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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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ah, where has history left its traces ah, meeting regal hearing their dreams ready to journey? stuart's august 14th w ah . ah, this is dw news live from berlin. ukraine says explosions destroyed russian jets in crimea. prussia, miss one person was killed bought denies. it's a base came under attack. you crimes, president promises to liberate the peninsula, annexed by russia in 2014. also coming up
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a neck and neck race in kenya, the top contenders to be the next president appeared evenly matched around all thought maybe needed. ah, i'm rebecca writ welcome to the program. ukraine says 9 russian war planes have been destroyed in explosions at an air base in the annexed crimea region. one person was killed and several others injured. russia has used the saki base near nova federal cut to strike. southern you! cried moscow says, detonations of stored ammunition set off the blasts north and attack you cried denies bombing the ebay spot. a senior official suggests it may have been sabotaged . president below demand zalinski has bound that ukraine will liberate the crimean peninsula from russian occupation. a brilliant blue sky turns dark after several
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powerful blast. images of black smoke at a russian air basin. the black sea were posted on social media by beach goers and crimea a popular holiday destination for many russians. but these holidaymakers may now want to change their plans. tour is described how they experienced the detonations . oh yes, when you 1st of i was standing and then it felt like either i flew into the air or fell under ground. i was so scared, my husband jumped up, he was resting and said what happened? and then we took a few steps back and immediately saw this cloud and a column of smoke right above us. but not none in crimea was used by russia as one of the launch pants for its invasion of ukraine. moscow has had troops stationed on the peninsula since it illegally annex crimea in 2014 many ukrainians . consider this to be the start of russia's invasion, including ukraine's president vladimir zalinski,
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received this russian war against ukraine and against all of free europe began with crimea on most and with crimea, with its liberation. you're all zoom. russia's defense ministry says the explosions were detonations of stored ammunition and not the result of an attack. ukraine has denied it was responsible for the incident, which took place deep in russian occupied territory. but as senior ukrainian officials suggested that the blast could have been the work of partisans, saboteurs, or russian incompetence. so far ukraine hasn't reported carrying out any major attacks on russian targets in crimea. officials and moscow warren that would trigger massive retaliation including strengths on key iv where i spoke to military analyst and conflict research and mike martin and asked him who he thought was behind the explosions. oh,
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almost certainly it was the kind of armed forces throughout the war. things have happened that haven't gone moscow's way. for example, i'm sure you remember the sinking of the mosque of a they're all sorts of stories about how that was being towed broken down. and then it sank, and of course, what had happened was the ukrainians, it's something with a missile. what's happened here is that the grains of either launched missiles to attack it or use partisans to get over the fence and do some sabotaged. what's very interesting is that the ukranian government is saying are what we did that roll up that we weren't aware that was us and what they're doing there is a creating confusion and playing the russians at their own game. it makes it much more difficult to the russians to respond if the situation is ambiguous. as european countries scramble to find new energy sources to replace russian oil and gas sama turning to nuclear power,
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but storing waste that can remain radioactive for centuries is a big problem. finland is pioneering. a system which it says can permanently contain all its spent nuclear material and to some communities. it's a welcome financial boost. our correspondent terry shields went to west and finland to find out more. who wants to live next to a new clear sight? well, this guy for one, and evidently most of the other, some 9000 residents of the town of error yaki finland. it's the proud home to 3 nuclear reactors and opening soon, the world's 1st permanent storage site for high level radioactive waste. rigate there are realistic purchase. it's about $20000000.00 per year. erie okey mayor vessel luck in him. he says, decades of good relations and no accidents. with the okey lu, auto nuclear power plant led his community to actively campaign to be chosen also as the location for the uncle repository. the facility is being called
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a game changer and the nuclear power industry because the waste is deposited so deep in the earth. it will never have to be moved located near me, considers that a win for his town, long term financial security. we have no way to school son ari ongoing. so realtor, her sports hall here at school support 1000000 euros. the economic boost from the nuclear industry is welcome, but embracing its waste requires deep trust in expertise and authority, part of the bedrock of thinner society. thanks to that and the unique suitability of the actual finish bedrock. this country is making history, half a kilometer below ground. welcome to call them. when the site becomes operational. within the next couple of years, the spent nuclear fuel will be transferred into steel canisters and then copper capsules lowered into tunnels and sealed off forever. at the moment the uncle
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o site is still in its trial phase, as experts continue finalizing the details of permanently disposing of spent nuclear fuel with such high level radioactive waste, there is no room for miss steps. looked good geologist, johan hanson says every precaution has been taken to ensure that also in the far future that there are no any, any pathways enchilada surf a so. so this facility will store at canisters 400000 of years though the project has been underway under ground for almost 2 decades. it's getting new interest from abroad. that's due in part to the european parliament designation of nuclear power as a green fuel. and the push in europe to reduce dependence on russia as an energy supplier, as it wages war on ukraine. so uncle is getting lots of attention these days and not only from scientists and journalists, $17000.00 people per year,
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come to see this interactive visitor's center and take a tour of the facility posse to him, a heads up communications for pussy by the company. responsible for all gallo, he says his goal is to demystify the process of nuclear power generation. a lot of people say that, okay, and nuclear is good, but then you have this a waste of used nuclear fuel bubble. would all what we're saying is that not that's not true, or we do have the solution for that is completely safe to a he my says he expects more european countries to follow finland's lead. now that they're forced to reconsider how to power their futures, not for most communities, even hearing the words nuclear waste facility would be enough to make them say no, thank you. so what's behind these fins campaign? i put that question to the woman who filed that report. terry schultz. yeah, this is pretty remarkable, isn't it? rebecca?
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not only did they not say not in my backyard, they said, please in my backyard and communities were competing to have this permanent storage facility as well. as other nuclear reactors in their communities, exactly. for this reason, you have a long term income for a community that may not have a lot of other ways to make that kind of money. but it's not that superficial. they also believe that this is a safe technology. there is a really a lot of outreach from the facility itself to reassure people that, that they will be safe. and that's why everybody wanted it in their backyard, anathema to a general opinion. you could even say in the safety aspect is of course key to this . we know that nuclear waste remains dangerous for a very, very long time. how can the finish experts be so sure that they won't be leakage? of course, that is a question that no one can prove at this point there. they're promising that this will be safe for
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a 100000 years. so they also won't be around for the consequences if it's not. but i would point out that this, this site has been under excavation for 2 decades. there's been a lot of time to test the rock to make sure that it's not poorest to test that canisters that the nuclear waste is going to be put in the ben tonight clay that it's going to be sealed in. and they firmly believed that there is no better way, no safer way to store nuclear waste for hundreds of thousands of years. and that again is what has been communicated each step of the way. and that's why people are trusting in this process, and people are willing to take the what might be a very, very small risk. given the reassurance is that they've received. it is such a small risk and then truly the answer if you will, to safe permanent storage. why isn't it being used in other countries? well, it takes a long time to put this site into operation. even when they say that uncle of this site is almost ready, that means 3 more years of testing before they are going to go ahead and launch the
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storage process just to be sure, but stay tuned on this. because as, as i mentioned, countries are looking for alternative sources of energy to russian dependence. and sweden has just decided that it's going to be us build a site just like this based on the same technology. and that was after a decade ago, swedish researchers weren't so sure they've continue looking at the, the suitability of these copper canisters and decided that they will trust in this process. and i would expect, and i heard from the people at the uncle of site as well, that they're getting a lot of phone calls. countries interested in finding out if this is a suitable solution for them to store permanent nuclear waste. if they start to turn towards nuclear power, as a more reliable and even green energy source, rebecca kerry, as always, thank you for your reporting date of it is terry schultz from brussels bureau. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. now. a lawyer for a former russian state tv journalist, marina of santa cova,
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says she's been charged with spreading false information about the russian army. if convicted, she could face up to 15 years in jail. last month of santa clover. held up a poster in moscow, calling president vladimir putin a murderer and his soldiers. fascists. around 750 inmates have escaped from a prison in the democratic republic of congo after gunman staged jailbreak that left at least 5 people dead. including 2 policemen, analyst suspect the attack was orchestrated by a local militia with ties to the so called islamic state group. around all thought may be needed in kenya as early election results show a tight race between the 2 main contenders to be the next president. the veteran opposition later rayleigh adina and the deputy president william ruta, appeared evenly matched the result is expected later in the week. these ballot boxes will seal kenya's fate for the next 5 years. after hours of voting,
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describe as peaceful canyons are now waiting to hear who will next leave their country and sing? it will be you bring one will and i won just the prevail. some canyons say they have little hope and politicians after years and would successive governments failed to meet the country's economic needs, disapproval, so voter turnout plunge compared to previous years, especially among kenya's younger voters. but observer say they can only do so much . i cannot to rumble about it. you've got to to push the teachers to come. that's your past time. now. not mine. mine is have they been allowed to vote? nobody was there a strictly prevented from what the process was coll, peaceful or deli. so if somebody has chosen not to trex his eyes, he's or her right to to elected that either. well,
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canyons have returned to daily life while waiting the results for many memories of filing disputes over election results are not too distant. observers help a quick count will ease any anxieties. for now, people have gotten used to. i'm such panic. i'm leg into oblivious. yes. business is going on. as usual. as you can see, her dad are quite a number of people going on with their business because him wondering that we need to noise out that these bullets he said is out of fans and to, to come on people as we talk. now, the notes am in any way i try to use what our colleague for the 1st time in kenya's history opposing candidates have vowed to accept the results without dispute. as the results near canyon's hope, the promise will halt. you're watching d. w. news coming up next on d, w. d, 's,
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asia, the afghan exception. this doctor is among a handful of women allowed to work in afghanistan. she tells d w y. her work is more challenging under the taliban. and the afghan rule, the women not allowed to work and struggling to survive those stories and will coming up with various vantage and data but east asia. after a short greg, remember you can always find more news on our website. that's d w dot com. i'm rebecca, written in berlin, a scenic south with god. departure into the today. this means flying to a foreign planet. so in the 16th century the many captain.


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