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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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a, a non violent pass and read. imagine he's teaching for relevant gandhi's legacy. august 6th on d. w. ah . ah, business d, w. news live phone berlin. i am eddie micah junior. israel as strides on gaza. at least 11 people rescue s that to the arrival of where israel says it targeted an imminent threat from the slamming. she had a senior midtown and the 5 year old girl among the debt also ahead. europe's
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biggest nuclear power station closest after shelling, international monitors are worried about the safety of the plans and ukraine, and local residents. fear about your noble on the metal heads are rocking on one small after 2 years silence bands from around the world. guy north in germany for the return of the back and heavy metal festival. ah, welcome to the program. he's ready air strikes. i've killed at least 11 people in the gaza strip, including a senior palestinian militant and a 5 year old girl that's triggered a barrage of rockets fired back. these are all from gaza. these are the government
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says it targeted the slum, make jihad militant group for what it called. an imminent threat is railey forces, target and apartment building in garza city, just one of many air strikes launched into the coastal strip. israel says the attacks were in response to an imminent threat from the palestinian islamic jihad group. the strikes come after israeli forces arrested a senior militant in the west bank early this week. israel carried out the precise counter therapy ration against an immediate threat. our fight is not, was the people of gus islam. jihad is an iranian proxy that wants to destroy the state of israel and kill innocent israelis. the head of his lamp jihad is in the harem. as we speak, we will do whatever it takes to defend our people. and islamic jihad commander was killed in the strikes, and the group vowed to retaliate her the airline. this is
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a declaration of all out war against the palestinian people. we will respond to that. this is a violation and disregard for all the efforts to to be made over the past days in order to restore camp. we dealt positively with these efforts, but the enemy was as usual, treacherous and carried out this rate. and now we clearly say that we will respond to this crime with all our might to have the dream of equilla ot, and i'm an o. as a 5 year old girl is mourned. fears of an escalation arising, israeli jets continued to pound targets in garza while palestinian militants have been firing rockets back into southern israel. l e i asked journalist hassan belushi. i am gaza for an update on the situation. well, it wasn't, it was an uneasy night. it was very long ends of radio
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strike starting to differ and various locations across the gall. this threat as well as the terms of rockets fired from towns a bike is limited on some of other groups at least one boasting until this morning. adding to the 10 were killed left yesterday one of those 11115 year old girl, one women. according to the minister of health. there was a lot of reports stroking about the da shouldn't by day delegation to restore the the fees fire between god and his well, which is let me get talking about. but there is no jokes at this moment, and we will continue to be 84 days where what the describe a question that was journalist has them by lucia in gaza. i also spoke with our
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correspondent tanya cree, mind, jerusalem, and asked her if people fear yet another war. while absolutely, i think people are deeply worried about this. especially in garza, you mentioned it are. they hardly recovered there from the last war in a to in may 2021. now, of course, we don't know yet, then the middle of an escalation right now, or whether this will take days or whether this will be a full blown, a war or at the end. but it has been certainly a very difficult night for people in the south of israel, but also of course, in the gaza strip, or the israeli military has continued to carry out as tri x they. they said that there have targeted at least 30 sites. it describes belonging to the palestinian militant group islamic jihad. at the same time, rockets have been launched all morning to have been air raid sirens. so people in the south have to stay in their safe rooms in their bumper shelters. now there's
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really army says that over a 190 rockets were fired since or yesterday, and mainly in the south, some in the center or with the iron dome, the defense system, and intercepting a many of them. some also fell in open areas and some also fell inside garza that is according to the israeli army. so what has been done to comb tensions between the 2 sites but eventually i'm, you know, this has to come to an end, but again, this has just started. and the question is, when and what is actually the outcome. because garza has seen many of such military escalations and for wars in the past a decade or or so. so we heard as some reactions already by the international community, the you and special and were for the middle east. peace process has called for calm of the thing and it's the civilians are in the area said are suffering a de,
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most or from it. are there have been efforts usually in the past and also last week leading up to this escalation by each of that's traditionally the mediator between a milton groups in garza, in this case, after the arrest of an islamic jihad leader in the west bank and israel. but to no avail, and we saw the attack yesterday than by israel on garza leading now to this escalation . so at the moment it's unclear, you know, where this is going and it's very difficult, of course for people living there, dw correspondent, tanya, creamer and jerusalem. thank you. your greens precedence vladimir zalinski is calling for sanctions against russia's nuclear industry. after the shelling of europe's biggest atomic bar stations, at least 3 strikes it, power lines. and as i believe jeff land force and the close out one of the reactors, russia and ukraine leave each other for the shelling russian forces seized control
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of the station in march. just a week after the invasion, although ukrainian workers still run, it did abuse correspondence. matthews bellinger isn't keven, tells us more. what we know is that rockets have a here to near this power plant have hit these are power lines there. um the plant, as you said, has been under russian occupation. and russia has been stationing military equipment there and has been firing a shells and, and, and possibly rockets from this site. of course, this is something that's very worrisome to ukraine because it's very difficult to attack these positions or without endangering the safety of the whole country. or provoking an accident. there ukraine has attacked these positions with loitering, munitions that sir jones that are a fly in the air that are conducted into military targets. and that explode there,
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which they are more controllable than rockets of course, which are also being they, they can also be controlled and, and adjusted. but once they fly, they fly. so this strike with rockets is of course worry, worrying. and the ukrainian energy authority has sad that these were russian rockets fired as a provocation. rushes denying this, saying these were ukrainian rockets. it's not been a week. no, we have not been able or are, or the has no independent confirmation for any of the versions. so far, as i said earlier, the, as this is definitely very worrying, we're talking about the dangerous nuclear plant. what's being down to make sure it's safe. well, the plant is under russian occupation and control over the plant is in russian hands, but ukrainian workers are still working there. the problem is that the international
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atomic energy authority does not have connection to the plant at the moment. they don't have access to the plant, so we do not really know what the conditions inside is. the ukranian authorities also have limited access to their workers there. so that is of course, the biggest problem at the moment that we do not know what's really happening inside the plant. it's still delivering energy to the ukrainian power grid, but we do not know what's the situation on the ground. ok, the w correspondence month. yes, belinda, thank you. 2 other stories making headlines around the world. at least 12 people have been killed and 43 injured in a bass crash north east of the creation capitals. i grabbed the vehicle that slipped off the road. carried dozens of polish pilgrims. they were traveling to be roman catholic shrine, south in boston. japan is marking the 77th anniversary of the nuclear attack on hiroshima. the u. s. dropped the wealth 1st atomic bomb on 6th august 1945 in the
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final days of world war 2. the explosion destroyed the city and killed 140000 people. a texas court has ordered a conspiracy theorist alex jones to be nearly $50000000.00 in damages. jones falsely claimed a 2012 school shooting sandy hook. new england was a hoax. parents who lost the child, sued him for defamation. sandra, who was one of the worst school shootings in us history. anytime in china is continuing with its largest ever military exercises around ty, one, the island says the drills appear to be a simulation of an attack. besides, their military maneuvers are relations between b gene and washington have nose dived since you as how speaker nancy pelosi visited high one earlier this week. pensions in that i one street have put the region on the edge. this is the 1st time the chinese military drills have beacon place so
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close to the self governed island. di one says the chinese army appeals to be practicing for an attack. chinese officials are clear on the message they want to send along. our military exercises have been conducted in an open, transparent, and professional manner, and are in line with the domestic law, international law and international practice. the drills are aimed at issue a warning to the perpetrators and punishing the taiwan independence. secessionist forces. china seized. i won as a break of the province and visits to the island by foreign officials like u. s. house speaker. nancy pelosi has an upfront with sovereignty. as a consequence, china is now also spending cooperation with the us on issues including law enforcement and climate change. county the u. s. equity or state address the issue during his visit to the philippines of which is
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a key stakeholder in the region. we should not hold hostage cooperation on matters of global concern because of differences between our 2 countries. others are rightly expecting us to continue to work together and issues that matter to the lives and livelihoods of their people, as well as our own relations between the was due. logistic one means have nose dived and reasoned is, and the consequences will likely be felt far beyond the region. one of the world's biggest heavy metal festivals is back lakin is once again host in 85000 metal fans for 3 days in the field in north and germany, the event was canceled for the last 2 years because of the coven pandemic. the hot weather didn't keep the crowds away. heavy metal fans from around the world had been waiting over 2 years to return to what they called the holy ground. the revellers at this year's voc, an open air hail from as far away as mexico south africa and indonesia. i got all
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the way from or to day i was like i said you can really be yourself here. we've had the tickets since 2019 we finally made it. we're here and it's so great to 100 bands are in the line up headlined by big names like slipknot and judas, priest foot covering the whole gamut of the genre including the ukranian band. i t who traveled from kiya for the event it's not just the legendary line up that draws the crowds to vulcan. it's 3 days of middle lifestyle, a rare chance to let their hair down after 2 years of cupboard restrictions. but despite the grimace static and the music's often violent lyrics, fans describe balkan as an a waste of good vibes. responded vicki, what's interesting is that if you ask most fans what they associate with metal with
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concerts with festivals, beer is the 1st answer and of course loud music. but the very next answer is piece . with. you could say these middle heads have finally returned to their happy place. as a reminder, the top story we're following for you this hour is riley strikes up, killed on these 11 people in the gaza strip, including his senior, palestinian militant and a 5 year old girl. they, the government says it was targets in these stomachs. he had, had tons with that's it for me. up next hour, textual ships looks that smart fami stationed almost a vibrant habitat and.


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