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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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last desperate as they feel the press is more than any of the country mold. busy in 45 minutes on d, w, i would have to say matters to us in that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on d. w. the hello and welcome to another edition of the program made for you. the 77 percent african youth majority. i'm your host, eddie micah junior. from egypt to sedan and lights area. major youth lead protest having seen across africa. but
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more often than not, these protests and in bloodshed and loss of lives. in my area, people are still trying to get the voices hed after the 2020 and sauce protests. by far the lead us listening. either kamani went to lagos, to talk to victims on authorities, to find out why the and sas demonstrations turned ugly. and what can be done to prevent the killings from happening again? this week on the 77 percent street debate or shot or my church, the blood please come out from the park. the. the process will occur hijacked by some hoodlums from criminals. what he, i just to protect the protest was attacked. so who attacked these brutus? the purchase was at sacked using governments owned properties, governments own assess ah, hello,
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and welcome back to the 77 percent. this week we are in nigeria. more specifically, lagos, the city that gave us fell aqua t, who, by the way, in 1977 in his title track for the album, them give us them leave tears, sorrow, and blood explained how the police officers were up a time. brutalizing, the citizens of nigeria fast forward to 2020 and his words still resonated as young people gathered to protest what they said was ill treatment by the police officers until we're here to find out why to african government seems so threatened by protest held by the youth who better to answer this question for me than fellow nigerians. and i'm going to start with buy um and so i just want you to give us an overview of what happened in 2020 because not everybody has a clear idea. so i basically began with a lot of discontent and unhappiness and rage against the specialized robbery squad
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of the major on police. it's. it's been a long time coming. so there was a lot of built pent up resentment. and youth just felt like you know what enough is enough, our forces are not hurt. our voices are not to can seriously. and like, that's all, as if they were coordinated. protests were happening in major cities in the southern parts of the country, especially. okay, i'm, let's hear from suffer because i understand you are the protest as well. and obviously we wouldn't be talking about these protest if they hadn't ended in unfortunately death. so how did it come to be that something that started organically and in bloodshed? i think one of the selling points alcala, that of the answers protest was that there was no coordinated leadership right at the, the process where organic and people just appointed themselves to, you know, coordinate, collect, and distribute resources. there was a lot of heavy pullet to size and like in the f city where some of the boys who
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disrupted they protest, testified that they were given 5 and an error or so you could easily by street power. yeah. by any one. okay. let me hear from matthew aka precious stone. oh, who was not only at the protest, but unfortunately actually ended up being shot. so perhaps that by telling us what took you to the protest, why did you feel that he was so important for your voice to be heard that day? many times fast asked, told me on it. why do you do your url at ease as i'm no, i'm no you. oh boy, god oblivion and you know where you live fi or where you teach your bad boy? oh boy, i'm no one of them always, always should emma undiagnosed is a threat. me to get the money. but when a hardy, to that people, when you told me julia will godaddy, les topped his socks to clean offense. it is of this country. so i need to johnny porter. yes. fully. can you explain to me how you felt when you got there?
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what was the energy like? how did you feel in the early hours jack missouri was so lovely, but i never believed, hadn't enjoyed. i use goof. who shows up this really gets flagged in july flag atlas, russia dizzy what we entitled to comma to to so to speak, or what is no good about our country. what are near shore? all right? peaceful, lovely energy. what virus. ok, let me come to an officer who they in here because obviously the police officers actually what the receiving end doing is protest. being accused of not just brutalizing young people and harassing them is it's true. would you say in your estimation? yes, actually we have on same reports of from police officers been excessive in their use of force. but still, it didn't mean that the entire police force was, was brutal or was insensitive to the plight of the youth. and these are things we're looking into. we have of departments on the follow up looks into this
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conflict, but i guess people have had enough all the fels were not moving fast enough. okay. um, i want to hear from allow me day because i see that your hairstyle is dreadlocks, which i understand in this country can be a way for people to be targeted. have you experience some of the things that p 2 p peter was saying? yes, because obviously aroused by selfish as lot of time to try to that because we know to happen. i mean the cloud o c o p go bye for now, do you and did i go over the, could you to an out of the south and ask you this is the from to not does god mean to join the discount? cause i don't know. did go go outside that i'll get shots because most of it i go up are, you are, was up at the us with his coffee does reduced the harassment doesn't ask you to okay. does it out about as a game the postmark? would you for the buddhist could absolutely pulls us are asked me to pull up my s 5 vote to put as whenever i go out. i'm group one cushion out the country,
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lead me to we deliver to sergeant that are catalog. i'll give them out that i do not write such my full mouth. glad to get my food from the young boy 1st and only got as an internet for stuff he doesn't want to know what you're doing. foster for future outsourcing is up to stop. i would love him to join the buddhist. okay. now i should mention 2 of you was that of course saws as a squad was later disbanded. although young people here see that it was quickly replaced with a force that was very similar to that. but coming back to you of his own day and j . j. no, you he, i'm going to come back to you. i had reports while preparing for this. the people would even have their telephones checked to have police officers look through their bank account balance and have and force them to to withdraw money is, is true. yeah. i mean how, how, how does it get to that point? okay. yeah it's, it's very wrong for him please officer to check in with his foreign bank account and we, we appreciate those people who just don't complain and just maybe make maybe
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rounds on twitter, pardon my language around on twitter. but people actually stepped to say, oh, this police of says, did this, we actually want to gets such reports and when we get them, we are bringing this officers and make them face on disciplinary action. what is actually wrong? and if i'm say this, i'm not saying i'm not trying to defend this bad behavior, it's not in the face, but you know, statistically you see that most times certain crimes are committed by satin is group and the often not always, but they often have this look this tattoo and b, i mean, yeah, yeah, that's profiling profiling. yes. but for a police officer, what are we saying? nobody in nigeria should wear dreadlocks. like i said from the beginning of this, these not a defense. but as a police officer, i remember the last 10 people that's confessed to this particular crime, actually have 13 in physical character is maybe not physical,
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but in this is you would not. you would not blame me if i see somebody which doesn't. this is on the 1st nor comes my mind is or the less than people are is that okay, let me come to gigi because he's laughing at your comment. i'm not sure if it's because he thinks it's funny. i share your thoughts j. j. so i was laughing because he was fits in perfectly into the bureau spectrum of buyer. so, and he was literally admitting by us as a police officer no force of his is he's human. but so the next level as a lease officer and as a, as an institution is to 1st of all admitted by us that they are by us to was going for people i call i media and between them up and doing all of those things. and also to understand the collect the responsibility of everyone. okay. are we there means that if i'm moving on, i should carry, i should have my id card to make it easier to identify myself with our mickey, easier for the officer to do their job. and as long as every young nigerian does
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not feel safe, not because of hon. so because of their own police, when they go out at night when the address is setting way, then we've not done enough people consider together brutalized receipt or video social media. we will continue to get bullied people continue to take into the atm to, to get to we draw money. doses need to change. but what also as changes that he got me now knows that even though these people are not out on the street, they can go on the street when necessary be okay voice. let me come back to suffer here because yes, the government knows that now young people can mobilize the can organize themselves . but they've also come up with innovative ways to suppress that democratic space. i mean, are we moving one step forward to steps back? the government can do everything possible to maintain its power leg, twitter, urban for example. but i think that one of the major gains of a protests in generally and sauce in particular is the effect it has on the people . the people know that they can talk, the people know that he can demand,
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and the government knows that the people can demand protests as a signal is an indication of a dysfunctional system. and oh, once people start to protest, the government knows that we're doing something wrong and a citizen has has noticed it, and the citizen is complaining. what happens next? okay. um you said that things could be moving in the right direction because the government knows that people can't talk. but p t i want to hear from you because i know you might be of a different opinion. you are telling me earlier that you feel fearful, you know, despite the fact that the government admitted it's fault and said we shouldn't have shot you. and you were given compensation, you still don't feel safe for her. you does no compensation, notting since they wanted to partner on one every to you does not. not upon martinez, i'm telling you. yeah. so he vi anybody that you sent either giving anybody composition notting us up on our shot on my church. the blood piers come up from
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the back yet, so i know the kennel big things that thinner as typical in the political have structural or my segment rip to i need to go for scar, voided because his dead new job anymore on a tango for what judges ready, talking about id got id, guardian, angel. i need to be frank is useless. hello. usually because many ties go out, which i did god. when there are a lot going to bring it out to just collect it. unclear to. i'm this kid who, what are you scared of? i'm scared of my life because they adjusted angry god meant asked the angry polish estie angry. the quote you can't come up. challenged them the court of law. i was short with this good. so did the show, the book, it was so crazy, i says, and nobody as urban tongue, what was somebody like it, sir? i blame the cause, said i by you, i don't know the nym gonna give up what you goober,
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i get our kudos. i do know our cal using the language. yeah. which will so normally . yeah. judging. coded been a little so vibrant, so clearly short time. right. so by the way i should mention, oh, there she is. we were just talking about you sarah, has just joined us as a lady that matthew was speaking so generously about. she unfortunately was late because of legal traffic, but we understand and welcome. so we were just recapping what happened during the protest and i sort of as to what you know, in the long term and in the short term what was achieved. we've heard from matthew is that he still feels fearful, unfortunately. but he is bolstered because of people like you. so what would you say keeps you so brave and encouraging people like matthew the use of langoria favorite to extremely brief. so the thing is the protest happen year, but uh we actually got in will be needed. we've gotten some part of it, but we still need more and we are able and we are proud of. we're able to get about
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200 families. we're able to get them justice and they can just really, i mean, we're the people who are behind those shootings arrested. for example, if you want to start seeing that she need to speak with to get arrested. it has to be a different ball game. we're in a country whereby yeah, allah, judy shall, system is not respected. it is not respected by politicians. it is no respected by those who actually made a judicial system to stand the panels that were actually set up. i've already said these people need to face, do attend up. so office i want to come back to you because p t said very passionately that police officers are still angry because the youth dead to challenge the authority, they dare to stand up against you. or is this how you're feeling? honestly. i tunes, i grew with him, that's police officer angry because of answers. we knew that the youth started the zone brutus when at rollins, where college got so it would be the process where our term, hijacked,
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by some who'd launch on criminals. or i think you should use the right, i think. okay, the right word of the protest. whenever a jack, nobody i jacks to protect the protests was attacked. so who attacked these brutus? the process was attacked using government owned properties, government's own assets, governments own vacant. so if you want to start asking questions they want, so are you suggesting, sarah, that the people, the young hoodlums, as the officer has called them here, who infiltrated the protest was sent by the government? this is a very serious claim. i am not suggesting i am saying you're saying it on the day on the 9th of the lackey massacre, we were able to get about 21. people with the same shapes of i mean the same shipped of caught last like this, mash, etc. the same, they had the same tags and so it was like they were given to them. so we got about 20 to one of these people in like you face one. we took them, i was the,
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i took them, i still have i. i mean, most did all the videos were played at the panel. that was actually what made a panel to which their decision, which so this people to the police. and guess what? we're told that they are not their problem. all right, let's come back to the office a. i think it's important that you able to respond and we'll look at the answers protest. but everybody turns a blind eye to the fact that medical decisions we are talked many police sessions were bonds down. i don't know if you, if you're aware that many police officers were killed when police officers will be heard, they do this and many, many people is us. where, where are rusted? i'm eating. these are facts and many rifles were cut to the we and we lost v crews. human resources my through our resources. so was, and i will tell you that when this process started and we checked what they were fighting for men of us were happy because our welfare was part of it so, so, so some was behind the scene where given them this not like, go ahead,
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we're going to benefit from okay, so how did it come to be that then people who are armed by the government are opening fire on their own citizens who are and i am going to ask you if, if that statement is a statement of fact, will you tell me who else has fire arms in this country? who will police were oh they every day yesterday their voice there will cover firms, room hoodlums. okay. so only the pleasant hill plaza. this is a bit loudon. all right, let, let's see away from there for a 2nd. i want to come back to you by because earlier sephora had something important that protests are a symptom of a dysfunctional society. and i'm curious if you know, because we've understood that stars was just sort of the, the, the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. but the underlying issues of poverty of unemployment are still there. so what happens now? structural issues will remain the poverty be, are unemployment, inflation,
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exchange rates and balances insecurity. and these have to be seen within the backdrop of the author and nature of nigerian culture. really, can you explain that? so often times young people are told to keep quiet, you know what, you know, why should you talk when elders talking and i mean, other people much more intelligent than me have said, nigeria has the characteristics of roger on talk receipt where leadership is kept within the hands of old men. so these are people who are making decisions for the country for young people that we have no idea about. i want to hear from allow me to hear why keep electing these old men who don't have any care for you? why elect them the average the system, the of the, of the plotter structure? what the rules time? are you going to be different game of those? oh, for those it only broken door to door to diagnose wasn't as good as wasn't as garages
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. my son was it is my bed right after get this time. i will absolutely shouldn't. i'm missing the wrong to negotiate. uh huh. okay, j j let's, let's, let's hear for me is good to hope that. i mean hope is, is free is good to hope that is going to be a different game. there are electrons immediately offer and sauce. and the phone i was one of the louis irvine, the history of the country. does that surprise you though? it doesn't, it doesn't. and we have to say things the way they are right now. there is nothing to say daddy voting dynamics of nigeria in terms of water, not in the other because people are both on or the opportunity of woodson will change with the lessons that are coming in less than a year. yeah. all right, so i guess now i have a critical question which is why protest in the 1st place because they'll always be problems and they'll always be dysfunction in governments. so i take the risk, especially if it leads to loss of life. so if i'd like to hear from you 1st for the common man or on the street, what you expect them to do. yeah, too much to ask
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a rock or to do what that is the way that they know how to register their displeasure and it's legitimate in the sense that every citizen has a right to expression. so i think protest i effective in their own way. yeah. and we have seen them be very, very effective in other parts of africa, from egypt to my very own country of china. and i'm wondering from you a p t. would you ever participate in a protest again, given what happened to you can and again and again again and again, noted moody. i would no doubt by dodge, who can do sincerely speaking. we know that the, our web, our government are crazy. so we still need to be crazy, so we need to be treated by bring doctors who look also do the necessities being good. now, a butare cod rule to all those things is not by saudi is not by. okay. look at it. yeah. look at it, philippines bought glory, be to god we assist or we move freight porch car. we got just his draw ward new did
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true to so i yeah, sure. i think this is one of the games here. protests activism, crime. it could be that before the protest, he was chilling doing his thing, but participating in the protest, it bets a spirit of accountability. you start to a lot of the actors that we have now. we're best on to protest. brown. they cannot be too much, right? they hold the government to account, they monitor the reports, governance or processes. so i think that is one of the major gains of a protest, the birthing of an activism or activist conscious spirit, young and citizen. okay. and now earlier we spoke about responsibility and i want to come back to you of his own day. and because looking to the future, the example that i gave of egypt and i'm thinking about it as to done a south africa's in bob way. so often these protest also end up in bloodshed. what
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can we do so that the next time young nigerians, which will never to be happy, which will inevitably happen, come together to protest something. they're not met by bullets. well, and says was a learning process for everyone, for the youths, for the security agencies, and particularly the police. so they will protest this to happen again on most often we, we told people that if you want to protest, please inform the security agencies. if we know you are going to protest, we have to put on certain measures in place to make sure it's not. i chucked glosson. i said, i checked everybody else. i can look it up. okay, so that was good. my years in place to make sure that there is no at sac and i am going forward. like you said, inevitably, process is going to happen again. but we hope we are violence. we hope that it will become blood him. excellent. okay, sarah. i want to hear from you solutions going forward because like i said, inevitable protests will happen here. every single person in danger, once it better nature,
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people are always still going to protest is one thing about being governments is one thing about being in the country is how are you going to ch are you don't, you don't treat people like their animal. so the goldman needs to learn how to talk to the citizens because citizens are the part the government needs to understand that you need to constantly talk to these people. you need to consulting, talk to people so that you can know what their grievances are and how to meet them in to me to okay. what i'd like to hear from you are allow me day in the future. what do you think young people need to do? to make the conversation easier between government and yourselves, police officers and yourselves do do what migalia use shuttle to try to get into paula when it's going to be the same. it tells me to be in the algebra with have been does it dr. without it is causing it also play for future relevancy down back out and goes be just be shouted, granting on online and also put as we need to get involved in politics. an idea here in northeast north we cannot control ladies. okay. j j started by quoting
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fella equity, the great master of music, and the things that he was singing about in his album of 1977, a still very much resonating today. how do we stop that cycle? first of all is the cedar request for a better society that easy, never end in one, and that's not unique to nigeria. it's universal. democracies like the americans as old as to 50 years old on over the continental battle for these freedom. so it's not a question of how to restock them. it's a question of how do we make lives better every year under, for government to understand are your people are know your enemies when they go out there to classes because they're asking for better of you. yeah, which essentially actually helps you because you swore to or called to constitution . why was saturday q less conclude with you? what do you see for the future of this country? posts and saws? brutus, i think understanding that we form as youth a critical mass for can really move the needle forward. is something that we need to take very seriously. i mean, we formed like 60 percent of bacteria, the best we could do is get our pvcs. and you know, again,
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referencing what you said about the difficulty in seeing change, there's a direct relationship between how much change you want to see and how much effort and work you're willing to put in. the more work you put in a better change, you will see. all right, well, that's a fantastic place to wrap up this debate. the sun is going down. it's so beautiful here and actually feel really good in my heart, which so rarely happens at the end of debates. but that's because the young people here i asked, i'll protest, threatening to governments perhaps. but what i've had to day resoundingly is that the youth, they know go tire. thank you for watching. ah, thanks edith. and all you participants, that it was a very informative discussion. we have to continue protecting our democratic rights . and a bullet from authorities should not be the answer. thanks a lot for your time. i am eddie micah junior bye for now
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who. busy the fear is palpable or ah, will tuten also attack the republican moldova, divided between pro european pro russia to lot desperate as they
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feel the stress of more than any other country mold. in 15 minutes. busy on d w ah yeah, that is a journey across the entire continent with a variety of cod. so what this? so all the focus, the movers shake is visionaries and majors when binding the meaning of modern africa. this is that's an egg on d, w a. let's be honest with summer break, it just doesn't really mean much. does it without the bundis league?
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