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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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ah, what is remained of his vision with what's the status of human rights and social justice in what's called the world's largest democracy? we received your head it. this is the pulpit tour unleash on on violet boss. and re imagine that these teachings for relevance to gandhi's legacy starts august 6th on b, w. china's military response to nancy pelosi is flying visit to taiwan has now been joined by diplomatic reprisals as beijing ends all cooperation with the united states on major issues like climate change, anti drugs efforts and military talks of the world certainly seems to be a more dangerous place now. so what did mrs policies visit?
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achieve beyond world wide headlines for nancy pelosi and major headaches for everyone else. i'm phill gail in berlin and this is the day aah! china has chosen to overreact what china is defending its own sovereignty and territorial integrity. the fact is the speaker's visit was peaceful. i was still very scared with you. of course, i hope there won't be any war, but taiwan is ours. also
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coming up, europe's largest nuclear power plant is a battlefield, u n's. nuclear chiefs, as a fighting between russia and ukraine around the site could lead to disaster. salisia is completely out of control being controlled, military speaking by russia, whilst the ukrainian local operators continue to work every day. they're leaving to inevitable moments of friction if not actual violence. welcome to the day. china is continuing is blockade of taiwan with live fire the tree drills around the island as tensions rise. following the visit of u. s. how speak at nancy pelosi. johnny's military is 5 ballistic missiles into the waters off taiwan government in taipei says, it scrambled jets to warn off chinese aircraft that entered its air defense zone. and the number of taiwanese government websites have come under cyber attack. nancy
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pelosi visit last. it just 19 hours and has stoked fears of conflict in the region . china views taiwan as a part of its territory, a breakaway province, for the island, has been self governing since 1949 and sees itself as distinct from the chinese mainland us. how speaker is the highest ranking u. s. official to visit young for 25 years and she left pledging washington's iron clad commitment to defending democracy. ah, chinese missiles began striking the seas north south and east of tie one hours after u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi left the island. he did not meet young had a month shiny state television release, video of warships patrolling the taiwan strait for decades. an unofficial buffer zone between china and taiwan. as fighter jets cruise the skies above air cover for the multiple, no go danger zones declared by china in some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. china has chosen to overreact
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and use speaker blows his visit as a pretext to increase provocative military activity in and around that i want straight blank in his, in cambodia for ministerial meeting of southeast asian nations. although his chinese counterpart is also there to lincoln says the to have no plans to meet. the fact is, the speakers visit was peaceful. there is no justification for this extreme, disproportionate and escal atory, military response china seas taiwan as a breakaway province, which will eventually come under beijing's control and as deeply opposed to any visits by foreign governments. don't go where you, what china is defending is his own sovereignty on territorial integrity. what sean is doing is safeguarding the basic norms governing international relations. and the common interests of most countries, not interference in internal affairs is
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a most basic principle for maintaining peace and stability. in our world, you're through that she but they're faced with the unprecedented scale of china's reaction. ty, one has put its military on alert and is staging civil defense drills across the taiwan strait on the chinese side. taurus come to this coastal town hoping to witness the military exercises should. indeed china is a powerful country and it will not allow any one to offend its own territory. they take photos in front of a sign which reads the closest place of mainland motherland to ty, one island woman between we crossed the middle line of the taiwan strait with military exercises. al mrs. flew over taiwan, which makes us feel motherland is very strong and makes a certain, ty wants return, cannot be somebody who can. he insisted that china's army says its so called
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joint blockage operation around taiwan will continue through to monday. let's go into this with michael bakley. he's an associate professor of political science at tufts, university of massachusetts, is also co author of the upcoming book, a danger zone coming conflict with china. welcome to d. w. but nancy pelosi was in taiwan for this 20 hours. and what is she achieved beyond giving herself world wide headlines and moving the world a little closer to the possibility of one misstep, one miscalculations something her renders what she would say that she is achieved. a reaffirmation of america's commitment to help taiwan defend itself to pledge to help american allies. but i think what she is, in fact, and she is to set off a crisis that the by the administration didn't need that she didn't ping didn't white, but now both sides have to sort of carry through on their, on their actions in order to continue to look tough and establish resolve and
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credibility with the other. so how then having lot such a massive retaliation? how can china re normalize its relationship with the united states? how does it get the guns off the table? i'm just go back to sort of blurring at each other. i actually think this will be the new normal and keep in mind for the last year and a half, china has been staging. what has been the most sustained show of force in the taiwan strait in more than a generation? i mean, roughly every few days china has sensed dozens of aircraft in and half a dozen or so warships. many of them have been going across the median line in the middle of the taiwan straits that have been going on. and now it looks like china is dramatically, obviously increasing number of those incursions as well as carrying out this blockade of simulation. and so i think that this is going to be sort of the new normal. and we've seen this after other crises in 2012 when china and japan got in
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a stat over the sink. awkward. dow, you islands, china ramped up its forms, coast guard presence around those rocks and reefs in 10951096. and all of these cases, china has used demonstrations of force to signal that resolve. and i expect that to continue for the foreseeable future. so if that continues for the foreseeable future, then that, that sounds like it's going to be really quite damaging for the taiwanese economy because they are effectively blockaded. no one's flying in. no one's a brand. bringing goodson by ship so i'm hopeful that there won't be a full long blockade of taiwan that would be incredibly difficult for china to sustain. and that would be an act of war, in which rigor hostilities between taiwan and china, and possibly involving the united states. but i do think the sort of simulated actions these demonstrations, these shows, of course, are going to be a regular occurrence in and around the taiwan strait. probably every few days. again, for the foreseeable future. and this is in fact what china has been doing for
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a year and a half. now, it's just obviously on a much grander scale your predictor, but the china will launch what you call the cataclysmic war over taiwan. just to explain to was under what sort of conditions or with what sort of provocation. so though, the war is certainly not inevitable, but we are entering a very dangerous period. because china, on the one hand, has a window of opportunity to seize taiwan. china's coming off 10 years of massive military mobilization. it's been churning out warships and ammunition at a rate. we haven't seen from another country since world war 2. and at the same time united states and i want to been very slow to make their own forces more resilient, they're extremely vulnerable to china's missiles because they're parked at a few large faces and are basically sitting in the open. so china probably has the best chance that it would ever have to make a move on taiwan. it doesn't guarantee that there will be such an action, but if you fast forward to the 20 thirty's, united states, and i want a very ambitious plans to revamp their militaries to make them much more resilient,
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to spread out their forces. and at the same time china confronts a number of other headwinds, the economic slowdown, the demographic collapse, and just a sort of sense that countries are starting to in circle china. it's neighbors are increasing their defense spending and increasing their alliance connections with united states. so things seem to be getting darker for china and so you just have to worry that if china is in fact intent on bringing taiwan back into the old. and because there aren't really peaceful options for doing that, given that the taiwanese people definitely do not want reunification, you just have to worry that this period in the 20 twenty's is the danger zone. and that we need to be especially vigilant and really try to ramp up the deterrent forces that the united states in taiwan had in the straight to hopefully prevent that war from breaking out. okay, so let's, let's have a blessed speculate them about what might happen in those circumstances. if china did invade taiwan, one wonders, would the world be a swift to react with punitive sanctions against such
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a massive export market and manufacturing a resource as it has been with russia? i think you're right. i think sanctions against china are much more complicated than against russia. on the other hand, china does have a number of vulnerabilities because, you know, russian is a major commodities producer and ex, border. china is the world's largest importer of food and energy resources. and so there's a lot of pulse points that if you were to have a sanctions or a blockade regime imposed on china, there are ways to, to squeeze it all be at the cost. would be enormous on the united states and its allies as well. i don't know if you're guaranteed to see a big international sanctions regime. i think you are guarantee, almost guaranteed to see direct u. s. military action probably involving the japanese as well. and then if the war becomes protracted and ends up lasting months or even years, then i think the number of countries that start to join in various ways even from afar, even if they're only imposing sanctions, or helping to sustain
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a distant blockade of chinese oil imports. say through the straight of malacca, i think that actually is extremely likely. and in some ways, russia's invasion of ukraine kind of alerted the united states and its allies, that these things are real kind of set in place already. that collusion that is allow them to get together and plan these things which has made it more likely if there is a future war. okay. and on american a potential involvement when, when nancy pelosi landed a couple days ago, she tweeted our delegations visit to taiwan honors america's unwavering commitment to supporting tie ones, vibrant democracy. but can tie pay really believe that after thing the u. s. is pasty dash out of afghanistan, which lot left a lot of actual allies concerned about american a reliability, nevermind a territory about which america maintains this strategic ambiguity. i don't think you can ever 100 percent guarantee that your ally will come to your aid, but i would point out that taiwan is a very different case than afghanistan. i mean, even though the united states now,
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like in taiwan technically aren't allies, you have the taiwan relations act, which says that it is u. s. law that the united states has to maintain its own capacity to be able to help taiwan defend itself. it has to sell arms to taiwan and help it resist any resort to coercion that might infringe on its sovereignty or way of life. so that's a pretty, i mean, that is american law, and certainly president biden has them on multiple occasions that he would intervene militarily. that's a big deal. and the pentagon has been planning for this exact war scenario for a long time. so there are a lot of forces that are already pushing the united states to have a quick reaction. i personally think that it's almost guarantee the united states would come to taiwan zaid. but certainly if it's a lot different to be sitting in taipei, for example, right now and having to trust those words. okay, well, let's hope it doesn't come to that. i'm good to talk to thank you so much for joining us. i'm michael beckley from tufts university in the united states. ah.
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are to russia's war in ukraine and president zalinski has sharply criticized the human rights organization. amnesty international after it claimed that ukraine had endangered civilians by basing troops in residential areas, presents lensky quite of the accusation of victim blaming. meanwhile, there are reports of heavy fighting in the countries south close to the russian, held the city of hassan and civilians. in the eastern dynette could region, a fled, forced out by constant russian shutting a train station and done at sc, evacuating the old one. and the young all exhausted westward swing by ordinary ukrainians, caught up in fierce fighting and forced to leave their homes with whatever they can carry with. but if we're from a village near lisa chance kids between the la hans can donuts g regions. our village has been ruined. there's no gas, no water,
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no electricity. we were sitting in the basement for a month. the army brought us here to the and i believe with nothing. the government has ordered civilians to lease combat zones in don etzky. but the danger may not be just from russian attacks. amnesty international accuses ukraine of basic troops and populated areas, putting civilians at risk and violating the laws of war. keith was furious. it shook to if someone prepares, the report in which the victim and the aggressor are allegedly the same in some way . if information about the victim is analyzed, while something the aggressor does is ignored, this cannot be tolerated. somebody. i understand that this particular piece of work because it's critical of the behavior of the, of ukrainian forces is not appreciated by the ukrainian authorities and by many
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others. but the fact is that, you know, international law applies to everyone. ukrainian soldiers face a grinding battle to keep the remaining regions of eastern dumbass out of russian control for another. and to avoid shelling silver to deliver that unless the service got the x to the we sit in the trenches, the enemy shelves, us and we can't even stick our heads out of it. now there are no small arms fights as they used to be. to day it is an artillery battle evil as he just jump into the trench and wait for the strike. away from the front lines, the evacuation of civilians from dennis continues. the question is whether that will be enough to keep them safe. a russia and ukraine of accused each other of shelling the zachary z, a nuclear plant, europe largest nuclear facility has been under russian control since early march.
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official se shells have hit a high voltage power line from the site. the united nations nuclear watchdog has appealed for access this week, saying it was crucial to avoid the potential catastrophe. march 2022. europe's largest nuclear power plant in sap militia. ukraine came under russian attack. fortunately, no react units or critical systems were hit in the firefight. the nuclear power plant is now in the middle of a war zone. the international atomic energy agency says the situation is extremely threatening and is wanting of a possible nuclear accident. suppress yet is completely out of control. and we hear quite regularly and information and we receive information about project eyes overflowing or flying, sorry, or, or, or falling on the place or drones or things like that at which are, of course,
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compromising the physical integrity of the place. there are 4 active nuclear power plants in ukraine with a total of 15 nuclear reactors. zachary asia has 6 react to units 3 of which are currently active. the nuclear plant is located in southeastern ukraine. these images are from 2016, even then the technology was outdated and in need of maintenance. systems failures are becoming more frequent. and now that the plant is in russian hands, the i. e a says the supply chain for equipment and spare parts is broken. we have these paradoxical situation of a place being controlled, metalli speaking by russia, whilst the ukrainian local operators continue to work every day. they're leading to inevitable moments of a friction, if not actual violence. grossey also says individual employees may have been
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abducted. the u. s. secretary of state says the russian military is using europe's largest nuclear power plant as a shield rentals now using the plant as a military base to fire at ukrainians. knowing that they can't and won't shoot back because they might accidentally strike a nuclear reactor or highly. ah radioactive waste, in storage, ukraine's deputy foreign minister has demanded that the ass space over ukrainian nuclear facilities be closed. experts say a hit to the nuclear plant could lead to the worst case scenario. yeah. how monsieur. mit, an annoyed demons yonder? yes, we are dealing with a new dimension of warfare here. it's the 1st time the great danger posed by nuclear power plants is included in the military planning. the russian army is turning the power plant site into a military base, and ukraine is also attacking that with combat drones. if there is severe damage,
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it could result in a meltdown. and then you have large scale radioactive contamination that could affect the rest of europe. hope to prevent that the international atomic energy agency is now urgently demanding that the russian military granted access to the nuclear power plant ins apparition. ah, acadia is gearing up for next week's presidential election. it's likely to be a tight race between the deputy president of william router and opposition leader rather a dingo canyon election campaigns can be an opportunity for people to earn money by being paid to turn out support confidence. but campaigning also has a violent side with gangs paid to intimidate candidates and voters, and sometimes even to kill the ws. mario miller reports ah election season and kenya means money making season. kenyans was struggling to survive. earn a living by cheering for candidates. it's not about ideology,
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it's about putting food on the table. single mother, marina. we know mobilizes crowds when i robes. women representative us. if we don't have any jobs, like for children, they're supposed to go back to school. we don't have any money. so when we had the verizon rally somewhere, we ran fully on a good day. each woman goes home with around $4.00 to $9.00, says marine enough to feed a family for about 3 days. but it's not only women were paid by politicians, criminal gangs around there will be do their best business during election season. they're hired by incumbent and aspiring and peace governors and even presidential candidates. they tell us without us in our violence, without us being sent to intimidate others. these politicians would never be where they are. he sent us this video from a couple of weeks ago. his gang preparing for a rally, armed with sticks, one who carries up his stone. it often ends in
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a confrontation with the police. earlier this year, there were paid to attack supporters of presidential candidate william router. the gang leader says the goal was to disturb his rally, to make it clear that this was his opponent. parliamentary candidate was injured. brutal blamed a dingo for the violence writing. he hired innocent, desperate and jobless young people to shed innocent blood. according to the gang leader, they're even higher to kill. you'll get an offer of like tens of thousands of euro's to kill someone or cut off some body parts. you'll probably never get tempted again to run for a political job. elizabeth, why they're i was attacked when she ran for a seat in the county assembly now ruby. they pulled her hair and assaulted her sexually. she says she was so terrified, she gave up her candidacy. i had been people been killed. i had seen people getting
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lost, saw this kind of things really made me feel so bad. so it really, it really intermittently read myself in recent months to have been reports of aspiring politicians who've been attacked or found dead. electoral commissioner, just listening, i says the practice of politicians hiring thugs is only possible because there's no real accountability. if our people can be stopped, ah, coils to vote for somebody else. obviously that is a lawlessness. the only thing that we can do is appeal to the government of the day to make sure that people are not intimidated. critic say these practices are undermining the democratic election process. the people pay to do their say. they are too poor and hungry. they don't have a choice for lots of
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people or walkin is more than just a music festival. it's holy ground. hands from around the world, travel to the small town in northern germany for the heavy metal beat, one of the world's largest previous to festivals, was cancelled because of the corona virus pandemic. for this year, around 85000 metal heads have gathered for the 2022 edition of the 3 day metal fast . the hot weather didn't keep the crowds away. heavy metal fans from around the world had been waiting over 2 years to return to what they called the holy ground. the revellers at this year's voc, an open air hail from as far away as mexico south africa and indonesia. i got all the way promoted out of the thing as i knew you can really be yourself here. we've had the tickets since 2019 we finally made it. we're here and it's so great.
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$200.00 bands are in the line up headlined by big names like slipknot and judas priest, but covering the whole gamut of the genre, including the ukranian band i t who traveled from kia for the event. it's not just the legendary line up that draws the crowds to vulcan. it's 3 days of metal lifestyle, a rare chance to let their hair down after 2 years of code restrictions. but despite the grim, aesthetic and the music's often violent lyrics, fans describe walking as an oasis of good vibes, responded picking. what's interesting is that if you ask most fans what they associate with metal with concerts with festivals, beer is the 1st answer and of course, loud music. but the very next answer is peace with her. you could say these middle heads have finally returned to their happy place.
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for them. no, they the day is almost done, but the conversation continues on line. you can find on twitter. i'm at the w news with the fall of me at. so gail, have a good day ah, [000:00:00;00] ah ah,
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with making the headlines and what's behind them. d. w, news, africa. the show that was the issues shape in the continent. life is slowly getting
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back to normally on the street to give you enough reports on the inside. our cars funds is on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trends doesn't matter to you. in 30 minutes on d, w. b, co india or pollution is a major problem. in delhi, a new monitoring system is designed to devices and corporate low cost senses they easy to install and can be moved to different locations. is helping us to understand that daily damage took that to pollution, pico india, 90 minutes on d. w. a vibrant habitat ended listening place of longing, the mediterranean sea, a star. and to do korean drift along with
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more modern lifestyles and the mediterranean meeting. people watching that hearing there during the mediterranean journey 10 episode starts august 14th on d, w. a. j. a journey across the entire continent with a variety of cars. so with this, so the focus, the movers shake is visionaries and made it when binding the meaning of modern africa this is an egg and d, w. imagine how many portion of us are now in the world right now. the climate change. if any, off the story, this is life less the way from just one week. how much was can really
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get we still have time to go. i'm going all with his subscriber all morning with oh ah, this is d w y from the rockets fly in the middle east to dozens of fired from the gaza strip into his railey air space. after israel launched a series of air strikes in garza killing several people and wounding many will also on the program,


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