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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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a global struggle for water and nothing can be done. first sports august 10th on d. w. ah, ah. ah, this is these are the news live from berlin is really as strikes on garza kill at least 15 people rescue team search through the rubble where israel says it targeted an imminent threats from the palestinian islamic jihad group. a senior militant and a 5 year old girl are among the dead. also coming up,
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leading candidates and kenya's presidential election have held huge rallies. as campaigning comes to a close, we'll get law from nairobi. and on match day, one of the boon to seed up earlier beats hardtop and the berlin derby, the claim, the bragging rights in the capitol. ah, i'm really mohammed welcome to the program. israel has continued air strikes on garza for a 2nd day. it's army warned. the operation against the palestinian group islamic jihad will go on for a week. the militants have been firing back. they have confirmed the death of one of their top commanders in the israeli strikes on friday. health officials in the gaza strip say at least 15 people were killed in the violence. oh
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o carrying out the body of a young man killed in an israeli air strike. one of several victims in the biggest escalation in violence for more than a year. as israel hits targets in garza for a 2nd day destroying home and injuring dozens of people on that hand. about another. i was sitting on the sofa with my wife and children when suddenly something fell on us. i didn't know what happened. everything collapsed around us. could you take those that federal gonna handle a pan god. he saved us. but my wife broke her hand and my son was hit by a shop. no clue there. i live in a shallow dismal i believe. on friday is railey strikes, targeted a senior leader of the palestinian islamic jihad militant group destroying an
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apartment block and killing several civilians, including a 5 year old girl. israel says the attacks are a pre emptive operation against an imminent threat from the militant group is railey forces arrested, a senior militant in the west bank early this week and detained several other alleged members early on saturday. the gaza strip. hamas leaders have so far remained on the sidelines of this latest escalation, but palestinian militants retaliated for the attacks firing rockets into southern israel. is railey forces, say these are just the opening strikes of a longer operation, adding to the fear of an all out war. when i, let's bring in dw tonya kramer in jerusalem, what's the situation like there now tanya?
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well, israel continues with its air strike, and a tillery fire unto garza, according to the ministry, the palestinian ministry of health. and as you said, at least 15 people have been killed over a 140 have been injured. but of course those numbers are rising as to fighting their continues. and that also have been reports about a lot of casualties in w. that's north of kansas city. the circumstances there are still unclear but children among the casualties as well. they're the same time a post in a minute. tons, mainly from the islamic jihad have continued also to fire a all night and rockets into israel, mainly into the southern part of israel. but also some towards the center like cities like also article on around the gaza strip article on our store in the smaller communities. also
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a one area it's are in the tel aviv area. these really army says that over 400 rockets have been fired so far since the beginning of the offensive that started on friday afternoon by is when striking the gaza strip than many have been intercepted by its iron dome defense system. but there seems to be no let up of the fighting between both sides and what attempts if any, are being made to try to calm the situation. well, i think at this point it's still too early or, you know, to talk about a ceasefire or something like that, that the army saying that this military operation could the israeli army saying that this military operation could last at least a week. but they're conflicting reports as well. no, it's really official saying they're no negotiations, but we're hearing reports that egypt is actually trying to push for
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a cease fire. egypt is a traditional mediator in garza between usually hamas and israel, but also of course the other minute and affections that there is concern that this could further escalade. and of course, this is a lot of concerned for the civilians. there be it in the southern communities and israel, people have been spending their 2 nights also in bomb shelters or protected rooms, but also in gaza. people have hardly, you know, recovered from the last war in may 2021. and it's a close of area has been a territory that husband located by israel and partly by egypt for 15 years and people cannot just leave, the crossings are closed. so of course there's a lot of concern that this could for the escalate rights d w 's. tanya kramer, interested and thank you. and the top candidates in kenya's presidential election have held that final campaign rallies ahead of voting on tuesday. the
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front runners are incumbent deputy president william router and a veteran opposition leader. right now dinger, who's received the surprise endorsement from sitting president who kenyata key issues in these elections are corruption and the rising cost of living. this year's race is so close. it could go to run off for the 1st time of these at least, felix marina is in nairobi and he talked us through the front runners campaign promises saw that 2 candidates finalized their campaign to day and as, as they did their final peaches there. as im, your leader re loading are promised and to ensure that he will meet the rising cost of living bench by instituting a social protection measure, which will give the vulnerable families in the country up to 50 dollars on a monthly basis so that they can be able to be cushioned. on the other hand,
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the deputy prison at president william router who's also the leader of kenner kwanza, promised and continued to drum up support for his bottle. not because normally cordell seeing that the country needed a more sustainable plan which will ensure that the cost of living has been dealt with once and for all. so those are the 2 things that were leading candidates campaigned really for. and they are hoping that come tuesday when kenya's go to the ballot, they will elect ave of them to be the next president of the country. and what are the main issues for voters? and what are they really worried about in kenya at the moment? missouri's of the vote, as i worried about the cost of living, it has been skyrocketing and we saw just a few weeks ago. the current president oral cannot or tried to institute subsidies on the main floor so that the equal breeds majority of the families in kenya who survived on miss la. but also canyons are worried about corruption,
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which has been cutting the country in the middle. we kennels also worried about job length joblessness amongst a youth and also kenya's death by then, which has been great and all the presidential candidates, the 2 leading presidential candidates have promised to deal with a debt. but then once elected to office pay, that is d w 's, felix marina from nairobi. thank you so much. well, let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. at least 2 people have been killed and around 22. others have been injured in a bomb blasts in afghanistan. capital the bomb exploded in an area popular with members of the share minority. the so called a stomach state has claimed responsibility. here as president joe biden has tested negative for coven 19 biden's. doctor said he will continue to isolate
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at the white house until he gets a 2nd negative test. biden's last cove at 19 infection was a rebound case that came just days after he recovered from his initial bout. the u. s. 8 of indiana has become the 1st state to pass new laws, restricting abortion. it comes after the supreme court reversed universal access. some limited exceptions to the ban include cases of rape and incest. indiana is controlled by the republican party. denies of nations nuclear watch. soccer calling for access to a ukrainian nuclear power plant offered was shelled on friday. the agency said it was concerned over the security situation at europe's biggest atomic power station . at least 3 strikes had power lines at these upper asia part plant. for thing one of the reactors to close. china continues with its largest ever military exercises around ty, one. the island says the drills appear to be
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a simulation of an attack. now, besides the military maneuvers relations between beijing and washington had nosedive since you as how speaker nancy pelosi visited tie one earlier this week, dentures in that i one street have put the region on the edge. this is the 1st time the chinese military rules have taken place. so close to the self governed island. di one says the chinese army appears to be practicing for an attack. chinese officials are clear on the message they want to send along. our military exercises have been conducted in an open, transparent, and professional manner, and are in line with the domestic law, international law and international practice. the drills are aimed at issue a warning to the perpetrators and punishing the taiwan independence. secession is forces china seized. i won as a break of
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a province and visits to the island by foreign officials like us house pico nancy pelosi has an affront to its sovereignty. as a consequence, china is now also spending cooperation with the u. s. on issues including law enforcement and climate change. county the u. s. equity or state address the issue during his visit to the philippines, which is a key stakeholder in the region. we should not hold hostage cooperation on matters of global concern because of differences between our 2 countries. others are rightly expecting us to continue to work together on issues that matter to the lives and livelihoods of their people. as well as our own relations between the was due, logistic one means have nose dived in recent days and the consequences will likely be felt far beyond the region. now for this, when the sleek as to berlin based clubs, it was debbie day in the opening fixture only in houses hatta and once again claimed the bragging rights in the capital. cash on your own,
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quite happily hosted hatta for the opening fixture, having beaten their crosstown rivals 3 times. last season. the visiting fans were hoping new faces at the helm would mark a turnaround at the club. coach sandro shots joined from dynamo, moscow, and the new club president is one of their own chi bernstein, a former ultra who used to stand and cheer along with these hardcore fans. but it was one of unknowns, new faces who stole the limelight, jordan, see, but you must season's top score and the swiss league getting a debut goal. immediately reminding het as new boss of the uphill task at hand, after the break, unknown turned up the heat. just 5 minutes after the restart some assigning janik. how about i think the ball into the path of shit, aldo becca, who doubled the lead for the hosts.
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and a new and wounds out of breath. yet captain christopher timothy corner teed up robin canada to make it 3. now. when you're cruising and chi bernstein seething, hatter did pull one back, but it was little more than a consolation. dody look back yo with a fine finish, but not enough to please the travelling support. as on yom start the season as they entered the last number, one in the capital and hundreds of thousands of people turned out to celebrate canal parade in amsterdam. this is the city's algae p t q. pride event, a flotilla of over 80, both representing various rights groups, bars and even the dutch military took part, transforming amsterdam famous canals into
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a massive party location. ah, you're watching the adobe news live from berlin. stick around though, because coming up next is well stories looking at the reopening of a board damage school in ukraine, that's off to the brain a season, but by we got some hot tips for your bucket list ah magic corner hotspot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot.


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