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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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oh, come to take, told me about penalize between your systems, computers that outs where you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how things, technologies work, how big it and that's how they can also go terribly. watch it. you see, you're watching d w news asia coming up today, a top level united nations trip to bangladesh with there were hinge a refugee camps and major concern of the high commissioner for human rights. michelle batch lead and in his independence day speech indian prime minister and a random modi make some surprise statements about the status of women.
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ah, i melissa chan. thanks for joining us. un high commissioner for human rights. michelle back to let is in bangladesh where she's been meeting with government officials and members of civil society. her itinerary includes a stop at reentry, refugee camps and cox's bazaar. the influx of over a 1000000 people over the years has posed a long standing challenge for the country. this small house has home to salma beg, homeowner, family of 12. they were hanging flat myanmar and found shelter and cox's bazaar in the world's largest refugee camp. diana mullen, we came to bangladesh because we will persecuted here. at least we have a roof over our heads. i'm thankful for that. my family is here too,
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and they even give us food about all the un human rights commissioner michelle bash elect is on a 4 day fact finding mission. she's focusing on the face of the over 1000000 ringo have been forced to flee their native. myanmar in the muslim minority have been persecuted there since the 1970s. many rights organizations call their treatment genocide. hundreds of ro hang villages have been destroyed. the inhabitants murdered. hundreds of persons have fled to neighboring bangladesh where they live in camps close to the border. the authorities are planning to settle, many of them on a remote island. some observers say there a hinder are the most persecuted, and least respected minority in the world. is not the condition that any human being should have. i mean, it is
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a growth and the man must date, as violet did not only international law, they have committed a genocide with selma. begum, like many ringer, still hopes when they soon shall be able to go home. we have dw is our fatal islam. joining us from by now, or if i tell, sticking to the topic of hindu refugee camps in bangladesh, i wonder will bachelor's visit really have an impact? and what can she realistically do to help in the 1st of our visit via un arrive steve to obama. this michelle bottle, it arrived in taco on sunday and already held meetings with several ministers and activists on issues related to human rights violations. she's visiting the ringer, the 50 camps in cost about it today that visit is taking place just a few days before the 5th anniversary of the massive ruin got exodus from me and
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much longer. this. it was parked by a military cracked gun by me and martin, who is the you and called a textbook example of ethnic cleansing, bonds. this has thought bachelor's help to repatriate ruin yet refuses to myanmar. and she has reportedly issue to the u. s. continued efforts to realize the safe and voluntary return of the food is to me and more. as you mentioned, hamilton, good trip is not exclusively about their hinges. what else is she looking at and what our local human rights group saying? that's a very good question about the she activist have said that they believe to michelle, bottle it on gross violations, including external judicial feelings and disappearances under prime minister sheer casino. hundreds off among this is have been forcibly disappeared, tortured and killed. since the government led by hard flaws took office in 2009
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according to the human rights watch. therefore, 9 human rights organizations ought to populate to publicly called for an immediate and too serious abuses. in bunger this, however, the government denies delegate sons of disappearances and extend to the shell, killings with one minister saying that some of those who went missing in fact flit . one of this activist also raised a strong concerns about bunger this digital security loss, enacted in 2018 with international rights group, say, have been used to silence descent called freedom of expression and target journalists. now again, going back to that same question, then what is the power of the un high commissioner for human rights in order to effect change? especially when you have a situation where the government is denying these disappearances the vice chief has if it is for full mandate on anything related to human rights
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within the human system. but this expects that bottle or to visit will play an active role in the week and say food, you picked your son of the ruling at the fuses staying in the muslim majority country. she can take extra initiative and proactive actions in this regard. meanwhile, taco bells to rights activists have ought to bottle it to impress upon the government the need for an independent commission to investigate externally, to sell killings and enforce disappearances should hold a news conference in taca but, and of her mission to moral where she is expected to publicly comment on the issues these by the, among others government as well as human rights activists. it will be very interesting to see whether the government does establish an independent commission or if i, to islam. thank you so much for joining us. thank you. in
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india prime minister, your random modi raised eyebrows in a speech celebrating the 75th anniversary of the countries founding. he called on indians to fight massage any condemning, rape and other criminal and aggressive male behavior. and also pushed for more gender equality. the comments by themselves would not be so controversial if it weren't for the fact that many people consider moti himself. a massage dentist. i might have to shut bowman, we insult women body got through our way of talking our behavior. and through some of our words, how can we, in our daily lives, through good nature, our good learning, make a resolution money to get rid of all the things that are insulting to women. because i'm gonna live we have political activist, angelica ariba,
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joining us from deli welcome to the program. and jessica, tell us a little yes, a tell us a little more about what a prime minister modi said. oh, i know the key database on each a was. i'm talking about how we convert massaging in india, that was one of the branding yesterday. that is in the speech. and so i'm telephone bit more and what's your reaction to his comments? because i know a lot of women in india said it's a bit rich because he's, he's made some massaging us to comments in the past, right. as a bridge. oh, ever i see that there is always, or you know, improvement in the future. and considering the fact that
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there is a default of me hearing rate, we have recently elected the women of the 1st resident to try to move in. and the 2nd woman and the bus driver who interested and this was not in the middle of the party. and that it has been here the process, a very good that you know women representation. however, again, in the very recent mar, austria, in the state of a law. and interestingly enough of these are a part of the government and a woman minister gotten it. so there 60000000 women in my roster and not a single minister. so there is a call to me that isn't happening and it's just that right when we look at it, in fact, just out of the speech in the morning, it was stranding,
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etc. and in the evening we get this news that the read a was given a mission that and read a and so there is always is because we have, i mean, you mentioned rape and, and that is something the prime minister also mentioned that it was in issue but other than sort of lecturing men, what actionable stuff has the government rolled out to sort of combat rape in, in the minds of people. and if a long one do it in just a matter is still not to criminalize in india minutes just
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i'm going on. that is the criminalized retail rate. for example. this is just the culture. so and considering how india lo, situation is non and agreed when it comes to women safety and we don't really see much being done in front of since 2013 when the laws were amended. yeah, i mean, at one point a few years ago, there was a survey you probably know about this from thomson reuters foundation that concluded that india is actually the most dangerous country in the world for women to be in. i mean, the results were debated, but regardless, it wasn't a pretty picture. what's your take on the situation? would you agree with that assessment that it's dangerous for women to be in india be i would agree, i do not get out. i live in the national capital in new delhi and i did not get my
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house without really so bad in it. so would explain the situation. women in this country and business me having in the national government lenders muscle much more to guarantee you know where there is though, women can venture out in the night and bring back into rural areas. even it's far worse off, there needs to be, oh, concerted effort from the government. it cannot be just limited to one low or too low. there's a sense of that issue there needs to be if the school curriculum needs to include in that region, right? they need to have a general article that makes it any thought it even online the brand right himself should and follow echoes that role and you don't have a harass women on twitter, etc, which she continues to angelica, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. that's it for tuesday issue or to
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check out her other stories on d. w dot com, ford slash asia, or on facebook and twitter. we leave you with these pictures from the 75th anniversary celebrations of india's independence. thank you for watching and see tomorrow with hold for. i'm just kinda, i think that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not locked up to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this?
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with the smokeless reliance of the what's your story. ready he wasn't, i was women, especially victims of financing. i love to take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not a guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah, how low is too low water levels on germany is river i and have been dropping. i made an unprecedented heat wave. will go to our correspondence to check on who was still navigating this critical shipping rubs. also the show francis facing its all
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difficulties with the current heat waves which make it more difficult to keep the country's nuclear power plants running and with some looking anxious, lee towards heating season. we take a look at how far along germany is becoming independent from russian. i'm chris kolber on berlin. welcome to the program. weeks of hot and dry weather in europe are taking their toll water levels on the river right have dropped further. the water level was at 32 centimeters monday morning at kalb checkpoint between the western german cities of mines and copeland. that's around 20 centimeters lower than a week ago. passenger ships and freight vessels have been struggling with low water levels for weeks. the ryan is a major route for goods, chemicals and coal, which can be shipped between germany and neighboring countries. let's get more.


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