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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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a 3 years that would change the world forever. my jillions journey around the world. september 7th on d. w. ah . ah . this is dw news live from building more people die from fighting. in garza palestinian authorities say the death toll from israeli rocket fire has reason to 24 after an explosion in northern garza. but israel says it has nothing to do with the latest is also coming up. donald trump closes out the c pack.
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conservative gathering in dallas by repeating old lies attacking old enemies and teasing a possible run at the presidency again. ah, i'm jared read. welcome to the shar palestinian authorities in the gaza strip. say 24. people now died from israeli strikes on the territory. on saturday, 6 people, 3 of them children died in a blast in north in garza. israel's military denies any involvement in the latest incident. it says the death were caused by a rocket that the islamic jihad militant group misfired. the 2 sides have tried it . heavy blows over the last days in after israel killed a senior commander from the armed group. after nightfall,
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the skies of of garzo were lit up by rockets. these were fired from the gaza strip into israel at the end of day 2 at the latest up surgeon violence. but the rocket fire was not just one way. this black cloud was from an israeli missile that hit the palestinian controlled strip earlier in the day. israel is calling the operation breaking don't saying it's a preemptive campaign against an imminent threat of a jose boba's. this is the 2nd day of operation breaking dawn, which aims to remove the threat posed by the islamic jihad terrorist organization, for unto restored peace and stability in israel, south value. we have halted and will continue to thwart many terrorists who plan to launch rockets. a multi shall sum garza to walls israel kevin, for from chicago. sorry oh, more than a dozen people are reported to have been killed in the gaza strip.
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dudgeon small were injured, and homes were destroyed about another. i was sitting on the sofa hill with my wife and children when suddenly something fell on us. oh, come on home. we didn't know what happened. everything collapsed around us. who do i exhibit? legged federal guiding handle, pan god, he saved us. but my wife broke her hand and my son was hit by a sharp note of it. i did finish a life dismal from the handler that he is ready forces arrested, a senior militant in the west bank earlier this week and detained several other alleged members early on saturday. these rady forces say, these are just the opening strikes of a longer operation. adding to the fear of an all out war in the region.
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well, is anything being done to de escalate the situation? is d w's, tanya? crime in jerusalem? i think at this point it's still too early. are you now to talk about a ceasefire or something like that that the army saying that this military operation could the israeli army saying that this military operation could last at least a week, but they're conflicting reports as well? no, it's really official saying that no negotiations but hearing reports that egypt is actually trying to push for a cease fire. egypt is a traditional mediator in garza between usually hamas and israel. but also, of course, the other militant affections that there is concern that this could further escalate. and of course this is a lot of concerned for the civilians. there be in the southern communities and israel, people have been spending their 2 nights also in bomb shelters or protected rooms,
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but also in gaza. people have hardly, you know, recovered from the last 4 in may 2021. and it's a closed of area. it has been a territory, it has been located by israel party by egypt for 15 years, and people cannot just leave, the crossings are closed. so of course, there's a lot of concern that this could of, for the escalate. tonya kramer in jerusalem there will to taiwan now, which says huge chinese military drills appear to be a simulation of an attack on the island bay. jing has conducted some of its largest ever maneuvers around taiwan this week. us half beacon, nancy pelosi, his visit to type a infuriated china, which regards the self ruling island as its own territory. relations between begging and washington have noise dived, dentures in that i one street have put the region on the edge. this is the 1st time the chinese military rules have beacon place so close to the self governed island.
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di one says the chinese army appeals to be practicing for an attack. chinese officials are clear on the message they want to send along. our military exercises have been conducted in an open, transparent, and professional manner, and are in line with the domestic law, international law and international practice. that drills are aimed at issue a warning to the perpetrators and punishing the taiwan independence. secessionist forces. china seized, i one as a breakaway province and visits to the island by foreign officials like us house because nancy pelosi has an affront to its sovereignty. as a consequence, china is now also spending cooperation with the u. s. on issues including law enforcement and climate change going by the u. s. secretary of state address the issue during his visit to the philippines of which is a key stakeholder in the region. we should not hold hostage cooperation on matters
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of global concern because of differences between our 2 countries. others are rightly expecting us to continue to work together on issues that matter to the lives and livelihoods of their people. as well as our own relations between the was 2 largest economy, have nose dived in recent years and the consequences will likely be felt far beyond the region. let's get a round up of some other headlines now. at least 2 people have been killed and 22 others injured in a bomb blast in afghanistan, capital cobble, the device exploit it in a shopping area. popular with members of the sheer community. it's the 2nd did leave last targeting the minority group in as many days. the so called islamic state has claimed responsibility. cuba authorities say 17 firefighters a missing after lightnings drunken oil storage facility, causing explosions and a huge fire helicopters and fire crews are struggling to bring the blinds under
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control of the depot in the northern city of mountains, us over 80 people were injured. some with serious boons. u. s. president joe biden has tested negative for cove at 19 biden's doctor says he'll continue to isolate at the white house until he gets a 7 2nd. negative test is covered at 19 infection. was a rebound case that came just days after he recovered from his initial balance. we have now was saying in the us former president donald trump has given a speech at this year's edition of c pack, which is one of the country's top political gatherings of conservatives. looking to fire up, voters ahead of mid term elections is autumn. trump repeated the lie that he won the 2020 election. he also lashed out joy by then and other democrats, and teased a possible run for the presidency in 2024. but i ran twice,
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i won twice and did much better the 2nd time that i did the 1st getting millions and millions of 4 votes than in 2016. and likewise, getting more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country by far and now we may have to do it again. we may have to t w's correspondence to me. so must gander was at c pack in dallas. she told us her main take away from what trump had to say while president trump, or really held court in front of the c pack crowd, this was a crowd that was waiting the entire 3 days here. essentially, for the speech from him, he appeared confident he delivered was a fairly rambling speech. he touched on a number of issues, and he painted a picture of unity within the republican party, saying it essentially entirely behind him. but he did take a paint dark picture of where america is saying it is a country at the edge of an abyss. and he took direct aim at president joe biden.
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and what he called the radical leftist democrats. he criticized or biden on immigration policy saying there's been an invasion on the southern border. he criticized the economic policy saying inflation is essentially driving this country into the ground is killing americans. and also that the president obama and should not have been begging saudi arabia for oil. he is also criticized ro biden on what he calls an unprecedented crime spree, even entertaining the idea of the death penalty for drug dealers. and he made sure to we're slam nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house for her, a trip to taiwan, saying that created utter chaos. and that would have never happened if he were to be president. so those were to some of the topics he touched upon. i do want to add that he also, oh, criticize the january 6th committee. this is the committee that's been looking into what happened in the lead up to january 6th on and on january 6, 2021. we saw that a storming of the capital, and he said quite clearly that that committee is not serious. that he won the
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election twice. so repeating that election line said, maybe we have to do it again. that's something he said before, but the, we're clear word sir. from president trump on what he sees coming in the future. okay. so a lot there that that trump has, has run through. he's been out of office for a year and a half. now see me, how much group and influence does he still have on the republican party? that's a question. a lot of people are asking in this country. gerrard, and i can see that if you walk there see pack, you see some of the stands behind me. you'll get the impression that donald trump is on no. and his name is on every banner, every hat, every card, every flag. so certainly among this crowd, he is still very popular and still holds a lot of influence. in fact, they ran a poll of members here just before donald trump came out in stage a little bit earlier. and 69 percent of those who were asked believed that he should run and be re elected again in 2024. so again, this is very much a crowd that a supportive of donald trump, d. c is influence here, everywhere. on the other hand,
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we do have to say that this conference in particular repre, it represents the right wing of the republican party. there are republicans who would like to see a change in the party, but i'd like to add that just the past few weeks we seen several primary. so a races in which republican candidates have been running and those have been endorsed by president trump have fared a fairly well. so we can say that his influence is still pretty strong, but just to add one more thing. jarred what the former deputy white house press secretary hoping kidley told us, he said president, trump is not going anywhere. you can't get around him either he will be the president again, or he will be the king maker. so that says a lot about where his influence stands in the party right now. all right, can't get around, trump, you heard it from our correspondence. see me so must gone to at c pack in dallas, texas to me. thank you. ah, well, for the blandest league as to berlin clubs, it was during the day in the opening fixture on yawn hosted halter and once again
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claim the bragging rights in the capital clash on your own. quite happily hosted has her for the opening fixture, having beaten back crosstown rivals 3 times. last season. the visiting fans were hoping new faces at the helm would market turn around at the club. coaches angle shouts joined from dynamo, moscow, and the new club president is one of their own. ty brownstein, a former ultra who used to stand and cheer along with these hardcore fans. but it was one of yawns, new faces who stole the lime light. jordan, see boucher last season's top score and the swiss league getting a debut goal. immediately reminding het as new boss of the uphill task at hand, after the break, unknown turned up the heat. just 5 minutes after the restart some assigning janik. how about i think the ball into the path of shit, aldo becca,
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who doubled the lead for the hosts. and on your wounds, out of breath yet captain christopher timothy corner teed up robin cannot go to make it 3 now on your cruising. and chi bernstein seething patter. did pull one back, but it was little more than a consolation. jody. look a vakio with a fine finish, but not enough to please the traveling support. as on yom start the season as they ended the last number one in the capitol. finally, now hundreds of thousands of people have turned out to celebrate l. g b, t key, pride in amsterdam, a flotilla of over 80 boats representing various rights groups, bars and even the dutch military took part. it transformed amsterdam,
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famous canals into a massive party. ah happy pride. you're watching dw news, that's it for me. sports life is up next on d w of course is more on our website, d, w dot com and on social media i dw, and use on jared. read thanks to watching people in trucks injured one trying to feed the city center more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. families playing phone tag for the credit on.


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