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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2022 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is d w. news lived from berlin americas conservative elite together in texas. hunger is far right, premier urges us republicans to take back institutions from so called liberals. former president donald trump is also among the speakers in dallas. plus russia jails, us possible star brittany griner for 9 years on drug charges. president joe by dentist calling for her immediate release and the united states condemns china for firing ballistic missiles around taiwan. the by did administration says it's an
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over reaction to us. hel speaker, nancy pelosi visited to the island. ah hello there, i'm really mohammed. we saw it in the united states where leading conservatives are gathering to chart the republican party's path to water. albany is a key speaker at the conference in dallas, texas. he urge the american bright to reclaim the government's institutions from so called liberals. he also called for tougher immigration laws and protection of christian traditions. former us president donald trump is also speaking later in the week, although still popular among grassroots republicans, some in the party feel. his influence is waning. well d, w in as paul is out, the conservative political action conference in dallas high in as so this theme is
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cold, awake not woke. what more can you tell us about it? right, so you know, or hill, i'm really in a hall where many vendors offer, there are things, are you fine t shirts, you find 10 different cups, you find purses shaped in holsters and you know, people are here to come together and be together with like minded americans and on the surface it seems to be really happy. many are wearing costumes when you're talk to them. it's nice until you start talking politics. and then you feel underneath the surface there's really a lot of anger and definitely the willingness to fight for an america they think is the right american. this is what meant what is meant with aware, be aware to actually really go and fired for that. what you think is right now, one of the special guests invited to speak is fall right. hungarian leader,
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victor albany, who just held his speech with a title. how we fight left, listened to some of what he had to say. you should know that i am an old fashioned freedom fighter. i'm also the longest serving prime minister in europe. the only anti migration political leader on our continent. a father of 5 and grandfather at $25.00 grandchildren, the leader of the country. that is under the siege of progressive liberals day by day. now, despite or been being quite isolated in europe, he seems to have quite the support base there in the united states. what is inviting or been conscious about how the far right among us conservatives are at this point. ah,
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it's interesting that you talk about his isolation. he actually addressed ed fake by saying being here in texas, which is the loan stars stage, the one star lonestar stadium, the united states. he says, i'm the lone star in europe. our. he got a lot of applause for his remarks on immigration and that he doesn't want any non european in his country. he got a lot of applause when he talked about family saying that only a father and a mother or i can have a family, definitely being anti gay, anti l g b g q in bed remarks, or he's not a nubian to see peg seabeck just hold as conference some months ago in hungary, so he totally a kind of agrees with the, with the core values. most of those who attend this meeting here have and what is also really interesting or what was interesting to listen that he basically really said we have to join forces, read the hungarian with you,
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the americans to fight for our well use against the progressives against the liberals and another key as speech will be coming from that former us president donald trump, what a we expected to hear from him and also how much influence has he had over the republican party when you walk the halls here? i mean, there are trumpets everywhere or there are papers, stages of whom there are cops there are heads. he still really holds a strong grip on this branch of the republican party, which is important. the conservative french there are rumors that he might announce or that he is running for president, that he made him outside on his speech on saturday. what you definitely will do. he will say that the election was stolen from him, the last presidential election election. and he definitely also, i will talk a poorly about president biden and stressing the fact that he is too old. i to really fulfill the task of
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a president. so that is what we're gonna hear from him probably. or that is a t w's. washington bureau chief in his poll in dallas, thank you so much. no rush and caught her sentenced us boss bull star, brittany griner to 9 years in prison, full drug possession and smuggling. she was convicted of carrying cannabis oil into russia. the white house says griner was wrongfully detained and was calling for her release. britney griner entered the cramped court room and defendant cell, hoping the sentencing judge would be lenient that the judge would consider that greiner admitted her mistake, but had accidentally packed cannabis oil prescribed by her doctor and legal in the us. yon. i never miss her even to put in jeopardy ref population. i never miss break any laws may have honestly
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faith ho fat in your ruin. and in my life, griner was stopped in mid february after putting her bag through screening and moscow. airport customs officials searched her bags and she was eventually detained . she was on her way to join the russian club. she played for after the w n. b. a season in the united states. griner is considered one of the top basketball talents in the world. her $206.00 centimeter stature, 6 foot 9 inches, helps her dominate pro basketball and she's helped when to olympic gold medals for the us in court, she held up a picture of her team in russia after several teammates had served as character witnesses for her. but she knows russia and the us are now on opposite sides of a global conflict. i know everybody who's talking about political pawn and politics, but i hope that that is far from the courtroom. in a quick decision,
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the court showed it was unmoved by grinders call for leniency. she was sentenced to 9 years, one less than the 10 year maximum. without disappointment. you know, one way it's so great name. i think it was tuesday anamosa emma told to see on thursday and she said see on doomsday. so looks like she was right. lemme as she was led away words of love for her family, but her future may well rest with diplomats for 2 countries barely speaking to each other. well, he has a look at some other stories making headlines around the worlds for police officers have been charged over the fatal shooting of brianna taylor in the u. s. 8 of kentucky. the a hospital worker was killed off to offices storm, to whom using a so called no knock. such weren't a death caused a public outcry and mass protests over racial injustice. in the united states,
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10 workers remain trapped underground after a mine collapse in northern mexico. hundreds of rescue as a working round the clock to get them out. 5 other miners escaped. authorities are trying to make contact with the men. it was an emergency crews are trying to contain a large forest fire in the south west of germany's capital berlin. the blaze broke out overnight at a police munitions depo, more than 100 firefighters attacking the place, authority, se homes are not at risk not china has launched its biggest show of military force around taiwan in decades. tensions are running high following a visit to the island by of u. s. house because nancy pelosi, the chinese drills and who to firing ballistic missiles. the biden administration has called the, the exercises an over reaction to pelosi strip. the
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people's liberation army released these images of china, launching its biggest show force against high one in decades. navy and air force drills indicated in blue, have encircled the self governing island that china claims as its own. the drills included what beijing cold precision missiles strikes in the taiwan strait. this new escalation comes as beijing hits back for us. how speaker nancy pelosi visit to ty pay. pelosi reaffirmed us commitment to defending ty, ones, democracy as the islands government scramble jets to ward of chinese aircraft. encroaching on the air space was in full like our government is even more resolute to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our nation. in light of the current situation, our government will not only actively strengthen its self defense capabilities,
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but will also maintain close ties with like minded countries. like united states. what the issue has dominated a meeting of the association of south east asian nations in cambodia, capital non pen with china and the united states joining the summit. in his opening remarks, china's foreign minister emphasized the political and security ties between china and us the on countries where we have guarded the peace facing the turbulence of the national security. the 2 sides of strengthened to strategic communication jointly tackled the challenges, various spillover effects and jointly maintained the uneasily achieved stability in the region. us the on is positioning itself as a negotiator. it's cold for all 5 to de escalate. warning a miscalculation could lead to open conflict. kelly rigor is a professor of east asian politics. i asked her whether the tiniest drills were
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simulating a chinese invasion of tie one. not really sure that they're exactly rehearsal for an invasion, but definitely showing the capability of the people's liberation army to move into the taiwan strait with various kinds of weaponry. and to kind of clear a battle space that presumably would have to proceed an actual invasion. and of course, you know, there are many military actions that could really restrict tie one's freedom of action that are short of invasion as well. and this is a demonstration of those 2 of them. now it's been 2 years since a massive explosion ripped through lebanon's capital bay root. hundreds of people killed. much of the city has been destroyed, and no one has been held accountable. an investigation has also stoled in recent months, thousands of people demonstrated demanding answers from the government. protestors
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in lebanon, or chanting for justice, 2 years after to be rude. port explosion killed over 200 people and injured thousands more. those affected are still pushing for answers. the blast also destroyed large swedes of beirut. bella may yates of the country steady need. a deputy are said, their tears in their eyes has with his c and you feel like every person wants to fight. you've had to know the truth if and hey, we hope will get their level so many blamed the blast on years of an action. at negligence from lebanese officials, they accused the government of stalling the investigation to evade responsibility for one of the biggest non nuclear explosions ever recorded. and this was bustling neighborhood that was heavily damaged by the blast. reminders of this still open
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wound are all around. the scars are still there, i internally, externally, especially that we haven't seen justice yet. we haven't moved on protesters headed to the scene of the 2020 explosion where things looked eerily familiar. remains of green. silas heavily damage and blast collapsed before the eyes of protesters for local residence. the sound of sirens smoke hanging over the port and helicopters flying overhead brought back a familiar feeling that much of the when i saw the smoke, i felt like it was back at the scene of the explosion. i was afraid again, this way, if lebanon fails to provide answers, rights group say, don't seek justice through international pro. it watching the w news live from berlin. reminder,
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you can't find much more news analysis and video on a web. that is d w dot com, coming up next is all the latest business with my colleague rob watts. i'm really mohammed, as well watching take care bye bye. ah . people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. families play involvement tags in syria for these critical illness with.


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