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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is the w news coming to you live from berlin. tip denies responsibility for several explosions of a russian air base in crimea. ukraine says it didn't strike the base but claims the blasts destroyed at least 9 russian warplanes. meanwhile, on the mainland ukrainian fighters ready for the pushed towards the castle, our correspondent meets them in the trenches. also coming up
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a tight boat count in kenya, we'll go live to our correspondent, the sour as the top presidential contenders, look headed for an election rental. and almost a year on from the taliban take over, we meet the director of a mother and baby clinic and cobble one of the few women in afghanistan, who still has a job. ah hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. ukraine says 9 russian war planes were destroyed in explosions at an air base in the annex crimea region. earlier this week, russia has used the saki based near noah feller. it's got to strike southern ukraine . moscow says, definitions of stored ammunition, settle the blasts, not an attack. ukraine has not claimed responsibility for any attack,
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but his tinted that its involvement. let's go to london now and bring in military analyst and conflict researcher mike martin. mike talked to us about those explosions at the russian air base and occupied crimea. how do you think that happened? what are the military implications? almost certainly it was the training forces, whether it was a missile strike or some people are talking about special forces activity or whether it was simply partisans. so ukrainian civilians attacking the base and almost certainly it was the ukrainians that had a hand in it. and the reason that denying it, it's very clever. it creates ambiguity and it creates doubts in the minds of the russian commanders, unless of course, is what rushes used as a tactic for many years now. so it's really very clever. in terms of military significance, 9 will play. that's a lot,
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but perhaps more important is the fuel and the ammunition, if you look at the videos of the secondary explosions, huge mushroom clouds. and so that will set back russian forces in the south of ukraine quite significantly. ok let's so let's go to supper risha that nuclear plant or t of is accused moscow using that plant to shield it's artillery in the south. how dangerous is the situation there? very, it's absolutely outrageous. so under the rules of war, nuclear facilities are similarly to hospitals. have protected characteristics, so combatants in war are meant to avoid occupying or otherwise attack unique utilities for obvious reasons. you know, if you hit the reactor, if you damage the cooling systems and you could end up with a channel style meltdown. so russia,
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by occupying the plant and firing from it is a breaking the rules or so it's in the legal act. and of course the reason they're doing that is to stop ukraine firing back, which, which the ukrainians are not doing. they're not foreign back for obvious reasons. british intelligence says that russia's military capacity is under a significant strain now. but how significant can that really be? mike, given russia's massive military resources, russia does have mass and we've seen over the last weeks and months trains of stock piles of soviet equipment. so old tanks from the $960.00 is being wheeled towards ukraine. but a weight of equipment is only one thing in war. there are other things like your ability to deliver logistics, your ability to command,
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your soldiers morale and all those things. ukraine has the upper hand. so i think, you know, russia does have a lot of equipment, but it's also losing a lot of equipment, which is why so much of it is being delivered. think really now what we must think about is what happens in the next 3 months before when to happens. that is the really important window where ukraine will be trying to make some significant gains . now, defense ministers from several nato countries are meeting in copenhagen today to discuss long term support for ukraine. what can ukraine expect from that? like i, we've already heard an announcement that the united kingdom will be giving 3 more of these long range rocket artillery systems. i'm sure your views will of hurdles and a significant quantity of ammunition because the most important thing without henry is the ammunition. i think what we see with this don't conference with previous
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don't a conference is, is a drumbeat, or if they don't come along, they announce in an incremental increases in weapon system c crane. and that studies the alliance. it keeps supplies guarantee grain. it's all part of the show . it's moving forward. mike, thank you so much again, that was military analyst and mike martin in london. meanwhile on the mainland, ukraine has stepped up a tax on russian supply lines in the strategically important class on region. as it seeks to conduct a counter offensive to retake areas of the self, dw mathias building a went to the frontline to meet ukrainian fighters preparing for trench warfare with their a weeds at the bottom of the trenches. that's how long the frontline has been here . you have so for satan, that's his battle field name. this has meant months of living in and under the earth. this is where they sleep,
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eat and wait for something to happen. ukraine's national poet taught us should jenco, which has over them. yeah. when they shell us, we all come down here to people have to stay outside to monitor the situation. the others hide in here and we're it's mostly been an artillery well being shell shelling back, waiting for the next round. 2 sides target each other from a distance trying to damage a position enough to then storm water. yes. okay. not a lot of the front is in danger of a tank attack, but believe me, if they camera will meet them adequately. but what else is they shouted luther right now it's the ukrainians were attacking when they launched a counter offensive weeks ago and have taken a few dozen settlements with the advance is slow. it was
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a jordan recipient for we liberate the settlements that we can work when we do. we don't move into the village, but we make sure the russians are gone for the sales. we don't go in, in order not to risk our soldiers lives. that is important. good, when the command thinks that we have enough weapons in the house, soldiers will happily move boy, so you throw the super youth spirit as we travel to another position scorched earth. we can't get information on how many modern western weapons they have at this section at the front. but we are constantly told it is not enough to move on more boldly. that my bigger the break from the shelling lunch in the trench years ago. the soldiers have been living here too for many months not for them. at the moment the mood is even relaxed. here in the trenches, there is a break in the fighting. but there is the expectation that the russians might step
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up, their shelling again. soldiers, no listen strikes on artillery dumps, housing high miles, much rocket launchers, disrupt russians. visible rows of them shall a pony. these strikes lead to less shelling from their side for a certain period of time. but the russians also adjust their logistics. they learn the lessons from our high minds and far ranging artillery political. what can we put later on? fortunately, the war is not just a permanent turn in our favor, but it's a process and it keeps changing it. so here in the trenches at the address on front, it's about patients moving forward carefully and keeping focused on wheels. now to kenya, we're a run off boat may be needed as early election results show a tight race between the 2 main contenders to be the next president. the better and opposition leader riley of dingo and the deputy president william rito appear
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evenly matched. the result is expected later in the week. these ballot boxes will seal kenya's fate for the next 5 years. after hours of voting, describe as peaceful canyons are now waiting to hear who will next lead their country thing it will thing you bring one will. and now one just be to prevail. some canyon say they have little hope and politicians after years and would successive governments failed to meet the country's economic needs, disapproval, i saw voter turnout plunge compared to previous years, especially among kenya's younger voters. but observer say they can only do so much . i cannot rumble about it. he cannot push the c. g has to come. that's your pastime. now, not mine. mine is they been allowed to vote. nobody was there
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a strictly prevented from what dick. the process was coll peaceful cordelia. so if somebody has chosen not to address his eyes, he's or her i to to, to elected that. well, canyons have returned to daily life while waiting the results for many memories of violent disputes over election results are not too distant. observers hope a quick count will ease any anxieties. well, now people have gotten used to. i'm such panic. i'm late in that bill. yes, yes, ah, business is going on. as usual. as you can see, her dad are quite a number of people going on with their business because him. one thing that we need to know is that that these bullets he said is out of feigns on to the common people as we talk now that note am in any way ah,
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try to am. is what i colleague for the 1st time in kenya's history, opposing candidates have vowed to accept the results without dispute. as the results near canyon's hope, the promise will hold. for more, let's bring in dw corresponded mary amolla. she's been covering this election in kenya from the beginning, mario understand you're visiting a strong hold of one of the front runners in the selection william router. what are the expectations of his supporters there? well, the expectations actually, of people here, one to mr. rudo to win as it, as you rightly said, i'm in there one of the strong halls of mr. gucho. so this is al dorothy and he, on the streets, people are gathering, as you can see behind me. they are watching the tv, tallying they're having political discussions yesterday. and we came here as well to our packed restaurant. and even though it was cold and rain and people who are
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even standing out in the street, and they're talking about the elections and waiting for the results. and following the tv telling, saw yeah, that the mood is still calm, and people are expecting a mis routed to when they're planning celebrations on the street slaughtering cows here and having a big, big party one told me i, he will be very sad. of course, if he loses and won't leave his house for 3 days, it's expectations are very high. yeah. we're good boat counting is under way of toast, where the projection stand at this point and when we might get a result. so at the moment, and 14000000 volts have been cast according to the electoral commission. but you have to know that from the polling stations, which are more than 46000, they go to the constituency tallying center, then to the county telling center to the nationwide telling center. so it takes a tight, some time for the final result to be published from the electoral commission in the
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meantime. at the main 3 add to the networks. yeah. publishing that one telling because the electoral commission has uploaded the forms that have been filled and each polling stations are $46000.00 and have and made them public online. so everybody can come and download them, make their own tallying. and that's what this networks are doing. also some people on social media and some have been already as saying, okay, mr. who to has one. and so it, this is also what's, what causes anxiety and confusion and long canyons because they watch these 3 different networks and they have at 2 different people leading and one network violent eating. and the other one is router is eating. and you have to know this and in people's memories as opposed to like somebody is still fresh. so the confrontation between the cal engine ethnic community that mr. rudo hales from and the cool you ethnic community, which is the largest in the country at was very a devastating to the people here. i mean, there has been people killed and they have been massacres. they have been battles
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on the streets. so even though it wasn't 2007 people here, a very aware of that and they really don't want this to happen again. when a new president is finally in place, mario, what are the main tasks that they're going to face up on taking off? so the main issues at the moment are the high cost of living and the unemployment and the rising food prices have been an issue for months. now people tell me they haven't been able to put food on the table that had to skip at one or 2 meals a day. i, mr. were rocking out to the president, had to halt at the price of may slow, which is a stable here at per government decrease shortly before the election to keep the nerves calm and the situation it comes in and in a situation of drought as well. kenya is suffering and especially the north of a devastating drought for 1000000 canyon's on the brink of starvation. and yet
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people really hope that the next president will help and improve the situation. mario, thank you very much. as always, our correspondent mario merlin. take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. former u. s. present donald trump has refused to answer questions in an investigation by the state of new york. in a statement he criticized state attorney general, litt tita the titian james and the wider probe state officials accused the trump organization of misleading authorities about the value of assets to get favorable loans and tax breaks. sierra leone has imposed a nationwide curfew after anti government. protests turned deadly. at least 2 police officers and one civilian were killed after clashes broke out with dozens more injured. the unrest comes as the rising cost of living exacerbates tensions in the impoverished nation. north korean leader kim jong own was seriously ill with
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cove at 19 that's according to his official, his influential sister, kim jones. this comes as the country declares what it calls a shining victory over the virus from its blame the outbreak on propaganda. leaflets and balloons sent over the border by south korea. almost a year ago, the afghan capital cobble fell into the hands of the taliban militant group. it was the combination of 2 months of rapid territorial gains. they caught the afghan government and its western allies by surprise. the telephone took control of the presidential palace after the afghan president fled. thousands of people tried to get out of the country many hold up in the fortified airport in the capital, kabul. the airport became the site a desperate seems like here were receive people trying to get on a trans or plane as it was taking off. meanwhile, the taliban quickly instituted
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a fundamental dispersion of islamic law included, denying high school girls and education requiring women to travel with the male guardian and barring women from work, they w o r t s. in meet duck tamela lie facie. she's a rare exception in afghanistan. why the taliban forced most working women from that jobs? doctor f i. e c. got a promotion. she's now a director of the country's biggest maternity clinic and cobble with female and neo natal health is one area where the fundamentalist rulers understand they need women from on a more than once done as america. this is linked to the culture and tradition of afghanistan. when a women is pregnant, she should go to a female doctor, had mckenna, because a female doctor can better examine and treat her than a male doctor. i hope was a lot of me than a get a mother. you can nasdaq ever many doctor. i say some of them actually she was you
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wanted her ward rounds are busy. the hospital deals with up to 2500 birth a month. a many, many of the women have difficult deliveries. you to man attrition, antinini automatic in any case. i guess the team performs up to 40 syrian sections each day. well, her remember name hot that is he getting killed as your them. a lot of people are jobless on amazon, and when families cannot afford 4 expecting mothers to eat, good lord, nutritious food. when they face a lot of problems, i'm a member problem shows up the shortest on the on them many babies here a born prematurely. more than 20 new borns have died in each of the past 4 months. the 1000000000 spent by foreign powers on development fate to create the lasting conditions needed to reduce infant mortality. to my i bought that i'm a doctor. i have not left the country for the past 26 years. and in all this time i've janice and was never stable and never peaceful though. lot susie with her
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after her hospital shift. dr. foisy works in the private clinics. she runs with her husband. here many patients are under family pressure to have children, but can't conceive or have miscarried. it can be difficult for women to carry a pregnancy to term when constantly stressed and life in afghanistan is stressful, especially for women. muslim on it is also, i will only feel happy when my country is at peace and secure. that is what i'm yet . and when all the troubles that are people are facing are resolved. lemme, and they are com, and that's when i will be able to relax. missouri show this as a automatic when she gets home after a long working day. darkness awaits her. the electricity's off a daily experience for many families and cobbled as she sits down for tea with her youngest daughter. we ask her why she doesn't leave afghanistan. there was
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a mark. them. yeah. once on any i got. i'm an african. huh. and i got my education from the block of this nation's people include me in my room, mac, i want to shove, my people had called on la. if all of us decide to leave now who will rebuild this country? because what i care about hookah marva is waiting to take the university entry exam to study medicine. she's clear on why she wants to follow in her mother's footsteps e m. as homeless. we have a her that again, cause our society needs female doctors in every single province. after the recent earthquake, there were no female doctors in the field to help the injured women. not only mayo doctors were there, but not a single female. and i want to help the women of my country and jamaica the hispanic is one comment where the marva with follow her mother's career with the up to the taliban. they wait, he sighed. how many women doctors they want and where to find
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a token. and i thought i would of is want to give a shelter. hon. annoyed by a member of the european parliament from germany's green party travel to afghanistan in april. the 1st m e p to do so, since the taliban take over. she met with women from all walks of life there. i asked her earlier about prospects for improving conditions for afghan women under the current regime. the interesting thing is that the initial statement of the tale upon after they took power was okay. women will not have a place in politics, but they can continue to work. they can continue to go to school. we want to have them as part of i've gone future. since then we saw an incredible, very incredible backtrack on all women's rights were now only dark female doctors. she, my teachers can work basically. that's it. but it is also clear that within the tale button movement, there are different groups. so there are even tommy bonds who higher school teachers to homeschooled their own daughters because they think the decision to ban
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girls who scored is fundamental the wrong. and then there are the very because liners who are in the forehand at the moment. and one way ahead has to be for us to see how we can better engage and strengthen the more moderate parts of the 20 bond and kind of nuts them towards opening the political discussion back again for people from other ethnic groups from other genders. because the honey but they are just about 3 to 4 percent of the pushed whitney group. so they do by no means represent of gotten is done and they will not be capable to govern the country as a whole is the way they do that right now. huge wildfire has force thousands of people to leave their homes. in southwestern france, officials thought the blaze was under control, but the flames have flared up again. summer heat waves have brought drought to france and other european countries and with water getting scarcer french. authorities are imposing nationwide restrictions on its use. here in new
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rochelle, sant mccooler. getting water has become an arduous task. in a measure recently approved by local authorities, farmers are pumping water from lake to supply. their animals was never experience. anything like this. sometimes things are critical in august, but never for this long. the 1st time i've had to pump water from the lane, that's one more than a 100 places in france have been cut off from their water supply. due to the ongoing drought ended the slide. he said, one of a 2 springs has dried up. only one is still flowing, providing 110 cubic meters a day by we need twice as much into village now a tank. he comes every 2 days to supplies with water. the law, the government says it's the worst drought france has ever seen. a state of emergency is in place in more than 2 thirds of the country. and there are
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restrictions and water use almost everywhere. in many places, farmers aren't allowed to irrigate their fields. scientists say human induced climate change is responsible physician ethics. it's geneticists, the extraordinary droughts is because there's been too little rain fall in addition to much moisture is evaporating due to hot and dry air currents. yeah, more fish issues. the drought also means wildfires can spread more quickly. blazes are burning in several regions like here javan. football nel, unless seasons champions, league winters, rail madrid have won the way for super cup after beating on hotline foot, the europa league holders to nail in helsinki. the bonus league aside had no answer to goals from david alba and kareem bens emma in the 1st competitive match between the clubs since the 19th 60 european co final. it's the 5th time rail. madrid had one trophy, a french pre diaper has broken the world record by plunging
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a 120 meters below the caribbean. sea are nodes. giovanni reached the depth of the bahamas with no breathing apparatus. he was under water for 3 and a half minutes breaking his own world record. it's the latest in a string of 1st shout her set with just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on dw nose. keep denies responsibility for an explosion at a rush, an airbase in crimea. ukraine says it did not strike the base but says the blast destroyed. 9 russian warplanes and on the mainland ukrainian fighters pushed towards castle and people in can. you are waiting for the final results of
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tuesday's presidential election. the race is currently too close to call between presidential front runners, william root hope and violence. would dingo a runoff election to decide? a winner remains a possibility. you are watching d. w. news from berlin up next. it's focused on europe. and remember, you can always get all the latest news information on our website at w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. with
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ah, who with hell for afghan children? one year after the taliban took power. abdul has lost his hands. there is no help for him in a scanner standing in his great home,
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an alteration and just focus on europe. next on d w. conflict zone with a rash banner g. russia and ukraine are taking heavy casualties in the don bus. but has ukraine already lost the east? my guest this week believes that is likely the case in bremo is a political scientist and founder of the eurasia broke in, going to happen in the little the rushes that said it was all this and more on this week's complete zone. we stuff with 60 minutes on the w crane oh. into the unknown. today, this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant being
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a captain and setting sail to discover a route. a race links to military interests, a race linked to political and military proceed, but also linked to my financial adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. my jillions journey around the world, starting september 7th on d. w. hello . hello and welcome to focus on europe. i'm more about the lola, thanks for your company. it's been a year since the taliban seized power in afghanistan. the kale.


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