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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2022 3:15am-3:31am CEST

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the lecture in new york state a 24 year old suspect has been taken into custody. that's all for, for from me, for now, after a short break, my colleague rob watts, has our business update for you. remember, you can always find more news on our website, that's d, w dot com, and you can follow us on social media to at the w news on twitter and instagram. i'm ami and isa, thanks for watching. a imagine how many pollution floods thrown out in the world right now, the climate change. if any, off the story, this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much was can really get
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we still have time to go. i'm going all with what? 5th, subscribe all morning with these places in europe or smashing all the records. stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you up to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form. it fits with ah, the u. s. it says it's boosting trades with taiwan. as tensions with china continue to rise, the white house says it's up and get support, but the democratically run, ivan, u. k. economy is shrinking as energy fails, rice out of control camper. fish. households afford to wait for new prime minister
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and forget waiting for the bus. the question is, how long do we have to wait for flying taxes with the state of your business? and what in berlin? welcome to the program. the us says it's countering what it caused chinese aggression by stepping up trade with ty, one beijing band, some tie when he's imports and exports and has been carrying out military drills in the c surrounding the island since. yes, house speaker nancy pelosi is visit earlier. this month, the white house now says a new trading plan with taiwan will be drawn up in the coming days. it also says the u. s. plans to reassert its right to use air space and c lames between taiwan and china, where beijing station it's military in recent weeks. let's cross over to the united states and speak to our financial correspondent in new york young's quarter . gens just explained to us what sort of message the white house is trying to send
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to china with this. it's a clear sign of 1st report for a taiwan. you have to see that the most exports from taiwan actually go to china about 45 percent of export. so just to get that in relation so you have about 50 percent of exports going to the united states that a good 6 and a half a to the european union. so if there is some tension between a china and taiwan, the u. s. on one side will try to make up for maybe a mist exports a to china and then on the other side, taiwan has also become more and more important for the united states, for example, or was receiving em, semiconductors from that area. i mean, at this point we are still a bit shy and detailed so we will get of the details. so more precisely, in the next couple of days, how this new trade a deal are actually might look well like between the united states and i, one and on a not unrelated note. so, so on friday,
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5 chinese firms confirmed that they got to be de listing from the new york stock exchange, where you are just reminders of the background to that europe over all there is the law group brewing between the 2 biggest economy is on the planet between the united states and china and already for quite some time the united states. so security and exchange circle. messina, commissioners, threatened actually 2 dealers, some chinese companies of aidan follow are with us sir. transparency rules have been on the other side and china. i mean, all of those companies are somewhat a government to back their do not want to fully open up their book. so there is this tension for quite some time. and now we have the next level. if you want to put it that way so that 5 chinese companies are going to do list or from us exchanges. okay. and quarter in new york for us. thank you very much. and if you want to get an even better understanding of how the tensions over tie one are
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affecting china, be sure to check out the latest d w business special this week we've been tackling the question. can china afford a war with alexander gerlach from the carnegie council? that ethics and international affairs just head on over to the d. w. news, youtube channel, that's youtube dot com slash dw news, and find it. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making the headlights russian g. d p fell 4 percent in the 2nd quarter due to the effect of western sanctions and is forecast to fall further. the russian central bank expects to decline by at least 7 percent in the 3rd quarter. argentina's central bank has raised its key interest rates to 69.5 percent, the largest height in 3 years. it's a move that signals an aggressive stance against surging inflation, which rose to 71 percent in july, the highest 3 decades. south korean billionaire lee j young has received
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a presidential pardon vice chairman of samsung group, was convicted of bribery and embezzlement in january of last year. dr. is justice ministry says lee, i'm several other business tycoon were pardoned in order to help the country as the economy. sauers are the latest figures show that the u. k. economy shrank in the 2nd quarter of this year by north point one percent. economists have now broadly come to the conclusion that britain is heading for a recession. these all worrying times for u. k. households for whom every day life is getting more expensive. putting the kettle on is going to cost britton's a bit more this winter. that's because the country's cap on domestic energy prices is expected to rise to over $5000.00 euros a year beginning in january. conservative party candidates for britons next, prime minister, disagree on how to address what is bound to be
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a crisis for many families. front runner list trust says she plans to alleviate financial strain by zeroing in on taxes. i will reduce taxes, and i'll also have a temporary moratorium on the green energy levy to save people money on their fuel bills. and what's important is that we get the economy growing, we can't get the economy growing. if we have the highest tax rates for 70 is in this country urgency when her rivalry she soon act wants to offer britons another energy bill credit this winter. i do feel a moral responsibility as prime minister to go further and get extra help to people over the autumn, the winter to help them cope with what is going to be a really difficult time regardless of their stances. officials have stressed. a decision won't be made until the future prime minister takes office in september, leaving many families waiting, unsure of how they'll get through winter. we can discuss the economic situation in
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the u. k. the moment further with danny houston from the british investment platform, a j. bell is great to have you on the program, donnie, one of the big problems facing bridge at the moment is rising energy bills, isn't it? house of areas the situation actually getting it's getting incredibly difficult for households and we haven't seen anything just yet. the price cap rose in april and we're anticipating another rise in the price cap in october, taking an average annual energy bill to around $3500.00 pounds, which is a massive increase compared to what we've been used to paying you know, around 2000 pounds and we're expecting that that's only the tip of the iceberg with bills expected to rise again in january. and all of that, of course, is having a knock on because consumers get they're worried about how that budget going to stretch over the rest of the year. they're cutting back on everything from discretionary items to essentials,
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and that of course is impacting the economy. households must be worried about this a looming rise if you know the, the magnitude you just described. so what is the british government doings trying to lay those fears? well, the british government has already put a number of measures in place to try and help households. so there have been money given to people through cashback, which came back in may. there's been extra money for the most the households which are benefits. so those households that have the least amount of money coming in those which sound to be most affected by the rising cost in energy. and in addition to that, every household is going to get $400.00 pounds off their energy bill from october. but these measures were put in place when we thought that the energy price was going to go up by just over to just the 2000 pounds in october. now we're talking about, you know, 3500 pounds. it's significantly more because of the situation in ukraine,
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and of course, you know, the difficulty with gas prices which are affecting people right across europe as well. so there is now an awful lot of pressure on the government to do more. but at the moment, there is a bit of a vacuum in the british government because the prime minister that we have at the moment forest johnson is on his way out. and any new measures to put in place to help household through those winter months will have to be put in by the new prime minister who will not win that vote until september, the 5th. ok to hear some from h i val in the u. k. thank you very much to raise your hands. flying taxes have been talked up as the solution to many of the wells urban transport problems that quick reduce congestion and comparatively environmentally friendly. but for all the hype in recent years, there's still a long way off with the technology. yet to be perfect. this is
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atlas test center in spain. a very special aircraft is about to take off phoenix to the prototype of the flying taxi's of the future. that is developed under high pressure by german company. lilian. the startup is in competition with 100 other developers world wide. all of it seek to be one step ahead in the approval process . yield of lucas go be that a no use. every flight is a new chapter. we can, if we say the test flying is like testing the boundaries next limiting and then the next. and one also has to be ready. let's take a step back to get phoenix, 2 flies unmanned and is remotely controlled. one by lit 6 passengers and a range of more than 200 kilometers. that's how these flying dikes is aimed to compete with cars and chains, especially in urban areas. it's been into no, i'm an engineer. i understand the physics behind this aircraft to you when i stand
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next to it, i'll see it flying and i hear how quiet it is. and the way the whole team built it to operate safely. even for me, it's like a miracle. this looks like so that's when the time another miracle william needs is to achieve the ambitious goal of making more than 5000000000 euros worth of seals in just a few years. daniel ligand has been heavily criticized due to these kinds of promises, but that hasn't damped v gans ambition. once a long twisting and miss you are long term vision is that we want to make regional flights sustainable light as well as making them accessible to as many people as possible. the prototype has successfully completed around 30 test flights in spin and its software is still being adjusted in the beginning, only particularly val declines would be able to travel by this kind of air taxi. but wiegand is not alone. independent traffic experts say the sky's the limit for more electric aircrafts boys to miracles. just it. just time for reminder,
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the top business story we're following for you this allen, the u. s. says it's countering chinese aggression as it goes it by stepping up trade with taiwan beijing band. some tie when he's impose next sports has been carrying up military drills in the seas surrounding the island. white house now says a new trading plan with taiwan will be drawn up in the coming day. that's all from me on the business name here in berlin from what you head over to our website is tito dot com slash business. and also, as i mentioned had i was of the d to we use youtube channel and check out our latest data with you business special for us on facebook. for next time i can be green cities relaxing. oasis mean despite record temperatures, it's not a mirage. refreshing architectural ideas, innovated, landscape planning are both cool and clever,
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chilling cities out next on d, w. blue, red alert for those isn't just drought is a red. if occasion we're going to have some epic or over water over the world matter is becoming a scarce commodity. he's over dying of thirst. look global struggle for water. in the 45 minutes on d, w o. she
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carefully don't know how the simple thing to miss to the girl. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah ah, those people and nature are experiencing extreme temperatures and droughts in our cities each year threatens to bring record heat gum to. we've measured 70 to 80 degrees celsius on glass and steel mill behind here it might be 30 or 30 bye.


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