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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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a global struggle with and nothing can be done. first, starts august 10th on d, w with, ah, ah, this is the w news live from berlin. hopes of a truce to end to 3 days of conflict between israel and the palestinian israeli attacks killed dozens of people in garza as the 2 sides exchanged rocket fire. hundreds more civilians are injured. also coming up. a 2nd convoy of ships loaded
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with grain leaves ukraine's black c port. but the 1st cargo aimed at ease in the global food crisis, has yet to reach its destination in lebanon. and columbia gets its 1st left us, lead up. gustavo petro, promises to and decades. the conflict but also faces a long list of social and economic challenges. and it was a miserable outing in cologne for shortcut, who failed to impress on their return to the going to speaker. all the goals from sunday's fixtures coming right up. ah, i'm really mohammed, welcome to the program. a cease fire has begun between israel and the palestinians in an effort to end 3 days of conflict. rocket fire by both sides is the big, biggest escalation and violence in the region in over. yes. alison in authority say
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more than 40 people have been killed in the gaza strip, including 15 children, a warning our report contains some disturbing images o at this hospital mold distraught relatives collapse with grief as they find the bodies of their children. ah. busy palestinian health authorities have blamed their deaths, injure ballier in northern garza on is railey aggression. but israel says a stray rocket fired from garza was responsible. yet. the strike is one of hundreds. as both sides trade blows. like past conflicts, it is the people living in the palestinian territory who are suffering. most dozens have been killed and hundreds injured and homes destroyed or clinician, what are the house with 5 or 6 rockets level body bought on the ground. it was
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horrifying. ashley and alicia meridian them from the roster will show what was be dogged, helpless people who think they are safe in their homes while for the dog children and the elderly. they didn't you most the bottom or? well, i'm going who can we complain to marine? but none of scrolling been done with israel launched the strikes as part of what it calls a preemptive operation. against imminent attacks from the palestinian militant group is lamar jihad, 2 of the groups most senior leaders in garza have since been killed. and dozens of alleged members arrested in the west bank. palestinian militants have been firing back into southern israel. for the 1st time in over a year, air raid sirens were heard in jerusalem, where pilgrims of visiting the temple mount for t shabba of
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a holy day in the jewish calendar. the site is also home to the alex, some mosque, a point of conflict between the 2 sides that could escalate tensions even further. oh so what are the chances that this truce will actually hold his d, w 's, tang kramer in jerusalem? while this is, of course, or the big question here, it will depends. you know, 1st of all, we need to get more detail to know whether it's more formula quite for quiet. we've seen that in previous a situations like that, you know, what are the details? would have been that guarantees are being given and whether you know those commitments. then we'll also be implemented in a way, i mean we've been hearing a old day as well from, from the israeli prime minister. he talked earlier tonight to may,
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is in the south of israel saying that isabel had achieved all of its goals are mainly what they have said to know with the killing of 2 senior commanders of the islamic jihad, that we will be hearing the lot of deterrence a question of deterrence as well, but again, you know, for people in gaza, they've seen that many times. and also of course in the south of israel. but especially in gaza. they've seen such situations many times. they've been through 4 wars, several of those military escalations in the past years. there's a blockade of 15 years and post phase ran hardly by egypt. so they want to see maybe if there's some easing, you know, of those restrictions. because there's the fear, you know, even so there's a ceasefire right now without a real political solution. you know, another conflict must might be just around the corner. tanya came the reporting
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from jerusalem. now a 2nd convoy carrying ukrainian grain has left ports on the black sea. the 4 ships all carry nearly a 170000 tons. a complex multi national agreement allows grain to travel to countries where it's desperately needed. but the 1st vessel to leave ukraine has not yet reached its destination. in lebanon, tripoli, port people are eager to see their rezone. but the ship carrying grain from ukraine is nowhere to be seen. it's not certain whether it will reach the lebanese port at all. an unwelcome surprise for the ukrainian ambassador, who travelled here specially politically, it was ready, clear decision. first russell coming from odessa to tripoli to lebanon, but to there are other components or like business to business relations, and maybe take some time to finalize restoration. there was only unexpectedly
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changed course while at sea, and is now anchored near turkey. it's loaded with 26000 tons of mace. tripoli has been waiting for months, but mostly for wheat in port. lebanon relies heavily on wheat from abroad. last week bakeries and bay rude and tripoli round shore to flour and hundreds cued for hours for a piece of flat bread. ah, then is humiliating for the people all a visit for a piece of bread. i keep you, of course, we're afraid the poor worry about not getting any bread. even if the rezone makes it a tripoli, lebanon will still need wheat. as for the maize on the ukrainian ship, it is still not clear whether it has a new destination or has the look of some other story is making headlines around
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the world. the u. s. senate has passed a sweeping climates tax and health plan. democrats approved president jo biden's, $430000000000.00 spending bill, which now goes to the house of representatives. republicans have criticize the cost of the plan. it's america's biggest climate investment. police and brazil's capital have arrested a german diplomat on suspicion of killing his husband. the suspect told brazilian authorities that his partner, a belgian national, fell and hit his head off to becoming ill. but investigate to say the victim was severely beaten. nearly a 1000 people are stranded after flooding in the death valley in the united states . what are the hottest and driest places in the world? floods are not unusual in the area, but these are the most extensive in nearly 20 years. columbia
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has just sworn in its 1st left as president, mocking a shift from many years of conflict. the inauguration of who salvo petro former gorilla fighter is being held as a historic day for cannot, via the new president ame suit. revitalized peace talks with rebel groups which have been fighting the government for 6 decades. petro is also promising to fight inequality and also bring in environmental reforms. la, paloma, yup, is roha ramirez is in boca time, told me why the inauguration is so significant with these they may your change for 2 main reasons. you already mentioned one of them. this is the 1st time that i left this precedent power in columbia. but this is also the 1st time that a former urea fighter takes office. that is remembered that columbia went under a harbour seavent war, which lasted more done than the life of more than 260000
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people. so at some moment, during this war, back in the eighty's and ninety's dollar beds wasn't bargain, one of those groups fighting the war against the states. so the fact that he is now becoming a president all off belong for many people that shows that columbia as far learn how to deal with their problems. he's on through democracy, and petro has a long list of issues that he's promised to tackle. but what will be his top priority with carbon poverty and inequality must be at the top of his agenda as he is the 1st left is president in the history of the country. there are huge expectations that park, tactful. he started close to social problems some actually tomorrow his 1st day in office. it is suspected that his administration would present a tax reform bill into congress in order to re equality to the contra stuff. he
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cost to work on those issues very quickly in order to offer short term solutions to columbia. johan ramirez reporting from boca tell, thank you so much. to some football news now and german giant chalka made their return to the buddhist, eager after a season in the 2nd tier. but it was not an easy return for the royal blues as they lost away to cologne site. well, without their star math before the match, it was confirmed. cologne would be losing star striker on sonny modesto, who was out of the squad ahead of his move to proceed. dormant a blow to the host spot. they were handed a boost 10 minutes before half time. shuck is dominic dex. leigh was sent off for a dangerous tackle on captain eunice hector. shortly after the break. cologne made use of dan jamiracle advantage. hacksaw finding lucca killian
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to open the scoring just after the al mark florian kinds doubled the lead. as the host seemed perfectly capable of compensating the loss of modesto, who had notched up 20 goals for them last season, shall kill then showed a sign of life. as thomas oberon's re kick found, substitute mafioso booter to make it to one. but the hope didn't last long as 4 minutes later cologne struck again to seal a 31 final school day anew bitch ich with a cracking head, the cherry on top of a dawning display celebrated coolly by coached f and bound gas. shall can meanwhile, will hope to offer their fans more when they play in front of a home crowd next weekend and still got hosted leipzig,
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they help them to the one all draw visitors took believe through raining, going to seek a play off the season, christopher and cook will be at frank striker opened his account off to just 7 minutes. is that got o french forward now worry now hero. i my dad soon got the equalizer with his 1st when to seek ago. the 2nd half was go less so the team, shad, the points on the 1st weekend of the season has drawn to a coast. so let's take a look at the results. so god drew with leipzig, cologne beat, newly promoted chalka on friday by and thrash. frankfurt on saturday. thought went be to leave a cushion. union beach hurts are in the berlin derby, got dock beat. hoffen haim bremond shed a point with fold spoke on their return to the top flight. mine's bead, bonham and fryeburg routed ox, berk, at the world's top rank mel tennis player than in medford iv has claimed his 1st
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title of the season. but britons cameron, norry made him work for it at the atp tour event in los cowboys. mexico, the russian showed his defensive prowess on this point, chasing all over the court before forcing norie into a mistake. medford of defense, his us opened title later this month. and finally, 4 legged friends and their proud owners are hitting the waves in the world dog surfing championships and where else. but in california, the pictures are judged on a variety of skills, including the length of the right confidence and their ability to stand on the board. making as fash wasn't easy though, for all of the participants. his reminder of our top story. israel says it's striking a wide range of palestinian militant targets in garza,
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shortly after an agree to cease fire came into effect. more than 40 people including 15 children have been killed and hundreds injured in 3 days of israel strikes. well that, that you're up to date. this is dw news from berlin. coming up next is report that we meet europe's 1st officer and her job on protecting the greek capital. athens from climate change. thanks for watching. i'll take care you take care for bye with making me raring to read. if there is any erotic friends between them, you'd have to find it between the lines w literature.


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