and he overheating the notice facing flash floods in glacial met says a combination of what i call the, you know, it's, it's really a force multiplier climate change for pakistan. so we, yes, we are the ground 0, the heat wave game year. we had no spring. we went straight into a scorching summer. the country was, you know, not prepared for it. the monsoon, which usually last from june to september, is essential for irrigation crops and replenishing lakes and dams across the sub
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continent. but it also brings a wave of destruction each year. the villagers say no help from authorities had been forthcoming. climate change means a bleak outlook for farmers like sergeant ali the endangered siberian tiger is one of the largest wildcat species in the world near to really to russia. it is also found in some parts of northern china, but there are estimated to be only around $600.00 left in the world. these numbers have fronted conservation efforts and in china at least the results have been promising. these images are the proof rare pictures of siberian tiger caps shot by an hidden infrared camera. this species is critical, endangered, but in north east and sign our 10 babies were born in 2021. putting the number of the remaining big cats living in the white up to 600 enemas saburo and tigers, also known as arm. we're all maturing tigers. are the biggest living cats from head
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to tail. they're met about 2 meters and can read a weight of 300 kilos. destruction of their habitat poaching and trophy hunting are the biggest threats to the survival of the species. but conservation efforts are underway. read the article or watch on has constructed multiple natural reserves and monitoring station, so i would have to intensify patrol and management of the tigris haberdashery. a number of projects focusing on protecting wild animals and plants as well as the construction of natural reserves have been implemented in the north, east and sign is provinces of dealing and hey, long g zang. the country has established a 1400000 hector nature reserve ranges patrolling regularly. they will move traps set by posters and sec. if the ben uncommercial logging is complied with, the big cats need the forest to creep up on their prey. 2022 is
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a year of the tiger and the chinese lunar calendar. so the country is proud to announce that the population of the wide, severe, and take as has increased from 27 in 2017, to more than 60 to day. and that's it. that's a bit of is most of the region on our website did of dot com, forward slash asia, and as ever you can follow us on facebook and twitter as well as for back tomorrow . at the same time, we'll see you then the by is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what he could look like. will return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult
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with success in our weekly coven 19 special. next on d, w, these places in europe are smashing all the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you up to record breaking sites on your back. youtube and now also in book form with sewage is dirty. dot interesting and potentially useful early warning system. and a panoramic, a pilot project in germany is working out just how useful.


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