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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2022 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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venture full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years and that will change the world forever. but jillions journey around the world starts september 7th on d, w. ah ah, this is deed of the news live from berlin is ready as strikes on gas or kill at least 14 people. rescuers search through the rubble where israel says it targeted an imminent threat from the slamming. she had group a senior militant and a 5 year old girl among the dead. also on the program. the reactor at europe to
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biggest nuclear power station closes after shelling. international monitors are worried about the safety of the plant in ukraine, and local residents fear another to a noble. and the bond is legal is back with a bang as raining champions by and thrash frankfurt and the opening match of the season. all the goals coming up ah, until neurological welcome to the program. israel has continued as strikes on gas out for a 2nd day. with its army warning, the operation against the palestinian group islamic jihad will go on for a week. the militants have been firing back. they have confirmed the death of one of their top leaders. top commanders in these ready strikes on friday. health officials in the gaza strip. say at least 14 people have been killed in the
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violence. oh, carrying out the body of a young man killed in an israeli as strike one of several victims in the biggest escalation in violence for more than a year. as israel hits targets in garza for a 2nd day destroying home and injuring dozens of people on the about another. i was sitting on the sofa with my wife and children when suddenly something fell on us. i didn't know what happened. everything collapsed around us. could you take those that photo gardena handled a pang god, he saved us. but my wife broke her hand and my son was hit by a shop. no clue there. i live in a shallow dismal. i believe. on friday,
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israeli strikes targeted a senior leader of the palestinian islamic jihad militant group destroying an apartment block and killing several civilians, including a 5 year old girl. israel says the attacks are a pre emptive operation against an imminent threat from the militant group. is railey forces arrested as senior militant in the west bank early this week and detained several other alleged members early on saturday. the gaza strip. hamas leaders have so far remained on the sidelines of this latest escalation. but palestinian militants retaliated for the attacks firing rockets into southern israel. israeli forces say these are just the opening strikes of a longer operation. adding to the fear of an all out war. now joined by has an blue shows a journalist based in gaza as em. welcome to
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d w. what's the situation like in garza today for the 2nd day in a row is where it continued. it strikes on the civil areas and targets in gaza strip. at least 2 houses were destroyed completely off the warning to evacuate than they read were planes had the 2 houses and separated incidents and they destroyed the 2 houses according to the minister of health. this is the ways to 15, including a 5 year old girl and 2 women as well, like over a $125.00. were injured in the strike, the militia group, mainly when you had continued firing rockets from different places in gaza into that is what cities about nearby towns,
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the minister of health as well. and now that they would expect after 20, after 72 hours to reduce and install base services because of the main boys stationing does have stop due to the lack of fuel supplying from israel to can to close last week. right. and we're also hearing about, you know, from these really ami seeing that they've made some arrest as well, of members of this. let me you had group. yeah. the least thing that happened in the west bank and gaza city and the rest came on a daily basis rate conducted by that is where our me to our wrists role a lately targeted is learning you had active a i think is, well, is it a big thing a lot
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in these things when these relate to had leader in the west bank said that these are risk wouldn't prevent them from support to their brothers. they call them in gaza. felicia, in gaza, thank you for speaking to us. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski is calling for sanctions against russia's nuclear industry. after the shelling of europe's biggest atomic power station, at least 3 strikes hit power lines at the operational plant, forcing the closure of one of the reactors, russia and ukraine, blame each other for the shelling russian forces seized control of the station in march. just a week after the invasion, although ukrainian workers still run it and give we are
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joined by our correspondent matches berlin. but he has russia and ukraine trading blame for the shelling. what do we know? so this atomic, this, this nuclear power plant, the cell, had been, has been under russian control since march, but ukrainian workers are still operating it. russians have stationed military equipment there and ukraine is accusing them. and that seems to be established that they have also used this as a base for shelling. so they were firing from that position using effectively the nuclear power plant as a shield, be thinking that ukraine would not attack them in that position for fear of a nuclear accident. ukraine has of, however, attacked positions there before using loitering, munition loitering, munition. these are drones that explode when they hit their targets, so they are quite controllable. and ukraine seemed, are there,
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is it worth the risk or, or assess that it was worth the risk or they were, had enough control to hit some positions near that power plant. now now they were, we have rockets fired at that plant, and rockets are not as easily controllable. they can be adjusted, but when they fly, they fly. so this is a different risk and we're hearing that some damage has been done to one of the reactors ukrainian, the refrain. atomic energy authority says that sir, these rockets were fired from russian territory, basically amounting to a provocation. russia is denying this. russia is saying these were ukranian rockets and there is no way to independently verify this at this moment. they've mentioned affairs of a nuclear accident when it has been done to prevent a kind of disaster. well, the international atomic energy authority, that is a monitoring atomic power plants all over the world has no access to the side. they
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have demanded both sides to enable access, but it's not possible at the moment they can not get on this territory. the plant is running as it used to, it's running in basically urban the usual regime. so it's still supplying power electric power to the ukrainian power grid and other workers there. the ukrainian employees are still working there. and the ukranian authorities seem sometimes to be in touch with them, although not always, however, they are running it under the command of the russians. and there seems to seem to be also some russian like employees of the russian atomic energy authority there. but we cannot confirm this, so it's very difficult to ensure the safety at this moment. we don't have any, any hints or anything that these, that something is in the making inside this power plant with besides,
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of course the shelling that puts it in danger. but we also do not know what exactly is going on there. right. state of the correspond mateus burning her. thank you. now let's take a look at some more stories making headlines around the world. japan is marking the 77th anniversary of the nuclear attack on hiroshima. the u. s. dropped the world's 1st atomic bomb on the 6th august 1945 in the final days of world war 2. the explosion destroyed the city and killed 840000 people. at least 12 people have been killed and 43 injured in a bus accident, northeast of the croatian capitals. i grabbed the vehicle, viewed off the road and crashed into a ditch. i'm bored with dozens of polish pilgrims traveling to a roman catholic shrine in southern bows. near texas court has ordered a conspiracy theorist alex jones to pay nearly $50000000.00 in damages. jones
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falsely claims the 2012 school shooting and sandy hook new england was a hoax. parents who lost a child, sued him for defamation. sandy hook was one of the worst school shootings in us history. taiwan has accused beijing of simulating an invasion of the self governing island. as china continued its large scale military drills. type a says the chinese army sent several ships and aircraft into the strait of taiwan on saturday. the exercises began after us house because nancy pelosi visited type a any of this week after imposing unspecified sanctions on the politician. china is also suspending cooperation with the u. s. and several key areas including law enforcement and climate change. d w's, so to hand in taipei, describe the 10th standoff between the taiwanese and chinese military's well, both saw in china and taiwan released photo just and revealing the image of the
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other sites worships. i'm showing how close they are monitoring each other. well, in china's pictures, we can see towers, mountains, and even the smoke high of what major taiwanese par plan is estimated that the chinese army is about 30 kilometers away from thailand, shore line. and earlier this morning, multiple chinese war plans and worships narly jazz. come in to the thomas draper crossed the a median line again, and he was response to this how his air force made rare deployment of for the like the most martin at 16, the war place with 8 missiles to prepare for battle. it also uses a long range air defense system to monitor and defend the aerospace at any time in response to unsuspected situations. now they've been military drills before, but where does this rank in terms of the level of what we've seen before? well, as you have mentioned, it's probably the 1st time like china conduct such
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a large scale of military drills and for a tie. while of course, there will be some mil to drills now and then, but it's also for the 1st time for talented deploy such a modern systems, the defense systems and also last worships and war plans that's bought from the u. s. so for both sides, it's the 1st time that this tension comes to this new escalation. all right, so to hand in taipei, thank you. to sport now and the wait is over. the wonders league is back with a bang by a munich thrash and drank frankfurt. 61, in the 1st match of the season, the opening fixture put the raining champions against the europa league winners. finds roads of reclaiming the so called mice. a charlotte began in frankfort, and the home fans hoped to steal some thunder setting off flag that clouded the view of their own gold. just before kickoff. 5 minutes in with the smoke still clearing user kimmy struck from far out, perhaps benefiting from the keeper's port visibility. just
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a few minutes later by and doubled their lead after a corner, defend a buzz on my profile with a sense of forwards. finish in the mold of the recently departed, robert live in dusky, the man who was that top scorer for the last 7 seasons. after girls from a midfielder and a defender, it was the forward turn to shine star sunning. sedio manet came up with the goods just before the half hour mark, and the floodgates were well into the open. manet put in an energetic display on his buddhist legged debut. and shortly after jamal marcial, a chipped in to make it for the 19 year old, got the not ahead of leroy son, a in the starting lineup and repaid the faith. it was men against boys in frankfort, as the reigning champions went up 5 mill from 5 different scores before half time. who needs robot lemon, dorski, when half your team scores says can every whipping up another goal. after the break,
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frankfurt finally found the back of the net courtesy of manual noise mistake some assigning randall colo milanni with a goal on his debut. fine tuft the only highlight for the home side by an would have the last laugh. substitute leroy son a beautifully set up jamal lucila, who doubled his account to seal a 61 wind on opening day bomb storming by and sessing the ball incredibly high. yeah. watching did up the news this morning. i'll website d w dot com antonio aladdin. ah ah riddle word for the climate. ah, this isn't just route this is a read if occasion.


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