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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight in washington, they're calling it the boldest climate package in history. the u. s. senate has approved hundreds of billions of dollars to fight climate change. the house is expected to follow. making this a major victory for president, but also coming up tonight to cease fire between israel and palestinian militants, appears to be holding. after 3 days of bombardments, they killed dozens,
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including many children and a possible breakthrough in talks. they could limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions. really, iran's negotiators have headed home to consider their options and why many young people are boycotting this week's presidential election in kenya. ah, i'm bring gov to our viewers watching on p b. s in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we start in the us with a win for the biden administration, prescription drug users and the climate. the u. s. senate has passed to bill to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to fight climate change, and to make medicine more affordable. it offers tax incentives for reducing c o 2 emissions, and it aims to slash the cost of prescription drugs. the u. s. house is expected to
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approve the legislation next week. ah, the power of electric joe biden taking a battery powered su lee for a spin to drum up support for his plan to save the climate. he came a big step closer to that goal after vice president carmella harris used her deciding vote to pass the climate bill by 51 votes to 50, a much scale, but version, but historic nonetheless, to day. after more than a year of hard work, the senate is making history. i am confident the inflation reduction act will endure is wanted the defining legislative feats of the 21st century. the legislation provides for billions of dollars in climate focused spending and tax incentives for eco conscious consumers plus billions to fund investments in e mobility and solar power. it's a major victory for biden, with political impact beyond the usa. we can't get china in india and other
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countries to come to the table if we're not doing our own part. and finally we are and i think that's going to have very positive ramifications for global climate action name to the inflation reduction act. the package also cuts medication and health care costs for the elderly. not a single republican senator voted in favor. it's $430000000000.00 spending will be financed through a new 15 percent minimum tax on companies with profits of $1000000000.00 or more. for biden, a game changer. why? whoa right there with some of it's not going to kick it for a little bit, but it's all good. the bill must now go to the house of representatives, which is expected to pass it on friday. sorry. let's take the story now to our washington d. c. bureau chief in his po, going to see you in his so we've got chuck schumer, the senate leader saying that this is the boldest climate package in us history.
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give us a sense of the impact that this bill could have right. friend, a lot of the package focuses actually on incentivizing clean energy projects and electric vehicles while taxing and eliminating on the other side fossil fuel projects. rumor said that you as greenhouse gas emissions will be slashed by 40 percent by already 2030, which is basically just around the corner. and the legislation also will, for the 1st time, give many care the power to negotiate the costs of a limited basket of prescription drugs, bringing down costs for many, many people. these are huge topics here in the united states. here be, this is a 1st especially providing climate change also for bringing down the price for prescription drugs. yet this is also the product of a while of compromise. and how much was this bill watered down to meet demands from
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republican or more conservative senators, put it that way. right. i mean, much else compromise has been around getting one democratic senator joe mansion of west virginia to road and favorite. so the white house actually, and democrats have been negotiating tirelessly for 4 months, basically a year. so the package now offers provisions that will increase pipeline projects despite the climate provisions and much of the compromises around certain corporate tax breaks that the centrist democrats actually wanted eliminated. and this will be a big victory for president biden. what does that mean going towards november in these mid term elections for the democrats? the eyes true are the temp chris right now are really doing terribly impulse. and joe biden now hopes that this will give him a push a brand, you know,
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i think it is really important to remind our international audience that joe biden actually has had several huge legislative wins in the last months. obviously there's a climate bill, but earlier the one trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, the problem for him is and that the outcome, the positive outcome for the average americans will take maybe years. but what people feel now is the sky rocketing inflation and the gas prices. and by the end of the day, this actually might make the decision whom they're warding for on the midterm election in november. in that was our washington bureau, cheating his pulse. speaking with me earlier, the un security council is holding an emergency meeting this hour on garzon as a ceasefire between israel and palestinian militants. appears to behold israel's ambassador to the un has defended its military operation in gaza. gillard aired on
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choose the palestinian islamic jihad group of firing on civilians. and he called the un to make the militants accountable a residence on both the palestinian and israeli shines of the divine. they welcomed the lead up in hostilities, but they also know that it is a fragile. for the 1st time in days, dawn broke in peace across garza. vital supplies, a once again flowing into the enclave, allowing it's so power plant to restart. 2 days after it run out of fuel 3 days of intense fighting, let faulty fall, palestinians, including 15 children, dead. israel has said he launched the attack as a direct response to a threat from palestinian islamic jihad militants. but prime minister yella pete set his country, had no interest in abroad. a conflict issued this issue throughout the operation.
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special efforts were made to prevent harm to civilians in the state of israel when not apologized for using force to protect its citizens. but the death of innocent civilians, especially children, is heartbreaking. meanwhile, news of the truce was met with releasing garza. however, that will leave during the past 3 days in terror and fear we wish the mornings would come. as we did not like the nights my children were crying about the guys that good luck. i have been for co op israelis in the area targeted by retaliatory fire from garza know that the current truce. does it mean lusting piece this is not the only and it's yes, there a plaster. okay, we'll keep quiet for an hour for a while, leanna, how long but definitely the next hour is on the way. many garza slowly returning to
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a normal life. while others tried to salvage their belongings from the ruble of what used to be the home, wondering how long tom will prevail or the military group, hamas, which rules garza has remained on the sidelines in this latest clash. d. w asked, middle east expert guido steinberg y when it's climbing jihad is sir, traditionally the more radical organization, it is strategically aligned to iran. so there is a major ideological and strategic gap between the 2 organizations. but i think that the main reason for hamas are staying on the sidelines is that the organization only entered a very violent confrontation with israel in may. 2021. and it's still recovering from the,
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from the brutal israeli on thought on the basis of the organization. that simply didn't want any major escalation. right right now. and part of the reason is probably also that israel has losing some restrictions on the gaza strip after may 2021. and how much the doesn't want to, doesn't want to lose the well, when this benefit of the latest confrontation right now. and that was given steinberg from the german institute for international and security affairs. let's take a look now. some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world, u. s. secretary of state entity blinking is in south africa setting out washington's policies for sub saharan africa is 5 nation to were if seen as a chance to win support for the us and to counter russian influence on the con. moscow backed leaders in ukraine's is epr. each c a region are moving ahead with
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plans to hold a referendum on joining russia. you have guinea, by litski, who was installed by the kremlin, has ordered the vote. as apple riccio fell to the russians during the early days of the invasion, yet ukraine is calling for a demilitarized zone around europe's biggest nuclear power plant. kiva is accusing russia of shilling. these apparatus. he a plant, a claim that moscow denies. now the head of the united nations, antonia buccheri sh, as warned that any attack on a nuclear power plant would be suicidal he wants access for international inspectors. what can i, the suggestions from the european union that could possibly salvage the nuclear deal between iran and world powers? possible breakthrough comes at the end of 4 days of talks in vienna. and iranian delegation is on its way back to, to ron, to discuss the proposals, the talks involved, germany, france, britain, china,
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and russia. the united states has been involved indirectly. the u says it's now up to those nations to either accept or reject the deal. the 2015 deal known as the j . c. p. away lifted sanctions on a ran in return for guarantees that it will not build a nuclear weapon. former us president donald trump, he walked away from that deal where here's journalists, klaus pumpers in vienna on whether or not a deal is now within reach. indeed it isn't reach if us per biden. and the high representative are high hired. so they're just the leader of iran. yes to you. they will have on the table to morrow morning by needed for the midterm elections as well as we have just from the washing b. c said, you need this data path in the senate, but also the iranians need something because they desperately eaten money and
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export and import possibilities and faith of the huge inflation of 40 percent. that the economy on the verge of collapsing, the european union has submitted this, this final text that is being held as a possible savior for this deal. do we know exactly what is inside the draft? no, not exactly negotiations this week. i explained only as technical after the high representative of the, you know, the already presented a paper to all parties, especially through the charin here on leadership 9 days ago. he afterwards indicated this is the final compromise she sees as possible for most sites after these long negotiations to talk even longer does not make sense. now the party will have to decide yes or no. we only know what is not included. he's got problems which i disputed between international atomic energy agency also and iraq on our
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new joined, comprehensive plan of action. neither of you know what exactly the us offer to iran . if in 2024 american would vote for another republican president who might want to exit this plan again. and if this plan were to be salvaged, what would that mean for iran? it would mean for iran, especially for the people in iran that inflation goes down, which is now around about 40 percent officially, most probably even higher. it would mean they could export oral and yes again and they could impart needed span tall crowd fall for medical advice and medical things. and many other things that the life of the radiance would be better. again, after a long pause of possibilities to impart to things they need from the rest. and they
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didn't get in the last 20 years, more or less journalists klaus from his joining us from vienna. klaus thank you know that come to be a member of a political party when that party really doesn't want you anymore. that is the reality for former german chancellor. gerhard schroeder, his party, germany's central f social democratic party has ruled. there are no legal grounds for it. to expel him, shorter than former chancellor has been criticized for his times to russia. had told her that isn't going anywhere just yet. 17 chapters of his own party, the social democrats, had filed motions to expel him. but an arbitration commission. besides, there are no grounds to banish or even to reprimand. sure, the it declared that his close ties to russian president vladimir putin and his rules working for russian energy giant scottsbroom and the ro sniffed,
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did not break party rules. sure those links to moscow and his failure to condemn vladimir putin after his invasion of ukraine, caused an uproar within the party. but the decision not to expel him was purely procedural expelling. a person from a party in germany has pretty high hurdles and is basically a judicial argument. while his position politically is totally isolated and i mean, you will not find any one i think within the us, but he who will support his political positions. sure, there has stepped back from some of his posts with russian companies since the start of the war. but many social democrats still want to exclude him from their ranks opinions very among the german public. it's bad for the party and i am a member myself and i'm ashamed for screwed out of your my lorenzo. no, i think you should be kicked out of the party, but it's just not right to be so close to putting the saw in some been on those
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mendota. we should relax a little and not get stuck on this issue, but maybe focus on other topics on thus fish. i think it's ok if he stays along with that. he was in the party for such a long time, and now he disagrees with the parties mainstream opinion, but still i believe he can stay in the line. in the past, in a people didn't complain so much about his strong ties to russia when the decision not to expel schroeder can still be appealed. but for now, he has every right to remain a member, albeit isolated of the social democrats or canyons. go to the polls this week to pick a new president. both the main contenders have been trying to win over the last undecided voters, but one group has already made up its mind not to vote. kenya's young people many say they've lost faith in their politicians. ah, the 2 front runners,
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mother kenyan presidency, and the last leg of the campaign, general county is voter rich. but there's one part of the electorate relo dinger and william, brutal have already disappointed can. yes you that was his high, your briskness government, nor did will be young people in the projects public. but the special isn't trained in our constitution, but we're not practicing it. why young people make up 3 quarters of kenya's population only around 40 percent of the registered voters? i do. youth cancer, delicate peter kamani, found it hard, motivating young people to come to railroading as rally. the 77 year old is widely respected because he played a major role in the opposition movement for a multi party democracy. ah, this vote will be for the women. and the youth or kenya has 4 main challenges.
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ignorance, disease, poverty, and corruption and young canyons feel he's out of touch with their reality. many are unemployed. food prices were already rising before the war in ukraine made things worse. drought is devastating the country. these engineering students didn't bother to go to the rally. they have not registered to vote. the house lays empty promises. yes, they disappear when the i will be as thick a forward softer, they get the support they lead us this up here. you'll never find them again. i feel very frustrated because i don't know, i don't know where we shall go after we had on this one. even the presidential candidate to explicitly address as young voters did not convince them either. deputy president william brutal his campaign as promising to prioritize the needs of the poor was offering under the inflated prices. you will be supported by accessing the government's funds without having to pay interest without being asked
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about security. because we want to empower every one's business. we will start from the bottom and go upwards not far from the action. these young men from a local football club couldn't care less about the election. they have lost trust and politicians are fires normally and nothing is up in. they're becoming poor in fuller than these initial d. my did alex mago is their coach, but he also raises money to pay their school fees and food. he feels he's doing the job. the government should do how we feel a lot, let know that how will i to we feel that a government kindle, only 4 out of these 19 players intend to vote these young people need food jobs purposes for says that's what they get here. they have learned not to expect anything from kenya's politicians or somebody 5 percent of
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a king as population or under the age of $35.00. so how could they be sidelined by the candidates? here's the w's, felix marina. in i wrote, their numbers, don't lie, as you said correctly, and they're too big leading presidential candidates, that is the deputy president, william rudolph, and there's the meal coalition. patty, lida, rayleigh dinger, have done their fair beat off trying to convince, but they have not gotten to the whole group of young people. and this is the reason because these 2 candidates have been in government for so long. one deputy president started campaigning for the former president daniel boy in 1992. he became an m p 1997 and went on to serve as a member of parliament for 15 years. and after that is served as a deputy president since 20, that in to 2017. so to 2022. rather he's there incumbent deputy president. and so
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most of the young people who he was talking to feel like some of the things that his promising he should have done when he was deputy president. on the other hand, rayleigh dean guy again became a member of parliament in 1992. went on to serve as a member of parliament for what 20 years became prime minister in kenya. the period between 228-2013. and also he has promised a number of things that young people feel you are prime minister at some point, you should have done this things, but the 2 candidates have from if it's a several things which are appealing to the young people. and i just mention one deputy president has promised that digital super highway, which will create connectivity on all areas internet connectivity, which will give most of the young people in the creative economy jobs. on the other hand, rayleigh dig a has promised to create a youth ministry which will cater for issues dealing with the young people in the country. but what about the bigger issues of the cost of living crisis in the
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country as well as high unemployment? what are these 2 candidates promising to do to alleviate these problems if they are elected? so for the deputy president, the president or william, brutal, he has promised that he will create internship. government paid internships for the young people for a whole year, which will be paid. and he's also promised to create a hustler fund, which is $50000000000.00 shillings, which will be dished out to young people to be able to do businesses and be able to stand on their feet. on the other hand, rayleigh dingo has promised to create a youth ministry which will in turn ensure that young people get jobs. he's also promised to leverage on the manufacturing sector to create more jobs for the young people. but the cost of living has been in the mouth of all these politicians, and they have both promised that when they get to office, they'll reduce the cost of living. but we do not know what happens kenyans. go to the ballot tomorrow morning. we will wait to see what kenneth decide and who
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becomes the next president in the country, and we know you will be following that electron forest w's felix ring of joining us from my robe. felix, thank you. we're now to the pandemic. india is reporting as many as 20000 new cobit 19 infections. almost daily. the government is stepping up efforts to get more people vaccinated and boosted but uptake. if so look, ah, this mahala, our community clinic is a primary health center which provides free basic health care. it's one of the hundreds of centers in the capital city of daily, mostly located in low income, our left developed neighborhoods. during delhi school, the div. these clinics played a crucial role in raising awareness and providing timely diagnosis. now some of the centers are set to provide co, 19 vaccine shots. doctor gar isaac works in this more laconic floor or by lip. i
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wish i knew the people used to feel a little hassle when they had to line up at big center. so hospitals to get the vaccine shocking done. this move of getting shots at mcculloch lennox like will be beneficial. and we will see more and more people come forward, us now that will be much easier to access la. okay. the past few weeks have seen a steady uptick in the number of court cases in the country. while according to the health ministry, a large majority of the population had received new jobs. it's the number of booster shots administered which has them concerned. according to government data, a shocking 92 percent of people who are eligible for corporate 19 both to vaccine have not taken the shots yet to increase this number. the government is taking different measures including making the booster shots available for free to all age groups. for a limited period of time, dr. k, she not ready says it's not just about the ease of getting a booster shot. it is also a perception that the only chron variant of the virus that will not result in
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a severe disease. and a sense of cynicism that the vaccine won't really prevent infection from happening in the 1st place when you book. but he adds, it's important to keep encouraging people to get the car jabbers and black as it can prevent a large number of infections from turning severe. if the severity of infection with low, then the amount of wired of discharge is going to be much less. because the duration of her life is also going to be much less. so your boys are less of a threat to others, especially elderly, while notable people in your household of your family. even though most of the cases happening now are, might to moderate the fact that people are getting infected despite being vaccinated or being infected in the past is proof enough that they need all the protection they can have against this virus. india pandemic is nowhere near over. finally tonight,
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we knew her 1st as the hopelessly devoted sandy before she sang. let's get physical . the australian singer and actress olivia newton, john has died at the age of $73.00. she was a multi platinum selling artist, but she's perhaps best known for greece in which she started opposite john travolta . her husband says that olivia had been a symbol of hope by sharing her 30 year journey. with breast cancer. you're watching the w news after a short break. i'll be back to take you through the day. we'll be right back with
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read. in 60 minutes on do w, with the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like. will return to normal. and we visit the finding it difficult. he sees his successes at noon in a weekly coven 19 special. every thursday con d w. a language habitable ended glistening plates of longing. the mediterranean sea, its waters connect people of many cultures. seen it almost rock and to
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far abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean. where has history left its traces, meeting people hearing their dreams. a mediterranean journey intended to so starts august 14th on d, w. insane suicidal. there are more than enough descriptions for what is happening ant and around europe's largest nuclear power plant, which happens to be located in ukraine. moscow, and kiva blaming each other for shelling the plant over the weekend to night. international alarm. how close is ukraine? how close are we to a 2nd chernobyl light nuclear.


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