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yes, me her women in asia into this week. ah ah, this is, did every news life from rural and i'm the easy. com returns to garza aspire between israel and palestinian militants appears to be holding. 3 days of bombardments killed at least $44.00 palestinians, also coming up fighting climate change us, while makers approve hundreds of billions of dollars and spending on the
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environment. the landmark bill just scrapes through the senate and a big victory for president joe by class meltdown fears ukraine calls for demilitarize all around europe. biggest nuclear power station. moscow denies deliberately shelling separation. the united nation says any attack on a nuclear plant is co, suicidal. ah, hello everyone, i'm layla iraq. it's good to be with you. a ceasefire between israel and the palestinian islamic jihad group appears to be holding and gossip. the truce follows 3 days of violence which killed more than $44.00 palestinians, an injured hundreds more in the territory. israel has now we opened a crossing into southern garza allowing fuel trucks to enter. lack of fuel has
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forced the only power station in the area to shut down. the west president joe by meanwhile has welcomed the truce. he says all parties should keep the peace and ensure humanitarian supplies reached the territory. michael supplies a once again flowing into gaza, allowing and sold barb lawn to restock. duty is after drown out of fuel and summer with a home to day about sooty tracks loaded with fuel. we're allowed to answer the power plant after its closure for about a week from last tuesday until sunday. and that normal ahead o 3 days of intense fighting left, $44.00 palestinians including 15 children dead. israel carried out as strikes targeting the slum jihad in gaza. while the militants hid back by fighting hundreds of rockets,
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israelis in the area targeted by the rockets have mixed feelings over the egypt brookwood sees fire. leslie, it's really an illusion because it's a momentary ceasefire until further notice. maybe next week, maybe in half a year. who knows the chena will i am your death? meanwhile, news of the truce was met with relief in gaza. a will leave during the past 3 days in terror and fear we wished to mornings would come. as we did not like the nights my children were crying about the good luck i have been part our many in the palestinian in cliff slowly to dawning to their normal lives. while others tried to salvage their belongings from the rubble of what used to be their homes, meltzer group for hamas, which rules gas, i remained on the sidelines during the latest israeli bombardments. did you asked middle east expert guido steinberg, why?
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well, islamic jihad is so traditionally the more radical organization, it is strategically aligned to iran. so there is a major ideological and strategic gap between the 2 organizations. but i think that the main reason for a hamas are staying on the sidelines is that the organization only entered a very violent confrontation with israel in may. 2021. and it is still recovering from the, from the brutal israeli onslaught on the basis of the organization. it simply didn't want any major escalation. right right now. and part of the reason is probably also that israel has losing some restrictions on the gaza strip after may 2021. and how much the doesn't want to, doesn't want to lose the well well, this benefit of,
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of the latest confrontation right now. and there was credo, sandburg from the german institute for international and security affairs. when it turn our attention now to the united states, where the u. s. senate has passed a bill to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on climate and health care programs . the bill passed the senate by a 5150 margin when democratic vice president comma harris, casting the tie breaking vote. it offers tax incentives for reducing carbon emissions and aims to slash the cost of prescription drugs. us house is expected to prove the legislation next week and democratic chuck schumer is the senate majority leader, and he said the legislation would have a major impact. alyssa, as you know, it's been a long and winding road. our bill reduces inflation. lowest costs creates millions of manufacturing jobs,
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enhances our energy security and is the oldest climate package with senate majority leader there speaking earlier, want to take you now to washington d. c to our bureau chief in as that pull in a so good to have you with us. so according to mr. schumer, the boldest climate climate package in history, this is a landmark bill. give us a sense of the impact this legislation will have it indeed is a landmark bill. i line the took the democrats a long time to get it through. so a lot of the package focuses on incentivizing clean energy projects and electric vehicles, while taxing and eliminating fossil fuel projects. on the other side, jack tumor said that the u. s. greenhouse gas emissions will be slashed by 40 percent by 2030. that's not so long ahead of us. so even though the progressive
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being has been somewhat critical at some of the legislation, this was definitely the best outcome for the biden white house. and the democrats over all on capitol hill is definitely a win for the president. but the bill does fall short on other major promises that the president made. indeed so much of compromise has been around getting one democratic senator mansion of west virginia to ward in favor. as so, the white house and democrats have been negotiating tireless lives with him for months and months. the package now offers provisions that will increase pipeline projects despite the climate provision. so much of the compromise is around certain corporate tax breaks that the centrist democrats actually wanted eliminated. now or we are of course, in a mid term election year. democrats, i have been closing the gap with the republicans in opinion surveys and recent
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weeks. good. this bill, the passing of this bill, improve their chances come november. it sula and other democrats really have had a, have had really rocky poll numbers. but joe biden has said, actually several huge legislative wins in the last month. obviously, this climate bill. but earlier, the one trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill as well, but his problem is that it will take maybe years before the average american will feel any positive outcome of this bills. but what they feel right now is the skyrocketing a gas prices, the inflation rate. and by the end of the day, these might be the issues which will be be the, the decision makers when it comes to the midterm elections in november. the w. washington birch is in as poll reporting in
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ukraine is calling for a demilitarized zone around europe's biggest nuclear power station. ukraine accuses russia of shelling these apparition plants, russia denies attacking it. keith meanwhile, says artillery strength damage radiation sensors and injured a worker ahead of the united nations. antonia, with that, it has warned that any attack on a nuclear power plant is quote, suicidal he wants access for international inspectors. and of course, management is billing or isn't the ukrainian capital given updated as early on the situation at that nuclear power plant. we cannot determine where this attack came from. the plant has been under russian occupation since the very beginning of the war. a few days after the beginning of the war, the russians went on to the site and took control of it. ukrainian workers are still running the plant, but the ukrainian atomic energy authority, they don't have control over what they are doing there. and or the international
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organizations also, or do not have access to them. it's of course, or something that russia has time into time used to, to threaten with dire consequences. if you granted this about her and her, it has used it as a shield that established her to, to position military equipment there. her hoping that her ukraine wouldn't dare to attack the facility ukraine has attacked positions near the facility was loitering, munition loitering, munitions are drones that are fly over. there are fluid into a site and that explode on side. they are controllable. they, they can be if, when they fly, they can be or the flights can be canceled or midway and etc, etc. are something that's more controllable rockets, of course, is a different story. rockets once they fly, they fly. most of modern rockets are adjustable or when they're already in the air, but they can not be stopped. mathias for reporting some keith ukraine's back here
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in germany. this country center left social democratic party as will there are no grounds for its expel. the former chancellor garrett schroeder over his ties to russia. the party says mister schroeder did not break its rules by working for some of russia's biggest companies. again, hodge, florida was chancellor of germany from 1998 to 2005. a power politician who always kept the interests of business in mind. he was also known for his close friendship with ladyman, who did it all seemed to work out fine back then. but listened to how the head of the party showed a once laid describes him. now gotcha, yeah, sure. it has been acting as a business man for many years now, and we should stop receiving him as an elder statesmen, former chancellor, he and his money working for russian state owned enterprises. and if you ask what
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he's done wrong is defensive. vladimir putin against the accusation of war, crimes is absurd, is absorbed after his time, as chancellor schroeder soon joined the board of nor stream the pipeline operator long at the center of europe's battle with russia over gas. his various rose working for russian energy firms, gaz problem and rose. nic reportedly earned him hundreds of thousands of europe's there was criticism of those relationships from the start. but when shred, as spoke up on behalf of the kremlin during russia's invasion of ukraine, attempts began within the s p. d. to remove him from the party in an interview this month should have said russia wanted to negotiate and into the conflict. and he seemed to suggest that he could help that happen. ukraine's president below de ms. lensky was clearly angered by his intervention. he called it
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disgusting. with the chancellor shots, also an s p d member has been reticent on what should happen to his predecessor. he has called on shredder to resign from his jobs at russian companies, but he's clearly worried about the damage already caused calling from the mission. i don't think it's right again hunter to, to hold these offices and i think it would be correct for him to give them up whether it's harming the s p d. given that everyone is aware, we do not agree with it. i don't know. i hope not, but i don't think it is global sharpness. god should has stepped back from some of his roles, but many social democrats want to exclude him from their ranks. olga becker is a member of the std and the blender sack i assemble it. it takes to be expelled from the party, given the damage. the former chancellor has done to the speedy m. you have to keep in mind that expelling a person from
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a party in germany has pretty high hurdles. and it's basically a judicial argument. while his position politically is totally isolated and i mean, you will not find any one i think within the body who will support his political positions. you have to keep in mind that and the legal stand point, which is the basis of today's decision not to expel him from the as we d. m is is on a, on a different platform. you have to make sure that m, or you have to prove that you really violating and you, you do harm to a party. is any harm. and then any day, of course it become a lie. so it's interrupting, is he not actively hiring the s b d? yeah, i mean of course, whenever we are out and, and speak with people, it's typically a question which comes up pretty quickly is how do you stand or how do you position yourself with regards to, to sure does position. and it's pretty clear that everybody is actually hoping that
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he is leaving, leaving the party voluntarily. because indeed, there is very little common ground these days with his possessions. but as i said, officially, dispelling him from a party and is a much more difficult situation. okay, i understand so it's difficult to expel him. he is not leaving voluntarily staying with the a speedy at least for now that that's when he's signaling. is there a split within you m hardy? how divided is the speedy on this very issue of mr. schroeder and the certainly there is absolutely no division, as i said before, on the political crowns. i think he will not have any support in his possessions in defending it, in, in the way he is defending russia's policy or policies. so this offending yes, the total and the numbers. yeah. so that, that's, it's there that they don't, they do not agree with his, his points of view and, and his relations with the russian leader. yet at the same time as regional
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committee says, well, but also, you know, we don't see grounds to expel him. so which one is it? and as i said it's, it's, it's a thin line. we have to walk here and i think her, our party leadership has made that abundantly clear that he has apps or 0 support from the party on any level. or on the other hand, as i said, it's a judicial process expelling someone from a party. and therefore, i think it's much more important that the speediest stands together on the political side and makes it clear that his statements are not at all a statement of the speedy. and that he is totally isolated within the party. so will there be a legal battle now to expel him? and he will have, i mean, there, there is now a 2 week grace period were, are both parties can actually earn, intervene and ask for
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a revision. and we'll have to see what's going to happen. let's look at it and from a different point of view. given that mr. shudders very close ties to the russian president. did your party ever consider using mister schroeder as a potential mediator in the russia ukraine crisis? and to be honest, in the 1st days of the war against ukraine, i think that was some kind of hope. some people had and i have to be honest myself . i also had that high hope to say, i mean, even if it was not acceptable, that he would still have positions within less a gas for more. so the boards, but his political relationship that his personal relationship to, to put, he would have been away to try to influence in him. and that's what should i should try to do with his 1st visit in turkey in the beginning of the war. but what he should have done was when these talks failed, he should have stepped down and immediately distance himself from put in. and as he
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did not do this, i think that's when he lost any support within the yesterday. in a few words, sir, i have to let you go. how damaging has this whole episode been? yes, i think her, as i said it, it turns up in basically any conversation we have on the streets. and yes, it certainly has a certain degree of damage. but i think we can make it clear that he's isolated within the party, so he's not speaking for the a speedy anymore. arg becker and the as feed each member of the term from the stack . so thank you very much for your time. appreciate it. you're welcome. thank you very much on it. i now about the other stories making news around the world. you are secretary, said antony lincoln is in south africa sitting out washington's policies for sub saharan african countries. his 5 nation tor is seen as a chance to win support for the u. s. and counter russian influence over the war in ukraine. charles military government has signed
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a deal with opposition groups to begin peace talks. a ceasefire is in place, but the negotiations begin later this month. a deal and 5 months of talks and guitar at the main rebel group has refused to sign the afford. august. recess prime minister says he was not aware that his country's national intelligence agency had wiretaps and opposition politicians, phone and an address to the nation here cost. so target said the surveillance was legal wrong. the head of the intelligence service has resigned over the scanner. it will be a full model. taiwan has condemned china for extending military drills off it's coast into a 5th day type. a also accused beijing of trying to deliberately provoke reaction. the condemnation of follow china's decision to defy calls to end its biggest ever show a force against the self governing island. chinese jackson ships have been crossing
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the taiwan strait meeting line and firing missiles over taipei. the drills began last week after a visit to taiwan by us. how speaker nancy pelosi. beijing considers taiwan part of its territory. did these correspondent in taipei suits on, hein has says the taiwanese government is very worried about incursions of chinese military plains and vessels across the media line, dividing china from taiwan. but the town is government is now very concerned about the uncertainties. and one of the biggest concern is how close china as worship have been and will be in the continuum drills, towers, ministry of defense only said they would not allow any chinese worship to come in to tie wise territorial c, which is the route 20 kilometers from the shore and they claimed that the chinese army was pinned down by tony's troops when they were around 44 kilometers from taiwan. so if the chinese army comes closer,
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town has to decide how to respond. when asked whether there are criteria for opening fire, they just said the matter is confidential and would depend on how big the threat is . you cannot see the end of the drills beside this continue military exercise around taiwan. the chinese authorities announced earlier that they are going to conduct drills in a sudden waters of the yellow sea in the common 10 days, and also near the poor high seat your early september. so it's like a guessing game right now. we just don't know when they will, and the chinese government thinks that they have all the cards in their hands next to columbia, which has opened a new chapter by swearing in its 1st left. his president was salvo, petro is promising to fight inequality and conflict, and we think the war on drugs, the new vice president, is also a 1st and unprecedented. she's a black woman from an underprivileged community director. it's an integration like no other in columbia history. and it's marked many 1st, oh,
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even where to god and promise to the people to faithfully comply with the constitution and the laws of columbia. gustavo pedro is the country's 1st left, his president. and the 1st former gorilla fighter to lead columbia, his election mares a transition in politics sweeping across latin america. one that is more left leaning. one where those elected are a reflection of the people who put them in office. i forget which is a day when we see ourselves represented battle and in the fight for social equity as one i got equity that we all aim for and a fought for for so many years. thank you that and columbia. second highest, officeholder represents a victory for social equity. well no, i swear to god and the people to faithfully fulfill columbia's constitution and laws. i also swear before my ancestors, that dignity will be shared by all young se stress. us stuck a lot,
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either. seattle, somebody vice president, frontier marquez, is an environmental activist and former housekeeper. today she makes history as the 1st apple columbia anna to hold her post balmy, the beginning of a new era in our country. finally, columbia made the decision and to day gustavo, petro and from san marcos are going to govern columbia, columbia. it's doug, been unhappy to see the inauguration of our president, gustavo, petro. what have yes, i love, i can't contain it up. the happiness is grant me the pair, have a big agenda and be counted the hand. half of colombians live in poverty. the pitcher marcus platform includes ending hunger, establishing environmental reforms, and bringing peace to the country. after 60 years of armed conflict, it's an agenda full of promises to help regular people, but running for office and holding it are very different. now voters room learn how
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president pedro will lead once the dreams on the campaign trail. give way to the realities of it is civil man going, but it wasn't on his way or a dark k chartina has one d w t a tournament in san jose, california and put herself into the top 10 in the world. rankings. keisha cannot came out as gay last month and criticize the invasion of ukraine. it's been a roller coaster of a month for jerry cars, akeena. and this come from behind 3 set. when in california kept it off. the russian defeated american shelby rogers to win her 5th career title. and when any rupture from an appreciative american crowd, cars, akina is 25 years old and is now ranked number 9 in the world. she's played against
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the greats of the sport. sometimes winning, always challenging, and she's represented her country. that's her. on the far left to before she became russia's number one player. and then last month talking in spain to a russian, you tuber beach at crock. jenko, she made a couple of things clear that were likely hard to handle back home. is that going to? yes, no, i was nice and i was actually just is there with isn't it thursday the camera she's up yet? no. no. there's no money. no been done because up in 1st she said she is gay and wanted to follow in the footsteps of russian footballer now, jack harp ho allegedly the 1st major rushed natalie to come out and in a 2nd interview cause i cannot said she wishes the russian invasion of ukraine would end that she thinks about her every day of that wimbleton,
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barring russian players, was nothing compared to the fact that millions of ukrainians can't go home. the braces, the interviewer asks, aren't you afraid they might take your home away after you say all these words they've been will of, haven't you thought about it? he asks the neighbors, aren't you afraid you cannot come back to russia? cuz i can, i says she has indeed thought about it and leaving the question after taking home a trophy in california. where is home now for daria? cause akeena australia's snake, a caregiver else has won the city open in washington, dc. 2 sun notice he'll be a contender for the us open. it starts later this month. the ozzy at the top of the
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screen stayed back on this point against japan's yoshi. you tell nishaka before hitting a passing shot and taking the 1st set here, the os was one of up at wimbledon, and washington never lost a satch or even his serv. throughout the tournament, he won the final 6 or 6. great. that's all the news for now. our science magazine tomorrow today is up next and i'll see you at the top of the hour. have a good one. ah . ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah animals, i'm clever in some of the smartest ah pigeons oh, their visual memory is outstanding. ah. can you memorize $700.00 images and
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recall them at any time? for pigeons, it's a piece of cake. to morrow today. next on d. w. o. departure into the to day, this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant being a captain and setting sail to discover a route the world famous sea voyage of ferdinand of magellan expedition. now then became a scientific expedition. as many new things were being discovered, it was in fact an adventure in the end part of a race for weight power between spain and portugal. a race linked to
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military interest, a race linked to political and military prestige, but also linked to many financial changes. and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years that would change the world for ever. let jones journey around the world. start september 7th on d. w. oh, they smarter than we think. we look at the hidden wonders in the mines of pigeons. and does music make us smile to reset his have found some truly resonating inside also in this.


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