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tv   A Mediterranean Journey  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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catching fewer fish ah, why didn't we think of this before? to morrow to day? in 60 minutes on d w. these places in europe are smashing the records. step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you up to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form ah ah, ah, the mediterranean was once a major crossroads at the heart of the ancient world. today, it has become a barrier separating europe from africa. is there anything left of a passion, once cher, and what do today's distinct cultures have in common?
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journalists, xena, l mos rock and joe power? abdul karim, travel the coast of the mediterranean in search of answers to what do you see yourself as a tunisian junior youth, with all the rights and responsibilities? how can you afford to see a tree of these animals? god help you with join us to get to know the people and their dreams. a mediterranean journey. hello and welcome. i'm siena l mastura. i'm just outdoor cutty but 2 years ago we began an amazing journey at the southern mediterranean 100, we began in lebanon. the nation of my roommates, the series ended in morocco, the nation of my rates, visits during those 2 years in many countries,
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experienced political and economic upheaval here on south south with a global pandemic company. so let's go to europeans, one region, one of those nations and flux is lebanon, where we began our odyssey over 2 years ago. lebanon is a traditionally multi religion nation, politically unique in the middle east. the muslims and christians coexist here. but more than 30 years after the end of the civil war, societal tensions are high. the lebanese coastline is 225 kilometers long. the nation border syria to the north and israel to the south with a population of around 6000000. i'm looking forward to welcoming the journalists, xena, and master xena brides, among other things about the emancipation of women in islam. she was born in hon over in 1981. her parents come from morocco and she lives and works in berlin.
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xena is taking part in my talk show and a route on jeff, our talk we debate, political and socio critical issues of interest to people in the arab world allied id love. that was important to me because i turned, i think, you know, let me do it again. please update that. are you coming to me or my going over to you? okay, thanks about move. tom, what's your topic for today? via hum. we've recorded 2 topics today. is this, the 1st was whether it's okay for unmarried people to live their lives together. so even so, is it possible? is it allowed? get us is a better not to me, and the discussion will soon with a slightly tomorrow. and the 2nd issue was about refugees in lebanon and windows. people always think that refugees are only debated in germany. but there's also a debate going on in lebanon, his wealth, syrians and palestinians are facing huge challenges right now, and anybody, lebanon is changing legislation of what impact is that having somebody because
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there are some tension models that we usually produce. jeff, our talk at deutsch a villa in berlin once a month. we're also in arab countries. and today we're in lebanon. for me, that's like coming home. i was born in liberia, but i grew up in switzerland and here in beirut, or i attended the german school. my parents are also living here, once again. they root is the economic and cultural heart of the country. like any good beach promenade, the beirut cornish is a popular place for all manner of leisure activities. walkers love the view. joggers enjoy the breeze. and teenagers pose as though they're on a catwalk vend available. if you're ever and a route you really need to check it out. it's a wonderful atmosphere with the see the do math. so how was that for you then?
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you will say lived in bay rate for many years. yeah. and i think you also went to school here. yeah. and what did you do here? cuz you will say come here and take photos if it up on tomorrow i, i came here now and again with my family lunch. my. we sometimes came here for dinner, but he asked me august, but there's also an ice cream parlor here. yeah. yet every child growing up in beirut must have eaten ice cream there, i guess. okay. what, hello. hello. how's it going? was with what would you like? well, i said lemon before, but now i'm saying something else was that i should that manga then will do. i think you just ordered an arabic as well. no, i just asked, but in morocco we speak moroccan diploma. do you understand what she says when she speaks, go on board or something? i'd like some mango ice cream man. i'd like bonilla, i did move on alone. even if i'm having vanilla. when tomorrow, sometimes when you taste or smell something,
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does it take you back to your childhood sooner than that? that's exactly what happens to me with a root in the background on the ice cream. now that i finished mine and you've still got some there. okay. no problem, we'll pretend i get oh and now yet they root still bears the scars of the civil war. it ravaged the city and the country for 15 years. initially christians fought against the palestinian p alo. then the conflict escalated into a battle between christians, pillow, supporters and arab nationalists. eventually israel invaded in 1982 and occupied southern lebanon until the year 2000 . so this case has great historical significance, right? uh huh. yes, absolutely. number 2,
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this is mortar square. it has to do with lebanese independence, then if i was paying attention during history lesson is on that was 1943. but if you take a closer look, you see a lot of little holes in the show. i don't, it tells you know, that's exactly from the civil war garcia. thank you. hit that. yes. a church church bells golf in the machine. yeah. there's a mosque as well. symbolic and from above and all looks good off, but things could definitely be better. one of them, especially when we're talking about laws about elections and religion does play a role there haunted every one, somehow entrenched in their religion in their 2nd 9 o'clock. as soon as all was on the surface. everyone lives happily together like one big family, one big, but within that family, people still argue a bit. domino. hm. person, destiny. and continuing my journey alone, traveling 85 kilometers north to tripoli by bus. tripoli is the nation,
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2nd largest city, and according to a world bank report, the poorest metropolis on the entire mediterranean coast line. up until a few years ago, civil war still raged in some tripoli, neighborhoods, jewelled among other things by the conflict and syria. the city saw clashes between sunni's and holowitz, between enemies and supporters of the syrian dictator, assad. now former opponents have laid down their arms and joint forces to repair the roads and restore power lines. the initiator of the reconciliation project march is lay about rudy from the route so county could you explain what happened here? oh okay. you'll hear in the city of tripler, but in some of the poorest districts for years, these 2 neighborhoods where it won't work each other. jebel mason here and been tabitha down there. we have people here from debbie topper noon and john mason. i'm
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from bell halvenetz. i'm the only one from chapel lesson, but i've been talking to so you didn't talk to each other before i get to talk to each other, fax, and if we want to see each other let, it wasn't to talk to teacher. i've been on the dominant language was the language of weapons a day and the mutual fear is deep seated. it is based on the experiences of several decades and many wars. the goal is to overcome this fear. the march community center provides a place for discussion and programs for countering aggression. i've been observing how you're moving around. a woman between men who come from very much for your code structures, the way they thing they look at women, what was it for you? the fact that i am a woman and i'm not home and i'm not from either sex,
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has them in the worse than my work because 1st of all, i'm perceived as neutral. second of all, i think that in fuzzy on the society, you are a woman man, dental show, their weakness is more than, than if you, because there's no dies and there's no eagle and, and one day, you know, i was asking them this question. imagine i, i was none. would that have work the way it had look? and they only did, he said no, no, that there are still traces of hatred and violence and serious street. but tentative reconciliation efforts are at least under way from tripoli, we travel on to be blows. the small port town is just 40 kilometers away. be blows is one of the prettiest locations on the coast. i came as a child on a school trip. the blows offers natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. phoenicians romans, arabs,
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and the crusaders all left their mark here not far from the blows i spend the night at bate arbitrarily. the eco lodge lies between tripoli and they rooted. everything's either homemade or hand made here, from the food right through to the furniture. it's like i'm in paradise. with this small estate, the owner colette co here has fulfilled a dream. and i really like makisha was particularly on the grid. i love of the wheat is from this region and ask man is making the dough where i'd like to slice is because i'm really hungry. a young in any money on lebanese breakfast consists of a kind of pizza with that are seasoning plenty of greens and a glock of olive oil. ah, they montezuma williamson young to be mother to day. many people's idea of being
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modern is skyline. so all new and high tech, low, high tech, how combination you combine tradition, nature, land and village in a way that makes this place so authentic behind the study. that's really amazing. hello, mechanical i. e and ideally policy. and i said i have to, to be honest, but i'm often surprised at the reactions of some of the people who come to me. so i know they need a modern life london pure and i, it was de la layla when, when and where does your passion come from any being? i and i should, i lived abroad for almost 17 years during the war i left lebanon, so bizarre, i spent half the time in saudi arabia. and the other half in london guesthouse is the idea of having a restaurant came to me during this time. it was kind of a dream of mine. he loved when i returned, i wanted to fulfill that dream here in lebanon. lebanon is my homeland, and i'd like to show that lebanon is a modern country,
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even with all the many problems we have here, did. elaine linux, that a way melodic polio, lebanon, has many problems for sure, thought best is at best sellers. yes, but i'm very optimistic. optimistic set off at that optimism is the vital. in august 2020, there was a huge explosion in may route. the entire ports on was flattened in the blast. dozens of people died and hundreds were injured. it turned out that almost $3000.00 tons of highly flammable material had been stored for years at the port without appropriate safety measures. its thought construction work may have triggered the detonation. the accident stood as a symbol of failure for a state that could not protect its people. ah,
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even before the explosion since 2019 people of all backgrounds have been protesting in beirut. ah, some one who was always fought for societal change and lebanon is the journalist giovanna hud dodd. her work is breaking taboos. that was the well, the plan i'm going to have a small kind of exercises like award has got to be at una, i mean, it is a long coming out with governor homosexuality is a criminal offense here. but there is a small l g, b, t i q plus community. but most people just conceal their sexuality. more often coming out leads to expulsion from the family. the writers romana hud supports the activists and organizers regular events such as this one. okay, always she might have like okay, firstly hello again and turn out. i'm really glad you're all here. you know what? i certainly don't need to say it again, but i will, an you're now in a place where there are no judgments. so lucky a winner. she said there's nothing negative here yet. hope there's just
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a lot of love, an unconditional acceptance for all of you. got it. and now, oh, so this is what's going to happen in the motto of our meeting is to come out or not to come out to come. what does that mean for us to get closer to the person? we want to say something to there are no wrong decisions because there are people around us who supported bcc. so yes, there will be a support system or a support group mom. oh, okay. how do we ha, ha, ha. okay. so they're worried about you. you mean you miles away? okay. don't you speak to them out with the local? are you doing this or breaking to volunteers or also in the time of risk. what was the cause for you'd for doing it? i think that at one point in my life because i was raised in such a conservative family, i had enough of all the hypocrisy because i knew that my own values are not necessarily the values of my society,
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but i was led them stop me from defending them and trying to bring them to live. so i decided not to be scared because if you're scared, it means they won. another hot topic in lebanon is the traffic problem. cyclists still aren't in the world view of lebanese transport planners. chain effect wants to change that and make they root fit for bikes. i'm meeting project initiator, zayna. how one and her colleagues i so something, it's all over the fetus you're doing, which is the chain effect. why the chain effect? so because with chain is the bicycle chain obviously, and if i just decide that it was so people are going to be stuck in traffic and they would re available to ella who and we have other sentences, like if you wrote
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a bicycle, you'd be there by now or we have stuff like, i'm going to say them and i was there, i'm yes. so we have one of those stuff with and i was out of the such them trying to come here as fast as a grenade on. and you can also part quickly what's the funds to orgs or something like that. what if i a, i cycle a lot at home in berlin and today for the 1st time in beirut with was you always wanted to cycle through bed route one day. the 1st time i yes, it's really the 1st time i've cycled in beirut. yeah, it's really exciting with . why do you say you're the only ones in beirut, south lebanon to take cycling, so seriously. the bike with wanted to some on the by
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did i and those that exercise he to eat well to at toler, it smells of hummus, sesame and wild type. so in other words, of traditional lebanese food, the owners gold to get the nations many religions and regions cooking together. geneva lebanon is also well known for its excellent food. yeah, i'm going to rely on you for this. it's a, that's a good idea. they offer a tour of your sissy. besides, you can count on me johnny mckee of have been, we're really hungry, so we're going go over a lot. woolley. w almost almost double autumn, be streamed cauliflower and stuffs zucchini and 2 glasses, a fresh pomegranate juice. edelman, man, oh, that color looks incredible. yes. bodily harm at alex grades in america. we say
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bizarre ha, he's as to, oh wow, something in common, but there's no alcohol in it. so it's okay. so that's what you say. was a nominal not so and not sweets exactly. right. and i'm sitting in the shade. what more can i once? well good. here we go. ah mana kish monica? yes. mon occasion. as we know that already in a clear yes. and that looks like her mess with sooner. yeah. yes. and spring being longer born and that's typical to fish. i know that from home any off on so how's of your mother always made it up. i'm yes, this was always made on the days where we said there's no meet today like mine. that's what i like about lebanese cuisine in particular. i've been a vegetarian for many years and i can get delicious food everywhere without meat. and it's really tasty. doctor accountable for the full name of the program in germany is that there aren't that
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many good moroccan restaurants simply because there aren't that many americans in germany. the places i've been say when that great, because we often think mom's cooking always tastes best. davosto much as i, i always have an immediate sense of being at home when i'm with my parents, the little morocco between our full walls near hanover. oh, whenever i've spent some vacations in morocco, oh the whole family just gets together around the table won't be able to tie. it creates a wal mad in the saddle theatre was half fresher than. uh huh. yeah. give me a semi, i see myself as a citizen of the war. he has a fatal disease and constantly flying to new places and break off whenever i arrive in frankfort to find a bakery with me, i get some whole meal bread with cheese. that's like coming home for me to germany . oh, i love that as well. nice. i sabre, it whether with family, with friends, et cetera. if the food tastes good, it tastes good regardless of where it comes from cushman and health dana,
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as we leave. another surprise awaits us. oh, ha ha to the ones that are in sight. exactly. so the brand is a masterpiece. okay. where we're having a several events in the room, but the actual production is happening in the vicarage in if you want to to meet the people behind the project. oh yes, we were to read him the next day i meet utterly on your to i and joseph. solo, from masterpiece. together we travel to the because valley where clothing is produced by syrian refugee women for the fair trade project masterpiece. so they can earn at least a bit of income. lebanon has accepted more syrian refugees than any other country in the world, in relation to its own population. it's thought around 1500000 people living here come from the neighboring nation. lebanese laws only allow syrian refugees to work
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in agriculture, cleaning, or construction work. for masterpiece founders of the project were able to obtain an exception. so this is one of the way that we've been talking by law. most of the women who work here come from syria. they fled to escape the islamic state and the war, their own pharmacy managers, the masterpiece sewing workshop fee, and all that to syrian type of fabric with any student where you get it from, survive on that mission. moment jewel i'm, we try and get it from syria or from bay route, but it's difficult the only sure what's that that to shut made of pure so natural. so from the cocoon had i then did you so it as well? actually, no. my grandmother did that, my mother's mother can swing emerge. 40 minutes when you have a piece of syria with you in was thoughtful. it means we still have a connection with syria is allied with
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ah, java. if you like of other am. good. nice. now. yeah. under de la eddie, what does masterpiece mean to you? unique masterpiece. i had a cam masterpieces my whole life. it's not just a job or so. it's also a way to survive. to get back to things we love to return to normal. them all. i've got tears in your eyes with mary when but by you now? yes, on, on tears of joy with high yet. but that i also cry because of the difficulties we always face. haley amos, you're made la mekena. he dental bitterly attack them. etna, after meeting these remarkable women, i travel back to beirut. the lebanese capital feels like one of the most
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contemporary cities in the mediterranean region. an emotional day draws to a close. it's appropriately rounded off by the melancholic evening ambiance on the cornish, the beach promenade. almost certainly miss when i leave a route before our 1st mediterranean journey ends. i've got another surprise for xena. i know something i absolutely must buy when i'm in beirut and fall in a watermelon. and we don't have a watermelon. i'm going to eat that by yourself. and you know we're going to eat here together. did this one that was out. you know, if the melons good, so from the sounds okay, florida, i know can if i hear the right sound than it's good. yeah. so this one you well
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decide how much without you the and i did, but $4500.00. the read about kind of comes me living montana says that so we doing this the traditional way, how an arab couple, which you call at the women has the money and he pays it, but i'm not going to the man rel, i'm not so traditional. you can pay to go, okay, with breaking tradition. nothing very good. ah pen. i'm also really enjoying the chance to experience the april here. and the spirit that exist here, because i only really know baby to lebanon from the news. it's usually about war and conflict, but at least to some extent on and the people are friendly. they've got a positive mindset and they appreciate what they have been using best. of course, you've got the advantage of having the mediterranean here, unlike us in germany, but there's so much to discover. and i really loved sharing the experience with
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best buy. i'm glad to hear it before because i'm looking forward to taking our trip as well. yes, i wonder what you'll think of santia after all tangier and the surrounding region have had a huge influence on me. ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah with ah, we already knew that the ocean is a massive c o 2 reservoir. but we did not know is that the fish have something to do with could we slow down climate change by catching fewer fish?
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why didn't we think of this before? to morrow today? in 30 minutes on d. w. all over the world. this used to be the symbol or the cold war and the separation of germany in east and west. the berlin walk nicole for image explosives, trail in berlin, even though the wall has now been consigned to history. there are still gremlins of its scattered around town. today i'll show you where to find them and the story say, listen, travels back in time, checking in 60 minutes on dw. oh mm cash. william had a bank on gonzalez, was i, and was how, you know,
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if i had known that the boat would be that small, i never would have gone on the trail. i would not to put myself and my parents in danger. you got themes, it'll direct you to lead who love on central hospital, on the liberty to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there. but let him go to a ah, you want to know their story in full migrant clarified and reliable information for migrants. munich, 15 years ago, the international gathering of peace and cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrorists, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team and immediately killed one man. and that this will be the last one whistle in life or worse, fears realized tonight, they're all gone out. i witnesses experienced the terrible events and this the
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world should not forget the long shuttle to 1972 olympic massacre. stuart september, 3rd on d. w. ah, ah, this is dw news live from berlin. dozens are dead after a fire ridge through a church in egypt. the building was packed with worshippers, celebrating the comp to christian mass. authorities are blaming and electrical fault. also in the show, afghanistan marks the years since the.


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