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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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they have no nationality in a total, they don't belong. every one has the right. every one has the right to say, like a ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, nancy pelosi vas, china will not isolate taiwan. the u. s. high speaker says beijing won't succeed in cutting taiwan off from the rest of the world as beijing puts on a huge show of military force around the island. also on the program,
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a possible deal to free the basketball star. brittany greiner, the u. s. urges russia to accept an offer that would release greiner from a 9 year jail sentence. ah, i'm pablo folly as welcome to the program. u. s. has speaker nancy pelosi has commented on her controversial visit to taiwan by saying the u. s. will not allow china to isolate the island. earlier this week, pelosi became the highest ranking u. s. official to visit taiwan in 25 years, sparking anger from beijing pelosi made her comments in japan on the final leg of a trip to asia. her stop over in taiwan enraged, china's government, which considers the island a part of its territory. while the chinese military responded to policies visit by
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launching a series of drills after she left. the drills have nachos caused political tensions . they've also impacted everyday life along the taiwanese shoreline. as dw zachary li reports. this was the very 1st time that capital chin home mean has had to return to la pose due to the chinese military access. i see, he says he's never before feel so threatened by b jeans actions and he doesn't want to take any risks. one got heard about the live fire exercise. i wonder so we are scared scared of being hit by a missile. i was supposed to work for 10 days. now i will lose more than $3000.00 us dollars for shortening my fishing time on it. it's fine for me this time. but what if chinese military exercises become the new normal guy was one on chain is not alone. hundreds of taiwanese fishing boats a line i do import many of the cruise. i worried that
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a deals effect layer likelihood over a long term. china thought a military exercise. this in 6 areas in water surrounded taiwan and wrapped and nancy pelosi left one of the area. it's less than 2 miles from where i in a put the south and i was and knew who mark a new phase of frequent ship. i, chinese people, abrasion, army begins military drills from august, 4th, to 7th police by attention and jackie. you to do that. this is the 1st time that the nation of fishery radio station mixed such warnings in don't come, which has one of pi was largest fish harbors. even the analysis herself finds in unusual watch football to non yes, and this is the 1st time i need to and also warning about peerless military exercise. this, the situation here is very tense in china's many to reduce has already affected and
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worried. many fishermen in taiwan, the taiwanese meaning theresa highland dirt. however, most of the residents here don't seem to be worried about the pos world will be obama to eat, and i can't predict if a war will break out on on file. i don't want to think about it. if it happens, it happens, you're, i'm not too worried about it. we're thinking about it too much. you may want doesn't really help me. above all, i have been saying it for a long time. china has said they will attack us, but it has never happened. this time, they probably just want to scare us. i shall me again. my kids are worried about what they asked if it was possible here and that height. i told them where the shelters are. but we have no control over it. i don't want to worry about something that i can't control trenice life,
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i a military exercise. these have already raised pinches in a tie was to read to the high used to label in decades by lid these. now, any thing that the fisher mention home mean can change to him, why really matters is going out of fish too and leaving for him and his family are a for more on the situation in taiwan that say, a crossover to t t over use joyce lee who's in taipei choice? good to see you. so what more can you tell us about china's military drills? well to afford a dro continues to day more chinese fall planes and naval vessels have crossed anti one straight median line. now it's not just about china and taiwan, but regional stability. on thursday, china fired 5 missiles into waters that are part of japan's exclusive economic. so this is the 1st time such a thing had happened, and tokyo strongly condemned the act and demanded beijing to immediately stop the
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lie. fire drew near taiwan, out of the 5 ballistic missiles falling into japanese waters. 4 of them appear to have flown over ty, pay. this has caused a bit of a panic in taiwan. but on the islands, defense ministry downplayed to the risk declining to confirm if the miss ost it over fly the island only saying in a statement that they flew high into the atmosphere and posed no threat to the ground area. some military, exposed in taiwan, said the over fly was more of a psychological warfare than real threats. a president hanging, one said, beijing's act is irresponsible. she stressed that taiwan would not provoke conflicts, but were firmly defined as sovereignty. choice will actually some airlines have canceled flights to taipei, so how much as do such disrupted travel around the region? yes. hi. wants mina. self transportation says connecting flights fire taiwan had
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been reduced by half since the drill began on thursday, dozens of international flights. i can show it to day that includes the carrier itself, korean air, singapore, airlines and malaysia airlines for those that did not can. so they have to fly alternative routes via japan and the philippines. that really to multiplying time for some of the flights. where it says there's been some disruption and we've seen in our report how these drills are already affecting fishermen in taiwan. could you shed some light on how other businesses are dealing with the impacts of these sam stole trade, imports and exports? well for now there's no immediate impact on shipping, but our town nice companies are already preparing for possible trade disruptions beyond the afford age rose. and they are starting to think off solutions and re routing and delaying orders until they have more clarity. and keep in mind that
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taiwan produce us more than half the semiconductor chips used in smartphones, computers, and cost. so any significant disruption would create a shock waves to global industries. thank you. joyce. deed abuse joyously in taipei . let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. 10 workers are trapped under grand after a mind collapsed in northern mexico rescue teams or working around the clock to get them out. 5 other minors escaped. authorities are still trying to make contact with the man. the u. s. government has declared to monkey pox, a public health emergency, the announcement freeze of money and other resources to fight the virus. monkey pox can cause fever, aches, chills, and fatigue. more than 7000 americans have become infected. an american conspiracy theorist has been ordered to pay over $4000000.00 in damages to the
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parents of a child killed in a us school shooting the family say they suffered years of harassment because alex jones spread false claims that the sandy hook massacre was a hoax. hungary far right leader, victor or van has urged us conservatives to reject l g b t q writes, he also called for a tougher approach to immigration. speaking at a political gathering in dallas, texas, or van said, conservatives should reclaim government institutions from so called liberals controls. while the, by the administration in washington, d. c is calling on the kremlin to accept what it describes as a substantial offer to free the basketball player. brittany greiner, the white house has not disclose details of that offer. earlier. a russian court sentenced greiner to 9 years in prison for drug possession and smoking. brittany griner entered the cramped court room a defendant so hoping the sentencing judge would be lenient that the judge would
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consider that greiner admitted her mistake, what had accidentally packed cannabis oil prescribed by her doctor and legal in the us. i never meant to hurt anybody. to put in jeopardy the rest population, i never meant break any involve made an honest mistake. and i hope that in your ruin in my life, griner was stopped in mid february after putting her bag through screening and moscow. airport customs officials searched her bags and she was eventually detained . she was on her way to join the russian club. she played for after the w n. b. a season in the united states. griner is considered one of the top basketball talent in the world for $206.00 centimeter stature. 6.9 inches helps her dominate pro basketball, and she helps when to olympic gold medals for the u. s. in
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court, she held up a picture of her team in russia after several teammates had served as character witnesses for her. but she knows russia and the us are now on opposite sides of a global conflict. i know everybody, he's talking about political pond in politics, but i hope that that is far from this courtroom. in a quick decision, the court showed it was unmoved by grinders call for leniency. she was sentenced to 9 years, one less than the 10 year maximum. with those disappointments, you know, one way it so brittany, i think it was tuesday and i saw talk to see on thursday and she said see on tuesday so looks like she was right. as she was led away, words of love for her family, but her future may well rest with diplomats for 2 countries barely speaking to each other. 3 more ships carrying grain are expected to depart ukraine. today
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they received authorization to leave under a united nations broker deal aimed at and blocking exports of ukrainian grain on the ground in ukraine. there is reported to be heavy fighting in the south close to the russian health city of harrison. in the eastern on yeske regent, ukrainian civilians have fled their homes, forced to leave by incessant russian shelling a train station and done at sc, evacuating the old. and the young all exhausted westward. ordinary ukrainians caught up in fierce fighting and forced to leave their homes with whatever they can carry with. but we're from a village near lisa chance kids between the live hands can donuts g regions have village has been ruined. there's no gas, no water, no electricity. we were sitting in the basement for
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a month. the army brought us here to the and i believe the government has ordered civilians to lead combat zones in donnette sk. but the danger may not be just from russian attacks. amnesty international accuses ukraine of basing troops and populated areas, putting civilians at risk and violating the laws of war. keith was furious. it shook to if someone prepares the report in which the victim and the aggressor are allegedly the same in some way. if information about the victim is analyzed, while something the aggressor does is ignored, this cannot be tolerated in wage. ah, ukrainian soldiers face a grinding battle to keep the remaining regions of eastern dumbass out of rushing control for another and to avoid shelling. and the total was on us,
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the service got the x to the wrong. we sit in the trenches that the enemy shelves, us and we can't even stick our heads out of it. now there are no small arms fights as they used to be today. it is an artillery battle evil others. you just jump into the trench and wait for the strike. away from the front lines, the evacuation of civilians from done as continues. the question is whether that will be enough to keep them safe. world triathlon has approved a new policy, allowing transgender athletes to compete in women's events. they must demonstrate, continues continuously lower levels of testosterone for the previous 2 years, and must not have competed as a man for 4 years. the new regulations come into effect next month. well, before we go, some unusual wildlife has taken to the chicago river, a flock of 75000 rubber ducks raced along the waterway. they were raising money for
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these special olympics proceeds will fund sporting opportunities for adults and children with special learning needs. on the day there was a winning duke, but as they say in sport, it's taking part the counts. right? you're watching the w news coming up next business news with rob watts. and remember, you can find more news on our website, t, w dot com. and you can follow us on our social media accounts on public foliage, from the team here in plenty. again at the top of the next step in the lead of contrast of ambitions of inequality. 75 years ago, mahatma gandhi peacefully led the country to independence.


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