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tv   Belarus  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2022 3:15am-4:01am CEST

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complex over the weekend, the head of the united nations, antonio katasha, warned that any attack on a nuclear plant was suicide. brightwell, don't forget, you can always get tito who news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the apple app store. that'll give you access to all the latest news from ramp world as well as pot push. notifications for any breaking news. for watching t t o v news on pub foia stop film is up next. thanks for watching. take care and i'll see you very soon with a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of long the mediterranean sea scene of almost war and to far dual career drift along with exploring the modern lifestyles and the editor ringing,
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he's ready to lean journey in 10 episodes starts august 14th on d. w. ah. tonight, wendy 21, a demonstration in calais, refugees from bella luce wanted to draw attention to the oppression and violence in their homeland television journalist natalia maxine mother, was also forced to flee from belarus along with her husband and daughter. the couple had taken part in peaceful demonstrations against the regime and had only just managed to avoid arrest. oh oh yes. what do i see?
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the germans, how happy they look and then i think what is happening in bella rose? it's like a nightmare. our protests are loud, so loud, i've nearly lost my voice, but i'd like to shout even louder so that everyone can hear. i don't know how i can help people in belarus, but i think what we're doing here is very important that you after the rig general election of 2020 and bella ruth hundreds of thousands demonstrated against the regime of its long term ruler. alexander lucas shanker. nevertheless, with the backing of the kremlin the machinery of paula managed to suppress the peaceful revolution and silence opposition in the country. so what exactly happened in bella? luce. c ah,
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minced the capital of belarus here in a country which borders on russia. alexander lucas shanker, has had power in an increasingly authoritarian system ever since. 1994 in august 2020 luca shanker, wanted to see himself confirmed in office in the presidential elections. consequently, and the run up to the election, he had the most promising opposition candidates arrested. so instead of her husband who was one of those, arrested atlanta to hand off sky, i stood as a candidate supported by 2 other women campaigners veronica of said carlo. maria colors nicola ethan and presidential
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candidate svetlana taken off sky with me t v b. this summer we have seen the 1st changes change does not come about immediately . it's a process and the process, ah. august 9th, 2020. the historic election day. the opposition wanted to see a fair vote, one untainted by the customary manipulation which in the past had seen the media announcing the results. lucas shanker wanted among those working for state broadcast r o n t that day. but either journalists, natalia, and mikhail maxime of your traditional book, i remember august 9th, very clearly at t v center as a whole was sealed off. you needed a special pass to get in whenever a disturbance is expected, like at elections,
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of demonstrations, troops and oman. ryan police are stationed throughout the grounds. the see just by here and there are more me lead sadness cookers for several 100 soldiers and, and wearing body armor was sitting in for army trucks. they were probably worried that the t v center might be attacked up internet. there was no internet connection and not even in the state broadcasting center, our bosses were helpless because the internet had been off nationwide. but we had to go on and the editor in chief was panicking. we were all panicking because no one knew what was really happening. what is that election day is also remembered in warsaw. i then malibu oceans, who felt threatened, had filled refuge in poland including former lieutenant colonel alexander essaro. for 11 years, at the ministry of the interior in bella rose, he had had it,
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the central department fell, combating organized crime and corruption. we met a serv in secret and a building guarded by the polish police. over the me a closer look at the time i was working at the ministry of the interior police academy. its entire workforce was dispatched to the polling stations too, as it was said, ensure public order in the afternoon. huge queues formed as people turned up to vote. there had never been anything like it. certainly as far as i can remember, wilka cried. people had really dressed up for the occasion and had brought their children along. what was interesting, the rule was that they were wearing white arm bands yellow. it was said at the time, if you wore a white arm band, it meant you were going to vote that taken off sky that was supposed to hold the of the bucket that internally electoral commission staff confirmed, they were going to vote 30 on oscar and against lucas sankoh. every one was glad the dictatorship was finally about to collapse. you're
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in order to provide people in bella roost with independent information in 2007, the polish government, and the public television channel, t v. p. set up a bell sat tv. it's chief news editor is eager coolie. you have to it's in book us music do show the which on that day i was one of the presented august. the 9th was a remarkable day when i remember very well. it was probably one of the most difficult days in my entire career as a journalist. now, what's of my creative almost? i'm up and even during the electoral campaign, it was clear everything was going to be totally different. also set her alexander location car 3, shielded by security personnel. alexander lucas jenko arrived at the polling station, or it was also difficult to get close to sped. lana, taken off scale, but she was surrounded by supporters and journalists, when you get
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a peculiar israel analysis. let's look what happened. oh. although politically inexperienced in her campaigns that lana, johanna sky, i had given people hope of change, apparently with great success. each of them could the modules when the vote counting got underway in the evenings i spoke with police colleagues according to a lucas jenko supporter. the head of the electoral commission would ring the police way and say that an election observer, a defended against public order, is a special unit, would be dispatched, and the woman would be arrested. and indeed, by the end of the day, every independent election observer had been detained. tell us no one knew the use of one of ladaja chivalry stolen. it is saved so much of this new information from minsk, the polling station in moscow, district reports 438 votes for lucas jenko and 1725. what's the take on oscar to
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can also this issue some thought the absence dad went for a marty glenora as is know, according to the g, r u. oh gosh. no more than 17 percent of the population planned to vote for lucas jenko. and the secret report we've seen indicates that lucas shanker was also informed of this. so initially, in order to avoid too much outrage, it was decided to announce that lucas shanker had secured 62 percent of the vote. but then something must have made him change his mind and he altered the result to 80 percent lovers. and that is what sparked off the protests. fill, of course. yes, the glass people in many towns and bella rose continuously took to the streets. security force as attacked the protest as with stun grenades and rubber bullets. officially we heard shots and explosions . no one had expected august 9th to be marked by so much violence or by such
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a huge massacre. as a rule, opposition supporters assembled at a certain location where they were beaten up. this time, people from all sectors of society were involved just when the security forces started lashing out, they probably didn't realize that it was ordinary people. they were hitting not the opposition of capacity g o to in your budget. so you got room issues, you know, i was desperate to get to the place where the worst things were happening, but i was pregnant at the time. and misha said it was out of the question, if by during the night we couldn't sleep because of the explosion from the shooting . but the next day we went there she finished. since autumn 2020 photographer irina reckless gaia has lived in exile in warsaw. as a photo journalist in the election summers, she documented events in minsk for both at t v. this brought her to the attention of the security authorities. so she decided
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that she needed to leave bellows. the photos she took created an international stir . at a breath when to check with her on the 10th of august, people had erected barricades near the rieger shopping center. for the 1st time i saw a water cannon. inaction come with i had heard of the vehicle coming round the corner with a deafening rumble. it all happened so fast. the vehicle drove straight into the barricades. here you can see people leaping out of the way. you mean i had only seconds to take a picture. fish understood wish that afterwards? it was a nightmare. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! special units used brute force against the protest. this
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didn't enough. i needed to do. i still go to machine you right in front of us. they smashed car windows, drank the occupants out and beat them with battles, barking devices to boston. then the explosion started and people ran away image already, but so did we pursued by among riot police? miraculously, we made it home, but yet the national, my heart was pounding for the risk. i then started to lose blood. i. but it was impossible to call an ambulance i'm when you model with the early in the morning we made our way to the hospital where i learned that i had miscarried. him. him? yes. because i just at the kiddish, if should ah, in the night of august 11th lucas jenko security forces took svetlana, taken off sky out of the country to lithuania. that night also saw the 1st fatality 34 year old alexander tara kosky, was killed by
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a police. robert protest is gathered at the scene where he died near the pushkin's chi, a subway station irina our crew sky. i knew that journalists would be attacked, but she drove to the spot all the same. it took them in suddenly several many buses arrived, men carrying weapons and battens climbed out and headed towards us. as he ran, one of the men opened fire and i was struck by a rubber bullet to fit out e at the point of apollo mina. later it turned out that i had actually been hit 3 times. my bottle had chatted and my helmet was damaged. in euchre because of the adrenalin, i had no idea what had happened together with a colleague. she was able to escape from her pursuers. the 2 climbed onto the roof of a restaurant and waited in the nomination. they then sent up
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a drone. i was really frightened and because there was no way to hide. i wanted to force myself into the roof, completely off, and become one with engineer with his knees a posting assassin, commander, massage. we heard orders being given. they were awfully just a stream of curses along the lines of their old cockroaches and should be stumped into the ground. we weren't people to them just vermin. mechanical translational bill. as a physician, numerous demonstrators were arrested. many of them were taken to the notorious, or christina prison, super colleagues who had been on duty not kristina jail. you said the detainees were mishandled or tortured in high ranking police officers and interior ministry
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officials had been to christina and issued the corresponding orders. the aim was to intimidate people, to beat them half to death, to make them so afraid that they would no longer have the courage to take to the streets. i knew had struck her pretty study with her. did nole, it's desperate people hoping to find their missing loved ones. detainees who had been released describe their experiences in detention as pure hell. former minister of culture and ambassador to france, pavel leticia, has insight knowledge of the lucas jenko system. the system will go through. it's a says to based on the power of one single person on direct subordination to one person who takes virtually every decision single handedly lucas shanker exerts his influence on private enterprise and through repression, lays down the conditions. companies have to abide by. another aspect is, fear,
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useful, fear pervades the whole system. park people are afraid of in market on bush, not likely to love to assist you. you will prosper by us for your british. when i decided to switch to the side of the people and support the forces of democracy, i explained that everything in belarus was determined by the k g b. the net of secret service surveillance has increased many times over, perhaps even tenfold. was system of the go with over time a system arose whereby you either praised everything or you became an enemy or over the last few years, many television reports were drawn up in close cooperation with the k g b. what was just knocked down as that but through the events of august night, many people including us,
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realized that working there had become impossible never. so we went on strike of thought, but i didn't that day television staff went on strike my colleagues from the other side, so to speak, state television employees. and when people came to support them left on these pictures, there's not much happening. but even so, i like the calm in these b l. a. russian faces about this maria, listen, i've got a photograph of maria kalashnikov. she's surrounded by men, she was a superstar. all the girls copied her and wore red lipstick. you just couldn't miss her when you're here. we see lots of people surrounding one person, a huge happy crowd of ha garcia. ah maria kalashnikov, her sister tatiana homage has made it her mission to bring the plight of political
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detainees. and bella rose to the attention of the international public. during the election campaign, she stood side by side with her sister marie newton mileage. but neither i nor masha had ever been involved in politics before. but that changed when vic tawberry co decided to run for the presidency. he didn't have a team of professional politicians behind him. those who gave him their support were people like me. some were older, some younger, and they came from a wide range of backgrounds. people who were prepared to invest their time, people who wanted to see change, young move together. and i mean, we believed in what we were doing and we talked about it a lot. so even if there was only the slightest chance and this election producing a different result, we said we ought at act and participating was now also just witnessing the with
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them. we're just told me very similar views on some things might differ. but we're united and our love for bella rose. we are better russians, maybe laross oh, you're reporting you. but the time i was not prepared the resolution. i had neither a network nor a political party. i was just like any of the ordinary person, but i was seen as a possible leader animal. could i have been a leader back then? no, i couldn't. me. can i criticize myself for that? yes, yes, i can model can yes ma'am. example, national as i was going along with the crowd, i realized that i shouldn't be making for the seat of government where i'd worked for so many years. that should be heading for the television center to take control of what was being broadcast. because what shocked people when they had access to the internet, once again, was the lawlessness and the violence. had that been shown, it might have shaken up the whole country at the open, yellow below young children absolutely should on all the
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sixteen's minced. so the biggest ever peaceful protest marches with you guys when she came together from different directions, i saw crowds of people approaching from all sides. there was a unity that has never been seen since. the point of wishing a boy in his notebook would be, she knew my no idea why the police didn't wait in probably because so many people to take to the streets around 400000 of her. it was like a national uprising. little people had simply had enough of being rude by a dictator to which it was a popular revolt after it the boat, steven the police because
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they had taken part in the protests. natalia and mikhail maxim of both lost their jobs. lieutenant colonel alexander, sorry, handed in his resignation. oh oh gosh, look up, lucas shanker, lost the election is subjugated the country illegally. yes, he was no longer its legitimate president. yes, i saw for myself that not even 50 percent could have voted for him in my eyes, he was a criminal issue and, and there was no way i could serve a criminal. i'd sworn my oath to the bellow, russian people sat with the loews, coronado. those who refused to tow the line was subjected to massive threats by the government. fearless isabel on september. the 1st look a shingle told me that i'd crossed the red line and would therefore be punished. i know, look a shanker personally. i'd also met him privately. i know he is capable of kill somebody. he said that he was going to kill me,
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throttled me with his own hands because i was a traitor. i was fully aware of the risks i was facing. let's open your mouth. cities. with the help of western diplomats, marvin leticia manage to leave the country and find refuge in warsaw. poland has supported the opposition and bella ru, so many years after the national election of 2006, which was probably also raked, eagle calais even took part in protests against the lucas ankle regime. as a result, criminal proceedings were instituted against him. could i ask themselves whether the opposition movement could have achieved mo, who, when you have shed, does it say, i find it hard to talk about mistakes made by the opposition? what if you can argue whether it would have been better to resort to more violence where the more action should have been cold for like storming the television centers or standing up to the oman. silly reason. but i doubt that any action of that kind would have resulted in lucas jenko stepping down at almost all there would certainly have been greater loss of life. bush, nonbillable butcher,
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ah bushels eager to represent oblivion. september 6th, 2020 immense. the protest continued. it was to be maria, callas. nick of us last day in freedom. ah, the next morning in the center of mens, she was pulled into a car by security personnel and abducted last fall is to put students on approval abbas. but they tried to deploy michelle and i learned from a telegram channel that she had torn up her passport at the border with ukraine and below has more to show later the people who were with her told me more new. masha had done it of her own a coal. i thought it was a conscious decision figure. without hesitating, she tore up a passport, but got out of the car. so she had decided to stay and walked back to the bell. a
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russian border fostered on a lot of kick around you ah, in this was a women's solidarity, much for maria, callas nick over the little boys crying because women were being arrested right in front of him. he saw everything he was right in the middle of a toy. his mother was beside herself and screaming at the police. oh oh, in the weeks after the election, the veneration, security forces took and even more brutal approach. they used violence with impunity. lucas, shank, us apparatus of power had free reign because he had the backing of russian
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president vladimir putin on september 14th 2020, the 2 long term rulers met in saatchi on the black sea. vladimir putin promised to help alexander lucas shanker and granted, bella rues alone of $1500000000.00. b s was in marapoo without vladimir putin in 2020, alexander lucas shanker, would certainly not have been able to remain in power without support from russia. he would have had far more problems and what's the assurance that putin will help him out as a major influence on the decisions? lucas ankle takes palmer. she bought a canal are which and similarly i neither shanked or bring my that was a little or did listen. bella, russian opposition leader svetlana chicken. oscar saw more support for the pro democracy movement in her country. couple here she seen arriving for a 45 minute meeting with german chancellor angler, myrtle it, their counselor and,
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and are thoughtful until take me newton markets. anybody who we would like the leaders of our european neighbors to act as mediators. so that in bella rose, we can finally enter into discussions on new elections with all those involved for western? since autumn 2020 said lana, taken off, sky has led opposition, resistance from exile abroad. she meets with heads of government and has addressed the european parliament our peaceful protest, us where met with violence submitted to washing. it'll happen step by step, 1st, re arrested men. all muslim women will not attacked. then the women's march is begun to take place in the organ donation. just came out initially. then they started arresting women and using
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t a ga sir. after they began cramming women into prison, the transport vehicles, the number of march is dwindled, valuable then your pension has talked to the streets, but i'm concerned yet. it was heads in it. and they did so in their thousands chanting grannies alongside the people. long live bellows. lar, alexander, alexander lucas shanker, had always been able to rely on this group of voters. it was certainly unpleasant for him to have them dispersed by his accomplices a, but in the end, that's what happened. i was gonna, nor the dog here smugly, yet people then began to protest in back yards where it was easier to assemble and leave quickly mister uh, visits. smuggling, a private, but the security forces succeeded in accessing the backyard chance and arresting people. so step by step, those activities also came to a halt. boxiness, where dylan onions
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lucas shank goes, attrition. strategy proved effective november 2020. so the last major protest in minsk demonstrating had become too dangerous. people were fined or given prison sentences simply for owning a red and white black or for wearing red and white clothing. lawyer wishing to start, the pessimism spread isn't. as in winter, we thought spring was coming and that a new life would also blossom. but when spring arrived, and there was no new life, many bella russians became despondent. love after what, when you heard your home youth wish i remember my feelings back then? very well. we were both depressed. we couldn't sleep brief. every time a car drove past every time we saw headlights, she like we thought, oh god, what's that look like? you can't sleep eyes of course, but you think about it all the time. you'd be scraping his future. if should you ever tumble more? ah,
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during the last few weeks in their homeland, the family had to hide in a house in the forest within the framework of an action plan for civil society and bella, ruth launched by the german government. the family were able to flee to germany in cologne. of hospital for refugees became their new home a clear warning had finally led to the family's departure additional when it was in spring, i was on my way home when a man came up to me. he was an old acquaintance who worked for the k g b. natasha. he said, you're heading for a sticky end. leave the country. oh, you'll get arrested. and i'm not joking. you've only got until june 1st to get away . yes, now i knew he really wasn't joking. and then they wouldn't take my daughter to her
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grandmother's, they put her in an orphanage. it was now clear that we had to leave. otherwise we'd be arrested. i cried a lot, i just couldn't imagine living in another country. nevertheless, we headed off with just 3 suitcases, leaving our whole life behind. madame shaheen. shanna brush the dumb. ah, ah, is a merchant? this drawing shows a man being dragged by the oman to a prisoner transport vehicle. they are beating him and he is bleeding. there is blood on the policeman's baton. it's terrible. they've gone crazy. they beat people for wanting freedom of someone to perform for sure. ah,
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that's yeah. not home. it's great concern is that the human rights violations and the political prisoners and ben, i rose, could be forgotten about here. she has come to address the british parliament. bella rose commission a mr. chem, india, members of the group. so unfortunately the visitation in belarus is not going better. it's getting worse and worse every day. just to describe a little bit like what, what does it mean to be political prisoner in belarus? for example, my register, her sister maria, cal, isn't cover when she meets her lawyers. she is called in a room designated for meetings to be especially dangerous criminals, is that all we can should be trying to persuade the government to do. of course,
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there is a course and need to have the financial support a provided to the media cultural community because a lot of them is came to country, human rights, defenders and initiatives aimed at the democratization. probably we can build together strategy for the transition from dictatorship to democracy rocked together . and you can help to educate tours suggest to give and advise how to do it. ah, alexander sarah has joined the bipolar group, which was founded by former members of the bella roshan security forces. with elizabeth, she at our main task is to investigate the crimes committed by the lucas shanker regime and to collect evidence which can either be handed over to the european union or using criminal proceedings in a new belarus was in years of loyalty. the preaching at yahoo, colona, at the associate thou mobile should
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a doorstop when we gain access to the ministry of the interiors, internal data banking. we saw that it contains many video films taken by the body counts of oman. policeman, these girls show them beating peel, exit of 24 without the store and you boom, lie down. so this is the gymnasium of the police station in from send ski district. normally it's use was bought. some of these pictures show people kneeling with the heads on the floor. yes, the annual notionally thought of you. any one who moves is hit and even without being beaten, having to stay in this position for 8 hours, is torture with the lack of blood supply, resulting from the handcuffs cause a person's hands to become numb condition. some victims have even had to have
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fingers amputated. oh, wow, that's a while of thumb. we'll have to kiss your children. we'll have to grow up without your father. was it worth it? get up. if you don't talk, it'll only be worse for you. you got to kidneys, but only one life. somebody even filmed the crimes themselves with the boy. this will you will all be used against them in cold may 23rd 2021. so another shock, deodorant, heel, solitary, and government. and bella ross has forced the passenger air craft over flying the country to lend and arrested the discipline to go on
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a scheduled flight from athens to vilnius, after the ryan aircraft was intercepted just short of the lithuanian border and diverted to mince, cushion authorities. there had allegedly learned that there was a bomb on board on on game hob, when the plane landed immense together with his girlfriend, roman pro, to savage, a descendant journalist, and former editor of the next that china on the messaging ap telegram was arrested . the international public fiercely criticized the forced landing and introduced sanctions against the belo roshan regime. not for the 1st time in the wake of the elections on the 4th standing of the rhine f flight in minutes to mister can oscar please. with iran, if light incidentally august sent out his draws the line and became a threat to international peace and security since rigged elections of 2020. there is you has completely lost the boundaries of acceptable behavior. lucas anchor is
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turned in my country into another career of hero, non transparent, unpredictable and dangerous. because in my view, people in europe have still not understood the dimensions of repression and belarus . can you imagine that in the space of 12 months, more than 40000 people have been arrested, there is no longer a single human rights organization in the country, nor is there any independent press. lucas jenko has destroyed everything from british total. so even many bella russians who are living abroad did not feel safe from persecution by the regime most in his school to miss over the last few months, i receive more than 20 death threats. they went so far as to say that down by the vista, i would have my head caved in with an extra barrel at a rally in moscow. a young man came up to me and said, i should be scared and not attend any more rallies because someone would stick
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a knife in my back. so that not spindle. she mister, i am, sir. yes, she shiro, it's not you trying to keep our personal data address, place of work, et cetera, secretly we keep changing the places where we meet people next door. no one knows where we really are. so we've asked the polish police for health. they give us personal protection, they guard us because the bell, russian, deputy minister of the interior as stated his intention to send death squads to poland, to eliminate bipolar on for fluke pulfer group liquor that says to click resume, paypal stuck at us and the biggest and most important thing i have to battle with is fear . sometimes i think that the bloody regime will stretch its arm as far as here. but i know that i am only a small fish and you have to polish special services or at work here. so i can
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reassure myself that it was only after long consideration that we decided to hang our national flight before in the window. ah, yes, juliet. this is terrace postcard street. it leads to minsk street. when bella russians travel to mince from poland, they drive through terrace pole. i imagine it is my route back home symbolically the road runs right beneath my window wipers. and if a dog is threatening natalia and mikhail maxime of have adapted to live in germany. they have received a 3 year residence permit and are taking german language lessons. their homeland is often in their thoughts i've already written
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several letters to people being reminded in custody on rosalyn. must we always feel so guilty. we hear we're all fine. but thousands of people are imprisoned, the government only admits to around $1000.00 detainees, but in reality, thousands upon thousands are being held. i want to give them my support again. i minced september 6th, 2021. nearly a year after her arrest, according the bella, rouge and capital sentenced. opposition leader maria callas. ne cover you 11 years in prison. the court found that she and her lawyer maxine snack for plotting to seize power illegally with financing her mood is always extremely positive. marsha ends every letter with the words. it'll work out, am certain, everything will be fine. even the 11 year jail sentence doesn't frighten her and
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she remains very strong. and what is amazing because exactly the opposite ought to be the case. masha managers to support all of us, even the millions of bella russians are immune and bill are also in january 2022, maria callas, the cover was moved to a prison camp in the south east of the country. ah, the little school for a long time, bella lucian society was non political for years. we believed that we couldn't change anything that nothing was dependent on us. but the last 12 months have shown that that is not true. in the past, we had the feeling that only a few wanted to see change as it turned out, though, those who want to see change are in the majority of our stuff. gifford, emerson's thought she wouldn't have daughters bellows to day is a land of asphalt id, rage. the anger is not suppressed,
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it's buried beneath the asphalt. according to a popular song walls will crumble and asphalt explode and flowers will blossoms tumult. parker swash, sorry, which eats ridicule burst. february 2020 to 5 days before war broke out. and ukraine exiled bella russians and ukrainians. staged a joint ronnie into sort of under the slogan, standing together against dictatorship and russian aggression. i. i thought of anybody does i call on the to dis bots, lucas? jenko and putin to break down and give back to the people's the freedom and self determination. they deserve. didn't let anybody blood, we shall groan. there is now a massive concentration of russian military technology on beller,
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russian soil. lucas shanker has allowed his big brother vladimir putin to use our land for stationing tanks, but could invade ukraine at any time. we don't want that, we wholeheartedly support our ukrainian brothers. we are against the wall, we are against any form of aggression. we stand united here. we want the world to know that the people of bella roost do not want this wall because that's the work for water. so what is mid of now? the blouse and i got that the only 06 of what did. yes. because here we have quickly got used to freedom. at the 1st rallies i shed tears. but now it is great. we are free. you can breathe freely. oh no, that is nora. you don't have to look over your shoulder to see if any one is following . you just look at the property. we're clear, jackson,
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is it the treasure your freedom? 5th, is it if i had yes or. 2 2 ah. 2 2 2 2 2 i a pulse with the beginning of the story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's about to perspective culture
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information. this is d, w news and d, w. made from mines families, a social network. many upsets, working in germany, send money to family members in africa. this helps create new jobs there. a gym and development organization wants to harness this cash flow with an ambitious project. cindy with 90 minutes on d. w. o. a red alert. ah, this isn't just route is
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a rid of vacation. i think we're going to have some epic fighting for the world or is becoming a scarce commodity. things just getting dryer and dryer and we need more and more water isn't worth dying of thirst. there's no water, no global struggle for water. thirst starts august 10th on d, w o . this is detail been used and these are our top stories. ukraine is coding for a demilitarized zone around europe biggest nuclear power station. ukraine and russia have been trading blame for selling these apparatus yet complex over the week.


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