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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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3 years that would change the world forever. but jillions journey around the world, september 7th on d w. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is dw, live from berlin. the world condemns china's show of force around taiwan. the by the administration says it's an over reaction to the us. how speaker that's a close. he's visit to the island to parents are minister calls it
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a threat to peace in the region. trust russia jailed american basketball star, brittany griner for 9 years. she was convicted of drugs bubbling, but a prisoner's fault could see her exchanged for a notorious russian army dida being held in the u. s. with and rescue as race to reach workers trapped underground enough flooded mine and mexico emergency services corporal reinforcements. ah, i'm really mohammed, welcome to the program. the international community is condemning china show of military my to round to tie one. beijing is staging a series of drills in retaliation to the u. s. how speaker nancy pelosi is visit to
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the island. close, it has arrived in japan on the last leg of her asia tool, japan's prime minister for me. okay. she does calling on china to end is exercises, which he describes as a grave problem, threatening peace in the region. the drills include firing, ballistic missiles. the bye didn't ministration says it's an over reaction. the people's liberation army released these images of china launching its biggest show force against high one in decades. navy and air force drills indicated in blue, have encircled the self governing island that china claims as its own. the drills included what beijing cold precision missiles strikes in the taiwan strait. this new escalation comes as beijing hits back for us house baker, nancy pelosi visit to ty pay. pelosi reaffirmed us commitment to defending ty,
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one's democracy. as the islands government scramble jets to water of chinese aircraft encroaching on the air space. what was infill like? our government is even more resolute to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our nation. in light of the current situation, our government will not only actively strengthen its self defense capabilities, but will also maintain close ties with like minded countries. like the united states, which i the issue has dominated a meeting of the association of southeast asian nations in cambodia, capital non pen with china and the united states joining the summit. in his opening remarks, china's foreign minister emphasized the political and security ties between china and assy on countries ruler. we have guarded the peace facing the turbulence of the national security. the 2 sides of strength and strategic communication jointly
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tackled the challenges of various spillover effects and jointly maintained the uneasily achieved stability in the region. us ian is positioning itself as a negotiator. it's cold for all sides to deescalate, warning and miscalculation, could lead to open conflict on us get more now from d. w. 's joyce lee in taipei so joyous. what more can you tell us about these military drills conducted by china? well, it's not just about china and taiwan now, but regional stability on thursday evening depends defense ministry released a map showing 5 ballistic missiles fired by china to was taiwan though within japan exclusive economic. so this is the 1st time such thing had happened and japan has so strongly condemned china's act and the mon debating to stop the dru immediately
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. another thing to be aware of is that out of the 5 missiles falling into japan's exclusive economic zone, 4 of them appeared to have flown over ty, pay. this has caused panic in taiwan. however, the islands, the fans, ministry declined to confirm if the, if the miso stitt over flight, i pay it only said in a statement late at night that i missed those flight path had been outside the atmosphere which posed no threat to their ground area. so some military experts in taiwan that the over fly has no direct impact on taiwan safety. and it's just part of china psychological warfare. that's a huge debate in taiwan right now on whether the authorities shoot release the specifics of the missiles flight parks. and we also know that at some airlines have canceled flights to taipei, how much is this disrupt to travel around north and southeast asia? yeah,
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according to the also show website on an international airport in taiwan as of 9 am loko time, 18 flights were can. so, and full flights or rescheduled due to their military jose that includes carriers of korean air, singapore, airlines and malaysian malaysia allies. for those that did not cancel or they have to fly alternative routes, fire japan and the philippines. and that could lead to more flying time for some flights and how our businesses dealing with the impacts of the stoled trade imports and exports well that there is no immediate indication of the possible impact on shipping. a taiwanese companies are preparing for possible trade disruptions beyond the ford adrian was. they are starting to think off solutions, rerouting and delaying orders until they have more clarity. and keep in mind that taiwan produces more than half the semiconductor chips used in smartphones,
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computers, and cost. so any significance disruption would create shock waves to global industries. that's a d, w 's joyce lee in taipei. thank you, joyce. now a russian court has sentenced us basketball star, brittany groin a to 9 years in prison for drug possession and smuggling. she was convicted of carrying cannabis oil into russia. the white house is greiner was wrongfully detained and is calling for her release. brittany griner entered the cramped court room and defendant so hoping the sentencing judge would be lenient that the judge would consider that griner admitted her mistake, but her accidentally packed cannabis oil prescribed by her doctor and legal in the us. i never meant to hurt anybody,
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never to put in jeopardy the rest population. i never meant break any involve made an honest mistake. and i hope that in your ruin in my life, griner was stopped in mid february after putting her bag through screening in moscow. airport customs officials searched her bags and she was eventually detained . she was on her way to join the russian club. she played for after the w n. b. a season in the united states. griner is considered one of the top basketball talents in the world for $206.00 centimeters stature. 6.9 inches helps her dominate pro basketball, and she helps when to olympic gold, metals for the us. in court, she held up a picture of her team in russia after several teammates had served as character witnesses for her. but she knows russia and the us are now on opposite sides of a global conflict. i know everybody,
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he's talking about political pond in politics, but i hope that that is far from the courtroom. in a quick decision, the court showed it was unmoved by grinders call for leniency. she was sentenced to 9 years, one less than the 10 year maximum. little disappointment. you know, one way it's so brittany. i think it was tuesday and we saw her told her see on thursday and she said see on doomsday. so looks like she was worried. that she was led away words of love for her family, but her future may walrus with diplomats for 2 countries barely speaking to each other or his look at some other stories making headlines around the world. the u. s. government has declared monkey pox, a public health emergency, the announcement freeze up money and other resources to fight the virus. monkey pox can cause fever, aches, chills,
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and fatigue. more than 7000 americans have become infected. hungary far right leader victor o ban has urged us conservatives to reject algae p t q writes he also called for a tougher approach to immigration. speaking at a political gathering in dallas, texas, or been said, conservative should reclaim government institutions from so called liberals. a panel of un experts has concluded that for want and troops attempt soldiers in the east of the democratic republic of congo, aided by the local rebel group, m 23, according to a report by the rote reuters news agency through london government has repeatedly denied any connection with the m 23 militia group. peruse, congress has refused to allow the president to leave the country. lawmakers told pest pedro castillo to stay at home and deal with a political crisis. he wanted to travel to columbia,
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and you. peruvian cabinets is due to be sworn in the legion. you're really motoring . what you are. 10 workers are tracked under ground in a flooded coal mine in mexico. they broke through a tunnel wall and set the set off that flooding. 5 of the miners escaped. authorities are still trying to make contact with the men solias, emergency workers and rescue dogs are racing to rescue the crew trapped on the ground before it's too late. in the morning. well, no one can go inside the mine we have to pump out all the water before the rescuers can get our colleagues out. relatives can only wait for news, even though they look for in ghetto. another young my son has worked in mining for many years. i always ask him why local authorities are calling for reinforcements and the president is promising no letter in efforts to save the my
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nurses whether life is like you better where must not lose faith. we must not lose hope where i feel for the family. so you can always count on us, you are not alone, not dance all co, willa. the main cold production region has seen a series of fatal accidents. last year, 9 miners died in 2 similar kaden's in the worst in 2006, 65 miners died and only 2 bodies were recovered. he endangered siberian tiger is one of the largest wild cats issy's in the world, native mainly to russia. it's also found in some parts of northern china, but there are said to be only around $600.00 left in the wild leading to conservation efforts. in china at least the result has been promising. these images are the proof rare pictures of siberian tiger caps shot by an hidden infrared
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camera. this species is critical, endangered, but in north east and sign a 10 babies were born in 2021. putting the number of the remaining big cats living in the wild, up to 600 animus siberian tag as also known as arm. we're all maturing tigers are the biggest living cats from head to tail there, matter about 2 meters, and can reach a weight of 300 kilos. destruction of their habitat, poaching and trophy hunting are the biggest threats to the survival of the species . but conservation efforts are and the way read the article who bought shown has constructed multiple natural reserves and monitoring stations were to intensified patrol and management of the tigris haberdashery. a number of projects focusing on protecting wild animals and plants as well as the construction of natural reserves have been implemented in the north, east and sign is provinces of dealing and hey,
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long g zang. the country has established a 1400000 hector nature, reserve ranges patrolling regularly. they will move traps set by posters and sec. if the ben uncommercial logging is complied with, the big cats need the forest to creep up on their prey. 2022 is the year of the tiger and the chinese lunar calendar. so the country is proud to announce that the population of the wide saburo and tigers has increased from 27 in 2017 to more than 60 to day. and before we go, some unusual wildlife, as taken to the chicago river, a flock of 75000 rubber ducks raced along the waterway. they were raising money for these special olympics proceeds, will fund sporting opportunities for adults and children with special learning needs. on the day they was a winning duck. but as they say in sports,
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it's taking part that counts don't forget, you can always get the d w news on the go. just download our app from google, play all the apple app store. it'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world, as well as push notifications for any breaking news you're watching did up in is live from berlin, stick around because all the business is coming up next with my colleague bob watts . and we are here, mohammed, thanks for watching. take care. bye bye. we got some hot tips for your bucket list. magic corner trip


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