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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  August 8, 2022 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, from mountains and lake stood, vibrant cities, picturesque villages, and fairy tale castles, to breathtaking cathedrals and dazzling charges. travellers to germany have plenty of reasons to visit bavaria. so what are the most popular spots back o paso franconia, or alpa very. which citizen regions are at the top of the list for he is germany's so the most state has been the number one tourist destination. of course,
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like everywhere else that corona virus has taken its toll in 2021. the 2nd pandemic here. 19.6000000 people visited. compare that to 2019 the reco dia before the crisis, when there was 40000000 visitors with more tourists now returning, let's check out the top 3 most visited parts of bavaria in 3rd place is i going in the far south of the state on the border with austria in 2021, 3250000 guests came to enjoy it's picture postcard landscapes. flush meadows and dramatic mountains make. i agree, one of germany's most popular tourist destinations and not just in the summer winter sports enthusiasts also flocked to southern bavaria as during the ski season . especially around i boys to highest peaks the needed on and the phase one. even though the effects of change are being felt here,
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the region still has some of the most reliable snow in germany. i boy is also home to noise launch dine castle on the edge of the alps with around 180000 visitors and 2021 nice feinstein remains for various most visited castle chicken reporter lucas diego takes us inside the walls of this very tail castle now sean stein is the largest and most expensive of the 3 castles, the varian king louis. this 2nd had built the various most famous monarch route from 186421886. we are only allowed to shoot here outside of normal visitor hours. so we have the whole castle through ourselves. my sunshine was billed as a many evil fairy tale castle,
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playful and teeming with sumptuous details. each hall is decorated with a different subject from the world of germanic myths and legends. the royal families, heraldic symbol shows up everywhere moist feinstein castle shavonne is swore ah, ah, it was supposed to look made evil, but the fixtures had to be ultra modern. and so the castle is simply peppered with modern technology. a telephone that was sensational at the time and this year to this is some kind of motion detector. every little window represents a room. and when one of those small things here came down,
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the key needed something right there. mm. mm. the opportunity to walk through here alone really is a privilege or normal days before cove it around 7000 people pass through the castle every day up to 60 people at a time where here in this bedroom, hard to imagine leave like a king here. that's what i would like to do and the bed is even long enough. because king ludovic the 2nd was a little taller than me, one meter and 91 centimeters loop fish. the 2nd is also called the fairy tale king. not only did he create beautiful castles, he tended to live in his own dream world. he had this grotto built in the middle of his living quarters. pretty crazy idea. it put him in the world of the wagner opera
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ton hosa. lieut. fish was a great admirer and patron of the famous composer. he had vaca. well, what have you ah, the sad part is that lute vision only knew this castle as the construction side. he died before english launched and was completed he never had a chance to experience. the singer is hall, filled with music. jack wagner, operas were meant to be performed here, but that never happened. the frescos all the round shall scenes from the opera posse fighting the. i think this is my favorite room during who would fees rain?
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there was little understanding for his building trace, but the bavarian king had created only came to be appreciated by later generations to day. my swan stein is one of the most visited castles in europe. ah 2nd in our top 3 bavarian destinations is frank cornea. in the north of the state, 5400000 tourists came here in 2021. the region is famous for its historic towns like banburg, with its beautifully preserved old tags. banburg has been a unesco world heritage site since 1993. his most famous building has been bare cathedral inside visitors will also find another city landmark. the bombard horseman, a statue from the 13th century. pon, usually for bavaria as a whole. vineyards are
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a typical site to run the franconi and city of booth book towering of a votes book as the marian back fortress. for 500 years, the conflict served as the residence of the bishop princes. ah, as early as the middle ages votes book was an important economic and religious center, it was severely damaged during world war 2, but many of its historic buildings have since been reconstructed. oh, it's most famous. landmark is also a social home. the old mine bridge spans the river of the same name on summer evenings locals and visitors come here to relax. like last, frank, cooney, and wine. to learn more about the regional speciality chickens. lucas steger visited a vote. spoke winery. the
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bush beetle is one of the largest wineries in germany. it can be visited with guided tours, and that's exactly what i do. winery manager. oh, but ha, 1st shows me the wine press hall here. they're great or delivered and fall after the harvest and processed into wine, which is stored one floor below both in the field and say we are in a wooden barrel sailor. we have a 160 big wooden casks here, and they santa isn't just for show who i mostly age, our best white wine, say a right in the congress. go on controlling the temperature because we want to squeeze the last drop of equality out about grams. if that's the, than 10 quality tellos concentra nathan from palm. the dog, ashby tom is a wine est with 120 hectares and produces up to 1000000 bottles of wine a year. unlike other wineries, it's also a foundation. the proceeds from wine fields go to finance,
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social services. inverts burke, wine from this region is easily recognizable by the bulbous shape of its bottle. this bottle shape here is called a box boy weiss that sounded elsie double for the wine was fast bottled in a box. spoil hair in the bush baton. in 1726 to food. it was a shape that was unknown until then and was very difficult to produce in terms at the statics windows thought. but i wanted to make this special bottle a symbol of the high quality of votes, blogs, wines i and sickness. it's not for the white glove it, it still will sparkle, lima. the dog ashby tal itself is even older, dating back over 700 years. and speaking of great age, this also applies to a special treasure in the wine cellar. ah, the history for this is our most precious jewel on loan from the seamen family in
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london formula seaman lees, a very, very old wild stuff, and among them is the world's oldest authentic bottle of wine, the outside shine vineyard wine from the 15. 14 is the 5th, 5th. and when are folks who go steinway the wine is almost 500 years old. can you still drink it? thoughtfulness? oh, i would assume. so as a note from a prominent wine critic line that the hue johnson had the opportunity to taste the 2nd bottle garcia to the left of center in 1961, the illegal high that's 59 years ago. so from a you, johnson confirmed and several interviews on that it was a wine of his life, is not off by melanie in body with steady stuff to hell violence, honestly, before the shyness for its burkes best hillside location. the wind from there is known to this day for its good taste in the bush be top shop, you can taste various wines with delicious smacks filled on problem of. well that now try ford's box own wine. i still honor from on board
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spoke vineyard. savannah, savannah is the prime great variety of whatever room. so i'd like you to get better acquainted with the silvan angles, and i'll explain a bit more out of it. flourishes especially well in the limestone or soil here, a lot of them of mit nearby acquainted you mean try it, the thing that i will then cheers to be honest, i'm not a great wine connoisseur and so i can't describe the taste exactly, but i can't say one thing, it tastes good for. next there are 2 wines. for comparison. i sipped from the 1st class and try to describe it. even though i'd say a dry soil, steep slopes and lots of santo feuds on dr. yes, that's a good starting point would. okay, we've got that everywhere. 0, one. and the 2nd wind line won't notice a difference. yeah, this one is a little lighter. if
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a light on in the words of a professional, as a israel toiled, i'd say to one on the left, has it got more yellow tail of it, more pan? and a somewhat more charming bouquet of the issue. the one on the right is more complex, multi line. it has a rather ethereal component, the as also a mentee and peppery edge type. i'm a long way away from that kind of fine pallet, but i can still learn. ah. so which part of bavaria is the most popular toys destination? and number one on the list is upper bavaria and 2021. more than 8000000 people visited the south eastern part of the state to enjoy the region spectacular sites like that. so spitzer, germany's highest mountain at 2962 meters in winter. you can also ski on the glacier below the summit. another outstanding peak as the fats monday at 2713
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meters. it's the 3rd highest mountain in germany, towering over the town of bashed us garden upper bavaria is also known for its many lakes. the largest is kinsey, which has the nickname, the bavarian sea. there's also a bite kinsey, one of the highest and most prestige lakes in germany. above all upper bavaria is a paradise for nature lovers. especially those who like to experience the world on foot or by bicycle. the alpine landscapes are spectacular. whether it's the carvings, mountains, or the fetish, dines. mm. jackins, nicole clearly decided to make her way from the town of mich. invite to the $1870.00 metre high shahan,
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part of the veterans and mountain range. beautiful bavarian lands. the paths are wide and the ascent is still manageable. after a couple of minutes of riding through the forest ira of at a late lunch se. but i still have a long way to go with after one last deep climb. i think i deserve another little break with to see the better sch dine. oh, no rest for the weary. it's time for the 2nd part of my trek, but i won't be making the assent to the king's house on shahan all by myself. adam
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will accompany me. he's a mountain guide from mitten vice. he sent the mountains, have a calming effect on him, and that sometimes you just need to stop it. look, and listen. as more time with with we're getting close to the top. on the side of the trail, stefan points out some yellow gentian. to me it's a plant commonly found in the alps. it thrives here at an altitude of some 1800 meters. ah, doesn't that was worth it. not bad, not at all. and there it is. i can see my goal,
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the king's house on shahan at the foot of the vet. i stein ma'am. mm. the, i've been a bad tourism and climate change are said to be threatening. the alpine flora and fauna on is that something you see yourself. thank you, spend a lot of time in the mountains and he was a feelin embankment a big ah, tourists move, in the case of tourism. yes, some good. so there are popular spots like the touched bits of summit that are really overrun by masses of tourists. but as you experienced yourself to day, we hardly saw anybody on our way up is feeling false. can you like to go from this get? there are really quiet areas here for instance, in the call vendor range over there. it's all good. even in peak season, and we're at the absolute peak of the season right now. you can be all on your own . and same concept on the key milan does for climate change. we haven't felt very much yet for lifestyle. maybe it's objective because you don't notice gradual
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changes as much for in the woman. and it's so dark vaughn, him over, but we've always had a few tough winners and some very mild ones. maybe we've had dry winters and we've had lots of precipitation. we've. we've had flooding and then we've had very dry years. it's always changing. a lot of people are spending their holidays closer to home. how many germans are staying in germany? what have you noticed here in the region on the us dyna i found out thesis ya here in delegate division. ah de guest is the guests are noticeably more relax than in recent years. it relaxed in the sense that most readily accept it. when you say they can't do something or other, if you can see the missiles, there's not so much i want it, and i want it now which has been something of a trend the past few years. with it, i can get really unpleasant. we're not seeing any of that da slots, or people seem happy with whatever is possible. i hope it will stay that way for a while. a little paradise right outside your door. thanks for showing it to me.
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yeah, my pleasure. i can handle the last stretch on my own. mm ah, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. romantic corner track hotspot for food chairs and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel off we go. oh and what about the various cities which are the most popular with tourists? in 3rd places reagan's book in 2021. the city on the danube river welcomed over 330000, get it all taken is one of the best preserved in germany. thanks to its historic monuments, regensburg became a unesco world header should site in 26. it's famous landmark is reagan's book
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cathedral, along with calhoun. cathedral is one of the most important gothic cathedrals in the country. with the old town hall also bears witness to the historical importance of this medieval city. for almost a 150 years, representatives of the holy roman empire gathered here for a parliament known as the perpetual diet. to the 2nd close, visited bavarian city is known back in 2021. almost 800000 tourists came here. the cities castle stands out on the skyline. the old center features the phone kit or church of our lady, as well as the shown up on fountain both to sit on the central market square. done
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that was almost completely destroyed during world war 2. but the major historic buildings have been restored. a great many visitors come during the christmas season. the kiss kinda is marked as one of the most famous christmas markets in the world. and one of the largest in germany. normally about 2000000 people, visit the main market every year. for the last 2 years, the chris candace mark has had to be cancelled due to pandemic. but organizers are optimistic for 2022. none backs christmas market state all the way back to the 17th century. mm hm. and it's still the perfect place to trial. local specialties, such as the city is famous sausages, known bag houses pa to us. mm. and market goers can stay warm
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with a glass or 2 of malt wine, known as cute vine. mm . and the number one destination for tourists visiting bavaria, munich in 2021, 3100000 people came here with a population of more than one and a half 1000000. the bavarian capital was also the state's largest city. the 1st stop for many tourists is the marion class with its striking city hall together with the froman kisha, the neo of a rock building forms the iconic silhouette to the bavarian city. ah, when it comes to culture,
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there are also a large number of museums in munich. the also p never tech is a world class art museum, showcasing paintings from the middle ages to the mid 18th century. ah. but the biggest role for visitor sim unit is a city's iconic octoberfest. the pandemic aside, an average of $6000000.00 revelers come here every year. corona virus forced octoberfest to be cancelled twice, but this year marks as long awaited return. how does it feel to stroll through the crowds? enjoy the rise and visit one of the massive beer tents. d w's. lucas staggered was
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at one of the last october fest. before the pandemic. ah! yes, ma, have monuv boone. meanwhile, it's evening at october fast to get a birds eye view. i'll go up on the ferris wheel. lou. this ferris wheel has been here since 1979. it takes you up almost 50 meters and a something of a landmark here at the octoberfest. ah
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. today at the octoberfest of course, wouldn't be complete without a visit to one of the many pavilions. there are 14 big tents in all which can hold up to 100000 people. i'm in the hacker. tense is one of the largest had octoberfest you'll always find a free spot during the day, but in the evening it's a real challenge, especially on weekends. ah, if you're here for the 1st time, remember the beer at octoberfest is a bit stronger than your regular lager,
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otherwise the party might be over sooner than you'd like. but it's easy to have a good time here every once enjoying themselves. and the good news is contagious. ah, mm. so what's my impression of the octoberfest? there's the reason this is called the world's biggest party. it's quite something a bit very an original. ah. besides rights and tradition, october fast is all about coming together to celebrate. so maybe it's no wonder that the years bavaria has been geminus top tourist destination. ah ah ah ah,
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ah ah, ah ah, ah, ah, from afghanistan, ah, women from afghanistan making movies, women from afghanistan making movies in exile. ah, they will not shut out. they will not stop telling their stories. arts 21 next on
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mediterranean where it has history left its traces, meeting people hearing their dreams of mediterranean journey in tenant starts august 14th on d. w. ah again, a stand to trade on screen the face of the country beyond the cliche. with the films produced, he reflect the countries social conflicts. the focus is usually on women. perhaps they have shaped at can cinema of the past 20 years. as female stars endure.


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