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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2022 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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launched a wave of air strikes on garza saying it was the targeting b is lambert g. hot military group, millison and china is conducting another day of intense military exercises. off the coast of taiwan and china. naval ships and planes are reported to have crossed the media line separating it from the time. i set you up to date. well, well, these are the top of the hour rob watts is with you in just a moment with some surprising job. numbers out of the u. s. in your business, have a good day. a great weekend, bye. departure to the to day. this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant to be captain and setting sail to discover a route the world famous sea voyage of ferdinand of magellan. i'd run
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a race linked to military interests. a race leads to political and military prestige, but it was linked to many financial and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years and that wouldn't change the world forever. my jillions journey around the world, start september 7th on d. w. ah, the u. s. jobs market bounces back the latest employment figures, low forecasts out of the water to return american joblessness to pre pandemic levels. we'll hear from our correspondence in the states. pensions over taiwan hits new hi. china says it's suspending cooperation with the u. s. over nancy pelosi
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visits to the island and tracking the production of palm oil. a swiss starter is using tech to try to ease the minds of consumers concerned about supply chain. this is d to be a business owner. what in berlin? welcome to the program. and we begin with some astounding figures from the us. american employers added over half a 1000000 jobs last month, more than double what economists had been expecting. they'd forecast a decline from june's figure of around 400000 means. the u. s. now has recovered all 22000000 jobs lost during march and april of 2020. when the pandemic smashed into the country's employment market, the surprisingly good figures. welcome news with americans facing persistence, inflation and the prospect of a recession. well, let's get more on this from our correspondent at the new york stock exchange. teddy australia. teddy,
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always good to have you on the program. just explain to us how we ended up with these surprisingly good job figures. yes, well it appears that there was a pretty major under estimation of how serious the staffing shortages are here in the united states. businesses are struggling to find workers to meet that resurgence in demand. now in 2022, this is still seems to be recovery from the major head from the pandemic in 2022 employment. now you can see this pretty finally in the services sector. some of the major growth we've seen was in the services sector, and it makes sense actually because consumers which have spent so much money over the past 2 years on e commerce and goods have shifted their spending now to services. businesses are certainly struggling to find workers to fill that gap. meanwhile, it also appears that a lot of workers have dropped out of the job market entirely. so yes. so what sort
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of a reaction if we had to these surprisingly good figures? i imagine the markets that had something said about it. well, one would expect that the markets would be quite happy about this, but they don't appear to be. this is the sign of a strong recovery. certainly it means that a lot of economists, a lot of analysts may be 2nd guessing, thoughts about recession this year, recession next year. but what's going on is the market see that they may have made an unpopular bet that the federal reserve is going to ease the interest rates in 2023. now why, what does the job market have to do with this? well, there is an expectation because the job market is so strong that the fed will have to raise interest rates and tamp down on demand. so, yes. okay, teddy australia, at the new york stock exchange for us. thank you. bye. now china's
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response to the us, how speak a nancy pelosi visit to taiwan is taking a toll on regional trade. chinese military exercises have prompted some ships to navigate around the tie, one straight disrupting t weeks ago and commodity sailing around the world. aging has also announced it's the same dialogue with the u. s. on key issues including climate change. or the fallout from nancy places visit is increasing by the day earlier this week. china band in ports of a 2000 different food products from taiwan, including things like fish, fruit, oil is cakes even, and processed food. now, beijing has also stopped exporting sand particular to the island of taiwan, a product necessary for ty, one's construction industry, and what small it's created. an effective blockade tie one to as it patrols the c surrounding it. that could be to imports and exports, paralyzed tie, ones, economy and cripple with the trade in all important semiconductors. so let's get
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some analysis on this. we've been hearing from alex under good luck from the carnegie council. the ethics and international fess very is very, very small. i think it's a little country and it has a strong allies in australia, japan and the united states. and through mine, that germany and number 5, and they would be the best. well, whatever they say if taiwan and china would get on just as friends, but at the point at this point, moment in time, this is not the case. i want it given location, of course, depending on a good relationship to china, more than the other way around. however, if you want to be like the biggest economic power in the world and having a seat at the international community trying to think twice or 3 times if you want to only like a small little neighbor next to you. thing on argentina's,
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new economy minister has placed to retain the country's struggling economy. sergio massa has announced multiple measures targeting inflation and the countries big budget deficit. the can he succeed? where his predecessors failed. argentine has had 3 economy ministers in the space of just a month, but the latest sergio massa has started his tenure with a clear goal to follow the i m f guidance to help stabilize the economy. we must so you will not be made out of him that the other day we had our 1st working meeting with the i m f. i don't like it was productive on the implementation of the financial program in a lot of what we agreed to continue the planned payments and to face the challenges of the measures that are pointed out to laura handle about to be with that may be whether our or late flexion. inflation is one of the main issues to fight anthony during the last month and the one that just had guarded of all the difficulties we are facing as a country and government inflation will be the most difficult. oh yeah,
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i don't know when i saddle of a miss at my the, if it will go to some other evolution idea. inflation is argentina's biggest challenge, leaping from a recent low of under 40 percent. during the pandemic. hitting 64 percent in june. massa says he'll end the practice of money printing to fund government spending. he'll also build up reserves of foreign currency, but there's an ideological battle behind the scenes, while massa wants to reduce deficit spending vice president, christina fernandez. the cash now believes the government must spend to shield citizens from inflation they employ for more. i am a worker and just like everyone else i am struggling to make ends meet with all this inflation. don't go into the breath. yeah. okay. yeah. but we can hope hope that things may change. okay. gosh, i know that it's like a government now has no direction, but they just taking shots in the dark. i said that's what i think. honestly,
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that i'm really worried about the lack of jobs and all the inflation. the inflation is awful. just awful. argentina's economic woes, a decades old and argentines are demanding change with the recession on the horizon and a presidential election next year. the races on to chip away at the countries painful economic legacy. let's take a look at some of the other business stories making the news intel, as expected to announce a 5000000000 dollar investment in advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly funds in italy. it's part of the broader $88000000000.00 investment by the u. s. chip maker to build capacity across europe. 3 ships carrying grain have left ukrainian ports, the turkey, the 1st shipment since the start of the war, left ukraine earlier this week. deal is broken by the un with turkey and russia. allow safe passage for the vessels and desperately needed food supplies. the world
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german airline. lufthansa has agreed to a major pay rise for its ground crews ending a labor dispute, the bed to strikes at frankfurt and munich airport. lufthansa had to cancel over a 1000 flights at a cost of $35000000.00 euros. now indonesia is the largest palm oil producer in the world. it's used in soap, chocolate and shampoo. but consumers have grown increasingly concerned about potential environmental destruction and child labor and the supply chain. however, a swiss company based in jakarta, is now trying to ease those buyers fairs. sometimes even fruit can be stubborn. it's hard work for pack a man who's been working on this palm oil plantation on the indonesian island of sumatra for 5 years. the money he earns from the physically demanding work here, provided living for him, and his family. colors out there that harvest yields $3.00 to $4.00
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tons per hectare reach season. the gallo, my people are gone longer. his employer is one of indonesia is 120000 palm oil. farmers who work with swiss star, topical tv. the software company is based in the capital jakarta we are an integrated so recent technology company working alongside global value chains. we can follow a product from its source to the market to the retail, to the consumer. ready tv, as customers are major international corporations, companies who customers want to know where the ingredients for their products come from. and there are legal requirements forcing multi nationals to disclose supply chains or show the environmental footprint of their products. in the path, no one cares about the environment or only small group,
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but the big mass of the population. they were happy to get the cheap product. she palm oil in a frozen pizza. a little unhappy proof of origin is a particular challenge in the palm oil business. after harvesting, the fruit is sent to large mills where it's processed into oil. this makes traceability difficult, the palm oil farms that work with coal tv alone cover an area of 400000 hector's in to reckon i'll feel they since they travel through these plots. they have an interview with the farmer. they gave elijah brown. so we have for edification that the farm is not in protected forests, not involved in deforestation over the past 10 years. and that they do not exploit children, enter labor on their phone. ready call tv records, the exact origin and supply routes of 24 raw materials in nearly 30 countries. the
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company is headquartered in jakarta, that's because ceo man fred bora, simply stayed in indonesia, after completing his master's thesis here in 2006, with 270000000 inhabitants, an average age of 29 and a growing tech community. he says for start ups like his, there's no way better. that's all for me in the business team here in berlin until the next time we see what making the sand, what's behind them? dw news africa. the show that was the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally on the streets to give you enough reports on the inside
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our correspondence with on the ground reporting from across the continent. all the trends doesn't matter to you. next to on d, w. b, co india and solution is a major problem. in delhi, a new monitoring system is designed to help the devices incorporate low cost senses . they easy to install and can be moved to different locations. is helping us to understand that daily damage took that to pollution, pico india in 60 minutes on t w. o. let's be honest. summer break just doesn't really be
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much does it without the bundis league? oh, well, don't worry. we'll all start up again soon. owned us legal football action goals all in on kick off starts august 9th here on t w. finally, this is a special edition of dw news africa coming to you from naval. go to the polls in a high stakes selection next week. but when road politicians be rented mobs and gangs or shopping there, my chef you as what police officers turn a blind, i can this call be fully free and fair with the 2 leading presidential.


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